Opportunity Arises As Bubba The Bulldog Sets His Sights On The Most Prestigious Singles Title In PA

January 17, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

For as long as anyone can remember, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has been about opportunity for the Megastars. The KSWA Championship Committee has long prided itself on providing chances for immortality in the world of professional wrestling.

So, just like that, Bubba the Bulldog has a shot at the most prestigious singles title in the Commonwealth which is currently held by Mitch Napier.

Leading to Saturday, February 17, Mayor Mystery has somehow pulled a career-defining fighting chance for one-half of the brand-new KSWA tag team champions. Bubba the Bulldog, who has only had a handful of matches in Pittsburgh’s longest-running promotion, could be one of professional wrestling’s standard bearers in less than a month.

Not that the long-time regional veteran doesn’t deserve it. The shot has all of the potential to turn the KSWA, and Pittsburgh professional wrestling, upside down.

Earlier in January, Bubba and his “best friend,” Dennis Gregory bested T-Rantula and The Jester for the KSWA tag team championship. Gregory had a similar opportunity last year when he faced Napier for the KSWA Heavyweight title. Long respected as one of the most decorated independent wrestlers in Western PA, Gregory was almost immediately slotted in as a top contender. While his opportunity at Napier’s title didn’t fare so well, Gregory is completely behind his “Team Don’t Care” brotherman this time around.

Mayor Mystery’s influence in this title opportunity can not be taken lightly. The Mayor of Parts Unknown, and “Manager of Champions,” Mayor Mystery is the most successful mentor in KSWA history. He hopes to add another champion to his legendary stable, and having a KSWA top Megastar would be even better in his mind.

Bubba the Bulldog has relished his time with the KSWA tag team championship, and it’s a sure bet that he would love to find himself at the top of the mountaintop which is currently held by Napier.

Bubba the Bulldog’s challenge to Mitch Napier is just one of the matches set for the Springdale Jr. - Sr. High School Band Fundraiser set for Saturday, February 17. The event will be held at the McGhee Fieldhouse (Gym), Springdale Jr. - Sr. High School, 501 Butler Road, Springdale, PA 15144. All tickets are $10 for this fundraiser. Other matches will be profiled at a later date.

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