Kash, Starr & Alexander Best VIPs, Young Leaves Flash Something To Remember Him By, Gregory Leaves Impact On Tag Team Scene

October 1, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Lower Burrell and the Kiloch VFD for only the second time, the first being October 4, 2008. It also ended the first chapter of the career of local Megastar MV Young. The evening opened with a Battle Royal in which the winner received an opportunity in the upcoming Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament.

KSWA Battle Royal

Matt McGraw wins the Battle Royal and an opportunity in the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament in November. It was a who’s who of the Megastars in attendance, which “Big Country” eliminating Lou Martin and earning the shot November 11.

Bob Badfingers v. The Jester

Referee Jimmy James checks both participants and calls for the bell. "New Attitude" Bob Badfingers preens to the unappreciative audience. They do, however, appreciate and cheer for The Jester. Bob has to cup his ears at one point, since the audience is so loud for The Jester. The Jester slaps Badfingers in the buttocks. Badfingers charges and Jester drops him with a single toe hold. The Jester rides Badfingers like a horsey. Badfingers complains that “there are kids around here.” Badfingers gets some early offense before The Jester drops him with a clothesline. He follows that with elbows and nearly gets a pin fall. Badfingers is in the ropes and The Jester tries to pull him out. Badfingers hits a couple of fists and then drops him in the corner. Badfingers distracts the ref and drops a leg on the “Jimmies.” Badfingers knocks Jester down and gets a two count. The fans chant for The Jester in unison. Badfingers hits a modified bulldog. That’s not enough as Jester fights back. Out of the corner, Badfingers lands a drop kick. James counts Badfingers as he has The Jester in the ropes. There’s a two count on The Jester. Both Megastars collide with a clothesline. Two count on The Jester. Badfingers puts a submission move on Jester, he fights out of it and drops Badfingers. Both men are down. Badfingers cannot connect on a sunset flip. Jester drops down on his chest. There’s a double count that gets to six and a half before both men get up. Jester hits an elbow and clothesline. A reverse cannonball is followed with a count attempt. He gets to two. Badfingers misses with a spear in the corner. Jester hits a boot to the head. Badfingers is down. Jester goes to the top rope for the Frog Splash. Dennis Gregory races out and pushes Jester down from his perch. Mayor Mystery is out too. They put a chair around The Jester’s ankle and Gregory stomps on it. The attack goes on with Mayor Mystery as well until T Rantula makes the save. The Jester is the winner via disqualification, but he may be injured. 7:44

Del Douglas and Lord Zoltan v. Yinza and Justin Sane

The Royal Crowns—Lord Zoltan and Del Douglas (with Mayor Mystery)—make their way to the ring and are followed by Justin Sane and Yinza. Del Douglas, energized by his new tag team environment, claps his hands in anticipation as Shawn Patrick calls for the bell to start the match. Lord Zoltan is picky about which ring corner he chooses to use so they go from post to post. Yinza, the promising rookie, hops up and down in the ring, also in anticipation. Del Douglas stomps up and down as he readies to lock up with Yinza. The Pittsburgh Luchadore gets Douglas in the corner. Douglas, the veteran, gets Yinza in his corner and into Lord Zoltan’s clutches. Patrick is distracted as that happens. Mayor Mystery uses his cane on Yinza’s throat. Then there’s a jab to the ribs. Yinza does get to Justin Sane and makes the tag, nearly four minutes into the match. Sane and Zoltan meet in the center of the ring. Zoltan wants to shake Sane’s hand. Sane is understandably hesitant. They connect with hands and Sane immediately gets Zoltan into an arm bar. Sane and Yinza lead a chant of “Yes.” There’s arm wringer. Then Lord Zoltan gains control. He wrenches it 10 times and then Sane gets a hold once again. Sane gets Zoltan down on one knee and some in the crowd cheer for him against Sane. Del Douglas is tagged in. They go after Sane. All four Megastars are in the ring. Douglas drops Sane with a straight right hand. There’s a two count. Douglas pounds away at Sane in his corner. The ref is distracted and Zoltan goes to work on Sane. Douglas gets in and puts Sane in the Royal Sharpshooter. Sane struggles as he inches his way to Yinza. Or the ropes. Sane gets to the ropes and Douglas voluntarily drops the hold. All four Megastars are in the ring again. Yinza gets Douglas in the corner. There’s a rush into the corner and monkey flip from the corner. Two-count. Yinza slams Douglas in the ring corner posts. Yinza splash in the corner. There’s a drop kick and a pin attempt. There’s a two and three-quarter count. Yinza hits the Yinza to Yinza. A tag is made and Justin Sane hits the Shock Therapy Frog Splash on Douglas for the victory. 10:02.

Dennis Gregory (w/Mayor Mystery) v. T-Rantula

Gregory runs the locals down and takes credit for injuring The Jester a little while earlier in the evening. After much consternation from everyone involved, the bell rings. Gregory drives T-Rantula in the corner and unloads a series of shoulders and right hands. T has very little interest in that and powers Gregory down. The two roll and tussle around the ring with T-Rantula hitting Gregory with a series of right hands. Gregory rolls outside and then is brought in the hard way. T drops him continuously and posts the veteran into the corner. There’s a big overhand chop and Gregory retreats to the outside and Mayor Mystery. Gregory lures T into the ropes from the apron and drops his throat over the ropes. Mayor Mystery follows a couple of splashes with a cane to the midsection. Then Gregory uses the ropes as leverage to dig hits boot further into T-Rantula’s throat. Mystery uses the cane in T-Rantula’s throat. Gregory uses the ropes to his advantage until Mayor Mystery uses the cane again. Gregory may or may not use wrist tape to choke T-Rantula. Gregory goes to splash T Rantula but is met with a boot to the chest. Jimmy James admonishes T for choking Gregory. T throws Gregory into the ropes. Gregory slides out of a bodyslam attack and goes low on T-Rantula. That’s enough to keep the tag team champion down. T rebounds enough to go low to Gregory, right in front of the referee. Gregory goes over T Rantula and grabs a firefighter’s helmet. He bashes T with it and nearly gets a three count, but T-Rantula gets to the ropes. Then again. T goes to the outside and that’s enough to distract just about everyone. T hits Gregory with a chair, not once but twice to the crowd’s extreme delight. He then goes to take Gregory to Nacho City, but he ducks. Mayor Mystery gets it instead. Gregory high tails it somewhere. T Rantula gets the count out victory. 11:11

Jay Flash v. MV Young

Jay Flash makes his way to the ring after what seemed to be a summer-long absence from the KSWA. MV Young returns to his hometown for the final time for the foreseeable future. Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and the two lock-up. MV drops Flash down and that gets a huge applause from the crowd. The two trade hold after hold until there’s a break for mutual respect. The crowd is solidly in Young’s corner. He drops Flash down and the two proceed to share technical moves once again. This time, Flash takes a knee from the action. Young sneaks behind and wraps up Flash. Flash fights him down. Young gets up and gets Flash down for a series of kicks to the torso. Flash slams Young down and gets a two count. Young is on the mat and Flash taunts the local athlete. Flash posts Young in the corner for a European upper cut. Flash splashes Young and then suplexes him over the top. Flash and Young meet in the center of the ring and Flash drops Young down again. Flash proceeds to dig at Young’s fingers. Patrick admonishes Flash for something and Young is posted in the ropes. Young rallies and collides with Flash and then hits a suplex. There’s a two-count. Young posts Flash in the corner and kicks him there. There’s an impressive suplex out of the corner. Two-count. Young calls for a move from the corner. He goes up top and Flash gets out of the way of a dive. They meet in the other corner and Flash is on the apron. There’s a super plex attempt. Flash fights it off. Young is tangled in the corner. Flash kicks him with both boots to the chest. There’s a pin attempt and Young gets to the ropes. Young rallies with a series of hard shots and kicks. Flash is down. Young slaps in a submission move. Flash gets out of it. Flash gets Young into a sleeper hold in the center of the ring. Patrick checks and Flash hits the back cracker. Young fights out and gets Flash into a sharpshooter in the center of the ring. Flash fights furiously. He inches to the ropes but Young pulls him away. He gets to the ropes. Young gets Flash down. Flash kicks him in the chin and gets a two and three slaps count. Flash hits a forearm. Young is in the corner. He pulls Flash out for a series of German Suplexes. There’s a two count and the end of each move. Young hits Flash with a knee. There’s a two-count on Flash. Both Megastars are spent. Young kicks Flash in the chest repeatedly. Flash is able to weather that assault and hits Young with his version of the “Rock Bottom” side slam and gets the win. 11:55. Flash leaves the ring and picks up a chair to take into the ring to finish off Young. Young ducks the offense and hits a suplex. He then hits Flash in the head with the steel chair. Flash scampers away and that allows Young to take a victory lap in his hometown.

Harley T. Morris (w/David Marbell) v. Mitch Napier

The two longtime rivals face off in the center of the ring. Morris wrestles Napier down and goes for a modified Lou Thesz press. That doesn’t work as Napier fights it off. The two continue to battle on in a preverbal test of strength. Napier has Morris down. There’s a leap frog from Napier on Morris. The two continue to battle on. Morris has a head lock and drives Napier down. Napier does not submit. The headlock continues until Napier wrestles out of it. Napier hits a Lou Thesz press on Morris and keeps him down. Napier drop kicks Morris in the mush and follows with a standing suplex. Napier races into the ropes and its hit in the back by Marbell’s cane. Morris hits Napier with a drop kick that sends him outside. That’s where Marbell does more damage. Morris rolls Napier in and provides a knee to the back and some leverage. There’s a body slam that keeps Napier down. Morris punches Napier in the grill and climbs to the top rope. This could be his shining opportunity. There’s an elbow and two-count. Napier was able to get his shoulder up. Morris gets Napier in the corner for some offense. There’s a rolling back elbow. Napier climbs to the middle rope and hits a fall away back elbow. There’s a forearm and splash in the corner. Napier waits for Morris to rebound out of the corner but finds an overhand shot instead. Morris gets Napier into a submission hold but the champion will not relent. Morris eventually tires and lets go of the hold. The fans chant for Mitch. That angers Morris. Napier hits a back elbow on Morris and then suplexes him over. Both Megastars are spent. Morris is in the center of the ring, Napier climbs up from the ropes. There’s an impressive side suplex and then another. Napier hits a third. There’s a suplex and Mitch goes to the corner. Morris rolls out of the way and Napier is down. Morris goes for a Sioux Falls Slam. Napier slides out of it. Napier pushes Morris into the corner. Morris falls out and into the Sioux Falls Slam. Napier retains. 11:11

Six-Man Tag Team: The VIPs v. Kris Kash, Shane Starr and Anthony Alexander

The match begins with all six Megastars in the ring. The VIPs are cast off onto the floor. KSWA Owner Bobby O is the Special Guest Referee for the contest. Bobby O says that the match has actually not officially begun. Kris Kash dives over the top onto the VIPs. Not long after that, the match “officially” begins. Double A and Lou Martin officially start off and Alexander tosses Martin 7/8 across the ring and onto the floor. Martin back in and Alexander tosses Martin across one more time. Kash meets Martin out there and rolls him back in. Kash, the legal man, climbs Martin in the corner. There’s a huge knife edge chop. There’s another. Kash gets Martin into a front face lock and carries him into his corner. Starr is tagged in and Blanchard races in to attack the Sharpsburg Shooter from behind. There’s a standing suplex that ends, face-first on the mat. Alexander is tagged back in. Alexander hits Martin with a big boot. Alexander lands a leg drop and goes for the count. Faime grabs Bobby O’s foot and Martin kicks out simultaneously. Kash follows Martin in with a clothesline and tilt a whirl drop kick. Starr is in and he tosses Martin into the VIP’s corner. Starr wants Faime but Blanchard is tagged in. Starr hip tosses Blanchard down and keeps him grounded. Kash is tagged in and he chops Blanchard in the corner. There’s another, harder chop. Blanchard comes out angry. He chops Flash. Sunset flip and a two count on Blanchard. Blanchard hits a Spinebuster. Faime is tagged in. He gets only one on Kash. The VIPs have Kash cornered and Bobby O tries to keep Starr and Alexander at bay. Martin is back in and he side suplexes Kash down for a two count. Blanchard has Kash posted in the ropes and Martin lands a butt-first splash. Blanchard digs at Kash’s face and neck. Kash battles out. There’s a suplex by Blanchard. Kash won’t give up. Starr tries to race in but he is blocked by Bobby O. Faime is in and tosses Kash across the ring. Faime hits a sit-down power-bomb and registers only a two-count on Kash. Kash gets to Starr who immediately goes after Faime with the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. Kash has Faime posted in the corner. There’s one should block but he misses with a second. Martin is there. Starr is back in. Faime tosses him across the ring but pulls him down by his hair. Blanchard is back in and he stops Starr from making it to his corner. Blanchard chops Starr in the shoulders. Then there’s a knee to the chin. Faime and Martin confer on their apron. Kash tries to come in but Bobby O blocks him. There’s a double clothesline in the center of the ring by both Megastars. Starr gets to Alexander, Faime gets to Blanchard. All six are in the ring. Martin and Blanchard are slammed together. Faime follows up with a double clothesline on Kash and Starr. Alexander sneaks in. Faime turns into the Prime-Time Cancellation, the pin and the win! 13:35.

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