Top 10 Moments of 2017: #5--Battle Over The 5-Star Championship Highlights Turmoil

December 31, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

When the KSWA's junior heavyweight championship became the 5-Star Championship in May, 2012, no one could have guessed how turbulent it would become. The title, designed to showcase technical excellence, has changed hands 19 times. It was turned over five times in 2017 alone. In addition to Bob Badfingers winning it at FanFest, the 5-Championship was held twice by Justin Sane, once buy Del Douglas and another by Lord Zoltan.

The KSWA Championship Committee attempted something different in the summer and scheduled three Triple Threat matches between Sane, his Party Gras tag team partner Lord Zoltan and frequent foe Del Douglas. The trifecta of matches engrossed the KSWA Krazies, especially when each of the participants held the belt, at least for a short period of time.

On July 2, Zoltan came out victorious at the Arsenal Park Independence Day event. It's interesting to note that at that set of matches in 2009, Lord Zoltan made his debut in the KSWA. A former tag team champion, Zoltan had never held a single's title in Pittsburgh's KSWA. It was always something that the Bourbon Street Brawler had always coveted. He nearly won Heavyweight Championship gold a couple of times during Lou Martin and Shawn Blanhard's reigns, but he had only held gold once with Justin Sane. And that was a 75-week success.

That didn't last long, however, as Del Douglas won the belt 20 days later. Justin Sane won the strap back on July 29, right before coming back to Spirit Hall. It was at that match in which Lord Zoltan clotheslined Sane and dissolved Party Gras for good. Justin would team with the surging Yinza in contests against Zoltan and his one-time nemesis Del Douglas. The Royal Crowns would tag periodically, in-between singles contests.

During this time, Sane and Douglas would cement themselves as some of the most successful KSWA Megastars to never hold the KSWA Heavyweight Championship.

At FanFest, an innovative "Wild Card Scramble" featured Sane defending against Yinza, "Big Country" Matt McGraw, Del Douglas and Badfingers. The match was wild, with friendly rookies Yinza and McGraw facing off and Badfingers ultimately coming out on top. In the end, the always unconventional Justin Sane left his Bourbon Street t-shirt in the center of the ring. His future remains up in the air.

However, Badfingers and his "New Attitude" look to stabilize the 5-Star Championship well into the new calendar year.

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