Morris Wins Battle Royal, VIPs Double Down On Double-A, Douglas & Zoltan Team Up, Lawless Returns At Millvale Days

September 17, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Day two of the Millvale Days extravaganza started the annual “King of Millvale” Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal. “King” Del Douglas was the first victor and maintains his royal heritage—as a self-presumed result—ever since. This year, the winner of the Battle Royal was given a shot at the KSWA Heavyweight Title that same afternoon.

"King Of Millvale" Battle Royal

The event begins with 14 Megastars vying for the title. During the scrum, many Megastars battled individual battles, all with eyes on the KSWA prize. Justin Sane was the first Megastar to be eliminated. The “new attitude” Bob Badfingers was next. One half of the KSWA tag team championships, The Jester was tossed over after a tough battle. The returning “Gavel” David Lawless, who would battle The Jester later in the day, was next to taste asphalt at the corner of Grant and Sedwick. Kris Kash, who assuredly hoped to have a shot at KSWA gold this day, was next. Rookie Trick McSorely couldn’t quite take advantage of an unprecedented opportunity at Pittsburgh professional wrestling legacy, was next to be eliminated. LA Gold made his first appearance in the KSWA since Battle Bowl, was next. In one of the most shocking eliminations of the day, Shawn Blanchard was tossed by Yinza. Incredibly, Lou Martin was the next overboard…also by Yinza. The Pittsburgh Luchadore was then tossed over by Lucio Deveer. Another rookie, Matt McGraw, was tossed by Harley T. Morris. “The King” Del Douglas, who was hoping to claim Indy Professional Wrestling’s most prestigious title, had his dreams cut short by Deveer, who swept in from behind and tossed him over. That left Harley T. Morris and Lucio. Morris was able to duck the charging Deveer, pull down the rope and watch his long opponent sail over and onto the hard floor below. The winner of the match and opportunity at KSWA gold was Harley T. Morris! 11:11

David Lawless v. The Jester

“The Gavel” David Lawless arrives and runs down the good citizens of Millvale. The bell rings and the two lock up. The Jester gains an upper hand, but then Lawless quickly returns that and pushes The Jester into the corner. The Jester hits Lawless in the rear end and that angers the attorney. Jester hits him with a drop toe hold, rides him like a pony and has Lawless on his heels. Lawless then regains some offense. Jester gets Lawless down for a two-count. Lawless gets up and drops Jester down. There’s a one-count. Lawless has The Jester in the corner for a series of rights to the head. Jester is down for a two-count. The fans chant for The Jester, who battles back. He is immediately met with a back elbow from Lawless. Lawless measures for a double leg drop and a two count. Lawless gets The Jester in a rear chin lock. The Jester breaks out of it and applies some shots to Lawless’ head. Lawless rebounds and snap mares The Jester down for a two count. Lawless picks up his opponent and sends him to the ropes. The Jester sunset flips him but is caught half way. Lawless pulls the Jester’s trunks down but he drops the ample buttocks on The Gavel. The Jester body slams Lawless and reverse cannon balls him. Two-count. The Jester readies for a kick. He misses. Lawless hits The Jester with a version of the RKO. Two-count. Lawless charges The Jester, who hits him with a back elbow. The Jester is on the apron and punches away. The Jester climbs to the top and is caught there. Lawless follows for a super plex. The Jester battles out and hits the frog splash for the win. 8:45.

Golden Triangle Championship: Anthony Alexander v. Tommy Faime

The two, long-time foes meet in the center of the ring for a shoving match. Alexander knocks Faime down and they lock up again. Alexander continually pushes Faime into the corner and he slaps Alexander. Alexander punches him down, whips him into the corner and hits a splash. And another. Faime is reeling. Alexander hits a clothesline from the middle rope. Two-count on the Champion. Alexander buries a few boots into Faime’s back. Alexander suplexes Faime down. Alexander puts a boot into Faime’s throat. Alexander misses a splash in the corner as Faime gets out of the way. Faime uses the bottom rope to his advantage by wrenching Alexander’s knee. He continues to do that with referee Jimmy James counting each time. Alexander will not submit. Faime continues to go after the leg. Then he knocks Alexander in the knee and rolls him up for a two count. Faime tosses Alexander into the corner and get knocks him to the mat. Faime slaps on a Figure Four to inflict more pain. With the ref looking in the other direction, Faime uses the ropes for leverage. Faime clotheslines Alexander down and gets a two count. The fans start to chant like crazy for Alexander. He rebounds and hits a big clothesline. Both Megastars are down. James counts to five before Faime gets up. Alexander reverses a whip and hits Faime with a big boot. The Prime Time Cancellation is next on Faime. The VIPs charge from the locker room and attack Alexander. James calls for the disqualification. 7:00

After the match: KSWA Owner Bobby O says that the VIPs are still “Black and Orange B.S.” Bobby O announces that on September 30 in New Kensington in the Children’s Miracle Network fundraiser, all three VIPs will face Alexander, Kris Kash and Shane Starr. Bobby O says he will be the Guest Referee for that match.

Kris Kash and Justin Sane v. Lord Zoltan and Del Douglas

Mayor Mystery is conspicuous by his absence, one day after reuniting with Lord Zoltan. The legendary one makes his way to the ring with “The King” Del Douglas. Meeting them in the ring is Kris Kash and the 5-Star Champion Justin Sane. Douglas is beside himself with energy, one day after being smashed in the nose by Kash. This new team of “The King” and Lord Zoltan has the KSWA Championship Committee buzzing. Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane start out. Sane wants to meet Zoltan in the middle of the ring. Zoltan is very hesitant. They point to an imaginary line in the canvas. Zoltan suggests they shake hands but Sane refuses. The King berates Justin from the apron. Zoltan extends his hand again and Justin refuses. He knows what’s up. They do eventually shake hands but Zoltan clubs him from behind and tags in The King. Douglas grabs Sane down and goes for a quick pin. At two, he nearly gets it. Zoltan is back in and he goes after Sane in the ropes and Jimmy James is distracted by Kash and Douglas. James has his hands full keeping all four Megastars in their perspective places. Zoltan chokes Sane from behind. Zoltan unfurls his wrist tape and chokes Sane. A number of “phantom” tags occur and the King body slams Sane. Douglas lands the fist that’s “Banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” He doesn’t get the pin. Douglas continues the offense and gets another nearly pin fall. Douglas taunts Kash and that tangles up James. Zoltan continues his assault on Sane. Douglas goes for the Royal Sharpshooter and rocks Sane back and forth. Lord Zoltan is tagged back in and he pulls Sane up. Sane finally gets to Kash and he goes after Zoltan. Douglas rushes in and soon, all four Megastars are in the ring. Sane climbs the corner post to club Zoltan, Kash on Douglas. The men clobber in the center of the ring. Zoltan and Sane battle to the back. Kash hits the Whisper in the Wind on Douglas and gets the win. 9:30

Bob Badfingers v. Lucio Deveer

The bell rings and the two combatants look each other over. Badfingers is wary of Deveer, who the night prior had a nice victory over MV Young. The Enigma tosses Badfingers down and shouts at him. He does it again and keeps the offense up. He side slams Badfingers down and gets a two count. Deveer clubs Badfingers down. Then there’s a body slam. A reverse cannonball almost results in a duke. Lucio suplexes him down. Badfingers recoils into the corner. Badfingers crumbles down. Badfingers recovers and hits a DDT, but only gets a two-count. Badfingers has Deveer in the ropes. Badfingers chokes Deveer in the corner. Badfingers body slams him down and drops an elbow. He goes for a pin and only gets two. Badfingers gets him in a rear chin lock. Deveer is in the corner. Deveer comes out and clotheslines Badfingers down. There’s a stiff punch to the top of the head. Deveer hits a clothesline and gets a two count. Jimmy James checks on the combatants. Deveer puts both knees into Badfingers. Two-count. Badfingers catches the ref’s leg, distracts him and his opponent, before spearing Deveer for the win. 7:11

The VIPs—Martin and Blanchard v. Yinza and Matt McGraw

KSWA Owner Bobby O replaces Jimmy James as the referee for this contest. The bell rings and Blanchard matches up with McGraw, who slams him down in the center of the ring. And then a second time. Marin rushes in and distracts McGraw. Martin races in and his body slammed twice in the center of the ring. There’s an atomic drop that has Martin bounce into Blanchard. The VIPs fall to the outside. Faime is outside for comfort. The two KSWA rookies, Yinza and McGraw, have the VIPs reeling in the opening moments. Blanchard faces off with Yinza. Yinza hip tosses Blanchard down. The Pittsburgh Luchadore has an arm bar, but Blanchard reverses it. He soon teaches Yinza who is the 6-time, former KSWA Heavyweight champion. Martin is tagged in and he continues the leverage on Martin’s arm. Yinza has Martin down in the center of the ring for some leverage. Yinza continues to hold onto the wrist as he kicks Martin in the gut. Bobby O checks on Martin. Yinza hits a cross-body-block on Martin. McGraw is tagged in and he body slams Martin. McGraw is poked in the eyes by Martin. McGraw is able to drag Martin into his corner and tag in Yinza. Yinza hits the La Lucha splash, springing from the corner on Martin and only gets two. Yinza smashes Martin’s head into the turnbuckles. Martin is whipped into the corner and hits with a splash. Then a bulldog. Two-count on Martin before he gets his shoulder up. Blanchard is tagged in and he goes right after Yinza with chops and punches. Faime loves it at ringside. Blanchard kicks Yinza below the belt while the ref is distracted. Yinza gets to McGraw. He goes after Blanchard. McGraw buries a shoulder into Blanchard’s midsection. Yinza is tagged in. Blanchard is able to rebound and hit Yinza with a spinebuster. Faime grabs McGraw’s hat and that’s enough for McGraw to abandon Yinza. The VIPs hit the Destroyer on Yinza and get the win. 10:14. Post-Match: McGraw, with his hat firmly returned to his head, reappears to console a fallen Yinza.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Harley T. Morris v. Mitch Napier (champion)

The two, evenly-sized Megastars match up. Napier gets Morris down in the center of the ring. Morris is able to get Napier into a headlock. There’s a flying head scissors that gets Morris down. The challenger falls to the outside, where Napier follows. The offense continues for a few moments on the outside. Once the action comes back inside, Marbell gets Napier in the bottom rope. That’s enough to stagger the champion. Harley is able to get Napier in the corner for a drop kick. Napier battles back and gets Morris down. There’s a big headbutt from the corner. Morris gets a shoulder up at two. Napier side suplexes Morris across the ring and the he is posted on the corner post. Morris fights him off and lands a huge elbow for a near pin fall. Napier struggles to get up. There’s a German suplex. Napier is in the corner. Morris hits a series of chops. He misses with a drop kick. Napier hits a series of German suplexes but is caught by Morris. He misses with a spinning punch. Napier German suplexes him in the center of the ring. Two-count. Both men are down. Referee Jimmy James counts to eight before Morris slugs Napier. The fans are chanting wildly for Napier. They are both slugging it out. Morris misses with a big punch. Napier grabs him up for the Sioux Falls Slam. Napier retains. 9:33

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