VIPs Look To Squash Latin For Good; Who Will Step Up?

April 26, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

When KSWA Owner Tommy Faime announced that The Latin Assassin would take on Lou Martin and Shawn Blanchard in tag team action this coming Saturday, the deck appeared to be stacked high against the former Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) World Champion.

Since that time, the entire KSWA locker room has been a flutter. Almost every Megastar in the KSWA has had an issue with Shawn Blanchard and Golden Triangle Champion Lou Martin. However, who might step up and draw the ire of not only the most dominate duo in Pittsburgh professional wrestling, but Tommy Faime as well? There are a few leading candidates.

Not many wrestlers have had the success against Blanchard and Martin as Lord Zoltan. The Brawler from Bourbon Street seemingly always has a wrench up his sleeve (on in his pant leg) when he faces Martin and/or Blanchard. While Zoltan has been battling off Harley T. Morris, David Marbell and Curt Wootton--the West Virginia Empire--the VIPs have been looking in another direction. Assuredly, Latin would be fortunate to have Zoltan at his side. The bookies in Bloomfield are still trying to figure out those odds.

Justin Sane is an unconventional choices. Sane, like Zoltan, has battled both VIPs many times over their long history together. Sane also might be a choice to take on Martin for the prestigious Golden Triangle Championship. Sane has held the Golden Triangle Championship five times, by far the record for the city's most revered title.

The Jester. Few KSWA Megastars have the charisma and physical ability to dominate the veteran VIP's, but The Jester does. A former multi-time champion in his own right, The Jester might be the right contrast to the brawling Latin. The Jester's participation in this match could be a highlight.

"Iceman" Tony Johnson. A cool customer when it comes to the VIPs, Johnson has had his issues with Faime, but he may not want to put his nose into a match like this. Few Megastars don't want to cross Blanchard and Martin, in addition to Faime.

We also cannot count out KSWA World Champion Kris Kash, Tag Team Champion Shane Starr, T-Rantula, Mike Malachi, or any of the Megastars who already have scheduled matches.

There has also been talk of a former KSWA Megastar making an impact in this high-pressure contest. The Krazies have seen the return of "Vicious" Vinnie Stone this year, so (with a few exceptions), practically any former wrestler may re-enter the Teamster Temple. The Krazies have seen an occasional return of "The Mayor Mexico City," La Lucha. Might the reigning Mexican Champion come to his long-time friend's aid?

Or how about a new Megastar? The KSWA always receives inquiries from wrestlers throughout the region about joining Pittsburgh's professional wrestling organization. It's a fact that no wrestler in the area looking to make a lasting impact on would avoid that call. And to step into a high-profile contest between three former World Champions ruled by a Hall of Famer would elevate any wrestler within 500 miles of Pittsburgh.

All will be sorted out this Saturday Night, April 30 at the Teamster Temple, 4701 Butler Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Bell time is 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids and $15 in the Mezzanine. Card subject to change.

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