Bubba The Bulldog Makes An Immediate Impact, Young Has Krazies Wanting More, Zoltan Ends Party Gras At Eventful 100th

September 10, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

For 99 events, the “KSWA Arena” has been the site of emotional moments and historical occurrences. At the 100th event, circumstances never wavered. Nearly 350 Krazies witnessed as there were heart pounding debuts, heartbreaking goodbyes, and action only like Pittsburghers see with the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA).

Pre-Show: The Cleveland Bruiser v. “Big Country” Matt McGraw

The Bruiser from Cleveland makes his second appearance in the KSWA, as does “Big Country.” The pre-card “bonus” match gets the crowd hopping. The Cleveland Bruiser jaws with the crowd, who are on their feet for “Big Country.” Matt McGraw takes off his cowboy hat and the bell rings. The two lock up and McGraw outweighs the Bruiser by exactly 100 pounds at the weigh ins. Cleveland has McGraw down in the corner, but the big cowboy rushes out with a shoulder blow and bodyslam. Then he hoists the Bruiser up for a running powerslam. The crowd wants another so it does. The Bruiser is down in the center of the ring. McGraw hoists him up and whips him across the squared circle. A body splash and body slam follow. McGraw makes the pin for the win in 2:11.

Bobby Badfingers v. Lord Zoltan

Badfingers comes to the ring and insists that he be called “Bob” Badfingers. It’s all a part of his “new” attitude. Zoltan dances his way to the ring, all to the usual tomfoolery. Zoltan stomps around as Badfingers jostles with referee Adam Jugan. The match is well underway and the combatants have yet to lock up. Zoltan chases Badfingers around and he dips into the ropes. Zoltan waves his warms like a chicken does its wings. The fans start clucking and that’s enough to bother Badfingers and make Badfingers cower in the corner. They lock up and Badfingers pushing Zoltan into the corner. Zoltan comes out with a wrist lock and starts to work on that limb. He whips Badfingers down and puts the pressure on his arm and shoulder. The fans want Badfingers to tap, but he refuses. Zoltan puts the claw on Badfingers’ chest. Then there may be a titty-twister. That’s enough to get Badfingers into the ropes. Zoltan buries his knee into Badfinger’s thigh. Badfingers whips Zoltan into the rope and then lifts a knee into his chest. Badfingers gets Zoltan down for a two count. The fans are chanting for Zoltan like crazy. Badfingers drops a leg on Zoltan and gets only a two. Badfingers whips Zoltan into the ropes and then into a sleeper hold. Justin Sane races out to help Zoltan. Sane gets on the apron. Badfingers whips Zoltan into the ropes and he clobbers Sane off the apron. Badfingers spears Zoltan and gets the pin. 7:31. After the match, Sane comes to console Zoltan. The legend wants none of it, and he rolls out of the ring.

Golden Triangle Championship Non-Title: Double A Anthony Alexander v. Tommy Faime

If Alexander wins, he gets a shot at the Golden Triangle Championship. Gentleman Joe Perri is the special guest referee. Perri calls for the bell and Faime charges Alexander into the corner. Perri breaks up the hold. They lock up again and Alexander pushes Faime into the same corner. Perri breaks up again and Alexander puts his hands directly skyward. Faime pushes Alexander into the corner, lifts his hands and then slaps Double-A in the face. That draws the ire of the Megastar, who unleashes a barrage of offense that includes a clothesline who drops him to the mat. Faime is pushed into the corner and Alexander puts a boot to him. Alexander drops Faime for a two count. Alexander is urged on by the Krazies at ringside. Alexander rushes Faime into a corner but he ducks and Alexander hits the corner full-on. Faime tosses Alexander outside. Faime follows as Perri begins the count. Faime whips Alexander into the cornerpost. Faime crawls in and then out of the ring as the offense continues. Alexander’s shoulder is planted in the corner post. Faime tells Perri that Alexander, “Started it.” Faime goes to work on the shoulder on the ring post. Faime follows the fallen Alexander. Alexander is tossed back in and Faime follows. Faime wrenches the arm and keeps Alexander grounded. Faime continues to keep the assault on Alexander. Faime uses the corner to his advantage, as he continues to work on the arm and shoulder of the big man. Faime deposits Alexander on the outside again, but that doesn’t continue for long. Faime gets him back in and posts Alexander in the corner. Alexander lands an elbow. That’s enough for the former World Champion to get on the corner and dive off onto the Golden Triangle Champion. Both men are down for a seven-count. They get up and Faime goes after the arm. Faime makes the pin with his feet on the ropes. 7:41. KSWA Owner Bobby O comes out and says that Faime’s feet were on the ropes. Bobby O says that he won’t re-start the match but he will book a Golden Triangle Championship match at Millvale Days next Saturday between Faime and Alexander. Faime is outraged.

Dennis Gregory and Bubba the Bulldog v. Lucio Deveer and Jack Massacre

The bell rings and its’ Dennis Gregory and Jack Massacre starting out. Massacre completely manhandles Gregory, who tags in Bubba, who is also tossed around. Jack even tosses both men, who teamed up to try and bulldoze him. Deveer is tagged in and Bubba has no idea, “What the h’ is that?” They tangle and Bubba gets the upper hand. He lands a flying lariat to knock Lucio down. Lucio recovers and drops the Bulldog. Bubba tags in Dennis who goes right after Deveer. Gregory rolls out of the way for Deveer and lands a devastating drop kick. Deveer recovers and suplexes Gregory. Deveer tags in Massacre who goes to work on Gregory. Massacre tosses Gregory down with a big suplex and tosses him over the top rope. Gregory “skins the cat” and pulls himself back in. Massacre catches him and tags in Deveer who lands a leg drop from the middle rope. There’s a two-count, but Gregory gets up. Gregory and Deveer wrestle about and then Deveer is tossed over the top rope. Bubba goes to work on Deveer on the floor. Bubba tosses him back in and Gregory is there to go to work. He tags Bubba back in and he continues to assail The Enigma. Gregory is tagged back in and he dives over the top and onto Deveer. Bubba is tagged back in and he delivers an elbow to Deveer. Bubba punches Deveer right on top of the head. Deveer is whipped into the corner and Bubba lands a bulldog. Bubba whips Deveer into the corner posts and he asks the crowd if they want another. Bubba lands a third, hard delivery into the corner. Lucio is rammed into the corner again and Bubba follows with a splash. Bubba collides and they both fall to the mat. Deveer desperately climbs to Massacre and gets the tag. Bubba gets to Gregory. Both get a series of clotheslines. Massacre goes for a choke slam but Bubba hits him low. That enough to get him off of his game and Massacre is tossed into Deveer. Gregory pulls Massacre out and Bubba hits Deveer with a sidewalk slam for the victory. 13:33.

5-Star Wild Card Championship Match: Douglas v. Morris v. Starr v. Kash v. Justin Sane

Referee Trick McSorley watches all of the Megastars come to the ring. Kris Kash cashed in his Battle Bowl opportunity during this match. A packed house settles in for the first title match of the evening. The bell rings, Douglas and Morris are tossed out. That allows Starr and Sane to circle the ring after Kash. Douglas and Morris pull Starr and Sane down. Kash dives onto the four other Megastars. Kash is in the ring with Morris. Morris is whipped into the corner, where Kash lands a running clothesline and tilt-a-whirl kick. Starr tosses Douglas into the corner, where he tosses Kash and Sane. Starr body slams Douglas and tries for a pin. Sane pulls him off and that allows Kash to go for it. Sane and Starr pull him off. Starr standing suplexes Douglas. Morris pulled Starr out of the ring and the action becomes fast and furious. Morris tries to pin Kash put Sane pulls him off. Sane goes for the pin but Starr kicks hi off. Starr goes for the Sharpsburg Shooter but Morris breaks out of it. Morris suplexes Sane and gets a two count. Kash chops Morris in the corner but Morris recovers. Douglas has Sane in the ropes. Morris clotheslines Kash but Douglas tries to make the pin. Morris pulls him off. Douglas has Sane by the privates and a chop. Starr rolls up Morris but doesn’t get enough for a three count. Starr is posted in the corner. Starr lands a forearm on Morris. Starr punches Morris right in the grill. Morris and Starr exchange overhand chops to the chest. Morris tosses Sane into the corner. Starr is posted on Sane. Morris lands a drop kick. Kash whips Douglas into the corner. Kash chops Douglas with three big chops. Kash kicks Douglas and whips him into the ropes. Kash lands a knee and only gets a two count. Starr tries to pin Douglas put Kash breaks it up. Kash and Starr go at it and Kash nearly rolls up his best friend. Starr lands a drop kick to Kash that sends him to the floor. Morris snaps Sane’s head from behind. Douglas bodyslams Sane and lands the fist that’s “banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” His pin attempt is broken up. Morris kicks Shane to the outside. Sane is driven down in the center of the ring by Morris. Two count. Douglas slams Starr. Douglas drops Starr “like it’s hot.” He rolls him over but Sane breaks up the momentum. He drives Douglas down. Morris drops Sane and makes a pin attempt. Morris has Sane posted in the corner. Douglas hits Kash in the ribs with the belt. Kash rushes in and drops Morris. Douglas pulls him off from the pin. Sane hits the Frog Splash and gets the win to retain. 13:37. Afterwards, Lord Zoltan races to the ring and clobbers Sane with a steel chair. The mysterious, operatic “dark Zoltan” music hits the PA system, unceremoniously putting an end to the “Dancing Zoltan” era.

Remy Levay v. MV Young

MV Young is making his city of Pittsburgh wrestling event, for now. The two lock up and Young drives Levay down in the center of the ring. They collide again, with Levay dropping Young down. There are drop kicks and a stand-off between the two. There is a moment of mutual-respect between these two competitors, who really have no discourse between them. Levay is dropped to the outside, where Young kicks him directly in the face from the apron. They are both now on the apron and there’s a DDT on Young. Levay covers Young for the two-count. The crowd is behind Young in incredible amounts. Levay has Young posted in the corner for a chop. Levay tosses Young into the corner for a series of kicks. The two youngsters tangle in the middle and Young has Levay down for a two count. Young drop kicks Levay. Levay counters by hitting Young with a clothesline. Levay gets Young in a sleeper hold. Young battles out with fists to the gut. Levay gets Young in a sleeper once again. Young drops to the mat, cracking Levay’s chin. It’s not with full-force however, as they continue on. Young kicks Levay in the face and then DDT’s him in the center of the ring. There’s only a two count. Both Megastars are spent. MV gets Levay in the ropes and drops him with a DDT. Levay is down and Young goes to the top rope. He misses a move but Levay gets out of the way. Young lands on his feet and then kicks Levay in the face. Both men are down once again and Referee Jugan makes the count. They get to seven before they both get to their knees and trade blows. They get to their feet and trade forearms. Young kicks and hits Levay with forearms. Then there’s a cobra clutch. Young’s shoulders are rolled down for a two count. They get back to their feet and Levay drops him down. There’s a two-count. They both get to their feet. Levay is snap-suplexed down. Young gets to the top rope. Levay tosses him down and follow up with knees to the face. Two count. Levay races to the corner and is dropped from the top rope. Young suplexes Levay down and pulls him out of the corner and records the win. 11:09.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: The VIPs v. The Jester and T-Rantula

Referee Trick McSorley raises the belts and then calls for the bell (after the VIPs hang out on the apron). The Jester squirts water from a bottle at Blanchard. Jester chases both VIPs away and then does some jumping jacks in the center of the ring. The lock up again. Blanchard gets The Jester in a headlock. Blanchard drops The Jester down with a shoulder block and then The Enforcer does a double bicep pose. The Jester tags in T-Rantula. T has Blanchard in the corner for a big chop. T-Rantula then pulls him into another corner for an overhand chop. T then tosses Blanchard into the VIPs own corner, but Martin is not tagged in. Jester chops Blanchard in the chest and then tries to whip him into the corner. Blanchard meets him with a shoulder. Lou Martin is tagged in and is received with a welcoming “Garbage Pants” chant from the crowd. The Jester fights off Martin and tags in the Hall of Famer, T-Rantula. T body slams Martin and lands a big leg drop. There’s only a two count. T-Rantula picks Martin up and drives him back down. The Jester is tagged back in and he continues to go to work on Martin. Martin rallies and hits The Jester with a series of punches. Martin tosses The Jester down and then tags Blanchard back in. Blanchard goes for a pin but only gets two. The Jester is kept in the VIP corner. Blanchard and Martin go to work on The Jester. Blanchard tries to lure T-Rantula in but that backfires with McSorley right there. The VIPs wishbone Jester’s legs. With the referee distracted, Martin butts his head into The Jester’s lower midsection. Martin has The Jester in the middle rope and then he hits a splash. Blanchard is tagged back in. There’s a spinebuster suplex on The Jester and a pin attempt. T-Rantula is in for a save. Martin side suplexes The Jester and T gets back in once again. McSorley breaks it up. Martin drives The Jester’s head into the turnbuckle and Blanchard is tagged back in. Blanchard lands a kick, taunts T and tags Martin back in. Martin goes for the sunset flip and he pulls The Jester’s trunks down, exposing quite the buttocks. The VIPs deliver a double front face splash in the center of the ring. All four Megastars are out of the ring. T-Rantula goes for the nachos. He can’t deliver the high-velocity, tasty snack because Bubba the Bulldog and Dennis Gregory rush the ring and attack the tag team champions. They use a steel chair to incapacitate The Jester and then Bubba grabs a boat of nachos and hit T-Rantula square in the head with it. The crowd goes apocalyptic. 11:34

KSWA World Title: Mike Malachi v. Mitch Napier

The bell rings and Napier tosses Napier to the mat. Napier takes that with respect. They lock up again with Napier grabbing the bigger challenger from behind. Malachi makes it to the ropes. They lock up again Napier gaining the advantage with a rear arm bar. Napier is put into a headlock but he is able to muscle Malachi to the corner. Napier, again, gets behind Malachi and drops him to the mat. Napier gets Malachi down and into an ankle lock. It could be over just like that. Malachi muscles his way to the bottom rope, forcing a break. Napier is ready to pounce, but the veteran Malachi stays in the ropes until he’s ready. They lock up again, this time is Malachi gaining the advantage. Malachi keeps the pressure on Napier, as he is unable to get to the ropes for relief. Malachi successfully keeps Napier down on the mat for several minutes. The crowd begins to chant for Napier. He starts to get up, and clubs his way out of the move. Napier tries a cross-body block but Malachi catches him. He drives Mitch down to the mat. There’s a two count. Malachi, responding to the crowd’s chants for Napier, tosses the champ through the ropes and onto the cement floor. Malachi races around and clubs him down. Malachi continues to dig at Napier on the outside. Napier is tossed in and Malachi lands a big leg drop. There’s a two count before Napier gets his shoulder up. Malachi snap suplexes Napier down and hits another. There’s a third and Jugan goes for the count. There’s only two and Napier gets his shoulder up. Napier rallies and drop kicks Malachi. Napier gets to his feet and lands another drop kick on Malachi. Mitch drives Malachi’s leg into the mat. Napier is slow getting up. Napier drives a foot into Malachi’s back. Napier rolls Malachi up but only gets a two count. Napier tries to suplex Malachi but the angle didn’t allow it. Malachi is whipped into the corner and Napier lands a splash. There’s a side suplex and Napier is in control. Napier goes to the top rope and dives three-quarters across the ring to head butt Malachi. There’s a two count. Napier hits a baseball slide on the downed Malachi. Big Mike is on the outside. Napier measures him, perhaps for a dive. Malachi is slow in getting up. Napier dives through the middle rope and onto Malachi. The fans are chanting in unison for Napier. Napier drives Malachi back-first into the apron. Malachi is tossed back in. Mitch climbs the top rope. There’s a flying cross body block that drops Malachi down. Napier lands the Sioux Falls Slam, but incredibly, Malachi kicked out. Napier drops a second Sioux Falls Slam and retains in another hard-fought victory. 11:21.

Thus ends KSWA Saturday Night.

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