Top 10 Moments of 2017: #6--The Jester & T-Rantula Take Challengers To Nacho City & Stir Old Enemies Along The Way

December 31, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

There's no comparison...the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) tag team championships are the most sought-after, most influential and most important titles of its kind in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Titleholders have been extremely proud and honored to hold the straps for going on 18 years. For the past calendar year, they have been defended expertly by two ring veterans: The Jester, and KSWA Hall of Famer T-Rantula.

The duo was brought together by The Jester, who was hounded more than a year ago to find a partner following a Battle Bowl qualifying placement. When the new team dispatched Bobby Badfingers and Vinnie Stone for the straps at FanFest, 2016, and then defended against Spear Asylum in January, others quickly stepped to the plate.

In February, the team faced off against a new, unfamiliar and surprising team called The Big Game Hunters. It was the KSWA's first look at the team of Zak Hunter and BROhemoth. Similar in size to the tag team champions, The Big Game Hunters nearly caused an upset. However, in the end, T-Rantula and The Jester were victorious.

In March, T and Jester tagged with Jack Massacre against Spear Asylum and Big Mike Malachi, and wound up on the wrong side of the win ledger. In May, the team faced its most daunting challenge to date when they defended against Party Gras. The match was significant in that T-Rantula and Lord Zoltan faced off over KSWA tag team gold for the very first time. Party Gras had faced The Jester numerous times when they feuded (and ultimately lost the tag team belts) with him and Del Douglas. The Jester and T successfully retained.

That showdown only ramped up the competition. Next up was a challenge from former KSWA Heavyweight Champion Jay Flash and one of the most decorated champions in western PA professional wrestling history: Dennis Gregory. The well-tuned twosome gave T and The Jester all they could handle, but in the end it was Flash who went to Nacho City.

The opportunities kept on coming for new teams. At the KSWA debut outside of MJ's Saloon, the regional team of Harley T. Morris and Zak Hunter (Team 12 Gauge in some towns), took their shots at Pittsburgh wrestling immortality. They took on a game T-Rantula and similarly-dressed Jester. In front of a ruckus crowd, T-Rantula and The Jester continued on.

Back at Spirit Hall on September 9, T and Jester faced their most formidable challenge in the founding VIPs--Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin. That eagerly-anticipated confrontation ended in a disqualification when Dennis Gregory and a debuting Bubba the Bulldog attacked the tag team champions. The Mayor Mystery-led ambush ended with Bubba hitting T with a dreaded plate of nachos and The Jester getting a chair to the knee. The crowd was stunned, as were the champions.

The newly-christened "Team Don't Care" did care about the KSWA tag team championships. They injured The Jester along the way, and Bubba had "business obligations" that kept him away from the ring.

At the fifth-annual Mario Ferraro Memorial Tournament in November, the team defended in the first "Triple Threat" six-man match of their reign. They successfully defended against the teams of Jay Flash and Big Mike Malachi and Jack Massacre and Lucio Deveer. The ending of that contest saw Massacre be accidently slammed with nachos. That teamed to cause a slight disagreement with the so-far agreeable T-Rantula and Massacre. The two giants faced off again at FanFest during the Four Corners tag team match designed to find a new Number One Contender for the tag team championships.

In their final defense of the year, T and Jester faced off against Gregory and Bubba at FanFest. There was a controversial moment in the match in which it looked as if the challengers had earned the duke. The match was restarted and the champions were victorious. In the end, Gregory and Bubba absconded the tag team title belts and raced off into the Lawrenceville night.

KSWA Owner Bobby O has since granted Gregory and Bubba (with Mayor Mystery) a rematch. "Team Don't Care" says it is nice of Bobby O to grant "the former champions" a shot at "our titles."

That match is set for January 6.

Top 10 Moments of 2017: #6--The Jester & T-Rantula Take Challengers To Nacho City & Stir Old Enemies Along The Way

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