Gregory Snaps & Is Suspended, Bubba Nearly Bests The Best, Double-A Sends VIPs A Message At Springdale Fundraiser

February 18, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Despite a cold, snowy evening, friends of the Springdale Jr. and Sr. High School Marching Band came to support their neighborhood cause. They saw impressive outings from a number of Megastars, including Bubba the Bulldog and KSWA Champion Mitch Napier in the Main Event. Double-A Anthony Alexander proved why he is a man not to be trifled with, and Bob Badfingers held back the surging Pierogi Kid.

Cleveland Bruiser v. Trick McSorley

Trick McSorley enters the ring moments after the Cleveland Bruiser arrives on the scene. The fans in attendance shout “Cleveland Sucks” at the stories, Ohio brawler. The Bruiser pushes Trick into the corner and slaps him in the face. That leads to a clothesline and power slam from the young battler. Trick allows Bruiser to regain his composure. That isn’t a smart move as the masked veteran uses dirty tactics to go after the youngster. Soon McSorley is in the corner receiving shot after shot. There’s a side suplex that gets a two count. Bruiser hammers at the small of McSorley’s back. The Bruiser raises his hands in symbolic victory. That does not go well with the fans. McSorley rebounds with some offense that grounds the Bruiser. A leg drop and pin attempt leads to a two-and-a-half count. McSorley grasps Bruiser into a suplex and holds on afterwards and gets the pin. 3:37.

Yinza v. Bobby Badfingers

Badfingers enters the ring to face Yinza, who has earned this championship opportunity in recent months. Gentleman Joe Perri rings the bell and the fans chant “Bobby,” a name he refuses to recognize. Badfingers continues to try for appreciation from the Springdale crowd. The two lock up and Badfingers sweeps under, picks up Yinza with a body slam and lands the challenger in the center of the ring. They lock up again. Badfingers lands a hip toss. Yinza regains his composure and the two lock up a third time. There’s an arm drag that finds the rookie Yinza in the corner yet again. A fourth time they lock up and this time, Yinza body slams, hip tosses and arm drags the Five-Star Champion. Yinza holds onto the arm bar and keeps the champion at bay. Yinza drags Badfingers around and onto the mat. The hold is broken only after Badfingers puts his foot on the bottom rope. Badfingers pushes Referee James and then the referee pushes the Five-Star Champion down. Yinza keeps up the offense and slams Badfingers’ head into the corner posts of all the sides. Yinza is hammering away at Badfingers, who goes low to break up the challenger’s momentum. Badfingers hands a fist to the head. Badfingers picks up the challenger and punches him down. He uses the ropes for momentum on a pin attempt. Badfingers drops Yinza down and gets a two and a half count. With the referee distracted, Badfingers drops a leg on Yinza’s gut or lower. Another two count follows. Badfingers has Yinza on the mat and digs at his eyes and nose. There’s a leg drop and another on Yinza. A third leg drop leads to a pin attempt that ends at two. Referee James admonishes Badfingers for choking Yinza. Yinza reverses a whip attempt and lands a cross body block for two. Badfingers once again goes for the eyes. Badfingers has Yinza in the corner. Yinza sunset flips Badfingers and gets a two count. Badfingers gets up and drops Yinza with a clothesline. Yinza monkey flips Badfingers and hits a rolling pierogi. Yinza, with shades of La Lucha, drops on Badfingers in the corner. Two-count. Yinza is up for a big elbow. He misses. That leads to a spear and a win for Badfingers. 9:54.

Six-Man Action: Douglas, Hunter & Zoltan v. Deveer, Sane & McGraw

Zak Hunter and Del Douglas attack, spurring the bell to ring. Deveer dispatches of Hunter and he and McGraw suplex Douglas. Deveer suicide dives on Hunter and Douglas on the outside. Deveer bull dogs Douglas and tags in McGraw. Big Country beats upon Douglas and body slams him in the center of the ring. Deveer is tagged in again and Deveer drops on Douglas, nearly getting a pin fall. Deveer clotheslines Douglas and gets a two count. McGraw is tagged in again and Douglas is hit with a side suplex. There’s a pin attempt and Douglas is down for two. Sane is tagged in and he attacks Douglas. There’s a pin and two-count. Sane goes up for a dive but Douglas gets out of the way. Hunter is tagged in and he goes to work on Sane. Sane is splashed upon and held down for a pin attempt. Hunter suplexes Sane and gets a two count. Lord Zoltan is tagged in and goes right after Sane’s throat. Zoltan taunts Deveer and blind tags Hunter back in. Hunter goes for a lazy pin on Sane by putting a foot on his chest. Sane tries to rebound but Hunter lands a big clothesline. Two-count. Zoltan is tagged back in to dish out more illegal punishment on his former friend Sane. Douglas and Mayor Mystery use double team tactics to keep the pressure on Sane. Zoltan loosens his wrist tape and chokes Sane in the center of the ring. The referee is distracted by Mayor Mystery while all of this is going down. Sane starts to battle back. He buries some elbows into Zoltan, just to get some distance but the KSWA Hall of Famer buries a knee in Justin’s gut to drop him again. Zoltan tags in Douglas, who grabs Sane by the crotch and chops him down. Douglas body slams Sane and goes for the fist that’s banned in “49 out of the 50 states.” He lands it and only gets a two count. Douglas distracts the ref while the other Megastars beat the tar out of Sane. Douglas gets Sane into the Royal Sharpshooter. Sane is able to get into the ropes and cause for a break in the hold. Hunter is tagged in and Justin quickly hits him with a back stabber move. Both Megastars are down. The crowd thunders its support. Soon all six Megastars are in the ring. Mayor Mystery climbs the steps and tries to call for rational behavior. His team is tossed into the Mayor. Justin Sane climbs the ropes and lands a Frog Splash on Douglas for the win. 12:12

VIPs (w/Tommy Faime) v. Shane Starr and Anthony Alexander

Tommy Faime calls Alexander and Starr “Meat Ball and Grease Head” from the hardwood floor below the ring. Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and Shane Starr is ready to start with Shawn Blanchard. Starr, knowing Blanchard for more than a dozen years, figures that the former 6-time KSWA Champion is up to no good. Blanchard may or may not have hid an illegal object from Starr. Starr pushes Blanchard into the corner, where he complains that Starr pulled his hair. The two lock up again and this time, Blanchard does pull Starr’s hair. Blanchard makes the mistake of asking the crowd whether or not he pulled Starr’s head. He doesn’t like the overwhelming response. Martin holds Starr in the corner. Blanchard goes to punch his long-time foe but Starr ducks and Martin gets the clobbering instead. Faime consoles Martin on the outside. Martin holds Starr again. Blanchard goes to whip Alexander into the mass of humanity. Alexander reverses it, Starr gets out of the way and Blanchard goes full-body into his long-time friend and tag team partner. Blanchard tags in Martin, who announces that he wants Alexander. Starr obliges and tags in the Golden Triangle Champion. Martin challenges the much larger Alexander to a test of strength, but he toys with former KSWA Champion. After several fake outs, Alexander drops Martin and clotheslines him down. With one arm, Alexander picks up the former two-time KSWA Champion, poses with him and launches him across the ring and onto the floor. Martin nearly made it on the fly. The crowd explodes with that move. Alexander asks if he should do it again and does. Martin is nearly thrown into the front row of the bleachers. The response from the kids in attendance is incredible. For good measure, Alexander does it a third time. Martin spills out onto the floor, Blanchard responds by saying that Martin is “still alive.” Alexander follows that offense up with equally devastating boots to the throat and chin. There’s a pin attempt and its broken up at two. Alexander drives 10 fists into Martin’s head. He follows that with a splash. There’s a pin attempt and Blanchard races in to break it up. Alexander picks up Martin and tags in Starr. They double clothesline Martin. Starr hoists him up and drives a series of shoulders into the corner. Martin is posed on the top turnbuckle. Starr follows for a super plex. The slam bounces the ring off the ground. Blanchard again breaks up the pin attempt. Remarkably, Martin pokes Starr in the eye and gets to his feet. He tags in Blanchard who stops Starr from crawling into his corner. Blanchard gets Starr up for a standing suplex. Patrick goes for the pin attempt but only counts to two. Starr won’t give up as Blanchard digs at his face, nose, ears and chin. Blanchard stomps on the sides of Starr’s head and taunts Alexander. Martin, somehow, is back in and able to fight. He gets Starr down and stands on his hair, and pulls the rest of him up. There’s a side slam and two-count. The VIPs pull Starr’s legs apart. Blanchard is back in and kicks Starr below the belt. Alexander wonders aloud what that’s all about. There’s a double clothesline between Blanchard and Starr that keeps both Megastars down. Patrick is counting to four. Alexander is tagged in and he goes after both VIPs. He hits Martin with a boot. Blanchard is in the corner and Starr is slow in getting up. There’s some fast-moving offense that leads with the VIPs bouncing together, being hit with simultaneous Atomic Drops and Prime Time Cancellations from their opponents. Starr and Alexander get the win with the double pin! 17:25

T-Rantula v. BROhemoth

Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and T-Rantula and BROhemoth face off in the center of the ring. The two look ready for a Test of Strength but BRO just pushes T into the corner, calling him an “Old Man.” The two wrestlers are ready for a brawl. T hits BRO with some serious chops. BRO follows that up with a series of punches to the get and a body slam that makes the hardwood below groan. There’s a two count on T Rantula after a backwards splash. T rallies and hits BROhemoth with a clothesline that sends the big man to the outside. BRO posts T’s legs and lower region into the ring post. T finds himself in a bad way as BROhemoth seems to match the KSWA Hall of Famer power for power. Soon, they are both on the outside. T gets an advantage and goes for a plate of nachos. That seems to be too soon as BROhemoth is still too fresh. Both men are back in the ring BRO hits him with a tremendous splash and then another. BROhemoth is ready for a third but the veteran gets out of the way. BRO is clotheslined down and then hit with a big boot. T grabs the nachos, hits him in the head and follows that up with a choke slam for the win. 7:00.

Harley T. Morris (w/David Marbell) v. “Flyin’” Ryan Burke

Morris and Marbell make their way to the ring, and find referee Jimmy James already there. Ryan Burke is next and the bell rings. Morris pulls Burke down and the two wrestlers hook up again. Burke, annoyed early on by Morris and Marbell’s early shenanigans, drops Morris down and rubs his face in the mat. They lock up and Morris is forced into the corner. There’s a clean break. Morris pushes Burke into the corner and the former 5-Star Champion pushes Burke in the back, which is not a clean break. Burke has Morris in a headlock. Burke whips him into the ropes and for a series of lightning-quick moves. Burkes goes to the outside and then to the apron. Burke kicks Morris down. Burke follows up and goes for more offense, but Marbell breaks that up from the outside with his cane. Burke is down for a series of boots to the midsection. Burke is posted in the middle rope. There, Burke is choked by Morris and then Marbell when the referee is distracted. Burke is posted in the corner, where Morris meets him with a pair of running knees. Morris whips Burke’s throat over the bottom rope. Morris goes for a pin and gets only two. Morris keeps the offense up until Burke finds an opening. Burke hits Morris with a boot and tries to follow that up with a flip from the corner. Morris gets his knees up and stops it. Morris has Burke in a submission maneuver but Flyin’ Ryan won’t give up. He goes for a pin but Burke kicks up. Burke reaches out for the fans. They respond and Burke lands a big chop. The two hit each other with forearms. They run the ropes and meet with a double clothesline. Both men are down and the referee begins the count. They are both up at 7.5. Burke lands a series of forearms and a boot. Then another drops Morris for a two-count. Marbell jaws on the outside. Burke is up and ready. He splashes Morris and attempts a version of the Sioux Falls Slam. Morris breaks out of the hold and lands a similar maneuver that adds a knee to the mush. Burke kicks out of the move. Burke is posted on the top rope. Harley follows for some sort of move, but Burke fights out. Burke lands an impressive cross body block from the top and makes the pin to get the win. 11:13.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Bubba the Bulldog v. Mitch Napier

Referee Shawn Patrick goes over the rules with the Megastars, which include Mayor Mystery as well as co-tag team champion Dennis Gregory. The bell rings and the two are supposed to lock up; however, Bubba immediately bails to the outside and consults with Gregory and Mystery. Bubba hip tosses Napier down and that doesn’t make the champion happy. Bubba circles the ring and arm drags Napier down. Gregory is very happy with that development, having had hard-fought challenges of his down against Napier. Bubba body slams Napier down in the center of the ring. Gregory gets to the apron to hug the challenger. Mayor Mystery ascends to the apron on the other side and asks for his own hug. Bubba happily obliges. Once all of those pleasantries are over, Bubba finds himself hip tossed twice and body slammed by the champ. He quickly rolls to the outside where his team awaits. Patrick, the veteran that he is, still has his hands full with this group. Bubba is brought in the hard way by Napier and finds himself tossed to the hardwood after a flying head scissors. Once inside, Napier drops Bubba and then swings him around the ring. Bubba is down and Napier goes to the top rope. Napier flies three quarters across the ring and lands a head but on Bubba. Napier follows up with series of shots to Bubba’s head on the turnbuckle. And then a suplex. Napier misses with a clothesline and Bubba knocks him down from behind. Bubba drills some knees into Napier’s back and used the mat as a weapon. Bubba pulls Napier down from behind. Gregory punches and attacks Napier. That angers Patrick who tosses Gregory out from ringside. Bubba says that he will “take this out on him” and kicks Napier repeatedly. Meanwhile, Mayor Mystery opens a briefcase that includes what looks like a roll of quarters. Next, Mystery opens the briefcase and hands a wrench. Bubba uses the weapons on Napier but the champion kicks up after a pin attempt. Then, Bubba has a light sabre. He opens it up and hits Napier with it. Not satisfied, Bubba grabs the briefcase and Napier kicks it out of his hands, and explodes the contents. There’s a baby doll in there and Napier taunts the Mayor with it. Napier, angered by all of this, picks Bubba up and tosses him down with a side suplex. Napier goes to the top rope but Bubba recovers and knocks him down. Bubba whips Napier up and into the ropes. Both Megastars are spent. Bubba is up. Napier catches a boot, but not the second one with a kick to the head. Bubba smells victory. Napier is whipped into the corner and there’s a two count. Bubba argues that it was “three.” Napier is down and hurt. Bubba readies for a move that plants Napier down. Mayor Mystery climbs to the apron. Bubba hoists Napier. Mayor Mystery is hit with a clothesline. Napier picks up Bubba with the Sioux Falls Slam and gets the win. 14:59.

Post-Match, Gregory returns with a chair to wallop Napier. Referee Patrick jumps in and fights Gregory for the chair. Gregory attacks Patrick. KSWA Kommissioner “Gentleman” Joe Perri grabs the microphone and bans Gregory for 30 days for his actions against Patrick.

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