Set The Table: Morris Hopes That His Hard Work And Determination Brings Golden Triangle Gold

May 4, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Harley T. Morris has come a long way in a few short years. Not long ago he was a fan, but with hard work, determination and a guiding "Star Maker," Morris has ascended from the Foothills of West Virginia to perhaps a Golden Triangle victory.

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Morris cut his teeth in regional promotions before handing his major league debut on February 21, 2015 in a loss to Justin Sane. It was the very next month that he scored a victory against two veterans in Sane and J-Ru. Under the spotlight of that year's Joe Abby Memorial Tournament and Hall of Fame night, Morris began his climb to the top of Pittsburgh's competitive ladder.

Soon, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Championship Committee took note and gave Morris higher-profile matches. While feuding with Sane during that first year, Morris did have an opportunity at Kaida's Golden Triangle Championship on May 30, 2015. The challenge was unsuccessful. Undaunted, Morris battled on. He won some, and lost some. He had an impressive win in a Wild Card Elimination Match at the first Brawl Under the Bridge. He came out on top despite wrestling against far-more experienced Megastars La Lucha, Joey Quervo, Del Douglas and Sniper.

In his biggest victory until that time, Morris defeated The Jester at Millvale Days on September 18, 2015. His win-loss ratio was still around 50-50 at that point, but he did wrestler Super Ginger for the 5-Star belt, and Mitch Napier, who also had the 5-Star championship during their match.

Morris became more notorious at FanFest, 2015 when he battled Justin Sane in a "Flag Match." Sane defended a University of Pittsburgh flag while Morris defended the West Virginia University counterpart. The match featured "Pittsburgh Dad" actor Curt Wootton in Sane's corner, to counter-act the shenanigans of Marbell. In the end, Sane was victorious, but Wootton blasted the Pittsburgh flag pole over Sane's back. Wootton, a WVU grad, instantly became one of the most hated personalities in the Steel City. Wootton would return in a tag match with Morris. They would lose to Sane and his Party Gras partner Lord Zoltan at the 2016 Joe Abby Memorial Tournament.

At the next Brawl Under the Bridge, Morris became the 5-Star champion during a knock-down, drag out Fatal Four Way match against Napier, Sane and "Mr. Puniverse" Bob Atlas. As the 5-Star title holder, Morris would beat such Megastars as Joey Quervo, The Jester and Mitch Napier.

The controversy struck. Ice Machine defeated Morris at Fam Com on October 2, 2016. One week later, then-KSWA Co-Owner Tommy Faime ordered a non-title matchup for the 5-Star belt, but Ice Machine retained. Faime ordered that the 5-Star belt be returned to Morris because Ice Machine refused to unmask. Faime had suggested that Ice Machine was really "Ice Man" Tony Johnson; however, the case was never resolved.

Morris advanced to the finals of the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament in November, 2016 but he lost to Napier. A few weeks later, Morris lost a match to Ice Machine. The stipulation there was if Morris lost, Tommy Faime was forced to hand over ownership papers to Bobby O. Morris lost and Faime returned to action with the VIPs (Morris did retain custody of the 5-Star Championship).

In 2017, Morris successfully retained against Kris Kash, and the Ice Machine before losing the belt to Justin Sane, at the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament.

Morris has remained a top-notch challenger to KSWA Champion Napier. The two wrestlers are around the same size and despite Morris' dedication to the gymnasium, his strength isn't in the same category as the KSWA Heavyweight Champion. Morris has one more than one occasion given Napier a run for the belt. He quickly established himself as a seriously dependable wrestler and earned spots others only dreamt of.

In 2017, Morris' frequent tag team partner in regional promotions--Zak Hunter--made his KSWA debut. Hunter first teamed with his "Big Game Hunter" colleague BROhemoth; however, "The Scumbag" has had success with Morris as "Team 12 Gauge." They lost to T-Rantula and The Jester on July 29 at MJ's Saloon. Morris and Hunter continue to seek opportunities in the tag team division as well.

Last September, Morris won the prestigious Millvale Days Battle Royal. The event, which launched the career of "King" Del Douglas, was a nice win for Morris.

On March 3, 2018 Morris challenged current Golden Triangle Champion Anthony Alexander for the first time in Brackenridge. Although Alexander retained, Morris performed well. Well enough that the KSWA Championship Committee, along with Owner Bobby O, have perched Morris against Alexander in a Tables Match.

This is only the third Tables Match in the 18-year history of the KSWA. The first saw "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin put Justin Sane through the furniture on March 29, 2003. On September 26, 2009, "Big" Mike Malachi put Martin through a table.

Alexander has had an incredible career in Pittsburgh wrestling, and Morris hopes to advance to those levels some day. His first chance could come by putting Alexander through a table.

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