Largest FanFest Crowd Takes In Victories For Alexander, Badfingers & Napier, Rock n’ Roll Express Bests The VIPs & Tito Santana Rolls Zoltan

December 3, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Since returning to the former KSWA Arena on 51st Street in Lawrenceville earlier this year, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has broken attendance records. From last January’s Battle Bowl to the outdoor event in October, Spirit Hall has been an inviting venue to record numbers. This year’s FanFest/Toy Drive eclipsed even Bruno Sammartino’s 2012 visit (that number does come with an asterisk, as Pittsburgh police estimates that 250 were turned away for George “The Animal” Steele’s 2011 trip to the city that bears his name).

This year’s event saw a classic showdown between Tommy Faime and Anthony Alexander for the Golden Triangle Championship, and an epic battle between two epic teams. Plus, the most coveted title in the Commonwealth was once again on the line in the Main Event.

Five Star Scramble Del Douglas v. Bob Badfingers v. Matt McGraw v. Yinza v. Justin Sane

Shawn Patrick shows the belt off to the capacity Krazy Crowd. All five Megastars go at it, with McGraw whipping Del Douglas into referee Patrick, who was distracted with action outside of the ring. Soon, all are outside, except for Justin Sane, who dives on all of his opponents. Once inside, Sane suplexes Badfingers and dives onto him. Yinza races in and breaks it up. McGraw pushes Yinza down before Badfingers and Douglas go for the double suplex. Soon, Yinza and Justin assist McGraw and suplex the others. Badfingers DDT’s McGraw. Yinza breaks that up. Douglas nearly scores a pin. Yinza rolls around the ring and whips Douglas across the mat. He goes for the same on McGraw, but Big Country simply outmuscles Yinza and powerslams him but only gets two. Douglas paint brushes Sane, who is tied up in the ropes. Douglas gets Yinza in a Millvale Crab, but Sane kicks him in the mush. The action is fast and furious for a while after that. Badfingers almost pins the Champion, but only gets two. Badfingers drops an elbow on an unsuspecting Douglas. Sane goes Bronco busting on both Badfingers and Douglas. Yinza kicks Big Country in the head. Sane stands on Douglas’s neck. All of the Megastars are spent. Badfingers gets Sane in a sleeper hold. Yinza races the ropes and kicks McGraw down. Douglas gets Yinza in a Millvale crab but McGraw stops it. Sane drops a leg on Badfingers. Sane goes to the top rope. McGraw spears Yinza. Badfingers spears McGraw and gets the pin. 10:05.

Fatal Four Way for a #1 Contender’s opportunity for the KSWA Tag Team Championship

Referee Jimmy James has his hands full with this massive Fatal Four Way. After everything is figured out, James calls for the match to start. Lucio Deveer starts out with Jay Flash. Deveer clobbers Flash down and then a second time. Flash tags in Kris Kash, who pushes Deveer into the corner. Kash and Deveer trade chops and Kash tags in Starr who suplexes The Enigma in the center of the ring. Deveer recovers and slams Starr. Deever tags in Jack Massacre, who goes to work on Starr. Starr is whipped into the corner and Harley T. Morris tags himself in. He goes for a Test of Strength against Massacre that goes nowhere. Massacre clotheslines Morris down. There is no submission. Massacre chops down hard on Morris. Morris tags in Malachi. Now it’s the battle of the big men. Malachi does a good job on avoiding his former tag team championship partner. Starr is tagged in and Malachi buries a shoulder into his midsection. Malachi stays on Starr, who suddenly tried go for a Sharpsburg Sharpshooter, but Malachi muscles out if it and nearly gets a pin fall. Flash is tagged in and so is Deveer. Flash tags in Morris after an elbow drop. Morris and Deveer trade offense. Deveer tags in Massacre and does his best to bail. He tags Kris Kash, who tags Massacre. Jack suplexes Morris down. Morris is whipped into the corner and followed by the giant. There’s a chop on Morris and tag to Deveer. Kash jumps in to break the tag attempt. Malachi is tagged in and he goes to work on Deveer. Malachi drops a leg on Deveer and gets a two count. Deveer and Malachi continue to battle it out. Massacre is tagged in and the two giants face off. Soon, all of the team members are in the ring. Massacre and Malachi grapple in the center of the ring. Malachi back elbows Massacre and in a momentous test of strength, body slams the 360-pounder. No one in the ring and Jack Massacre is eliminated. That eliminates that team. Kris Kash is about to dive on Flash and Morris attacks him. Flash, Morris, Hunter and Starr are on the outside. There’s a major scrum. Kash jumps to the corner and dives on all of the other remaining Megastars. Kash and Flash are in the ring. Flash is posted in the corner. Kash follows him to the top. Kash goes for the pin but Flash pokes him in the eye. Flash buckle bombs Kash and follows up with a pin attempt. Starr breaks it up. Flash super plexes Kash down. He rolls to the outside. Hunter is in. He catches Flash and there’s a side suplex and back breaker that falls Flash. Team 12 Gauge and the Lost Boyz remain. Morris tries to pin Kash. Kash is in the corner. The Krazies chant for him. Team 12 Gauge throw him into the corner, where Kash springs out onto the team. The Krazies are going nuts. Kash gets to Starr. He clotheslines both men. Double clothes line. Sharpshooter on Morris. Hunter gets up. Kash bum rushes him in the corner. All four are in the ring. Team 12 Gauge goes after Kash. Starr gets Hunter down with the sidewalk slam and gets the victory. 12:11

Golden Triangle Championship: Double-A v. Tommy Faime

Anthony Alexander, surprise winner of the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament earlier this year, challenges Tommy Faime. Referee Jimmy James holds up the Golden Triangle Championship and calls for the bell. The bell rings and the two veteran behemoths lock up. Alexander tosses Faime down and the GT champion claims that Alexander pulled his hair. Faime does a double pose to the crowd and gets no reaction. Alexander clobbers him down. Alexander posts Faime in the corner and boots him in the gut. Alexander splashes Faime twice in the corner and delivers a flying clothesline. Faime is down for a strong two-count. Alexander whips Faime into a corner and misses with a splash. Faime takes this opportunity to get his wind back. Faime goes to work on Alexander’s knee. Alexander is in a seated position in the corner. Faime uses the bottom rope as a weapon on Alexander’s knee. Faime tosses a chair in the ring, but that’s little more than a distraction. Alexander hits a Prime-Time Cancellation. He gets the three-count but Jimmy James then sees that the Champion’s leg is on the bottom rope. The match is restarted. Faime splashes Alexander and gets the ref as well. Anthony is able to get out of the corner and once again land a PTC and gets the win to become the new Golden Triangle Champion. 6:36

Rock n Roll Express v. The VIPs

Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson slam Shawn Blanchard into Lou Martin, who is on the apron. Martin calls for Ricky Morton. The Rock n’ Roll Express continue to use the VIPs against one another. Ricky Morton does the Karate Kid stance before calling out Blanchard. Martin and Gibson are in the ring. Blanchard is tagged in. Gibson hits Blanchard in the gut while Morton drops a leg high. Blanchard recovers and gets Morton into the corner. Blanchard gets Morton into a bear hug but doesn’t hold on for long. Martin is tagged in and he punches Morton. Morton delivers some punches to the gut before whipping Morton into a corner. Morton rolls to Gibson who goes after Blanchard. He gets Blanchard into a sleeper hold. The Rn Roll are tossed together. Morton Sunset flips Blanchard and records the win. 6:17

Lord Zoltan v. Tito Santana

Mayor Mystery says that the fans should not chant for Tito Santana, or they will leave. The Krazies continue to chant for Tito. Zoltan fakes out a hand extension, and Tito chases him into the ropes. Tito gets an upper hand with a wrist and elbow lock. They get into the ropes and the hold is broken. Tito shoulder block tackles Zoltan and then locks in a head lock. Tito is whipped into the ropes but he stops midway through the ring and then locks in the head lock one more time. Tito is in the ropes and Mayor Mystery is awaiting. There’s a second time that Mystery uses the bottom rope to weaken Santana. With chants of Ariba in the background, Zoltan locks in a sleeper hold. The fans chant for Tito. Zoltan buries a knee into Santana’s gut and then uses the ropes for leverage in a pin attempt. Zoltan grabs a trapezius muscle hold but Santana fights out. Santana with a sunset flip but Zoltan punches him in the face. Back to the nerve hold for Zoltan. There’s a series of left hands into Santana’s gut. Zoltan goes for a splash but misses. Santana buries the boot. Then an elbow. Santana signals for the Flying Burrito. Mayor Mystery grabs Santana’s foot. Mayor Mystery is tossed. Tito rolls up Zoltan for the win. 7:32

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Dennis Gregory and Bubba the Bulldog v. The Jester & T-Rantula

Mayor Mystery says that Dennis Gregory has to rea an apology to the KSWA Krazies for using inappropriate language in October. He refuses. The fans say that he cannot read. The Jester and T-Rantula arrive next. The fans are insane for T-Rantula and The Jester. Shawn Patrick has a difficult time reigning these wrestlers in. Gregory starts with The Jester. Jester gets a knee to the gut and a couple of elbows right off the bat. Gregory is tossed in the corner and slapped a number of times. T is tagged in and he chops Gregory in the chest. That sends the Golden Boy to the outside and into the arms of Mayor Mystery. T-Rantula pulls Gregory over the top rope and overhand chops him repeatedly. Gregory gets on the microphone and challenges T’s manhood. The fans chant louder for T-Rantula. Bubba the Bulldog is tagged in and he gets a quick shot of T-Rantula justice. He races to the outside and into the waiting arms of Mayor Mystery and Gregory. T brings Bubba in the hard way and posts him in his corner. Jester is tagged in and chops him down. Bubba kicks Jester in the corner and stands on his chest. Gregory boots The Jester and tosses Gregory into him. There’s a pin attempt on the Jester. With the referee distracted, Gregory chokes The Jester. Gregory picks him up and posts him for a splash. Gregory misses. Jester follows up with a splash but misses. Gregory tries to roll him up for a pin but uses the ropes to his advantage. Jester was pinned by Gregory but the ropes were used. Shawn Patrick called for the bell but almost immediately restarted the match. Jester rallies and gets enough offense on Gregory to get him into the Champion’s corner. T-Rantula is in and clotheslines Gregory down. The Jester is tagged in and he tries to suplex Gregory. The veteran stops it and kicks The Jester low. Bubba is tagged back in and he goes right after The Jester, and stands on his throat. Bubba drop kicks The Jester down. Bubba drops a knee on The Jester and taunts T-Rantula. Bubba and Gregory assault The Jester in their corner. Bubba has The Jester laid out. Gregory delivers a boot from the top rope. Jester rallies and sunset flips The Jester. Gregory pulls down The Jester’s trunks and exposes huge buttocks. The crowd moans. Jester gets to T Rantula and Gregory gets to Bubba, who is delivered via body slam to the canvas. T is on the outside. He gets the nachos. T hits Bubba in the forehead with the nachos. The Jester is set for a frog splash but Gregory pushes him off the top rope. T is back in the ring. Bubba staggers to his feet. T choke slams Bubba. He gets the win, one, and three. 12:42. Post-match, Gregory steals the belts and Mayor Mystery is in the ring ready to powder Mayor Mystery. T-Rantula hits Mystery with the nachos and The Jester drops another bucket in Mystery’s pants.

KSWA World Heavyweight Championship: BROhemoth v. Mitch Napier

BROhemoth, who has attacked and injured Mitch Napier on two separate occasions this year, enters first. Shawn Patrick, the commissioned senior referee in Western PA, raises the belt and calls for the bell. Napier goes right after the challenger and sends him to the concrete floor. Napier smashes BRO’s head on the apron and then BROhemoth rallies. He tosses Napier onto the apron and then pushes him in the center of the ring. BRO stands over top of the champion and then picks him up and tosses him over the top rope. With ease, BRO body slams him down in the center of the ring. BRO cannon balls Napier and then tries to raise him up. Napier fights back. Napier rushes into BROhemoth and slams into the brick wall that is the challenger. Napier is draped over the middle rope and BRO pulls down Napier’s singlet straps, exposing still-bruised ribs. Napier rolls on the mat in agony. BROhemoth taunts him again and tosses him into the corner where a series of elbows await. BRO charges and hits him directly in the injured ribs with a shoulder. The second time, he misses. Napier rallies and gets BRO in the corner. Napier delivers a series of punches. Napier goes for the Sioux Falls Slam but can’t get him up. BROhemoth hoists Napier up with a fall-away slam. BRO pick him up again. Napier fights out of it and slaps on the sleeper hold. BRO tries to knock him off by ramming back-first into the ring posts. The third-time springs him for the Champion’s sleeper. That doesn’t last long; however, as Napier is back at it. BRO goes down to one knee. BRO seems to fight out of the move. BROhemoth gets to his feet and slams Napier down in the center of the ring. BRO gets to one knee as Napier gets to a corner and checks his ribs. There’s a huge splash on the champion. BROhemoth Sioux Falls Slams Napier but Mitch gets a shoulder up at two. BROhemoth removes the tape from Napier’s ribs and drives him to the mat. He gets a one count. Napier is nearly broken. BROhemoth argues with Patrick. Napier gets up and tries again to get him in the Sioux Falls Slam. That attempt goes nowhere. BROhemoth shouts that he’s going to “End This.” He posts Napier to the top turnbuckle and climbs up with him. Napier fights out of it. Napier sunset flips BROhemoth from the top rope. The crowd is amazed at that move. BRO kicks out. Both Megastars are spent. Napier gets to one knee. He paint-brushes Napier. Napier hits a chin stunner and drop kick. Napier is then speared out of the ring and onto the concrete. On the outside, BRO smashes Napier on the apron. Napier rolls in the ring, while BROhemoth argues with fans on the outside. BROhemoth repeatedly asks why Napier won’t quit. BRO wants to end it again. BRO head buts the champion. Out of nowhere, Napier rallies, splashes BROhemoth in the corner and hoists him up for the Sioux Falls Slam and gets the win. The crowd goes berserk. 12:42

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