Resilience, Determination, And Tenacity For Prime-Time Spurs Veterans In Golden Triangle Hunt At FanFest

November 16, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Immediately next to the Heavyweight Championship, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Golden Triangle is the most sought-after title in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The prize serves as the de-facto championship for the state’s second-largest city. Ever transient, the title has changed 30 times in the 17-year history of Pittsburgh’s longest-running professional wrestling organization. And in just a few weeks, two of the promotion’s most revered athletes are battling over the gold trophy one more time.

“Tenacity” Pays Off For Hall Of Famer

The current and reigning title holder is “Mr. Tenacity” Tommy Faime. He’s a former Heavyweight Champion and contemporary VIP member so engrained in the KSWA that he was inducted into the Hall of Fame back in 2013. Pay no heed to the fact that he marched back a few years later, actually earned part ownership of the place and then became its second most important champion.

Last FanFest, Faime opened the event by besting Shane Starr to win the Golden Triangle Championship. He has held onto the title for more than 350 days, despite a scrimshank history of title defenses. After winning gold at FanFest, it took until March’s Joe Abby Tournament for Faime to step away from the other VIPs and tag team competition to defend the title. He did so against Kris Kash. In May, Faime dispatched one-time-ally Harley T. Morris and long-time foe Ice Machine in a Triple Threat Match.

Then on July 2 at the annual Arsenal Park Independence Day Celebration, one could hear a pin drop when Faime successfully defended against Anthony Alexander (more on The Prime-Time Player to come). The crowd was fanatically behind Alexander, and expected him to win that Sunday in the Park. He didn’t.

It wouldn’t be until September 9 at the KSWA’s home base of Spirit Hall before Faime would face Alexander again. This time the KSWA Championship Committee deemed the contest a “non-title” affair. Faime was once again victorious and Alexander was on the verge of dropping back down the competitive card. Then, on the second of Millvale Days, Alexander bested Faime, albeit by disqualification when Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin rushed the scene and attacked the challenger. KSWA Owner Bobby O kept Alexander’s hopes alive.

Then on October 7 at the Spirit Hall parking lot festival event, Alexander kept his spot as Number One Contender in a convoluted contest that saw Big Mike Malachi collect on his Battle Bowl contract for the Golden Triangle Championship. Faime’s main purpose was to thwart Malachi, but also keep Alexander from being too close to the championship belt. Alexander succeeded and Bobby O announced that Alexander was going to get one more shot, this time at FanFest.

The Prime-Time Player Returns To The Top Of The Heap

In 2011, Anthony Alexander was in a position of power. As the reigning, two-time Golden Triangle Champion (his first ascendancy lasted a still-record 735 days), Alexander had money, fame and all of the rewards being the newest member of the VIPs could entail.

A quick step back: The KSWA Kraziverse was set ablaze at FanFest 2009 when Alexander turned on The Latin Assassin and helped Shawn Blanchard retain the KSWA Heavyweight Championship. He won Battle Bowl II and was set with the VIPs at his side. He’d win some and lose some (including the Shane Douglas at the Paul Sciullo Memorial Night in September, 2010), but on September 18, 2010 at Millvale Days, Alexander defeated longtime time and frequent tag team partner Justin Sane for the Golden Triangle belt.

It was a championship he would never lose.

Alexander successfully defended against Mike Malachi, Kris Kash and Bobby Badfingers in a few short months.

Then on March 26, 2011 Alexander successfully defended the Golden Triangle Championship in a Fatal Four Way match against Alex Arcadian, Vinnie Stone and Bobby Badfingers at the 4th Annual Joe Abby Memorial Tournament. Even though he retained, Alexander tweaked something in his shoulder than he couldn’t shake.

With Alexander unable to compete, the KSWA Championship Committee stripped the Golden Triangle Championship on May 7, 2010. Alexander owned the 20th title change, and the belt has changed hands 10 times since, including KSWA Hall of Famer Frank Durso’s momentary control during a daffy 6-Megastar mash-up on the night a new champion was crowned. (KSWA Owner Bobby O restarted the match after Durso’s under-handed win. Badfingers left the KSWA Arena that night with the title.)

Anthony Alexander was gone for six years, or 2,192 days.

Since his remarkable return, Alexander bested Blanchard and Jay Flash to win the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament. He has formed a formidable six-man tag team package with Kris Kash and Shane Starr. And he has keep Golden Triangle Champion Tommy Faime looking over his shoulder and in the rear-view mirror.

All of this adds up to arguably the most competitive FanFest to date. In this charged pursuit, there are two extraordinary athletes, possibly in the best condition of their careers. It cannot be argued that Faime hasn’t improved in conditioning, technique and championship swagger. He’s down in weight from nearly 300 pounds to around 247. Alexander still bring some of the biggest arms to any fight and remains nearly his 245 playing weight. Both Megastars are beyond 40, Faime more than Alexander; however, their resilience, drive and determination continue to seat them near the top of all in-ring competition.

Both Megastars stand well over 6-feet-tall and have always possessed extreme strength; however, Alexander remains one of the strongest athletes to step into a KSWA ring.

It’s interesting to note that while Alexander was away for six years, there was a stretch of time in which Faime did not participate in a singles competition. He had competed in team competitions, tag team, six-man and other types of matches; however, one-on-one had escaped him for 4,096 days (11 years, two months and 17 days). Yet, he has built himself back up to Pennsylvania’s second most important singles champion.

Faime and Alexander exemplify an era of determination, drive, adaptability and dynamism. They both just want thing this FanFest season: success.

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