McGraw Debuts & Gets Involved With The VIPs, Sane Regains 5-Star Championship, Other Champs Hold On

July 27, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The debut of “Big Country” Matt McGraw was a successful one, as the rookie immediately got involved in a feud with all three of the VIPs, but he had veteran backup Saturday night. The “hot potato” that is the KSWA’s 5-Star Championship continues to be hard to handle, and both the tag team champions and Heavyweight title holder got by serious challenges, as the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) debuted in the western neighborhood of metropolitan Pittsburgh.

Pre-Show event: The Cleveland Bruiser v. Yinza

Before the event officially got underway, a “pre-show” match was set with the colorful newcomer The Cleveland Bruiser took on rookie Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore. Referee Trick McSorley has his hands full with these two newcomers. Yinza is the one who gets cheered by the crowd. The bell rings and the two athletes lock up. Yinza pushes the Bruiser into the corner. Yinza breaks it. The Brawler gets Yinza into another corner but he doesn’t break it up fairly. The Bruiser uses offense by whipping the opponent into the corner. There’s offense from both before Yinza lands a cross body block and some clotheslines. Yinza splashes the Bruiser and hits another clothesline. A big splash records one. Yinza smashes the Bruiser’s heads into each corner. There’s a shoulder block, a roll out, another shoulder block. Yinza splashes from the corner and gets a two count. Yinza follows with a belly to belly suplex and the win for Yinza in 3 minutes.

5-Star Championship: Del Douglas (champion) v. Justin Sane v. Lord Zoltan

The King and Justin Sane conserve energy as Lord Zoltan dances his way around the MJ’s Steel City Saloon back yard. All three of these Megastars have held the KSWA’s newest-regularly-defended title. At the conclusion of the Sir Mix A-Lot album cut, Douglas shouts for Zoltan to get into the ring. Zoltan gets into the ring and Head Referee David Fedor checks all of the combatants. Douglas holds up the 5-Star Championship and hands it to Fedor. The bell rings and Justin Sane jumps to the sand at ringside. Douglas goes after Zoltan as the Lordly one fakes a Test of Strength. Next, Douglas challenges for the Test of Strength but is distracted by the fans. Justin Sane gets on the apron and then climbs in. The Crazy One lays down on the mat and is unceremoniously kicked by his opponents. Zoltan chops Douglas in the chest a number of times. Soon, Party Gras grabs Douglas’ wrists and wring them. There’s a kick to Douglas’ chest by Sane and Zoltan keeps the pressure on the wrist. Sane grabs Douglas’ wrist and climbs to the apron. He slams Douglas’ arm over the top rope. The King is then on the mat for a Zoltan knee to the nether regions. Zoltan delivers elbows to Douglas’ head. Sane gets too close to Zoltan and his tag team partner rakes the eyes. Sane rakes Zoltan’s eyes and suplexes Douglas. Zoltan slams Douglas’ heads in each of the corners while Sane lays in the center of the ring. Zoltan puts a boot to Douglas’s throat. Sane rolls Zoltan up and nearly gets a three count. Zoltan goes low on Sane and gets Douglas into a sleeper hold. Fedor checks the arm. Sane tosses Zoltan outside and goes to the top rope for the frog splash. Sane gets the pin and the win to become the new 5-Star Champion. 7:11. Post-Match: Party Gras celebrate together. Zoltan raises Sane’s hand in victory and then the veteran clotheslines Sane down and takes off with the belt. This might signify the official end of Party Gras.

Jay Flash v. Lucio Deveer

Jay Flash enters first and then “The Enigma” Lucio Deveer. Deveer preens for the crowd and is immediately attacked by the former KSWA World Champion, Flash. Deveer chops Flash and then Flash returns the favor. Referee Jimmy James tells them to get out of the corner. Deveer clotheslines Flash down. Deveer suplexes Flash into the corner post. There’s a two count. Deveer is warned for punching Flash in the head. There’s a suplex and two-count on Flash. Deveer continues the offense with a boot and a flying, backward splash. Two-count. Deveer picks Flash up and suplexes him the center of the ring. Two-count on Flash. Flash recovers and front suplexes Deveer down for two. There’s a knee and elbow to Deveer. Deveer is posted in the middle rope. He successfully breaks the hold on the rope. Deveer rallies. Then, so does Flash. There’s a suplex on Deveer. Flash crows that he is that good looking because of the gym. Flash gets Deveer in the corner for a series of splashes. Deveer splashes Flash but Jay drop kicks Deveer into the corner. There’s a cover and two-count. Flash takes a drink from Gentleman Joe Perri’s Mountain Dew at ringside. He suplexes Deveer. There’s a two-and-three count. There’s a single toe hold on Deveer. The Enigma fights back. Lucio kicks Jay in the face. Deveer whips Flash into the ropes and the two Megastars collide in the center of the ring with clotheslines. Flash calls for a powerbomb into the turnbuckle, but Deveer fights out. He flips Flash over and lands some clotheslines. Deveer sets him up for a face first suplex. Two-count. Lucio pulls Flash up. Flash lands some forearms and modify curb stomps Flash down for a two count. Both Megastars are spent. James checks both me and they want to continue. Flash winds up the super kick. Deveer blocks it. Deveer hoists Jay up on his shoulders and drops him down. Flash is down in the center of the ring. Deveer goes to the top. Flash pushes James aside and pulls a foot out from the top rope. Flash slams Deveer. Flash goes to the top and dives, back first on his opponent and gets the win 9:55.

Shawn Blanchard v. “Big Country” Matt McGraw

McGraw makes his KSWA debut in front of more than two hundred friends, family and fans. Referee David Fedor checks both combatants for illegal objects. There seems to be concern that Blanchard has something he shouldn’t. McGraw waits patiently. The fans chant loud and long for Big Country. Blanchard goes to work on McGraw’s shoulder. Blanchard tells McGraw that he is in the ring with “God.” The fans don’t care for that. Blanchard gets into McGraw’s face and Big Country pushes him down. Blanchard goes for the body slam but gets nowhere. Country turns it around and slams him down. Blanchard gets up and it happens one more time and then a third. McGraw goes to the crowd as Blanchard retreats to the corner. McGraw brings Blanchard in the hard way over the top rope and goes to the corner. McGraw chases him and gets hit in the crotch for his trouble. Blanchard asks what happened. Blanchard uses something to gouge at McGraw, away from Fedor’s sight. Blanchard pushes McGraw into the corner and he goes to work on his opponent. Blanchard picks him up and chops him in the shoulders. Blanchard drops McGraw and with the referee distracted, kicks his opponent in the private area. Then there’s a leg on McGraw’s midsection and below. Blanchard sits McGraw up and digs at his face. Fedor count the infraction. Blanchard breaks the hold. The fans chant loudly for McGraw. Blanchard raises a knee on a splash attempt. Blanchard drops a knee on McGraw and gets a two count. Blanchard gets McGraw in a sleeper hold. Fedor checks for a choke. There’s one arm drop and a second. A third comes up empty and McGraw bounces out. Blanchard connects with a knee. Blanchard goes to the top and is met by McGraw, who tosses him across the ring. Boards under the ring can be heard cracking with the thud. McGraw gets into a master lock. The other VIPs—Lou Martin and Tommy Faime—race in and attack McGraw. Soon, Kris Kash, Shane Starr and Anthony Alexander race to the ring to save McGraw. The referee calls for a disqualification. A big six-man match is scheduled later tonight with all of the VIPs taking on Kris Kash, Shane Starr and Anthony Alexander with McGraw in their corner.

KSWA Tag Team title match: Harley T. Morris and Zak Hunter (w/David Marbell) v. T-Rantula and The Jester

Hunter, Marbell and Morris mix with the crowd as The Jester and T-Rantula make their way to the ring. The Jester dresses like T-Rantula for this contest, in singlet and jeans. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell and Hunter and Morris aren’t even in the ring. Jester is calling for his challengers to climb in the ring. Nearly a minute go by and the challengers aren’t even in the ring. T-Rantula brings Morris in the hard way and The Jester has Hunter in as well. The champions toss their opponents together in the center of the ring. Morris is down and The Jester kisses him on the forehead. T-Rantula tells him not to do that again. T-Rantula is tagged in. T picks up Morris and chops him down. He posts Morris up for the Jester to chop him with two hands. The chops continue until T-Rantula knocks Morris down with a big boot. T picks Morris up with ease for a body slam. Jester is tagged in and he continues the offense on Morris. Marbell gets on the apron and that’s enough of a distraction for Morris to drop kick The Jester in the back. That’s enough for Morris and Hunter to get some serious offense on The Jester. At one point, Marbell takes off his t-shirt and is able to choke The Jester with it. Morris tags in Hunter as he keeps Jester down with a single leg lock. T-Rantula breaks up the offense and then is sent back to the corner by the referee. Morris posts Jester in the corner for knees from both opponents. Jester fights back but Hunter keeps him on the mat. Morris is tagged back in. Jester gets some offense in but he is pulled down hard from behind by Morris. Hunter is tagged in and he gets a boot on Jester. The fans start chanting for The Jester. The Jester and Hunter trade head butts. There’s a sunset flip from Jester on Hunter. Jester drops down on his chest. Jester crawls to his corner and tags in T-Rantula. Morris is also tagged in. T goes outside, grabs a chair and tattoos Hunter with it. T tosses Hunter back in. T goes out and grabs nachos. T clobbers Hunter with the cheese. Morris is choke slammed. The Jester goes up and lands the frog splash for the win. The winners are still tag team champions: T-Rantula and The Jester. 11:00. Post-match, T-Rantula hits Morris with a nacho boat and then he spits beer into the ruckus crowd.

Dennis Gregory (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Jack Massacre

Mayor Mystery hits the squared circle, grabs the microphone and tries to have some fans evicted from the premises. KSWA Kommissioner “Gentleman” Joe Perri denies the request. Gregory, once inside, grabs the microphone and chastises the crowd, Massacre, and the region of Pittsburgh itself. Massacre is introduced next. The bell rings and Gregory goes after Massacre, but the big guy just swats off the offense. Massacre pounds away at Gregory, until The Golden Boy superkicks the 7-footer in the face. That staggers the big guy enough to get him down. Massacre is draped in the ropes, where Mayor Mystery goes to work. The referee is distracted as Mayor Mystery chops at Massacre. Gregory continues the assault with a big splash. Massacre is weakened in the corner. Gregory whips Massacre across the ring. He goes for a splash and Massacre gets out of the way. Massacre tosses Gregory over the top rope but Dennis is able to “Skin the Cat” to get back in. The two wrestlers go to the outside and fight in the sand pit and beyond. They get back in and Gregory is able to get the momentum. Gregory is on the top rope and tries for a cross body block by Massacre catches him for a bear hug. Gregory breaks out of it and goes for another splash. Massacre catches him again. Mayor Mystery grabs a chair and posts it in the corner. Gregory races out and to the other side of the ring. The Mayor distracts the ref. Gregory wields the chair, slams it on the mat and tosses it to Massacre. Massacre is shocked and confused, all the while holding the chair. The ref sees Gregory down and Massacre with the chair. 6:30. Once Massacre is eliminated, ringside fans are able to see Gregory laughing over the duping.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Bobby Badfingers v. Mitch Napier (champ)

Badfingers attacks Napier before he even gets to the ring. Badfingers posts Napier in the corner and then bodyslams him for a two count. There’s a clothesline and a leg drop. Fedor slaps the mat twice before Napier gets his shoulder up. Badfingers gets Napier in the middle rope and chokes him there. The fans start chanting Let’s Go Mitch. There’s a hip toss and cover for two. The fans chant for Napier and Badfingers “agrees” before dropping a leg on Napier’s belly or below. Badfingers picks him up one more time and clotheslines him down. Badfingers chokes away as the ref counts. Badfingers hoists him up and gets a head lock. He really tunes it up until Mitch starts to elbow Badfingers in the gut. Badfingers pulls him down from behind. Badfingers tosses Mitch on the top rope. Then he snaps Napier’s throat on the bottom rope. Napier turns the whip. Badfingers goes into the corner. He pulls Fedor into him and the splash. Badfingers grabs the title belt and wallops Napier with it. He covers Napier and Fedor wakes up for a pin attempt. Two. Napier drop kicks Badfingers and lands a huge cross body block from the top rope. Two-count. Mitch goes a flying leg scissors but it caught. A power slam is next and a two count. Napier recovers and suplexes Badfingers and gets a two count. Mitch hits Badfingers with a series of European upper cuts. Napier is whipped into the corner and Badfingers hits him with a spear. There’s only a two-count. Badfingers prepares for another. Mitch hits him with a suplex. Napier climbs up top for a flying head butt. The straps come down and he goes for Sioux Falls Slam. The momentum sends them into the ropes. Napier is able to regain the momentum. He hits the Sioux Falls Slam and gets the duke. 7:33.

6-Man Match: The VIPs v. Anthony Alexander, Shane Starr, and Kris Kash (w/Matt McGraw)

Before the match even begins, the pointed chants of “Garbage Pants” to Lou Martin ring throughout North Fayette. Double A is in with Tommy Faime. Alexander tosses the Golden Triangle Champion across the ring and outside into the sand. Blanchard is tagged in and the same thing happens to him. Then, Lou Martin is tagged in. He shouts, “Come On” as Alexander opens the ropes for him to climb in. He finally does and he meets up with Alexander. Double A tosses Martin across the ring and out into the sand. Kash races in and climbs up onto the top rope and dives onto the VIPs. Martin is tossed back inside and he is met with Alexander’s boot. There’s a big right hand that levels the VIPs. Alexander picks up Martin and tosses him over his head, across the ring and out into the sand once again. Blanchard shouts for Martin. Martin climbs back in and into Alexander’s clutches. Kash is a tagged in and he pounds on Martin. Kash whips Martin into the ropes and hits a drop kick. Starr is tagged in and he goes for Martin’s arm, just as Kash did moments earlier. Alexander shouts for Starr to “rip it off.” Shane drops Martin down and then goes for a suplex. There’s a tremendous standing suplex. Before the pin can be attempted, Blanchard interferes and rakes Starr’s eyes. Starr gets to his corner and he goes after Martin with an elbow and a leg drop. Both Megastars run the ropes and collide with a double clothesline. Faime is tagged in and he goes right after Kash. Faime whips Kash into the ropes and into a clothesline. Faime tosses Kash into his corner and then goes after the opposition. They race in but Fedor fights them off. Somewhere along the line, Blanchard climbs in and hits Kash with a spinebuster. Blanchard chops Kash in the corner with several chops. Kash fights back with chops and overhand blasts of his own. Blanchard is able to tag in Martin, who goes right after Kash. All six men in this match have been KSWA World Heavyweight Champion. The VIPs assail Kash. He is able to battle back against Blanchard. Kash sunset flips Blanchard and pulls down his trunks. Blanchard battles out of the move and drops Kash. Faime is tagged in and he powerslams Kash. Kris kicks up. Faime whips Kash in the corner and follows with a splash. Blanchard is tagged in and he whips Kash but it is reversed. Kash hits Blanchard with a tilt a whirl drop kick in the corner. Soon all six men are in. Kash is down. Blanchard is up. McGraw races in and spears Blanchard, then races out. Kash climbs the ropes and hits a swon ton from the top for the win. 11:22.

Thus concludes Saturday Night at MJ’s Steel City Saloon.

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