Rare Absence For Starr At Battle Bowl Puzzles Krazies, But All Is Well In Sharpsburg

January 28, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Even before David Lawless outlasted 37 other Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Megastars at Battle Bowl X, the Krazies were asking about a missing, familiar face. And weeks later, the Megastars are still asking “Where Was Shane Starr?”

More glaring was the fact that Starr didn’t attempt to repeat his Battle Bowl IX victory. A former multi-time champion—including the richest prize in the Commonwealth—the KSWA Heavyweight Championship—Starr has been one of the most popular wrestlers of recent years, so the plot thickens.

Invitations to Battle Bowl X were tough to come by. Hours before the historic over-the-top-rope battle royal, wrestlers from all-around were poking around, looking for open opportunities. If someone declined a chance to participate in a match held before one of the largest crowds of the year…well, there’s always Battle Bowl XI.

In 2017, "The Sharpsburg Shooter" outlasted more than 30 participants, dumping long-time friend Kris Kash last and to a chorus of boos. Starr’s win catapulted him to a chance at the KSWA Heavyweight Championship, a match he unsuccessfully took against Mitch Napier in November.

Starr has a full plate. Despite eliminating his best friend at Battle Bowl, he and Kris Kash are officially the Number One contenders for the KSWA World Tag Team Championships, now held by “Team Don’t Care,” Bubba the Bulldog and Dennis Gregory (along with Mayor Mystery). Kash and Starr earned the standing in December at FanFest. The “Lost Boyz” defeated Harley T. Morris and Zak Hunter, as well as Jack Massacre and Lucio Deveer, and Jay Flash and Mike Malachi in a Four Corners Match to establish an official pecking order.

Kash and Starr had a pretty impressive year. In October, they defeated BROhemoth and Marcus Knight outside Spirit Hall. Then there’s the success the Lost Boyz had with Anthony Alexander in 6-man competition. They defeated the VIPs—Shawn Blanchard, Lou Martin and Tommy Faime in New Kensington at the Sam’s Club fundraiser on September 30, and at MJ’s Saloon on July 29. The trio also defeated “King” Del Douglas, Harley T. Morris and Mike Malachi at Millvale Days on September 15. At Brawl Under the Bridge, Alexander, Kash and Starr defeated Morris, Hunter and Faime in front of the largest crowd in KSWA’s lengthy, now 18-year history.

Starr was involved in a Wild Card Scramble on September 9, when then-champion Justin Sane defended against Starr, Morris, Douglas and Kash. On July 2 at Arsenal Park, Starr teamed with MV Young to defeated Hunter and Morris (with David Marbell) in a hard-hitting contest.

On June 17, Kash and Starr were defeated by the VIPs at Spirit Hall. It was at this time it seemed that Kash and Starr had their final, public and athletic disagreement.

Starr did not fare well in opportunities at the Brawl Under The Bridge Fatal Four-way Match, losing to Shawn Blanchard. Nor did he advance beyond the first round of the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament, losing to Jay Flash.

And the year started with Starr and Party Gras defeating all three members of the VIPs in January, and The Lost Boyz defeated Faime and Flash in February.

It’s been a career of high-profile wins for Starr and a good Battle Bowl showing would have gone a long way to chart his 2018. Missing KSWA events is rare for long-time veterans. More than ever before, wrestlers from Pennsylvania and beyond are looking for chances in Pittsburgh. And even though 2017’s 15 events produced more debuts than any other single year, there are minimal opportunities. It’s an exclusive roster that solidifies the KSWA’s professionalism.

Starr was KSWA Heavyweight Champion from 2013-2015, a 476-day span that qualifies as the fifth-longest in the promotion’s history. Kash and Starr are two-time KSWA tag team champions, and Starr was a member of the VIPs when he and Lou Martin held the belts for 20 days in 2009. And Starr is a two-time Golden Triangle Champion, including a 526-day reign that ended when he relinquished the belt as KSWA Champion. It was Starr’s wish for another Megastar to hold the city’s most prestigious single’s title. Interestingly, he won Pittsburgh’s top belt at Homestead’s Brawl Under The Bridge II against Martin.

When Kash and "The Future" entered the KSWA in 2005, they were 18-year-old rookies. They have both been among the federation’s most loyal and dependable athletes. Their friendship has survived rivalries and a temporary split thanks to the allure of the VIPs.

Rarely have Kash and Starr missed KSWA event, especially tent pole benchmarks. However, Starr is a devoted family man and sometimes that just takes precedent.

Starr next teams with Anthony Alexander to take on the VIPs—Blanchard and Martin—at the Springdale Jr. - Sr. High School Band Fundraiser on Saturday, February 17, at the McGhee Fieldhouse (Gym), Springdale Jr. - Sr. High School, 501 Butler Road, Springdale, PA 15144. Bell time is 7:00 p.m. and all tickets are $10. Card is subject to change.

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