BROhemoth Makes Dramatic Statement, "Flyin'" Ryan Answers Open Challenge, Double-A Earns Last Shot At GT Championship

October 8, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

BROhemoth, the near 400-pounder who challenged Mitch Napier for the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Heavyweight Championship at Brawl Under the Bridge III earlier this year, returned to the KSWA outside Spirit Hall in dramatic fashion. Before that, BROhemoth brought a new tag team partner to the forefront. Double-A Anthony Alexander, who continues to climb back to the top of the KSWA, earned one last go-around.

Bob Badfingers v. Joey Quervo

“The Drunken Luchadore” is welcomed back by the KSWA Krazies. "New Attitude" Bob Badfingers pushes Quervo into the corner and apparently breaks the hold without further ado. The two lock-up again and the fans chant for Joey. Badfingers forces him into the corner where he lays in a right hand, instead of breaking the hold clean. Quervo does down Badfingers with a flying head scissors and forces the brawler to the outside. Quervo goes the corner for fan’s attention, but falls out. Badfingers see this and rushes in to hit some offense. There’s a pin fall attempt at two. Badfingers gets Quervo into a headlock. Quervo tries to break out but Bob pulls him down from the behind. The offense continues as Badfingers snap mares the Drunken Luchadore. He follows that up with a drop kick. There’s a blatant choke as Badfingers goes dirty on Quervo. Quervo is deposited into the ropes where the offense, some of it legal, continues. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. Badfingers powerslams him down for two. Badfingers uses the bottom rope to his advantage, but Quervo stops the pin attempt by grabbing onto the bottom rope. Badfingers distracts the ref and drops a leg into Quervo’s midsection or lower. There’s a pretty quick count, but Quervo is able to get his shoulder up at two. Quervo dodges a splash and puts some boots to Badfingers. There’s a kick to the midsection. Quervo hits an inverted DDT. Quervo goes to the top. Quervo misses a cross body splash. Badfingers is up and hits the spear. One, two and three for the win. 6:35. Post-match, Badfingers lays in some punches to the masked head of Joey Quervo, before leaving.

BROhemoth and Marcus Knight v. Kris Kash and Shane Starr (w/KSWA Owner Bobby O)

Referee Jimmy James returns to 51st Street in Lawrenceville after a long hiatus. BROhemoth, who has had a number of appearances with the KSWA this year, brings Marcus Knight with him to face the Lost Boys—Shane Starr and Kris Kash. When the match officially gets underway, Knight and Starr lock up and Starr is pushed into the corner. Knight slaps Starr in the face and mocks the former KSWA Heavyweight Champion. Starr pushes Knight into the corner and the two continue to feel each other out. Knight gets an upper hand on Starr. Knight head butts Starr and drives him into the corner. Starr continues to battle the newcomer Knight. Starr gets him down and tags in Kash. Kash whips Knight into the ropes for a drop kick but Knight grabs the ropes. Starr is tagged back in and he hits a standing suplex on Knight. Knight tosses Knight into BROhemoth’s corner. BRO challenges both former KSWA Champions. He falls Kash with a shoulder block and hits Starr with a clothesline. Knight is tagged back in and he is hit by Knight. Knight kicks Kash in the face with a shin. Knight tags BROhemoth in by his boot. Starr races in and causes a big distraction. BROhemoth drops Kash and hits a reverse, running cannonball on Kash. Knight drops Kash down and sloppily goes for a cover. Kash gets his shoulder up. Knight locks in a Figure Four. Kash reverses it after a few moments. Kash is hit in the head with a left fist. Knight goes for a pin but only gets two. Kash is hit with head butts but he follows with massive chops. BROhemoth drops him with a fist. Knight is back in after offense and distractions. Knight hits a series of snap suplexes but only gets two. Starr gets the fans chanting for Kash. BROhemoth posts Kash in the corner. Dives and is caught in mid-air from a cross body attempt. Kash gets to Starr, BROhemoth to Knight. Starr hits Knight down but only gets a two count. Starr hits the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. BROhemoth attacks Starr from behind to break that up. Starr and Kash double drop kick BROhemoth. Knight is back in on Starr. Starr reverses the whip and hits Shining Wizard. 11:45

Harley T. Morris v. Flying Ryan Burke

"Flyin'" Ryan Burke grabs the microphone to introduce himself to the Krazies. Morris has the height and weight advantage over the Youngstown, Ohio native. Burke grabs a wrist lock and is able to gain some control. Morris reverses that momentum and gets his own momentum until Burke opens up the offense. Burke misses a move and falls to the outside. He jumps in from the apron onto Morris and follows that up with a headlock. The Krazies cheer for Burke. Morris takes that opportunity to grab Burke and flip him with a German suplex. Marbell hits Burke with his cane from the outside. He chokes Burke with it as well. Morris posts Burke in the corner and hits him with a chop. Morris drives Burke into the corner but Burke fights out. The two continue to trade offense for the next few moments. Patrick checks on Burke who is down in the center of the ring. Morris hits Burke with a firm, spinning punch. There’s a pin attempt but Burke is up at one. Burke is in the ropes for a double knee. Morris buries a series of knees in Burke’s forehead. Burke is down. Morris goes to the top rope. Morris misses a big elbow. Burke gets to the corner and hits a clothesline on Morris. And another. Morris is posted in the corner. There’s a splash. Morris is out on his feet. Maybe not as he lands a knee. Morris is seated on the top corner post. Burke goes for the super plex. Morris fights it off and this time lands the elbow from the top rope. Two and a half-count, Burke gets his shoulder up. Now the Krazies are solidly behind Burke. Morris gets up and onto Burke’s shoulders. Burke goes to the top rope and is attacked by Marbell. Morris quickly lands a front face DDT on Burke. 7:25

Del Douglas and Lord Zoltan v. Justin Sane and Yinza

Mayor Mystery leads the mysterious, brown-robe-wearing and ominous Lord Zoltan and Del Douglas to the ring. Five-Star Champion Justin Sane and his tag team partner, Yinza, make their way to the ring. The bell rings and Del Douglas starts off against Justin Sane. Sane wants to face Lord Zoltan but Douglas wants to face Yinza. Sane tags Yinza, who pushes Douglas into the corner. Douglas bum rushes Yinza, but he is able to use his size and height advantage to monkey flip Douglas across the ring. Douglas tags in Zoltan to face Yinza. Yinza pump handles the arm a few times until Zoltan is able to do the same thing. Zoltan keeps Yinza down. Yinza is able to tag in Sane. Now the former Party Gras challenges each other in the ring. Mayor Mystery prowls the sideline. Zoltan clubs Sane in the back of the head and tags in Douglas. The King grabs him by the crotch and chops him down. Sane crawls into the wrong corner and is met with Mayor Mystery and the bottom rope. The choking continues. Zoltan takes off the wrist tape and chokes Sane with it. Zoltan continues the chocking assault. Douglas is tagged in and he body slams Sane. The fist that’s banned in 49 out of the 50 states is next. There’s a two-count on Sane. Douglas hits a suplex. Mayor Mystery says “finish him.” Douglas kicks Sane in the ribs. Sane is tossed into the corner with Lord Zoltan. The choking with wrist tape continues. The referee has his hands full with Yinza and Douglas. Mayor Mystery does his best to confuse the situation as well. Zoltan puts the boot to Sane. Douglas rubs Sane’s bare head and asks, “what do you say, Sane?” Yinza tries to make a save but that doesn’t go well. Douglas has Sane down for a two count. Douglas hits the Royal Sharpshooter. He has it in for several minutes. He taunts Yinza, who slaps Douglas flush in the face. That breaks up the hold. Sane rebounds after that big time beating. Sane and Douglas connect on a double clothesline. Douglas tags Zoltan. Sane gets to Yinza. All four Megastars are in the ring. Yinza on Zoltan, Sane on Douglas. The two are tossed into each other. Zoltan falls to the outside. Yinza hits the rolling pierogi on Douglas. Sane hits the frog splash for the pin and win on Douglas. 10:26. Zoltan gets a chair and tosses it in the ring. Sane grabs it and tries to hit Zoltan but he freezes instead. That’s enough of a distract for Zoltan to high tail it out of the ring. On the outside, Douglas repeatedly shouts for Sane to “keep your hands off of my Hall of Famer!” (Lord Zoltan is a 2012 KSWA Hall of Famer.)

VIPs v. Matt McGraw and Mitch Napier

It’s a rare tag team match in 2017 for KSWA Heavyweight Champion Mitch Napier, as he tags with “Big Country” Matt McGraw against Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin. The bell rings and the smack immediately starts from Shawn Blanchard. Blanchard has Napier in a headlock but that’s only a pre-cursor to Napier tosses both VIPs all over the ring. Soon, they are on the outside, where Napier dives through the ropes and onto them. Blanchard is back in and Napier tags in Big Country. Martin is tagged in and he wants nothing to do with McGraw. They shake hands and McGraw manhandles Martin with a body slam and leg drop. There’s a two count. McGraw body slams him again and Martin gets to his corner. He tags in Blanchard, who is closer in size to McGraw. McGraw, at first, is down in a Test of Strength, but he battles out. The always ready Blanchard uses questionable tactics to keep the McGraw down. Martin comes in and punches McGraw down. Martin lands a clothesline, but McGraw battles back. He is able to tag Napier in. Martin, a wiry veteran, is able to take momentum against Napier. Martin open hand slaps Napier down after having him tied up in the ropes. Blanchard is tagged in and he gets Napier in the corner for a series of reverse knife chops. Then there’s a poke to the champion’s eye. Referee Jugan has McGraw tied up. Martin has Napier down and then up into a side suplex. Blanchard is tagged in and he grabs Napier by the hair. A spinebuster suplex has Napier planted in the center of the ring. Martin comes in without the benefit of a tag. Blanchard pulls Napier up and Martin hits him with a boot. Martin is tagged in and punches him directly in the face. The fans chant loudly against, “Garbage Pants.” Blanchard has Napier up for a standing suplex, but lands it face-first instead. Blanchard has Napier in a modified sleeper hold. Napier is able to get up with a series of elbows but Blanchard pulls him down by the hair. McGraw is taunted in. Martin drops a leg on Napier but refuses to pin him, “yet.” With Napier on the apron, Martin drops a leg. Martin tags in Blanchard who drops Napier down. He goes after a left leg. Blanchard shouts that he learned that move from KSWA Hall of Famer “Donna Christianello.” Blanchard tags in Martin who enters the ring and punches Napier in the gut. Napier has Martin up in the Sioux Falls Slam. 11:46. Immediately afterwards, the VIPs attack McGraw with a chair and BROhemoth comes out of nowhere to attack Mitch Napier. BROhemoth leaves Napier laying in the center of the ring and raises the most coveted championship in the Commonwealth high into the Pittsburgh sky.

Golden Triangle Championship: Tommy Faime v. Big Mike Malachi v. Double-A Anthony Alexander

The bell starts and all three behemoths are in the ring in this Triple Threat contest. Malachi and Faime team up to drop Alexander with a double clothesline. Faime whips Alexander into the corner and then Faime and Malachi hits Alexander with a standing suplex. The offense against Alexander continues. Malachi hits a standing leg drop on Alexander in the center of the ring. Faime picks up Alexander and they whip him into the ropes. Alexander dukes the double clothesline, flies off of the ropes and hits both with a flying double clothesline. Alexander drops Malachi with a punch and has Faime in the corner for a series of his own. Faime is out on his feet. Alexander pounds on Malachi and then hits him with a big boot. Alexander goes for the pin but Faime breaks that up at one. Alexander hits Faime with a Prime-Time Cancellation on Faime. He goes for the pin but Malachi breaks it up. The fans are solidly behind Double A. Malachi hits Alexander with an elbow from the apron. Malachi uses the apron as a weapon by choking Alexander. Alexander is seated in the corner, Faime gets to his feet in another. Malachi belly to bellies Alexander in the middle of the ring and goes for a pin but Faime breaks it up. Soon, Malachi and Faime are going at it, as this is for the Golden Triangle Championship. The two big men roll around on the mat, laying in the punches. Faime suplexes Malachi out of the corner. Alexander is still down on the other side of the ring. Malachi hits Faime with a clothesline. A sit-down powerbomb is next on Faime by Malachi. Alexander prowls, ready to pounce. Alexander hits Malachi with the Prime-Time Cancellation in the center of the ring and picks up the win. 8:36. Alexander will get another opportunity at the Golden Triangle Championship. KSWA Owner Bobby appears and says that Alexander will get his opportunity for the Golden Triangle Championship at FanFest on December 2.

Dennis Gregory (w/Mayor Mystery) v. T-Rantula

Dennis Gregory comes to the ring and runs down crowd down. T-Rantula comes in and runs down Gregory. The bell rings after much one-upsmanship takes place. It’s a while before they actually lock up. T-Rantula grabs Gregory from behind and he goes right into the ropes. Gregory ties himself up and T drops him down. They lock up again and Gregory goes for the suplex, but he can’t budge the giant T-Rantula. Gregory hits a series of forearm shots. T-Rantula gets some momentum and clotheslines the Golden Boy in the center of the ring. Gregory is in the corner for a big chop. T goes for another but Gregory ducks it. Mayor Mystery starts the offense on T-Rantula in the ropes. Mayor Mystery hands Gregory with a chain. He uses that against T-Rantula and then Mayor Mystery gets involved again. He distracts the referee as Gregory has T-Rantula in the middle rope. T is down in the center of the ring for a pin attempt. T barely gets a shoulder up at two. Gregory tosses T around and then outside. T rebounds on the outside and rams Dennis in the school bus that used for refreshments outside of Spirit. T Rantula grabs a bicycle rack but Mayor Mystery distracts him. T-Rantula chases Mayor Mystery. Gregory is able to attack T from the outside and behind. He chases T back in where the offense continues. Mayor Mystery rushes in and hits T with a cloud of white powder. Shawn Patrick chases Mayor Mystery away. Gregory slams T into the bicycle railing that was repositioned by Mayor Mystery. Gregory makes the pin and gets the win. 9:38. Afterwards, Gregory grabs nachos and climbs to the top rope. He wants to hit T-Rantula with “Nacho City.” Gregory dives from the corner but T gets a boot up, hits Gregory flush and the nachos fly everywhere.

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