Editorial: Is It Time For A KSWA 6-Man Tag Team Tournament?

September 18, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

On Saturday, September 30, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) will hold its third-annual fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network. And for the second year in a row, Pittsburgh’s professional wrestling organization will travel from its home base in Allegheny County for the hospitality north on Rt. 28 into Westmoreland County. The KSWA will touch down at the Kinloch Fireman Hall, 915 New York Avenue in New Kensington.

Already announced for that blockbuster event is a six-man match-up between the VIP’s—Shawn Blanchard, Lou Martin and the Golden Triangle Champion Tommy Faime—and Double-A Anthony Alexander, Shane Starr and Kris Kash.

These six men have faced off many times over the years, in singles matches, tag-team contests, and in six-man tags. It may be the best six-man tag team match of 2017 in Western Pennsylvania.

That also leads to an interesting question: is it time that the KSWA holds a six-man tag team tournament to crown a trophy winner? There might not be enough interest for an ongoing championship, and the most exclusive roster in Pennsylvania doesn’t lead itself for hustled and forced combinations. The annual Joe Abby Memorial Tournament has taken several formats over the years, including eight-man "teams." The six-man tag; however, would be unique and serve as a throwback to an old-school era gone by.

The VIPs might be the most well-oiled and accomplished six-man combination in the Commonwealth, and perhaps much of the north east. The team of Alexander, Kash and Starr might just match them with experience, durability and talent. The strength of Alexander, speed and growing unpredictability of Kash, and Starr’s blending of all those traits make them a valuable team in any contest.

The VIPs—and the Double A, Double K and Double S—trios might be the favorites if a one night, single-elimination tournament was devised. Another group in contention could be Dennis Gregory, Bubba the Bulldog and Jay Flash. How about Harley T. Morris, BROhemoth and Zak Hunter? The current KSWA tag team champions—T-Rantula, The Jester could enter the fray and bring aboard someone like Remy Levay, who The Jester has worked and found success with in the past throughout West Virginia and ports around Western Pennsylvania.

The KSWA Championship Committee could look at promising teams like Justin Sane with “Big Country” Matt McGraw and an up-and-comer like Yinza. Lord Zoltan and his partner in the Regal Gentleman “King” Del Douglas would be formidable by adding the “New Attitude” Bob Badfingers. Jack Massacre, Ice Machine and Lucio Deveer (who scored an impressive victory against MV Young Friday in Millvale) could prove to be a serviceable and even successful team. That doesn’t even mention Megastars like “Big” Mike Malachi, who’s power and experience would fit extraordinarily well on any team of like-minded Megastars, or “The Gavel” David Lawless, who has proved very talented and valuable in his first set of KSWA matches.

The combinations and dynamics of style would assuredly fit right into the KSWA Krazie’s competitive wheel house. Established teams like Alexander, Kash and Starr’s would be a heavy favorite, but a pairing of Gregory, Bubba and Flash would be very viable. The KSWA also features an abundance of preverbal giants with Massacre, T-Rantula, BROhemoth and Malachi. Those guys would be difficult to defeat in this type of structured contest. Plus, they could be shielded by their partners until it’s time for optimum strike.

There’s no timetable, or even serious consideration for a six-man tag team tournament; however, that’s not to say there shouldn’t be.

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