Largest Sharpsburg Crowd Ever Witnesses Blanchard Win Ferraro Cup, BROhemoth Makes Major Impact

November 12, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Sharpsburg for the 5th Annual Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament and fundraiser Saturday night and the community arrived in larger numbers than ever before. Fans packed the Main Street fire hall and witnessed one of the most phenomenal tournaments in KSWA annuals. And while a new tournament champion was crowned, other championship scenarios played out leading to FanFest.

Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament Semi-Final: “Big Country” Matt McGraw v. Lou Martin

The bell rings and Lou Martin slaps McGraw square in the face. Country spears the Face of Pittsburgh, who immediately falls the concrete floor. Referee Shawn Patrick initiates the count. Martin gets pulled in the hard way from the apron. McGraw follows up with a series of clotheslines that drops Martin to the mat. McGraw gets Martin in a submission move but Dr. Devastation gets to the ropes. There are two big powerslams and Shawn Patrick checks to see if Martin is conscious. There’s a third body slam that is more ferocious than those prior. McGraw continues with the offense until Martin scrambles to the corner where Patrick stands. Martin, the veteran, pokes McGraw in the eye and gets his first, real offense of the night. Martin continues the onslaught. McGraw’s throat is placed on the bottom rope and Martin chokes with a boot. Martin tries to clothesline the big man but that doesn’t work. Then, Big Country gets Martin in the bear hug. The former two-time KSWA Champion tries to fight out of it, but he cannot. Big Country gets the submission victory in 5:54.

Bobby O, Joe Perri and Shane Starr Come To The Ring

KSWA Owner Bobby O and KSWA Kommissioner Joe Perri come to the ring along with Shane Starr to make some announcements regarding FanFest. Perri and Bobby O announce that FanFest guests The Rock n’ Roll Express will face off against the VIPs, and Tito Santana will battle Lord Zoltan at the biggest wrestling event in Pittsburgh this year. They also talk about how Shane Starr is cashing in his Battle Bowl opportunity against KSWA Champion Mitch Napier in front of his hometown. Without warning, David Marbell and Harley T. Morris make their way to the ring. Both Marbell and Morris say that Starr is undeserving of a shot at the KSWA Championship. Morris said that he battled Napier tooth-and-tail on two different occasions in recent months and that he should be “the rightful KSWA Champion.” The duo from West Virginia challenge Starr to a match for his opportunity that very night. Starr readily accepts and a referee is summoned to the ring. Match is on.

Harley T. Morris v. Shane Starr

Morris jumps Starr and gets him to the mat, Marbell attacks Starr in the corner as referee David Fedor gets Morris off of the Sharpsburg resident. Harley T. drop kicks Starr down to the mat. The standing room only crowd chants “Harley Sucks” over and over again. There is a pin attempt that ends at two. Morris gets Starr down and chokes from behind. Starr is able to launch Morris off of him and into the corner. That doesn’t last long as Morris knocks Starr down and lands a flying elbow from the top rope. Morris snap mares Starr down and into a sleeper hold. Fedor checks Starr. Starr shrugs him off and onto the mat. The Krazies are solidly behind Starr. The two Megastars trade blows in the center of the ring. Starr lands a super kick on Morris’ jaw and he falls into the corner. Starr launches Morris high into the Sharpsburg sky and down for a pin attempt. That ends at two and a half. Starr is up and Morris is now down. The crowd shouts in unison for Starr. Starr goes for the Shining Wizard but Morris grabs a handful of hair and drives him down from behind. Starr is in the corner and Morris continues an assault. Morris goes for a dive off of the corner post. Starr catches him and engages the Sharpsburg Shooter for the win. 6:24.

Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament Semi-Final: Shawn Blanchard v. Kris Kash

Referee Shawn Patrick checks out both participants. Gentleman Joe Perri rings the bell and Shawn Blanchard launches frequent foe Kris Kash across the ring. KSWA Owner Bobby O is out with Kash. Kash grabs Blanchard’s wrist and leads him to the ropes. Kash whips Blanchard’s arm over the top rope and then Kash does the quickest “old school” whip off of the top in pro wrestling history. Blanchard, the longtime veteran, shrugs it off and gets him own offense in on Kash. Blanchard levels Kash with three open hand chops, but Kash fights off with three open handers and then and over the head chop of his own. Then he whips Blanchard in the corner, clotheslines him and tilt a whirl suplexes him. Blanchard is tossed onto the floor. Kash runs the ropes and then dives on top of Blanchard. Blanchard is back in and Kash has him in the corner for 10 punches to the head. Blanchard falls to the mat and Kash makes the pin. Blanchard, too close to the ropes for Kash, legs his leg on the bottom rope. Right in front of the referee, Blanchard goes low on Kash. Kash crawls to a corner, where Blanchard meets him with plenty of free wrist tape. Patrick is talking with Bobby O at ringside when Blanchard gets Kash down for a pin. Blanchard slaps Patrick in the buttocks to get his attention. Kash gets his shoulder up. Blanchard hits Kash with a Spinebuster. He picks Kash up and delivers a convincing pile driver for the win. 6:08.

6-Man Action: Faime, Douglas and Zoltan v. Sane, Yinza and La Lucha

The bell rings and Golden Triangle Champion Tommy Faime, is irate over the fact that Double-A Anthony Alexander couldn’t make the event due to an emergency and was replaced by La Lucha. Faime slams Justin Sane down in the center of the ring. Zoltan is tagged in and is immediately taken over by Sane. Sane wrings Zoltan’s arm and wrist. La Lucha is tagged in and he does the same. Yinza is tagged in and he does the same and gets Zoltan down for a pin attempt. That doesn’t last as Zoltan gets the Luchadore down. Zoltan calls for a knee and Tommy Faime raises one for Sane’s head. The offense on Yinza continues as Douglas has Patrick distracted. Faime is back in and he belly to belly suplexes Yinza. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. The assault from Douglas and Faime continues on Yinza as Zoltan has Patrick distracted. Mayor Mystery and Douglas attack Yinza with Mystery’s cane on the outside. Sane and La Lucha are disaffected on their legal side. Yinza is back in and lands a cross body block on Faime. Faime responds by clotheslining Yinza down. Yinza accidently reaches for Zoltan, who pulls Yinza into his corner for a little offense. Yinza breaks out of it and rolls across the ring and into Faime. The tag is made to La Lucha. He and Sane then punch Faime in the gut. Sane is tagged in and he cross body blocks Faime in the corner. La Lucha is in once again. Faime is whipped into a corner. La Lucha follows him in and the Mayor Mexico City lands his patented flat from the corner. Once count. La Lucha tags in long-time friend Justin Sane. There’s a double clothesline on Faime. Sane makes the pin attempt. Yinza hits Douglas with an atomic drop and a Yinza to Belly. Sane hits the Frog Splash and gets the win. 10:11

BROhemoth v. Gino Slice

The match starts off with Gino Slice using his entire body to attack BROhemoth. BRO clotheslines him down and then splashes him in the corner. BROhemoth continues the assault and then Gino gets up with some offense of his own. BRO shrugs that off. BROhemoth slams Gino down and gets the pin and the win. 3:00. The match is a dominating showcase for the powerful BROhemoth.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match: KSWA Tag Team Titles: Jack Massacre and Lucio Deveer v. Jay Flash and Mike Malachi v. T-Rantula and The Jester

Referee David Fedor welcomes all three teams to the ring. T-Rantula and Mike Malachi start off the match. Any team member of any team can be tagged in. The Jester is dressed in red, white and blue trunks and matching face paint. T tags in Jay Flash, which forces the former KSWA Champion to face off against his own tag team partner. Flash pokes Malachi who flops down on the mat for a quick pin attempt on his own partner. The Jester, seeing what’s up, makes the save. Lucio Deveer is tagged in and Mike Malachi goes to work on him. There’s a suplex and front face lock. Jay Flash is tagged in and he dives in over the top rope and kicks Deveer in the mush. Flash kicks Deveer again and goes for a pin but only gets one. Malachi is tagged in and the attacks continue on Deveer. Malachi elbow drops Deveer twice and tags in Flash. There’s a double elbow that drops the Enigma. He chops away on Malachi but that doesn’t deter the KSWA’s first big man. He drops Deveer down and tags in Flash, who puts a boot him to Deveer’s throat. Then he dives on him, feet first onto the sternum. Flash races after The Jester and soon, the ring is filled with humanity. Deveer tags in The Jester, who is ready to go after the team of Malachi and Flash. Jester dares Jay Flash. Flash and The Jester lock up for Test of Strength. Jester lifts Flash up with a super wedgee. The fans roar in laughter. Flash gets out of it and races into the SRO crowd. After Fedor gets the combatants settled, the count begins. Flash tags in Malachi. He now faces T-Rantula, who has been tagged in by The Jester. The two big men lock up. Malachi may have gone for the eyes. There’s a chop that doesn’t take as T Rantula retaliates with two massive chops of his own. Malachi goes low on T and body slams the massive Hall of Famer. Flash is tagged back in. He tries to roll T-Rantula over for the pin but that doesn’t work. T gives Flash a major wedgee himself. Flash returns the favor on The Jester. The hilarity continues for quite a while. The Jester hits a cross body block on Malachi and crawls over to T-Rantula. T tags in The Jester and calls for Nacho City. Deveer rushes in body slams Flash. Malachi destroys Deveer with a body slam. Malachi goes for a pin but is fought off by Flash. Bedlam soon ensues and battles are everywhere. On the outside, T-Rantula inadvertently hits Massacre and half of the front row with nachos. The Jester frogs splash Malachi who is down in the center of the ring for the win. 12:48.

Final: Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament. Shawn Blanchard v. Matt McGraw

Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and the two finalists circle each other. Much like Shawn Blanchard tossed Kris Kash right off of the bell in the first round, McGraw tosses Blanchard this time around. Blanchard tries to body slam the near 300-pound Big Country but gets nowhere. The two lock up again. There’s a side headlock on McGraw, but Big Country lifts Blanchard up like a child and posts him in the corner. Out of the corner, McGraw body slams Blanchard down in the center of the ring. That’s enough for the six-time former KSWA Heavyweight Champion to roll out onto the concrete. Blanchard gets back in and McGraw locks him in with a side headlock. Blanchard muscles out of it but McGraw is just too powerful in the early going of this contest. Blanchard fights out of it and McGraw drops Blanchard down. There’s a series of shoulders to Blanchard’s midsection in the corner. Blanchard is whipped into the corner and over the top onto the apron. He rolls back in where McGraw has him down for a pin attempt. He gets two. McGraw drops a leg and gets a one count. McGraw gets Blanchard is in a rear chin lock. Blanchard refuses to give up. McGraw continues to apply a submission move. After several minutes of Blanchard not submitting, McGraw breaks the hold. Blanchard gouges the eyes. That’s enough of an opening for Blanchard to charge in and use the ring ropes to his advantage. Blanchard chops and punches at the popular and successful rookie. There’s a big knee lift on McGraw and pin attempt that ends at two. Blanchard stomps low on McGraw and lands a knee to the sternum. Two-count. McGraw grasps for air as the veteran lifts him toward the corner. Blanchard is whipped into the corner and into a side suplex. Two-count on Blanchard. Patrick checks on both super heavyweights. McGraw puts a couple of kicks into Blanchard and goes for a pin; however, he is too close to the ropes. McGraw body slams Blanchard and gets a two count. Both Megastars are spent. The fans are chanting for McGraw. There’s a second body slam but McGraw is too spent to make a quick cover. Out of nowhere, Lou Martin strolls ringside. McGraw goes for the bear hug, the same move that cost Martin a first round loss. McGraw goes after Martin in the corner. Martin takes a punch from McGraw but is able to toss a chain to Blanchard. The referee doesn’t see it. Blanchard wraps it around his fist and plasters McGraw with it. Big Country hits the mat and Blanchard gets the win. 10:11.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Shane Starr v. Mitch Napier

Napier comes to the ring wearing tape on his ribs from the recent blindside, post-match attack. Patrick calls for the bell and the two opponents shake hands. They lock up and proceed roll to a standstill. They break and shake hands once again. They lock up and Starr is the first to gets a hip toss. Napier counters. The action is fast and furious as they each get their opponent down for one counts. The two fan favorites can’t get an appreciative advantage over one another in the early going. Napier gets Starr down by grabbing the arm and hitting the back of Starr’s left knee. Napier drop kicks Shane in the bag of the neck and gets a one count. There’s a gut wrench suplex that drops Starr down. Napier lands the head butt from the top rope and gets only a two count. Napier whips Starr into the corner and lands a body splash. Starr gets Napier down for a one-count. Napier hits Starr with a drop kick out of nowhere. Kash is at ringside, cheering on his long-time friend. Napier and Starr trade shots in the corner. Starr lifts Napier off of the apron and into a super plex. He only gets two. Starr picks Napier up and drops him down on one knee. Then a second time. This is a move that Starr has used successfully numerous times in the past. Starr hits a standing suplex on Napier and only gets two. Napier and Starr are performing a tremendous technical display. Starr goes for the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter but Napier rolls out of it and nearly gets a pin. The two get into the ropes and Napier posts Starr up on the top rope for a leg drop from the top turnbuckle. Napier is whipped into the middle rope. Starr rushes to the outside and hits a fist to Napier’s mush. The Shining Wizard is next for a two-and-three-quarters count. Starr lifts Napier up and posts him on the top turnbuckle. Starr follows but Napier fights hi off. Sioux Falls Slam from the top. He gets the victory in 10:11. The two champions shake hands and celebrate in the center of the ring. Then, suddenly, BROhemoth rushes in and attack both men. He splashes Napier in the corner and tosses the champion across the ring. BRO shouts “Game Over” and proceeds to continue his assault on Napier. At the end of the evening, BROhemoth raises the KSWA title and shouts, “Good luck, Champ.”

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