Perri Gives "Officer" Murphy Unprecedented Opportunity, Lawless Litigates His Way To Success

February 21, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

At this Saturday’s Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) 18th anniversary event, Heavyweight Champion Mitch Napier faces the most unorthodox challenge of his successful reign.

This development all started last weekend, after Napier successfully defended the most sought-after championship in the Commonwealth against Bubba the Bulldog. Battle Bowl X winner “The Gavel” David Lawless, Esquire telephoned KSWA Commissioner “Gentleman” Joe Perri with an idea. Perri hurriedly took the suggestion to KSWA Owner Bobby O. Bobby O, who was on an urgent telephone call of his own, brushed off the Commissioner.

Frustrated and yet emboldened, Perri decided to set a match without consulting the owner. “I’m the Commissioner. I have authority,” said Perri. It was then that Perri declared that Napier would defend the KSWA Championship against newcomer “Officer” Dan Murphy.

It has since been learned that Lawless proposed his frequent tag team partner for this impromptu contest. And Perri, who appeared to go through the advisory channels but was rebuffed, agreed to this nearly-unprecedented opportunity.

The KSWA has long-been recognized for its dedication to opportunity. In February, 2017, the debuting team of the “Big Game Hunters,” Zak Hunter and BROhemoth came from nowhere to challenge T-Rantula and The Jester for the KSWA tag team championship. Some 600 Krazies witnessed the showdown. BROhemoth and Hunter didn’t win the championships that night; however, both Megastars have secured envious positions in Western Pennsylvania’s longest-running professional wrestling brand.

Also last year, Lawless secured a spot that found him in this year’s Battle Bowl. Now victorious, the litigator finds himself in a powerful position. He can cash in his Battle Bowl opportunity at the Heavyweight Championship any time he wants. Might he find himself ready to cash in his lottery ticket?

The duo known as “Lawless and Order” find themselves in a privileged position. At 6’5” and 303 pounds, Suffolk, Virginia's Dan Murphy is a police officer who joined the force with grand intentions. He witnesses personal tragedy when his grandmother was hit by a drunk driver, and his father was in the military (which helped shape his life of structure and discipline). However, by many accounts, he has turned his attention to creating his own laws and enforcing his own type of justice. He has linked up with the perfect partner in Lawless. The two have run roughshod on their way to the KSWA. Murphy provides the brute force and technical training while Lawless is more methodical and exacting.

Now that Murphy is facing Napier, the plan may be to soften up the World Heavyweight Champion for Lawless’ inevitable, unscrupulous swoop. It’s also conceivable that Napier is unprepared for this test. Murphy hasn’t wrestled in the KSWA so there is no way for Napier to know what the bigger and perhaps stronger competitor might bring to the Spirit Hall in Lawrenceville. Murphy could win the title. He could wear it proudly and plan to defend it. Or, Murphy could earn the title and then succumb to a hypothetical “deal” with Lawless to lay down in the center of the ring for a quick pin and change in championship.

Napier, who has successfully defended against all comers, had a brutal match with Bubba the Bulldog less than a week ago. Then there’s still the residual damage done by BROhemoth’s repeated attacks to the rib cage just a few months ago. Is Mitch Napier 100%? He certain seemed so against Bubba the Bulldog.

Napier’s championship reign has been one of the most remarkable in KSWA history. Many observers say this 449-day campaign (as of Saturday, the 24th) is the most resilient in the federation’s annuals. It is the 6th longest on record, having recently surpassed The Latin Assassin’s 434-day and Mike Malachi’s 441-day stints (Napier still has a long way to go to leap Lou Martin’s top two dynasties).

What has yet to be answered is why Perri was so adamant about booking this match, and who exactly was Bobby O talking to that was so important it took him away from this decision?

Any way one looks at it, Lawless has played this chess game seriously. Bringing Officer Dan Murphy in for this important title defense might look “Flawless.”

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