Ferraro Sr. Memorial Cup Has Been A Historic For Sharpsburg And KSWA

November 10, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has a legacy of serving as the longest-running professional wrestling organization in the city of Pittsburgh’s history. It also has a long tradition of packing up its ring and traveling to towns far and away from the state’s second-largest municipality. Often, the squared circle has traveled just a few miles up and across the Allegheny River from the KSWA’s home base in Lawrenceville.

It’s once again time for the KSWA to arrive in Sharpsburg.

Since 2010, the KSWA has hosted fundraising events for the Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department and the past four have been re-branded to honor the memory of long-time member Mario Ferraro, Sr. A tournament of growing significance has become a highlight of the KSWA’s fall season. The fifth such tournament is slated for this coming Saturday at the VFD.

The first year of the tournament was the most ambitious. A first-round, semi-final and final matches were all held on the same night, November 16, 2013. In that initial night, Shawn Blanchard defeated Justin Sane in the first round. The Blood Beast and Kaida were both eliminated via double count-out in their first-round contest. That enabled Blanchard to gain an advantage and have a bye in the semi-final round. In the other first-round matches, Kris Kash got by “King” Del Douglas and The Jester defeated “Nasty” Nick Crane. In the lone semi-final match, Kash defeated The Jester, which set up a brawl between long-time foes Kash and Blanchard. Even though Kash had two fights that evening to Blanchard’s lone matchup, Kash was able to pull off the victory. Kris Kash was the very first winner of the Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Cup.

On November 8, 2014 action returned to Sharpsburg, however, with a lighter load. There were only two rounds of contests now. In a rematch of the first round of the 2013 tournament, Kris Kash once again took on “The King” Del Douglas. Again, Kash came out on top. And “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin, in his first Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Cup appearance, defeated The Blood Beast. In the finals, lasting controversy was made when Kash was pile-driven by a meddling Shawn Blanchard. The “Sharpsburg Screw Job” allowed Martin to win, all the while wearing a chicken suit he was stipulated to wear throughout the last few months of that year.

The next year, 2015, the tournament became momentous for another reason altogether. On November 7, 2015 the Pennsylvania State House recognized Lord Zoltan upon the 40th anniversary of his stellar career. Entering his third consecutive Mario Ferraro Sr. first-round, “King” Del Douglas was eliminated by the most important independent professional wrestler to hail from Western Pennsylvania. After he advanced to the finals, an in-ring proclamation was made to Zoltan by KSWA Owner Bobby O and Kommissioner Joe Perri. Meanwhile, in the other first-round event, Lou Martin, this time without the chicken suit, defeated Bobby Badfingers in his first tournament outing. In the finals of the 3rd Annual tournament, an inspired Lord Zoltan defeated Lou Martin for the honor.

On November 12, 2016 another monumental Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament was set to take place. Mitch Napier, the one-time, former KSWA Heavyweight Champion, had just returned to his red, white and blue heroic image after months of walking through crowds in jeans and t-shirts. The former 5-Star champion had returned after a long hiatus with a moody, hard-fighting attitude. His best of five series last year with Kaida re-set just about every Megastar’s scale for competition. Now, Napier was back and challenged then KSWA Champion Jay Flash for the Commonwealth’s Most Prestigious title at FanFest. The tournament looked to be a tune-up for Napier. In the first-round action, Napier dispatched mainstay “King” Del Douglas in the first round. Harley T. Morris bested local product Shane Starr in the other first-round match. In the finals, there was hard-hitting, yet technical contest between two Megastars who were starting to know each other very well in the center of the ring. Napier won the contest and continued on a roll that would see him win the KSWA Heavyweight Championship at FanFest.

It's been puzzling to note that this year’s tournament bracket has not yet been announced, except that rookie “Big Country” Matt McGraw has earned a slot by winning the Battle Royal at the Children’s Miracle Network fundraiser on September 30 at the Kinloch Fireman’s Hall. With all of the new faces that have been popping up in Pittsburgh this year, it’s possible that Del Douglas might be bumped from the first round. Or he may appear with tournament victory in his sights.

In other action, Sharpsburg’s own Shane Starr has cashed in his Battle Bowl opportunity to take on Mitch Napier Saturday night.

No other matches have been announced as of press-time.

The 5th Annual Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament returns to Sharpsburg this Saturday Night, November 11, 2017 at the Sharpsburg VFD Station 265, 1611 Main Street, Sharpsburg, PA 15215. All tickets are $10. Bell time is 7:00 p.m. For event Information please call 412-726-1762. Card Subject to Change.

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