Megastars To Watch As Second-Half Of Calendar Is Taking Shape

July 9, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

"The Gavel" David Lawless was within an eyelash of cashing in his Battle Bowl X opportunity for the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Heavyweight Championship last month at Spirit Hall. Current Champion Mitch Napier had just successfully defended against fellow 500-plus day reigning titleholder Tommy Faime when the rest of the VIPs descended and Officer Dan Murphy descended.

But Napier fought back and ultimately regained good footing. That was enough for Lawless to retreat, framed contract in hand. The "Gavel" used his knowledge of the legal system wisely and continues to do so. He can still cash in his Battle Bowl match before the end of the calendar year.

And the 7-foot-tall Jack Massacre surprised nearly 300 Krazies when he and longtime nemesis Mayor Mystery met in the middle of the ring and shook hands. The Manager of Champions announced that the KSWA has "no idea" what the two can do together. In fact, Massacre still hold onto a Battle Bowl opportunity at current champion Anthony Alexander's Golden Triangle Championship. Who knows when that match is going to occur, but chances are it could be at any time. Even this Saturday.

And Kris Kash has a shot at the Brawl Under the Bridge belt on July 21, and Ryan Burke was not able to capitalize on the 5-Star Championship match he had with The Jester after Bob Badfingers had to suddenly retire from in-ring competition.

So with Lawless, Massacre and Kash, there are other KSWA Megastars looking for up their competitive ante and hope to get wins in some of the big events coming up in recent weeks and months.

Team 12 Gauge's Zak Hunter is looking to build on recent success to capitalize on tag team as well as single's matches. Along with Harley T. Morris (and David Marbell), Hunter has his eyes on gold. He could make a run at The Jester's current 5-Star Championship. It's also not out of the possibility that sometime in the future, Hunter could have a match for the Commonwealth's most sought-after title, the KSWA Heavyweight Championship.

"Big Country" Matt McGraw has his eye on Team 12 Gauge and Morris in particular. "The West Virginia Hammer" Morris put a knee to McGraw's face and the big man from Imperial is looking for retribution. McGraw has been seen having in-depth conversations with Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore. The two training partners have looked good together and apart in recent months; however, if McGraw is looking for backup against Morris and Hunter, Yinza (who seemingly has his hands full with Lou Martin) might be the Luchadore he's looking for.

Another Megastar that's impressing the KSWA Championship Committee is Sly Scarpone. Even though some of his matches have no ended in victories for the grappler from Indian Lake, Scarpone may "skin the cat" into some title opportunities.

Jay Flash looked good against BROhemoth recently. A former KSWA Heavyweight Champion, Flash has been looking to get back on the winning track, and with FanFest now less than a half-year away, the former South Beach Soldier needs to look solid.

The KSWA has a number of important cards coming in upcoming weeks and months, and the KSWA Championship Committee continues to look forward.

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