Officer Dan Bests BROhemoth, Jester, Napier Retain As Heat Does Not Deter Megastars At Arsenal Park

June 30, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The hot temperatures of late June at Arsenal Park in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh had no effect on the KSWA Megastars, who made their 10th annual visit to the Independence Day celebration. The event showcased some familiar foes taking on longtime rivals, and newcomers make their mark before the Championship Committee.

VIPs v. Justin Sane and Anthony Alexander

KSWA Owner Bobby O is the referee for this contest. The match starts out with ancient foes Justin Sane and Shawn Blanchard. The two lock-up and Blanchard gets the upper hand immediately by putting pressure on Sane’s wrist. Sane is led to the corner with Martin, who wraps Sane’s arm over the top rope. Blanchard does the same thing a second time and Sane gets the upper hand by wrapping Blanchard’s arm over the top rope. It takes a while before Martin realizes the infraction. Martin then tends to his long-time friend before taking the tag and locking up with Sane. Sane grabs the wrist and keeps Martin down to one knee. Sane goes “old school” and wraps the arm over the rope. He tags in the Golden Triangle Champion, Alexander, who drops a double ax onto Martin’s out stretched arms. Martin races back to the wrong corner, where Sane and Alexander put the boots to the former two-time KSWA Champion. Alexander chases Blanchard from the apron before scooping Martin up. Alexander launches Alexander across the ring and onto the grass. Blanchard races over, tells Martin to “get back in there” and Alexander does it again. When Blanchard does it a second time, he throws his hands onto his head in frustration. Alexander tosses Martin out a third time and this opportunity, Blanchard slows things down. Once inside the ring, it’s still all Alexander, who then tags in Sane. Martin knocks Sane down and tags in Martin who puts the boots on Sane. Bobby O is distracted by Martin and that allows Blanchard to continue his offense. Blanchard and Martin use leverage to increase the abdominal stretch, until Bobby O notices. He kicks Martin’s hand away from Blanchard. Blanchard tags in Martin who puts the boots to Sane, as the fans decry Martin’s “garbage pants.” Martin posts Sane in the middle rope for offense and a leg-first splash. Sane gets his boot on the ropes for the pin attempt. Martin puts the boots to Sane’s hamstring. Blanchard is tagged back in. He continues to put pressure holds on Sane. Blanchard has Sane in a rear chin lock. Sane gets out of the hold and is dropped with a spine buster suplex. Sane double clotheslines his rivals and tags in Alexander, who goes after both VIPs and covers Martin for the victory. 10:44

Dennis Gregory v. Shane Starr

Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and Gregory goes after Starr, but is rebuffed by the Sharpsburg Shooter. Starr has Gregory in the corner before the tag team champ breaks the offense. The two go at it with reckless abandon as the fans shout for Starr. Shane goes to spear Gregory in the corner; however, the veteran moves and Shane meets the iron. Gregory follows him to the outside and rams the former KSWA Champion into the corner post. Gregory follows him out again once the count is broken. Once back in the ring, Gregory goes after Starr with an arm bar and version of the Cobra Clutch. That keeps Starr down. Gregory throws fists onto Starr’s shoulder but then Starr nearly gets Gregory into a Sharpshooter. Gregory breaks that off and Starr follows with a drop kick. Starr buries Gregory into the corner and then whips him into the ropes. Gregory bails to the outside, where Starr follows him. Once back inside, Gregory gets the upper hand. A step over leads to Starr getting beat down in the center of the ring. Gregory puts the boot to Starr in the corner. Gregory continues the assault on Starr. He goes to the outside to gloat. Patrick starts the count but Gregory returns to the ring. There’s a double clothesline that keeps both wrestlers down. Starr scoops Gregory up and lands him down with the Shining Wizard. Starr makes the cover and gets the win. 6:39.

Team 12 Gauge: (w/David Marbell) v. Lucio Deveer and Sly Scarpone

Referee Shawn Patrick allows all the wrestlers to get settled in before calling for the bell. Deveer is ready to go after Zac Hunter before the bell rings. Scarpone and Deveer knock Hunter and Morris out of the ring and then dive onto their opponents on the outside. Deveer rolls Morris back in and delivers a punch and chop. Then they trade chops. Deveer tosses Morris across the ring and tags in Scarpone, who drops a forearm from the top rope. Scarpone keeps the offense going with a side suplex. He goes for a pin but only gets one and a half. Scarpone tags in Deveer who keeps Morris grounded for a pin attempt. That ends at two. Deveer whips Morris into the ropes and delivers an elbow. Scarpone tags in Deveer and they double suplex him. Scarpone delivers some punches and elbows to Morris in their corner before Deveer is tagged in. Deveer DDT’s Morris and gets a two count. Deveer whips Morris into the corner and delivers a running clothesline and then a second when Morris wanders from the corner. There’s a two and three-quarters count. Deveer is whipped into the corner with Hunter. Zac douses Deveer with a face full of bottled water. That’s enough to drop “the Enigma” into the corner and Hunter is tagged-in after the five-minute mark. Hunter puts the fists and boots to Deveer. Patrick calls him off and that’s enough for the Sinner’s Saint, David Marbell to get some cane-assisted offense into Deveer’s throat. Morris is tagged in and they double team Deveer for a two count. Morris pounds away at Deveer’s upper body and then Hunter is tagged back in. Hunter drops Deveer over the middle rope and drives his knee into Lucio’s back. Deveer is driven into Team 12 Gauge’s corner. They drop Deveer into the center of the ring where Morris drops an elbow and gets a win pin fall. Morris has Deveer down, Morris delivers a leg drop and they get a two count on Lucio. Team 12 Gauge continues to work on Deveer and Morris uses all of his body to its maximum effort to keep him down. Hunter picks up Lucio and drops him down. Lucio powers up and tries for some offense, but Morris pulls him down by his mohawk. Morris whips Deveer into the ropes and they miss moves before they collide with a double clothesline. Hunter races around and knocks Scarpone off the apron. Suddenly, “Big Country” Matt McGraw arrives on the scene and drops Marbell off of the apron. When Hunter tries to get involved, he is met with a clothesline. The distraction outside leads to Lucio and Sly dropping Morris down in the center of the ring for the win. 11:53.

Officer Dan Murphy v BROhemoth

The two lock-up and they trade head locks. A shoulder block drops BROhemoth, but he returns the favor with a big hip toss and suplex onto the floor. The Krazies are excited to see BROhemoth, and he prepares to dive to the outside, but the offense is blocked by a right to the head by Officer Murphy. BROhemoth starts to punch Murphy in the gut, but the Officer pulls him down from the straps. There’s a big elbow and one-count on BROhemoth. BROhemoth hits an Atomic Drop on Murphy, but he returns that with a move that drops the big man down. A drop kick from Murphy sends BROhemoth to the grass outside the ring. Murphy gets caught up with the excitement and BROhemoth pulls him down onto the mat. Both men are on the outside, where Murphy rams BROhemoth’s head into the ring post. Murphy delivers a punch, and BROhemoth responds in kind. Murphy drops BROhemoth down and tries for a double ax off the top rope, but BRO gets up and counters. Murphy is in the corner for a series of splashes. He stops short on one. Bobby O is distracted. The Officer rakes BROhemoth’s eyes and drops the big guy to the mat and gets the duke. 5:34.

Five-Star Championship: Del Douglas v. The Jester

Del Douglas comes to the ring confident in his abilities to challenge The Jester, who arrives to the ring with the usual, unparalleled support from the Krazies. Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and the action starts. The Jester chases Douglas around the ring, and then onto the floor, with a water bottle. The two old friends and foes gets to action inside the ring. The Jester whips Douglas into the corner and follows with a splash. The Jester drops a knee and gets a two count in the pin attempt. The Jester pulls Douglas up but The King is ready with a cheap shot. The Jester is posted in a seated position in the corner. Douglas whips The Jester from rope to rope and buries a knee in his midsection. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. The King uses wrist tape to keep The Jester down. Referee Patrick sees the wrist tape. Douglas blames The Jester for the infraction. Douglas drops the fist that’s “banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” Douglas flaunts and that’s enough for the Jester to get back into it. But that’s not enough to stop Douglas from nearly slapping on the Royal Sharpshooter. The Jester doesn’t give up and gets some offense in. The Jester battles out and drives an elbow into Douglas’ head. There’s a suplex and two-count on Douglas. Douglas hits a chin-breaker on The Jester. The Jester moves out of the way of another “banned fist” and Douglas lands hard. Jester kicks him in the head and follows up with the Frog Splash for the win! 7:14

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Tommy Faime v. Mitch Napier

This is a rematch from one week ago. Bobby O calls for the bell and the two long-time veterans locks up. Napier wrenches Faime’s arm and then “Mr. Tenacity” does the same. He pulls Napier down via a handful of hair. The two continue to battle and Faime is tossed to the outside. Napier dives onto him from the top rope. Faime goes back in the ring and Napier hits him with the flying head butt. Faime is posted in the corner for a series of punches. Faime falls to the center of the ring and there’s a one-count. Napier posts Faime to the top rope where Napier plans for a super plex. Instead, Faime muscles Napier over the top rope and hard onto the apron. Faime sees his opportunity, but he is injured as well. Faime hits a back breaker on Napier and gets a two count. Faime drops Napier again and gets a two count. A swinging neck breaker follows. Two-count on Napier again. Faime goes for a pile driver, but Napier powers out of it. Double clothesline follows and both Megastars are down. Faime is up at the two-count. Faime gets Napier into a bear hug. Napier will not give up. Napier breaks out of it, tries for a move but is caught in it once again. Faime knocks him down and gets an ankle lock. Napier won’t submit. In fact, he rolls Faime over and gets into a cross face. That breaks. Napier drops Faime and synchs in an ankle lock. Faime has to submit. 7:14

Big Mike Malachi v. T-Rantula

Big Mike Malachi comes to the ring and says he can’t find T-Rantula anywhere in the back. T-Rantula was advertised for the event, but didn't make it. Malachi said for “the next five minutes, you can watch me walk around.” He challenged “anyone in the back” to a match.

Big Mike Malachi v. Kris Kash

Kris Kash accepted! Kash gets the early offense, but Malachi stops that when he catches the high flyer on the outside. Malachi suspends Kash high in the center of the ring with an impressive standing suplex. Malachi stands on Kash and then follows with a series of punches. Kash is whipped in the corner and Malachi follows with a running back elbow. Malachi ties Kash up in a leg hold; however, the Lost Boy won’t give up. It’s still all Malachi as “The Irish Bear” rakes Kash’s eyes over the top rope. There’s a side suplex and a lazy cover. Kash angrily kicks up and delivers a punches and kicks onto Malachi. Malachi hits a running power slam. Malachi delivers an elbow to Kash’s head and keeps him reeling. Kash recovers off of the ropes and hits Malachi with a drop kick. There’s a Whisper in the Wind and cover for the win. 5:34.

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