Owner Bobby O Calls For "Night Of Mayhem," The 10th Such Spirit-Filled Event At The KSWA Arena

May 2, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Owner of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance, Bobby O has had it. Admittedly, there's a lot of pressure in running the city of Pittsburgh's longest-running professional wrestling organization. After more than 235 events in 18 years, the KSWA is riding a high. Over the past year and a quarter, more Krazies have seen the Megastars in action than ever before. The competition is the highest it has ever been.

But now, Bobby O wants to go "old school." It's "Cinco de Mayhem!"

Irritated by Mayor Mystery and others, Bobby O has decided that this Saturday's KSWA Saturday night event will be a "Night of Mayhem." Looking through the history of Pittsburgh's only professional wrestling group, one can determine that this is the 10th "Mayhem" at the former Lawrenceville Moose, forever known as the KSWA Arena, and corporately...Spirit Hall. The first was oddly enough on August 14, 2004 (all other "Mayhems" have taken place in May).

Bobby O has listened to Mayor Mystery enough. His KSWA tag team champions--"Team Don't Care" consists of Dennis Gregory and Bubba the Bulldog. They were agitated because the former KSWA tag team champions--The Jester and T-Rantula--have called in their rematch clause. The Jester, now the 5-Star Champion, is confident that he and T-Rantula can bring back the gold to their respective team. Mayor Mystery and his team complained constantly. Bobby O responded by saying that he was going to stack the deck in this match and make it a 4-corners, 4-team, elimination match. Added this week were Kris Kash and Shane Starr who are the rightful #1 Contenders for the straps. In addition, the newly-reformed Big and Bigger--"Big" Mike Malachi and Jack Massacre--have something in store for T-Rantula and the Jester. This tag team extravaganza will be something to behold.

KSWA Heavyweight Champion Mitch Napier has the most unusual defense of his extraordinary, 520 day (as of May 5) run. Only Lou Martin (798 and 735 days) and Anthony Alexander (588 days) have had longer reigns. However, that could come to an end on Saturday, as Bobby O has called for a "Cinco de Mayhem Scramble" in which Napier must defend against Lucio Deere, "Flyin" Ryan Burke, Sly Scarpone and Zac Hunter. Any of those Megastars, who have not won KSWA gold yet, could walk out holding the richest prize in the Commonwealth. Napier, who has taken on every challenge, faces the toughest obstacle yet.

Golden Triangle Champion "Double A" Anthony Alexander will find himself against Harley T. Morris (with "Starmaker" David Marbell) for the city's premier title. Morris, who has held the 5-Star title and has taken Mitch Napier to his limits, gets his first opportunity at Alexander's pride and joy. The two Megastars make up the older guard (Alexander) and the opportunist (Morris). The Pride of West Virginia will not be a push-over, specifically when championship gold is on the line; however, Morris must be aware that he is only a Prime Time Cancellation away from repelling back down the championship ladder.

Original VIP Shawn Blanchard has challenged "Big Country" Matt McGraw to a Bull Rope match. This might be a first for the KSWA. McGraw has readily accepted the overture and the two big men will battle is out while tied to opposite ends of a thick rope, and a steel bell between them. This will be epic.

The Mexican Connection--La Lucha and Joey Quervo--return to take on "King" Del Douglas and Lord Zoltan. The former KSWA tag team champions have not competed together in a long while, but the sirens call of Cinco de Mayhem was simply too much to ignore. Zoltan and Douglas make up one of the most unique, competitive and most experienced teams around. Will "The Mayor Mexico City" and "The Drunken Luchadore" be ready for the wacky challenge? No Megastar is more unpredictable than Del Douglas, and none more devious than Lord Zoltan (with returning sage Mayor Mystery).

BROhemoth finds himself on the business end of a Lawless and Order decree. Bobby O made this "Handicap" Match as a way for BROhemoth to stand out against the winner of Battle Bowl X David Lawless, Esquire and his "long arm of the law," Officer Dan Murphy. The KSWA locker room, the Krazies and Champion Mitch Napier are all unsure of BROhemoth's intentions moving forward in the competitive calendar and this might be a way to find out.

Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore and Trick McSorely find themselves in the biggest battle of their young careers and they team for the first time in a Best Two out of Three falls match against VIPs Lou Martin and the returning-to-action Tommy Faime. Yinza is riding a lot of momentum and McSorley is looking to gain some of his own identity as the KSWA's summer season rolls forward.

KSWA Owner Bobby O says that more is expected on Saturday, as Cinco de Mayhem rolls on.

"Cinco De Mayhem" is this Saturday, May 5 at Spirit Hall, 242 51st Street in the city of Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood. Bell time is 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids. Card is subject to change.

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