Team Don't Care Flexes Dominance, Alexander Face Unique Foe, Napier Faces Martin At MJ's Saloon

May 13, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Despite plenty of rain that postponed the initial start of the show by 40 minutes, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to MJ’s Saloon in suburban Pittsburgh. The crowd, which was lout and enjoyable last year, returned for more professional wrestling fun.

Battle Royal

All of the Megastars are in the ring at one time. The winner of the contest would get a shot at the KSWA Championship later in the evening. David Marbell, who would claim that he wasn’t even in the match, is the first to be eliminated. Tommy Faime goes after Ryan Burke in the corner. The Jester is nearly tossed by Del Douglas. Trick McSorley and King Douglas are eliminated. Officer Dan Murphy, Zak Hunter and Burke are the next to be eliminated. Harley T. Morris is eliminated next. Then the Jester. That leaves Martin and Faime versus Yinza as the final three. Yinza hits both VIPs down with a double clothesline. Yinza dumps Faime over the top rope. Martin dumps Yinza seconds later to become the last participant. Martin gets the win and will face Mitch Napier later in the night.

Five-Star Championship: “Flyin’” Ryan Burke v. The Jester (champion)

Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell and the match begins. Ryan Burke is the first to get the upper hand in the contest but The Jester is able to break the early momentum. The two shake hands and lock up. Jester grabs Burke’s wrist and the challenger goes behind him. Jester goes behind Burke and breaks the hold. There’s a shoulder block on The Jester and Burke continues with the offense. He wraps The Jester’s head into the corner post. Zak Hunter and Harley T. Morris rush in and the match is thrown out at the 2:35 mark. KSWA Owner Bobby O rushes in and says that nothing is going to be thrown out and sets up a tag match between Morris and Hunter v. The Jester and Burke. This new tag team match starts and Burke and Jester have instant chemistry against “Team 12 Gauge.” Burke and Jester keep Morris in the ring and on the defensive. Morris is able to get some offense and tags in Hunter. Hunter tosses The Jester into the corner and snap mares him out. Morris gets The Jester down and kicks him in the face. Hunter and Morris double team Jester while Jimmy James is distracted by Burke in the far corner. Jester starts to break out of Hunter’s headlock. However, Hunter drops the 5-Star Champion down. They keep Jester in the corner and Morris then goes for a pin. There’s a two-count. Morris has The Jester in a headlock. Morris goes for a sunset flip but pulls The Jester’s trunks down to show an 8 p.m. full moon. The fans are chanting for The Jester. Finally, The Jester gets to Burke, while Morris gets to Hunter. Burke knocks both members down. Jester on Morris, Burke on Hunter in different corners. There’s the 10-punch to the head, a whip into the middle and double kicks to the head. There’s a double pin and win for The Jester and Burke. 6:30

6-Man Tag Team Match: Del Douglas, The Cleveland Bruiser and Jack Massacre v. Yinza, Justin Sane and T-Rantula

The crowd is excited to see Yinza, Sane and T-Rantula. The bell rings and Douglas shouts “Bow to Me, T!” T raises his hand high into the sky to goad Douglas into a Test of Strength. Instead, T pushes Douglas into the corner for trio of overhand chops that resonate throughout the Western Pittsburgh suburbs. Douglas is able to tag in the Bruiser. T tags in Yinza who gets the Cleveland export down for a splash and two-count. Yinza gets him down again for a two count. Douglas is back in and he and the Bruiser gets Yinza down. Douglas taunts Sane and T Rantula. The referee chases T Rantula back as the Bruiser and Massacre double team the Pittsburgh Luchadore. Douglas gets him into a Royal Sharpshooter before Massacre is tagged in. The Bruiser gets Yinza down and he does a dance to celebrate. Massacre is tagged back in and he works on Yinza. There’s a big splash on the Luchadore and they keep him in his corner. T tries to come in to make a save; however, Jimmy James sends him back. Yinza is down for a pin fall but only gets two. Douglas, who was tagged in, tags Massacre back in. Douglas shouts that Yinza is being tortured and that “it’s over!” The Cleveland Bruiser is back in and he clotheslines Yinza down. Massacre is tagged in by Yinza but the referee doesn’t see it. T is forced back out. Yinza is getting worked over in his corner. Douglas is sent into T’s corner for a couple of major chops to the chest. His chest is Crimson Red. Yinza gets some momentum after a major beat down. He clotheslines The Bruiser and tags in T Rantula. T goes after the Bruiser on the outside. T gets his own nachos and blasts The Bruiser with it. Massacre blasts T and taunts him. Meanwhile, Yinza gives the Yinza to belly slam to the Bruiser. Sane hits the Frog Splash for the win. 10:15.

Bull Rope Match: Shawn Blanchard v. Matt McGraw

KSWA Owner Bobby O is the Special Referee for the match. Shawn Blanchard still has McGraw's favorite black cowboy hat. The bull rope is attached and Big Country, Matt McGraw gets the immediate momentum. McGraw repeatedly whips Blanchard with the rope and cow bell. He posts Blanchard in the corner and tosses him to the mat. Blanchard gets momentum and clubs McGraw with the rope and bell. Blanchard kicks McGraw low, as this is in allowed in this no-DQ match. Blanchard clubs McGraw in the head. Bobby O checks on McGraw and he doesn’t give up. McGraw tries to get up but Blanchard stops it. McGraw pounds Blanchard’s head into the corner post and follows that with a body slam. McGraw clubs Faime, who climbed on the apron. Bobby O tosses Mr. Tenacity from ringside. McGraw bloodies Blanchard with the cow bell. McGraw body slams Blanchard and the Enforcer kicks up. McGraw drops a leg on Blanchard. McGraw gets a two count and the crowd cheers. McGraw clotheslines Blanchard down and gets the three-count win. 7:34. Post-Match, McGraw gets his cowboy hat back.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Lou Martin v. Mitch Napier (champion)

Lou Martin won the Battle Royal to earn this opportunity. Fellow VIP Tommy Faime returns to ringside, not long after being tossed earlier in the evening. The competitors circle one another before Martin gets the upper hand with a forearm to the back. Napier is draped along the middle rope and splashed there by Martin. Martin is posted in the middle rope where Martin continues the assault. Martin drops to the outside and races back in. Martin peppers Napier in the corner. Faime attacks Napier in the corner while Jimmy James admonishes Martin. Martin side slams Napier down and gets a two count. Martin has Napier down and digs a boot into the champion’s head. Martin kicks Napier in the shoulder and Faime pulls him by the head. Napier continues to climb up. Martin whips him into the corner and follows with a splash. Napier is posted on the top rope for a super plex. Martin takes the moment to complain about fans at ringside. Martin has Napier in the corner for a series of punches. Napier gets out of the way of a splash. Martin falls to the mat and Napier swings him around before trying for a pin that falls short at two. Napier body slams Martin and climbs to the top rope for a flying head butt. He lands it and gets a two count. Napier lands a drop kick onto Martin and forces him into the corner. There he lands a series of shoulders. Martin recovers and rakes Napier’s head across the top rope. Martin stands on Napier’s glorious locks. Martin ties Napier up in the ropes. Napier moves when Martin goes for a splash. Martin falls out and hits his head on the concrete. Napier chops Martin on the outside. Napier raps Martin’s head on some ringside chairs before tossing him back in. Napier gets him up for the Sioux Falls Slam but Martin gets out of it. He whips Napier into the corner and hits a clothesline. Out of nowhere, Napier hits the Sioux Falls Slam and gets the win. 9:00. Faime rushes in to attack Napier but gets hit with an ankle lock.

Golden Triangle Championship: Officer Dan Murphy v. Double-A Anthony Alexander (champion)

These two behemoths square up quite nicely. Murphy is slightly taller than Alexander and tips the scales a little heavier; however, Alexander’s 23 years of pumping iron like few others in the business keeps him at the top of KSWA hierarchy. The bell rings and Alexander takes his time. Murphy shouts that “I have a shift tonight.” The two lock-up and Alexander gets to the arm first. Alexander gets the younger opponent down to one knee. Then Murphy is tossed into the corner and hit with a clothesline. There’s a barrage of offense and Murphy goes to the outside. Alexander goes after him and brings Murphy back in. There’s a clothesline that drops Murphy down. Murphy recovers and has Alexander reeling. Murphy drops him with a chop block to the knee. Now, Murphy has Alexander down for a series of boots to the leg and knee. Murphy pulls Alexander out onto the apron, where he continues the assault. Murphy wraps Alexander’s legs around the ring post. Alexander takes the opportunity to kick Murphy in the mush. Alexander puts a couple of fists onto Murphy’s face and James warns him about a closed fist. Murphy goes to the middle rope for a spear attempt. Out of nowhere, Alexander hits a Prime-Time Cancellation and gets the pin to retain. 6:37

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Team Don’t Care (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Kris Kash & Shane Starr

The bell rings and Kris Kash tangles with Dennis Gregory before tagging in Shane Starr. Starr then tags in Kash, who continues to have Gregory in their corner. Starr is back in and he clotheslines Gregory down. There’s a double clothesline from Kash and Starr on Gregory. Kash pounds away at Gregory before the tag champ simply tosses him across the ring. Kash fights back and keeps Gregory grounded. Starr is back in and he keeps Gregory in check. Kash is back in and he flips onto Gregory from the post; however, Gregory catches him and that’s where momentum changes. Bubba and Gregory beat on Kash before The Bull Dog is tagged back in. Bubba drives Kash down and Bubba whips him into a corner, where Mayor Mystery might have hit him with a broom stick from ringside. Gregory is tagged back in and he wraps Kash’s throat over the bottom rope. Gregory gets Kash into an abdominal stretch. Gregory slaps away at Kash’s chest while Bubba pulls Gregory’s arm for extra leverage on the stretch. Gregory is whipped into the corner and Bubba hits a bulldog. Dennis is tagged in and then Bubba is tagged back in. Bubba lands an elbow and gets a two count. Kash is seated for an elbow to the top of the head. Bubba attacks Starr on the apron. Team Don’t Care attacks Kash in their corner. Kash fights out and tries to go for Starr but Bubba clotheslines hi down. Dennis tagged in for a flying elbow and two-count. Gregory continues with knees to the back and a shoulder block drops Kash in the center of the ring. There’s a sharpshooter on Kash. Gregory tries to synch it in. He tags in Bubba while holding onto Kash’s feet. Kash is manhandled and Starr and Bobby O can only watch. Gregory taunts Starr and the ref is there while Bubba puts the boots to Kash on the other side of the ring. Bubba shouts platitudes. He whips Kash into the ropes and they connect on a double clothesline. Both Megastars are down. Jimmy James counts to seven and then eight before Kash and Gregory get to their corners. Starr drops Gregory and then Bubba from the apron. Bubba pulls Starr’s feet down. Gregory recovers and kicks Starr south of the belt and gets the cover. 11:55.

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