Top 10 Memories Of 2017: #2--Demolition Ax's Last Go Around, "Battle Of The Mayors" Sees Esper Take On Mystery

December 31, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Demolition Ax started his professional wrestling career in Pittsburgh. The Brownsville, PA native also ended his single's career in the metaphorical shadows of the steel mills that once defined hard work and Americana.

And a record-shattering audience came along for one last ride.

More than 600 Krazies stood on the bricks underneath the Homestead Grays Bridge on July 22. Demolition Ax's garnered media attention as the Pittsburgh City Paper and wrestling media outlets showcased Eadie's career in advance of the match.

The match took on extra significance because Eadie challenged Shawn Blanchard for the Brawl Under the Bridge championship, a belt that was created for competition under the steel structure just one year prior. Blanchard had got by initial champ Kris Kash, and boasted so much that KSWA Owner Bobby O reached out to the KSWA Hall of Famer (Class of 2009).

Prior to the match, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf had sent along a letter to Eadie, congratulating him on his achievements and career. This was similar to a letter sent by the Fayette County Commissioners when Eadie was inducted into the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum (then) in Amsterdam, New York (Class of 2014). Both letters were read to Eadie by KSWA Owner Bobby O.

In other contests, "King" Del Douglas defeated Justin Sane and defending champion Lord Zoltan for the 5-Star Championship. The ongoing Triple Threat program was continuing through the summer at that time. Ice Machine defeated Lucio Deveer and Dennis Gregory defeated Jack Massacre.

The match between Demolition Ax and Shawn Blanchard included a standing ovation and a few tears for the challenger. Blanchard, who has feuded with Ax since 2008, stood steadfast. The match between the veterans was a hard-fought contest that ended with Demolition Ax hitting a swinging neck breaker he made famous years ago under another name, the Masked Superstar! In his final singles contest in his home town, Demolition Ax was the Brawl Under the Bridge Champion. It was a victory he took with every sense of importance.

Anthony Alexander, Kris Kash and Shane Starr bested Golden Triangle Champion Tommy Faime, Harley T. Morris and Zak Hunter in six-man competition.

In a much-detailed heavyweight title defense, Mitch Napier held off the charge of BROhemoth and in the Main Event, the "Battle of the Mayors," Betty Esper joined T-Rantula on a Harley Davidson. The two intimidated "The Face of Pittsburgh" Lou Martin and Mayor Mystery. The ordeal was chronicled in Pittsburgh Magazine and photographed by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Martha Rial. In the end, Esper and T-Rantula laid Mystery and Martin out with high-velocity deliveries of Nacho Chips with cheese.

Plans are already being made for Brawl Under the Bridge IV, July 21 under the Homestead Grays Bridge.

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