BRO hemoth Stuns Lawless & Order, (And Napier), Bubba Succeeds With Flash, Double-A Survives Mammoth Beating At KSWA 18th Anniversary

February 25, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

In the 18 years the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has provided family-friendly professional wrestling action to Pittsburgh, the Krazies have supported in ever-growing numbers. At this year’s anniversary show, more than 425 witnessed some of the most surprising and hard-hitting matches in its annuals. And unpredictability ruled the night in the biggest way.

The VIPs and Bobby Badfingers v. Big Country, Trick McSorley and Yinza

Referee Shawn Patrick has his hands full with this contest. The bell rings and its Yinza v. Shawn Blanchard to start off this contest. Blanchard and Yinza lock up after some preliminary preening. Blanchard says that Yinza is pulling his short hair. Yinza is forced into the corner and Blanchard breaks the hold. Blanchard yaps at the crowd and the two circle each other once again. Blanchard gets the upper hand and levels Yinza to the mat with a right fist. Blanchard goes to punch Yinza, who is held up by Martin and then McSorley, who is held by Badfingers. Both opponents duck and get his team mates get punched off of the apron. McGraw body slams Blanchard down. Soon, Martin is tagged in. He claims that his is the Face of Pittsburgh and not Yinza. Martin wants McGraw. Big Country gets into the ring and slaps Martin flush in the face. Then McGraw body slams and drops him to the mat. Martin is clinging to the corner post. McGraw backs up to face his opponent once again. McGraw suplexes Martin across the ring. McGraw splashes Martin in the corner. And then follows that up with another attempt. McGraw tosses Martin across the ring. McSorley is tagged in. He body slams Martin and then misses with a leg drop. That’s enough for Martin to get to Badfingers. The VIPs and Badfingers get McSorley into their corner for an attack as the referee is distracted. Patrick is distracted as Badfingers and Martin go to work on McSorley. McSorley rallies and tries to hook Badfingers into a suplex. The Five-Star Champion breaks that up and keeps him grounded. Blanchard is in and chops McSorley, who is in the corner. Blanchard taunts his opponents. Martin is back in. He goes to work on McSorley and keeps him down on the mat. McSorley is posted in the middle rope and Martin splashes him several times in that position. Blanchard is back in and body slams the pride of Pontiac, Michigan. McSorley rallies and he and Blanchard clothesline each other in the center of the ring. McSorley gets to Yinza, who comes in, a house a fire. Soon, all six Megastars are in and Yinza hits Badfingers with a rolling pierogi. Badfingers gets up and rolls Yinza up for the win. Badfingers may have had a handful of Yinza’s tights. 12:11

King Del Douglas and Lord Zoltan (w/Mayor Mystery) v. The Jester and T-Rantula

The enormous crowd cheers wildly for The Jester and T-Rantula. T-Rantula starts his evening by sharing a beer with the crowd. Referee Adam Jugan checks all of the combatants and the King looks prepared for his fight ahead. The bell rings and its’ The Jester and Douglas who start out. Jester pours a bottle of water on himself and spits a mist on Douglas. Mayor Mystery is still on the apron a full minute after the bell rings. Jester toe hold drops Douglas down and rides him like a pony. Douglas shouts “gain some control!” Zoltan is tagged in and the Jester is ready. Zoltan draws an imaginary line in the sand. The two look as if they will lock up but The Jester tags in the giant T-Rantula instead. The crowd chants, “Nacho City” in unison. Zoltan tags in Douglas who shouts, “I got this.” Douglas cannot lock up with a Test of Strength as he simply lacks the height to make that happen. T chops Douglas in the chest. This continues on for the next few minutes as T-Rantula simply toys with the much larger Hall of Famer. Douglas rallies and chops T in the knee to knock him down. He lays in a few boots before tagging in Zoltan, who uses Mayor Mystery’s cane on T-Rantula’s throat. Douglas uses the bottom rope on T-Rantula. Douglas and Jester fight as Mystery and Zoltan continue to choke T Rantula on the apron. Douglas continues to choke T Rantula. Then it’s Zoltan’s turn to choke and beat upon his long-time nemesis. Mayor Mystery is on the apron and buries his cane into T Rantula’s ribs. Zoltan continues to choke T-Rantula as referee Adam Jugan finally notices. Zoltan whips T into the corner but misses with a splash. The Jester is in and he attacks Zoltan in the corner. The Jester and Douglas are in the ring as T and Zoltan battle on the outside. Douglas and Zoltan are tossed together and soon all four Megastars are on the outside. T Rantula goes to hit Zoltan with the nachos but Mayor Mystery steals the tasty treat and runs away. T Rantula follows. Inside the ring, Jester kicks Douglas in the head and hits the splash for the win. 10:32

KSWA legends: Biker Al v. Justin Sane

Biker Al is a former KSWA Kommissioner, tag team champion, and all-around troublemaker. He has made occasional returns to the squared circle in recent years, most often in Battle Bowl contests. For the 18th anniversary extravaganza, he returned to take on old foe Justin Sane. Referee Jimmy James can only stand by as Biker Al misses a couple of lock up opportunities. When they do lock up, Biker Al tosses Justin across the ring and onto the floor. Biker Al kicks Justin in the gut and then clotheslines him down. Bike Al drops an elbow and gets a two count on Sane. Biker Al posts Sane in the ropes and then suplexes him down. Biker Al, who hasn’t wrestled regularly in many years, suplexes Sane down and gets another two-count. Some of the Krazies in attendance chant, “Biker Al, not my pal.” That was a refrain that was very common during his run in the KSWA. Biker Al tosses Justin to the outside and the former Commissioner follows. Once back in, Justin dodges a splash, hits a leg drop and Frog Splash. Sane gets the win. 3:38

Kris Kash and Shane Starr v. Zak Hunter and Harley T. Morris

The bell rings as Zak Hunter and Harley T. Morris attack Kash and Starr from behind. Kash and Starr rally. Kash dives onto his opponents on the outside. Once back inside, it’s Hunter and Starr. Hunter superkicks Starr. Kash races in and superkicks Hunter. Morris tries to superkick Kash but it is blocked. Kash some offense and posts Morris in the corner and chops him in the chest. Starr is tagged in and he hits a standing suplex on Morris. There’s a pin attempt that ends in two. Kash drapes Morris’ arm over the top rope and drops down onto the floor. Starr is tagged back in and he continues the assault on Morris’ arm. Starr arm bars Morris over. Morris is able to regain momentum and gets Kash in the corner. Hunter is tagged in and he chops Kash as well. Morris chokes Starr in the corner. Starr worries in vain from the apron. Morris continues the offense and gets Kash in a submission hold that the former KSWA Champion won’t give. Morris suplexes Kash across the ring and near his corner. Hunter is back in and he attacks Kash as the Krazies chant their support for Kris. Morris boots Kash and then so does Hunter. Morris body slams Kash and climbs to the middle rope. He misses with an elbow as Kash rolls out of the ring. Kash is whipped into the corner, he flips out and onto Morris. Kash makes it to Starr, and Morris to Hunter. Soon, Morris is superkicked down. Starr goes for the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. Kash wraps up Hunter. 10:32.

David Lawless v. Sly Scarpone

Lawless grabs the microphone and tells the fans that they “rode their kayaks through the Bath Tub” to the arena. Lawless also makes several disparaging remarks about the Megastar from Indian Lake, PA. The two burgeoning Megastars lock up and Scarpone gets the early advantage. Lawless is down with a straight right hand to the chin. They lock up again and Lawless gets the upper hand. Scarpone fights back but Lawless gets a fist full of hair. Scarpone drop kicks Lawless to the cement floor below. Lawless is down for the count of 4 before he climbs back in. Lawless tosses Scarpone over the top rope but he skins the cat back in. Lawless misses a shoulder block and falls to the outside. Scarpone is back in as is Lawless. The Gavel gets advantage and tosses Scarpone back in. Lawless gets Scarpone down and nearly gets a three count. Scarpone is whipped into the corner and “The Gavel” preens. With Scarpone down, Gavel slaps on a sleeper. Scarpone goes for a move but Lawless drop toe holds him into the ropes. He continues the assault with a leg drop on the apron. There’s a two count on a pin attempt. Scarpone fights back and the two collide in the center of the ring with a double clothesline. Scarpone is the first to get up. He lands a big right hand. Scarpone hits face-first maneuver into the mat. Scarpone goes for a move but Lawless lands one instead. There’s a two count. Scarpone lands a move that gets Lawless down. The Gavel’s boot in the ropes. Scarpone wants to land one more high-impact move. Referee Jimmy James gets in the way of a move in the corner but doesn’t go down. Lawless hits Scarpone with a move in the center of the ring and gets the win. 10:15

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Lucio Deveer and Jack Massacre v. Bubba the Bulldog, Mayor Mystery and…

One half of the KSWA Tag Team Champions—Dennis Gregory—is serving a suspension so there was quite a bit of wonder regarding how this tag team match would go down. Mayor Mystery announces that Jay Flash will be the replacement for Dennis Gregory in the KSWA Title Defense for one night only. Mayor Mystery tells Flash that he “better not mess this up.” The match begins and Bubba the Bulldog turns around and sees Jack Massacre. He balks at that idea and tags in Jay Flash, who drop kicks Massacre and gets nowhere. Bubba is tagged back in and then is Jay Flash. Bubba and Flash both drop kick Massacre and get nowhere. Massacre drops both and focuses in on Flash. He tags in Deveer, who lays in the offense on Flash. There’s a back elbow that drops Flash. Deveer suplexes the former KSWA Champion next. Massacre is tagged in. He lays in some forearms on Flash and body slams him next. The challengers continue to hold down the champions until Deveer singles out Flash. There’s a splash and a back elbow that drops Flash for a two count. Two-count again on Flash. Deveer knees Flash and leads him into Massacre. Jack whips Deveer into Flash. Flash picks up Flash and delivers and overhand chop. Deveer face plants Flash down for a two count. Bubba races in and breaks up the pin attempt. Deveer lowers a couple of boots. He misses with a cannon ball drop and Flash lands his own. Flash lands a suplex. Now the challengers are in trouble for the first time. Bubba puts the boots to Flash and Massacre is lured in to break up the offense. Bubba kicks Deveer in the head again and then drags him into their corner. Flash goes over the top rope and rolls over Deveer. Deveer, on his knees, tries to fight back. Bubba chokes Deveer in the corner while the referee is distracted by Flash into Massacre’s corner. Bubba is back in and he and Flash whip Deveer into the ropes and is double elbowed down. Bubba goes for the pin attempt and gets only two. Bubba picks Deveer up and delivers a couple of punches. Bubba clotheslines Deveer down and Massacre breaks up the pin attempt. Bubba punches Massacre for his involvement. Deveer rallies and rolls up Bubba for a two count. Bubba gets up and punches Deveer down. Bubba tags in Flash. There’s a front face lock and a DDT into the mat. Flash preens to the crowd and slaps on a submission move onto Deveer. Massacre quickly breaks that up. Bubba hits a big boot on Deveer and drives a knee into his coconut. Flash is tagged in and drops Deveer and gets a two count. Bubba is tagged in again and he hits Deveer with shots to the corner. The two climb around the corner post. Flash is tagged in and he plants Deveer and goes for a suplex from the middle rope. Deveer breaks it up and hits a clothesline from the middle rope. Massacre is tagged in and he hits his opponents with clotheslines. Massacre tags Deveer. They deliver a double back elbow. Massacre chases Flash to the outside and provides a beat down. Bubba stands on the apron. T Rantula arrives to chase Mystery. Massacre applies a beat down on Flash. Deveer and Bubba are on the inside. T Rantula has the nachos and hits Massacre in the head. The giant goes down. Inside, Bubba hits Deveer with a sidewalk slam and gets the win. 15:30. Post-match, Bubba slams Flash down.

Golden Triangle Championship (Triple Threat): BROhemoth and Malachi v. Double-A

The three participants are introduced and BROhemoth grabs the belt to say it was his. The bell rings and Double-A clears the ring with clotheslines. Referee Jimmy James looks around the carnage. BROhemoth is the first one in and goes to work on Double-A. BRO attacks Alexander with body slams and Malachi comes in to do much of the same. BRO reverse cannon balls Alexander. Malachi leg drops Alexander and BROhemoth sneaks in for a pin attempt. He gets two. Malachi and BROhemoth double team Double-A before Malachi takes the lead and BRO stands by the watch. Then, the referee is distracted as BROhemoth chokes Alexander. There’s a suplex that drops Alexander. BRO says he can do better and he suplexes Alexander. Alexander is posed in a seated position, Malachi gets a submission move, and BROhemoth kicks him in the sternum. Malachi whips Alexander into the corner. Malachi whips BROhemoth into Alexander and goes for the pin. Alexander kicks up as Malachi’s boot comes in. Alexander starts to crawl to an opposing corner. The two challengers do battle and Malachi suplexes the big BROhemoth. A double sledge hammer shot is next. Malachi stands on Alexander’s neck. The ref breaks that up. The fans start to chant for Double A, while others root for BROhemoth. Malachi Atomic Drops Alexander, BRO goes to clothesline him but misses. He hits Malachi and Alexander spine busters BROhemoth. BRO runs from corner to corner, splashing the opponents. He suplexes Alexander and both KSWA long-time veterans are down. BRO goes for the pin and nearly gets it on Alexander. BRO picks up Alexander and lands a series of punches. The two challengers miss a double clothesline. Alexander hits both opponents with one. They are rattled. He synchs both in Prime-Time Cancellations for the win. 10:05

KSWA Heavyweight Title Match: Officer Dan Murphy v. Mitch Napier (champion)

Murphy makes his way to the ring and runs down Mitch Napier and pumps up Lawless and Order. Shawn Patrick shows off the belt and checks the combatants. The bell rings and Murphy wrestles with a police whistle in his mouth. They lock up and Murphy tosses Napier around, not once but twice. Murphy picks up Napier and repeatedly knees him in the gut. Side suplex tosses Napier across the ring and he puts the boots to Napier. Another knee to the stomach, and then two more before a power bomb. Napier is spilled out to the floor. Murphy tosses Napier into the corner post, face-first. Murphy rolls back in and then out to continue the onslaught. Napier is tossed back in and Murphy follows. There’s a boot to the mush and then a fist to the face. Napier rallies and hits a drop kick. Murphy knocks Napier down with a clothesline and bodyslam. Napier goes for some offense but it caught into a power slam. Two-count is next. There’s a big knee on Napier and the champ is thrown into the corner. Napier is getting manhandled from Murphy. Napier battles back and lands a series of punches. Murphy catches Napier and tosses him into the top rope. Murphy buries his head into Napier’s torso while in the corner. Murphy picks him up and knocks him down. Napier rolls Murphy into a small package but that only lasts for two. David Lawless comes to the ring. Napier knocks him from the apron. Napier hoists Murphy into the Sioux Falls Slam and gets the win. 8:57. Post-Match, Lawless attacks Napier and who makes the save but BROhemoth! BROhemoth knocks Officer Dan over the top rope and onto the floor below and Lawless hit the Lawrenceville bricks. After the two left, BRO stood tall in the ring as Napier looked puzzled by this development. Napier held the KSWA Heavyweight title high into the air and BROhemoth could be heard saying that he wanted the champion, and no one else should have the belt. The two left the ring without any kind of trouble.

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