Rematches For Championships, The Debut Of Big Country Highlight KSWA Debut In Coraopolis

July 27, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Coming off of the heels of last Saturday’s historic return to Homestead for “Brawl Under the Bridge,” The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) makes its debut in Coraopolis this coming Saturday, with a local making his in-ring debut. “Big Country” Matt McGraw, a big and powerful rookie, takes on one of the best in the business in former 6-time KSWA Champion Shawn Blanchard.

In social media, Blanchard, who lost the Brawl Under The Bridge Championship to a retiring Demolition Ax, has blasted McGraw, who is from nearby Imperial, PA. McGraw has taken the high road when it comes to the always-intense Blanchard. The 285-lb. McGraw has a slight height and power advantage over the 267-pound Blanchard, but this promises to be a debut of interest, and the KSWA Championship Committee has assured it will be a memorable one.

The KSWA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Mitch Napier defends against Bobby Badfingers. Last week, Napier successfully defended the most coveted title in the Commonwealth by outlasting a terrific challenger in BROhemoth. This week, Napier takes on Badfingers, who has recently distanced himself from manager Mayor Mystery. The Mayor and Badfingers have worked well together in recent years to make Badfingers one of the most feared, yet respected grapplers in the Pittsburgh scene, but a recent win-loss skid has forced the pair to take a break. Badfingers has rolled through tag team partners, including J-Ru and Vinnie Stone, and Mayor Mystery has taken to work with other established talent like Dennis Gregory. This will be a rematch of sorts, as Napier successfully defended against Badfingers on February 18; however, the KSWA Championship Committee has seen enough of Badfingers to catapult him to another opportunity.

The KSWA Tag Team Championships are on the line as T-Rantula and The Jester reunite to take on Harley T. Morris and Zak Hunter. Hunter and Morris have tagged together recently in regional promotions, and debuted together in the KSWA this past Independence Day Celebration in Lawrenceville. They have established a good reputation in West Virginia, and the KSWA Championship Committee will once again give a new, young team an unheard-of chance at immortality. Hunter tagged with BROhemoth earlier this year and were immediately given a golden tag team break. Even they weren’t successful against T-Rantula and The Jester, their team “parts” are still worthy. Will Hunter and Morris be able to derail the T-Rantula and Jester Express? That answer will come Saturday.

Maybe the most compelling title story of the summer is that of the KSWA’s 5-Star Championship. Entering the summer, Justin Sane won the belt. In early July, Lord Zoltan won his first KSWA singles title when he defeated Sane and “King” Del Douglas for the strap. Then in Homestead, “The King” added to his impressive championship resume by capturing the title in a Triple Threat rematch. Now, on the last stop before the KSWA’s notable return to Spirit Hall in September, Douglas will defend against Sane and Zoltan. At this juncture, it’s anyone’s guess as to who may hold that gold the next time around.

Another rematch entails former KSWA Champion Jay Flash facing up-and-coming Megastar MV Young. These two young warriors battled on May 13, with MV Young recording the duke. Since that time, both Megastars have bided their time before this inevitable rematch. Both wrestlers match up well in size, speed and strength. This could be a big opportunity to shine as both men need to impress the KSWA Championship Committee as The Road to FanFest begins soon. Flash has been a staple of the Commonwealth’s biggest pro wrestling extravaganza, while Young has yet to secure his moment. If either man wants to be a part of that sensational event, this will undoubtedly be the time to open eyes.

The remarkable return of “Double A” Anthony Alexander continues as he and Shane Starr team up this Saturday to take on “The Face of Pittsburgh” Lou Martin and the Golden Triangle Champion, Tommy Faime. Alexander has been on a trajectory that should take him to another one-on-one match with Faime for the city of Pittsburgh’s most prestigious championship. Faime has not set the wrestling world on fire with title defenses, but he was successful against Alexander in Arsenal Park. The Alexander/Starr team worked well with Kris Kash last weekend, and could look good against Martin and Faime this time around. However, the veterans Martin and Faime look to derail any momentum Starr or Alexander have when it comes to FanFest season or the Golden Triangle Championship in particular.

It was a great battle of western Pennsylvania wrestling veterans with Dennis Gregory called out Jack Massacre last weekend. Gregory ended the match with a steel chair to Massacre’s skull. In the days since that showdown, both men have positioned themselves well for the matchup. Both Megastars are battered and bruised since last Saturday, but this is what puts them a step ahead of the rest. The largest athlete in Pittsburgh wrestling takes on one of its most decorated veterans. It will be another thrill for those in attendance.

The KSWA live this Saturday at MJ’s Steel City Saloon, 682 Cliff Mine Road, Coraopolis, PA 15108. All tickets are $10. A special 8 p.m. bell time. Card is subject to change. Go to or call 412-726-1762 for more information.

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