Deveer Scores Big Victory; Napier Blemishes "Face Of Pittsburgh"; Zoltan Reunites With Mayor Mystery At Millvale Days

September 16, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Since 2005, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has made Millvale Days an annual stop. This year, Pittsburgh’s professional wrestling organization traveled across the Allegheny River from its Lawrenceville home to put on the first of two events (the KSWA returns Saturday, September 16 at 3:00 p.m., not long after its year parade route march). Not only did newcomer “Big Country” impress, but rookie Trick McSorley entered the fray. Lord Zoltan reunited with Mayor Mystery, Double-A Anthony Alexander returned to the borough after several years, and Lou Martin challenged Mitch Napier at the corner of Grant and Sedgewick.

Shawn Blanchard v. “Big Country” Matt McGraw

Referee David Fedor has his hands full as Shawn Blanchard tries to hide an illegal object. The bell rings and McGraw tosses Blanchard across the canvas. Blanchard pokes McGraw in the eye and that incenses the crowd in Millvale. Blanchard gets McGraw in the corner and peppers him with rights and a chop to the chest. Blanchard goes for a wrist lock on McGraw and gets the bigger opponent down. McGraw muscles his way up, gets Blanchard into the corner, where he retaliates with a thumb to the eye. Blanchard keeps McGraw on the mat. McGraw powers out and is immediately met with a flying knee to the midsection. Blanchard starts more offense but McGraw battles out and hits a body slam. McGraw hoists a second one and Fedor makes the pin. The six-time former champion kicks out. McGraw gets him in a corner and hits a series of punches. Blanchard swings wildly and falls to the mat. McGraw hits a leg drop and Blanchard kicks up again. Blanchard waves off McGraw and climbs to the corner. McGraw meets him there and tosses him to the center of the ring. Blanchard is slow to get up. McGraw is ready with a clothes line for the pin and victory. 8:21.

Five Star Title: Lord Zoltan v. Justin Sane (champion)

Justin Sane, who was busted open by Lord Zoltan and a couple of chair shots to the head, is ready to face the legendary Lord Zoltan, who recently and once-again retained the services of his once long-time manager Mayor Mystery. The psychology, which Lord Zoltan always used to his benefit, is in full effect here. It should be noted that Lord Zoltan has not returned to his “dark” phase with robe, and ominous theme music. The bell rings and the two long-time, one-time friends face off with no offense, but plenty of “one-upmanship.” The continue to draw imaginary “lines in the sand” but do nothing for nearly 3:30 minutes before Zoltan successfully bamboozles Sane. He clobbers him down and gets him in the corner, where Mayor Mystery awaits with cane in hand. Zoltan has Sane down on the mat before distracting referee Jimmy James. Mayor Mystery gets his shots in and Zoltan gets the wrist tape. He successfully applies it around the 5-Star Champion’s neck. Zoltan continues the assault as Mystery distracts the referee. With the referee successfully distracted, Zoltan goes for Justin’s leg. Referee Jimmy James has a hard time controlling Zoltan and he has Sane in the bottom rope. The ref is distracted often, but Sane is able to get some offense before Justin fights back. That doesn’t last long because Zoltan fights him off and Mayor Mystery gets into the fray. Mystery tosses Zoltan his cane and the legend goes to work. 8:41

KSWA World Championship: Lou Martin v. Mitch Napier (champion)

The bell rings and the two veterans lock up. Martin gets Napier in the corner, pokes him in the eye and whips him across the ring. Martin hip tosses him down, makes the cover and gets a one count. Martin catches Napier and hits a side slam. Two-count. Martin gets Napier in the ropes and lands a splash in the corner. Martin continues to use the ropes as a weapon and gets the champion down. There’s a big elbow from the top rope and a two count. Napier is whipped into the corner and Martin follows with a clothesline. Then there’s a big boot to the neck. Napier is whipped into the corner and he flies out with a clothesline. Napier body slams Martin. Mitch gets to the top rope for a flying head butt. There’s only a one count. Napier hoists Martin up and tosses him down in the center of the ring. Napier pulls him out for the Big Swing. Martin is flattened for a two count. Martin gets up and hits Napier in the head with a fist. Martin swings away again and hits Napier down. There’s a series of shots and a clothesline that keeps Martin reeling. Martin is feeling good about himself. Out of nowhere, Napier hits a flying cross body block. One count on Martin. Napier hits a drop kick and goes to the top once again. There’s nobody home as Martin ducks it. Napier gets Martin in the Sioux Falls Slam and gets the one, two and three. 6:19.

Del Douglas, Harley T. Morris (w/David Marbell), and Mike Malachi v. Kris Kash, Shane Starr and Anthony Alexander

The teams are introduced and referee David Fedor has his hands full. The bell ring and the match starts with Double A tangling with Malachi. The two biggest Megastars in the contest have the fans riled up. They lock up and The King is fired up. There’s an initial stalemate. There is another stalemate. And a third. The two big, strong men are evenly matched when it comes to power. Malachi gets Alexander in a head lock. Alexander continually jaws with Douglas on the apron. The tag is made and The King poses for the crowd. Alexander can’t figure it out. Douglas lowers the strap of his singlet and flexes. Alexander locks up and tosses him into the corner. They meet again and it’s all Alexander with the power and a clothesline that levels Douglas. Alexander tosses him over his head and across the ring. The fans want another. Instead, Alexander body slams him down. That’s enough to send Douglas to the outside and the waiting arms of Malachi and Morris. Kash gets the tag and dives on top of the trio. Kash tosses Morris back in and tags in Shane Starr. Starr chops Morris in the corner. Starr punches away on Morris and follows with a drop kick. There’s a two count as Starr has Morris down. The tag is made to Kash who once again climbs the top turnbuckle. Kash whips Morris into the corner and follows with a clothesline. There’s a tilt-a-whirl drop kick in the corner and Kash hits a drop kick. There’s a two count before Morris gets a shoulder up. Morris keeps Kash close and lands a clothesline and gets a one count. Malachi is tagged back in. There’s a double hammer on Kash. Malachi hits a standing suplex on Kash and gets a two count. There’s a bit of a scrum as there’s action all over the ring and Douglas hits Kash in the bottom rope. Alexander and Douglas go at it at ringside. Morris hits a spinning punch on a seated Kash. There’s a version of the Sharpshooter but Kash fights to get to the ropes. Douglas attempts to pull the ropes away but Kash makes it instead. Morris gets Kash into a front face lock and then into the ropes. Kash avoids a series of moves and the two collide in the center of the ring with a double clothesline. Kash gets to Double A and Morris gets to Malachi. Alexander hits the Prime Time Cancellation on Malachi. Starr hits the Shining Wizard. Double A hits Douglas with the Prime Time Cancellation. Kash goes up and hits the swon ton. The pin goes to Alexander and the trio wins. 12:46.

Bob Badfingers v. Trick McSorley

The hard-fighting, Man-on-A-Mission, “Bob” Badfingers takes on rookie Trick McSorley. McSorley makes his way to the ring with Referee Jimmy James calling for the bell. The two lock-up and they are pretty evenly matched. McSorley gets Badfingers into a headlock and Badfingers can’t immediately get out of it. McSorley lands a fall and leg drop but only gets a two count. McSorley is pushed into the ropes but he rebounds with a suplex and a two-count on Badfingers. Badfingers appears to be out of sorts versus the newcomer. Badfingers ends that with a side slam. Then there’s a series of chops by both men. Badfingers connects with a poke to the eye and a clothesline. Badfingers distracts the referee and drops a leg onto the McSorley’s soft spot. Elbow drop and two-count. Badfingers starts to blatantly choke McSorley in the center of the ring. Then he uses the ropes to his advantage by choking McSorley. There’s a two count. Sunset flip nearly gets Badfingers but he is in the ropes. He rebounds nicely with a clothesline. He rakes McSorley’s forehead across the top rope. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. And then another. James warns Badfingers about the fist to the head. There’s a body slam and two-count on McSorley. A double clothesline follows. James starts to count both men. He gets to six before Badfingers gets to one knee. McSorley is up for a punch to the head. Both men trade fisticuffs. McSorley gets Badfingers in the corner for a series of punches. Badfingers counters with a powerbomb and two-count. Badfingers is whipped into the corner and comes out with a clothesline. There’s one of Badfinger’s patented spears for the win. 7:34.

Cleveland Bruiser v. Yinza

The bell rings and the Cleveland Bruiser attacks Yinza before the bell rings. There’s a cross body block by Yinza and the Pittsburgh Luchadore goes to town against his masked, Cleveland counterpart. Yinza buries a couple of shoulders into the Bruiser’s midsection. There’s a Rolling Pierogi that keeps the Bruiser down. There’s a Yinz-to-Yinza is next. That’s enough to keep the Bruiser down. The pin and the win goes to Yinza. 2:00

Main Event: Lucio Deveer v. MV Young

MV Young is making some last rounds to the KSWA landscape before an impending move to Florida. Lucio Deveer makes his way to the ring, as does MV Young. The bell rings and the two lock-up. MV knocks Deveer down and goes for another move; however, Deveer gets up and lands a clothesline. There’s a pin attempt but only gets two. Young is up and hid drops Deveer down with a series of hard shots. There’s a two count on Deveer. Young drop kicks Deveer twice in the corner but The Enigma gets out and lands a front face plant. He gets a two count. Deveer catches him and drops him down for a two count in the center of the ring. The Enigma lands another big move on Young and only gets two. Deveer sends Young into the corner and then whips him into the corner. There’s a clothesline that drops Young for a two count. Deveer can’t believe the count. He hits Young with a knee and a fist. Young ducks a clothesline and lands a big punch and forearm in the corner. Young drops Deveer down. Young climbs the top rope goes for a boot but Deveer ducks it. Deveer lands a slam and gets a two count that was nearly three. There’s a whip into the corner and Deveer gets drop kicked. Young goes to the top and lands a splash. Deveer gets a shoulder up. Deveer rallies offense and hits a sit-down powerbomb on Young for the win. 5:41. Post-match: Deveer and Young embrace in a show of respect.

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