Grudge Match Between Gregory & T-Rantula Comes To Spirit, Morris Faces Open Challenge, Last Golden Triangle Chance For Alexander

October 3, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returns home to Spirit Hall and Lawrenceville this Saturday night with at least one surprise and a “last chance.”

The KSWA Championship Committee has declared that Double-A Anthony Alexander has a final opportunity to earn a shot at the Golden Triangle Championship. Alexander has challenged Tommy Faime before and come up empty, and even though he won the Joe Abby tournament earlier this year, it might be time to move on. Hence, the “Last Chance” match. Faime is quick to point out that other KSWA Megastars, like Joey Quervo and El Skeletorious are waiting in the wings for chances at the Golden Triangle Championship, and that Alexander has simply run out of time. Alexander for his part says he remains confident that he can exceed.

One of the most entertaining and hard-hitting matches from last Saturday’s fundraiser with the Children’s Miracle Network was between T-Rantula and Dennis Gregory. The KSWA Championship Committee quickly inked a Grudge Rematch between the two for this coming weekend. T-Rantula was able to gain some resemblance of vengeance for Gregory and Bubba the Bulldog’s attack last month at Spirit. T-Rantula unloaded with a steel chair and nacho plate on Gregory; however, he vamoosed on the tag team champion. T won the match by count out. This Saturday the contest between two long-time veterans will raise the bar once again.

The KSWA Championship Committee continues making headlines with an Open Challenge Match with Harley T. Morris (w/”Starmaker” David Marbell). The Pride of the Foothills of West Virginia is eager to continue his charge for KSWA Championship gold and won’t let anything…or anyone in his way. There are a number of names being tossed about for Morris to face come Saturday, but have been confirmed. Morris has challenged for Mitch Napier’s KSWA Heavyweight Championship in recent weeks but has failed to bring home a victory. The showings, however, keep him as a hot commodity. The KSWA Championship Committee contends that it likes to “shake things up” for the Megastars.

The VIPs—Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin—are looking forward to making a statement against “Big Country” Matt McGraw and the KSWA Heavyweight Champion, Mitch Napier. Blanchard and Martin have teamed up in recent events with Golden Triangle Champion Tommy Faime is six-man competition but they are also hoping to stay in the hunt for the KSWA tag team championship. The teaming of veteran Napier and upstart McGraw is interesting. The team comprises of pure brute force, with Napier’s technical advantage. How the team competes against the KSWA’s most experienced duo will be interesting to note.

“New Attitude” Bob Badfingers faces off against rookie Trick McSorley again. McSorley debuted with the KSWA against Badfingers during Millvale Days. Badfingers got the duke and he hopes to again against the ambitious rookie.

Shane Starr and Kris Kash have a tough tag team challenge on their hands when the returning BROhemoth brings in a new tag team partner in Marcus Knight. Not much is known about Knight, other than he and BROhemoth have competed together in smaller, outlying promotions. This is a real opportunity to impress the KSWA Championship Committee. It would be a real accomplishment if BROhemoth and Knight could compete well against the “Lost Boys.”

Once again, Justin Sane hopes that rookie Yinza will be of help in the battle with Lord Zoltan and Del Douglas. Sane has made an unorthodox choice in the youthful Pittsburgh Luchadore, but it may be just enough to disorient Lord Zoltan and King Douglas—the Royal Crowns. The two were successful in defeating the Zoltan and Douglas last Saturday, and hopeful to repeat this week. As expected, Justin Sane’s 5-Star Championship is not on the line in this contest.

KSWA Wrestling returns with “Wrestling Under The Stars” on Saturday, October 7. There is a special start time of 7:00 p.m. What makes this event unique is that it will be held in the Spirit Hall parking lot, 242 51st Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Tickets are $10 for adults & $8 kids. For event information, please call 412-726-1762. Card is subject to change.

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