18th Anniversary Finds Tag Team Champs In A Dilemma, Double-A Faces Mammoth Opposition, Lawless Returns

February 19, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

At 6,582 days, or 18 years and one week, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) is not only Pittsburgh’s longest-running organization, this year it became Western Pennsylvania’s most tenured brand. The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) celebrates its history-making 18th anniversary show this Saturday night with the Tag Team Championship in disarray, and one of its most decorated champions faces one of its most daunting matches.

At the conclusion of the Heavyweight Title Match and moments after Dennis Gregory gave an undeserved beat down to referee Shawn Patrick, KSWA Kommissoner “Gentleman” Joe Perri suspended one-half of the tag team champions for 30 days. That means Gregory is forbidden to participate in the championship contest now helmed by Bubba the Bulldog against Lucio Deveer and the 7-foot-tall Jack Massacre. However, one can never count out Mayor Mystery. The “Manager of Champions” is the best in the business when it comes to getting things done in underhanded ways. It’s uncertain if someone on the KSWA Championship Committee has a generous ear for the “Mayor of Parts Unknown” or if Perri is the one pulling the strings, but Mystery somehow seems to always get the job done. Bubba, who came within an eyelash of defeating Mitch Napier on a number of occasions Saturday Night, initially seemed peeved by the suspension, seems to have switched gears. “Team Don’t Care” doesn’t appear to care, what this Saturday may bring.

Reigning Golden Triangle Champion Double-A Anthony Alexander has an unprecedented challenge in his path Saturday Night. This will be a Triple Threat Match of incredible and significant proportions. Opponent Number One is former two-time Golden Triangle Champion “Big” Mike Malachi. Malachi’s two previous reigns come at important times in KSWA history. His first taste of the city’s most important title was on August 26, 2000 (at the KSWA’s second show), and his second came nearly 10 years ago to the date of this Saturday’s showdown. Malachi won the belt the second time on February 23, when he defeated Lou Martin (Alexander was the KSWA Heavyweight Champion at the time). At 293 pounds, Malachi remains the KSWA’s first “Giant.” This time around, Alexander will also defend against BROhemoth, who is coming off of a Heavyweight title campaign with Napier. BROhemoth was plowed over by T-Rantula this past Saturday night; however, the KSWA Championship Committee has not soured on The 320-pound wrestler from Level Four.

Kris Kash returns to the KSWA this Saturday to team with Lost Boyz partner Shane Starr to take on Harley T. Morris and Zak Hunter. Morris was unsuccessful against “Flyin’” Ryan Burke this past Saturday, but the Megastar from the Foothills of West Virginia always has more confidence when Hunter is on his side. Hunter, who continues to get more and more quality bookings in the KSWA over the past few months continues to impress. It was a year ago that Hunter and BROhemoth took on then-tag team champions T-Rantula and The Jester. Since that time, Hunter has gotten better with each outing. This showdown with one of the KSWA’s most decorated and beloved teams will determine what Hunter and Morris can bring—collectively and individually—to Independent Wrestling’s most important roster.

Sly Scarpone returns to the KSWA this Saturday. The Megastar made his debut at Battle Bowl and made a distinguishable showing, in part by “skinning the cat” to keep from having his feet touch the Spirit Hall floor. The veteran will have his hands full when he takes on Battle Bowl X winner “The Gavel” David Lawless. Lawless has already sent shockwaves of late through the KSWA by promising something of consequence this Saturday. The man with the Battle Bowl Contract for the richest prize in the Commonwealth really has the attention of the KSWA Krazies and the Championship Committee.

The VIPs—Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin (w/Tommy Faime) will team with Five-Star Champion Bob Badfingers to take on the KSWA rookie class of Yinza, “Big Country” Matt McGraw and Trick McSorley. The VIPs and Badfingers figure they don’t have much to worry about; however, Yinza and McGraw continue to show what they can do, with McSorley picking up a win Saturday night against the Cleveland Bruiser.

The Jester and T-Rantula await their return match for the KSWA tag team championship by taking on the devious duo of Lord Zoltan and “King” Del Douglas. All four Megastars know each other very well. It’s going to be interesting if there’s anything new the wrestlers can bring to the table to surprise each other.

KSWA Champion Mitch Napier and other Megastars will also be in action Saturday night.

In addition, KSWA Owner Bobby O will present the second-annual Bill Cardille Legacy Award to Horror Realm and the Hollywood Theater, in addition, the second-annual “Fan of the Year” will be announced that night.

The KSWA 18th Anniversary Event will take place this Saturday Night, at Spirit Hall, 242 51st Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Tickets are $10 for adults, and $8 for kids. There is a new bell time this year: 7 p.m. Card is subject to change.

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