Tag Team Controversy Leaves Championship Confusion, Deveer Qualifies For BUTB Ladder Match At Kinloch VFD

July 15, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to the Kinloch Volunteer Fire Department for the Sam’s Club of Tarentum Children’s Miracle Network fundraiser. The event showcased a number of key Megastar feuds and pointed the organization straight toward a busy end of summer, 2018.

The most coveted tag team titles in the Commonwealth were in focus as debate and hullabaloo followed a powder-filled night. Meanwhile, a battle over the most sought-after Singles title waged on as a former title-holder continued to find ways to remain in the hunt.

The CMN Melee for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship

The winner of the Children’s Miracle Network Fundraiser Battle Royal was deemed to have an opportunity at the KSWA Heavyweight Championship later in the event. The crowded field emptied early as LA Gold, Lucio Deveer, Trick McSorley, Yinza, Zak Hunter, Harley T. Morris, Ryan Burke and Matt McGraw were eliminated in that order. Del Douglas, Lou Martin, Tommy Faime and BROhemoth were the final four. Someone was going to earn the title shot. Douglas was the next to spill to the concrete, BROhemoth dropped Martin and Faime quickly eliminated BROhemoth. Faime wins the Battle Royal. 11:11.

Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard v. Anthony Alexander

Mayor Mystery comes to the ring with Shawn Blanchard. Double-A comes the ring without a manager but with the overwhelming support of the Krazies in attendance. Blanchard bails when the fans won’t stop cheering for Alexander; however, he does hustle back for Shawn Patrick’s 8-count. The two finally lock up at the 2-minute match of the mark and Alexander tosses Blanchard into the far corner. Blanchard, the veteran, former 6-time KSWA Champion, plays the psychological games perfectly and gets Alexander down with a test of strength. Alexander powers out and reverses the maneuver. Alexander stomps on Blanchard’s hands and the Enforcer rolls to the outside and Mayor Mystery’s comfort. Once inside, Blanchard is able to get Alexander down into the far corner for offense. Then, Mystery puts his cane up alongside Alexander’s throat in the corner and then on the bottom rope. Blanchard extends Alexander’s legs and kicks him in the stomach or lower. Alexander is whipped into the corner post and Blanchard touts the move and his “power.” Alexander gets to his feet and is met with another right hand and whip into the corner. Blanchard puts the boots to Alexander. Blanchard synchs in a submission move and Alexander reaches out to the fans, who chant on his behalf. Alexander gets up and buries a series of elbows into Blanchard’s midsection, breaking the hold. Blanchard falls the big man with a knee to the gut. Alexander is in the corner for offense and a whip into the far corner. A splash attempt is met with a big boot from the reigning Golden Triangle Champion. Alexander hits a flying clothesline from the middle rope but only gets a two count. Blanchard is whipped into the corner where Blanchard pulls the ref in for the splash. Mayor Mystery hits Blanchard with his cane. The challenger falls to a heap. Alexander punches Mystery off of the apron and covers Blanchard for the win. 10:01.

Morris, Douglas and Hunter v. McGraw, BROhemoth and T-Rantula

Big Country Matt McGraw and The King Del Douglas start off and McGraw uses his power to keep Douglas in check. T Rantula is soon tagged in to face his frequent foe. T quickly takes aim at Del Douglas’ chest. He tags in McGraw, who splashes Douglas then tosses him across the ring. Douglas is soon in a submission move and The King tags in Harley T. Morris. Big Country versus The Hammer. Morris won’t come in so McGraw brings him in the hard way. It was Morris’ knee that bruised McGraw’s orbital bone recently. BROhemoth is tagged in and he tosses Morris across the ring. Douglas is chanting hard for Harley. BRO tries to suplex Morris but Douglas distracts the referee enough for Hunter to race in and attack the fan favorite. Hunter has BROhemoth down for a pinfall but only gets two. BRO is in the ropes for outside offense from Marbell and Hunter. Morris and Hunter draw the ire of McGraw who races across the ring and into the melee. Team 12 Gauge and Del Douglas have BROhemoth in their corner. He does get out of it enough but Harley continues his offense. Morris and Hunter try to suplex BROhemoth but he fights out of it. BRO is able to get to T-Rantula. He soon clotheslines Morris and Douglas, chops Morris and draws Hunter from the apron. T choke slams Team 12 Gauge. He posts Marbell for a chop. McGraw is tagged back in. Morris and Hunter double team McGraw and get the pin. 8:06 p.m. Post-Match: BROhemoth and Big Country double choke slam David Marbell, who had just met T-Rantula’s nacho city high-velocity delivery.

Lou Martin v. Yinza

The bell rings and we are off. Yinza gets the crowd in his favor and Lou Martin is steel in his resolve. Martin body slams Yinza and preens. The two lock-up again and Martin hip tosses his youthful challenger to the mat. The two lock-up and Martin hip tosses the Pittsburgh Luchadore down again. Once some more taunting is over, Yinza body slams Martin, who is chases off to ringside. Martin sits with some fans and then gets back up and in the ring. Once inside, the veteran Martin goes to work on Yinza with punches and scrapes to the eyes. Martin posts Yinza into the ropes and splashes onto him. There’s a kick to the masked melon on the apron. Martin whips Yinza’s arm off of the bottom rope and then gets back into the ring. Martin side slams Yinza and gets a two count on the pin attempt. Martin pulls Yinza’s arms back and the Luchadore is screaming in agony. Martin fights off offense and lands a side suplex. With Yinza down, Martin goes to the top rope. There Yinza meets him with a standing leg scissors and drops him to the mat. Yinza follows with boots to Martin and then 10 punches to the head in the corner. There’s a bulldog and a two count. Martin hides in the bottom ropes as referee Shawn Patrick counts him from the safe space. There’s the La Lucha splash on Martin in the corner but the Luchadore only gets two. Yinza goes for the Yinza to belly but Martin blocks it. There’s a leg drop and a series of punches to Yinza’s face. Martin pulls him up and drops him down with a forearm. There’s a kick to Yinza’s head and Martin announces that “it’s over, baby!” Martin goes for the Death Certificate, but Yinza breaks it. He flips Martin over and hits the Yinza to Belly for the win. 9:32.

Brawl Under the Bridge Ladder Match Qualifier: Lucio Deveer v. Ryan Burke

The two lock-up and exchange offense until Burke hip tosses Deveer into the corner. The two Megastars are fan favorites who are not taking shortcuts, especially in the early going. Burke slaps on a head lock and Deveer breaks out of it. The two collide with a shoulder block but neither goes down. Burke kicks Deveer in the midsection and knocks him down to the mat. Deveer chops Burke, who is draped in the ropes. There’s a side slam from Deveer and a pin attempt that ends at two. Deveer hits Burke with a closed fist and a high monkey flip into the skies inside the Kinloch VFD. A two count is next. A reverse, cannon ball is next for a two count on Burke. Deveer punches Burke in the forehead and follows with a chop. There’s a splash and clothesline, but Burke; somehow, gets a shoulder up before the third pinfall. Two-count on Deveer on an advancing Burke. Deveer catches him in cross body block but breaks out of a slam attempt, turning it into a DDT. With Deveer in the ropes, Burke hits chops. Deveer is down and Burke goes to the top rope for a sledge. Burke drops Deveer and goes to the apron. He dives onto his opponent from the apron. Burke splashes Deveer in the corner. Burke climbs to the top rope but Deveer wanders out of range. A charging Deveer drops Burke and follows that up with a kick to the mush. Deveer grabs Burke and drives him down with a reverse bulldog. Burke kicks Deveer and gets a two count. Both Megastars are gasping for air. Burke is up and attempts to get him up for a maneuver. Deveer counts and drops Burke down for a two count. Deveer goes the top rope but Burke kicks him in the head. Burke goes to the top and Deveer meets him there. He’s attempting a suplex from the middle rope but Burke head butts him off. Burke hits a perfect flying cross body on Deveer and gets the win in 10:32. Post-Match—the two shake hands.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Kris Kash and Shane Starr (w/Bobby O) v. Bubba the Bulldog and Dennis Gregory (w/Mayor Mystery)

Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and Bubba the Bulldog and Shane Starr lock up. Starr has Bubba in the corner. Bubba is forced in the corner and the veteran screams that Starr is “pulling my hair.” Bubba knocks Patrick down. The Hall of Famer gets up and pushes Bubba down. The two-lock up again and Starr has Bubba down with an arm bar. Starr tags in Kash, who whips Bubba into the ropes and into a drop kick. Starr is tagged back in and he goes after Bubba’s arm. Kash is tagged in and they whip Bubba into the ropes and into a double clothesline and double back elbow. Starr is tagged in and they continue their assault on the Bulldog. Starr hits a standing suplex next on Bubba and gets a two count. Kash is back in. He dives on Bubba from the middle rope, landing a sledge. Kash slams away at Bubba. When he tries for a drop kick, Gregory grabs him down and drops him down onto the floor. With everyone watching on, Gregory slams Kash all over the Kinloch Fire Hall. Dennis Gregory is tagged in somewhere along the line and he continues to beat Kash around. He holds Kash up and drives knees into his side. With Starr shouting from the apron, Gregory punches the former KSWA champion. Kash is on the apron, where Mayor Mystery goes with work, choking him with his cane. Uncharacteristically, Shawn Patrick is overwhelmed by the action and various goings on. Bubba is tagged in (maybe) and he continues to assail Kash. On the outside, KSWA Owner Bobby O has his hands full with Mayor Mystery and Dennis Gregory. Gregory is tagged back in and Team Don’t Care whip Kash around. Bubba pulls Shane Starr off the apron outside. Gregory pulls in Bobby O. Mayor Mystery follows. Gregory finds a bag of power and hits the ref and Kash. Bobby O and Mayor Mystery get into it. Shane Starr clotheslines Gregory and Bubba to the outside and overs Mayor Mystery. The bell rings and Kris Kash and Shane Starr are announced as the new KSWA tag team champions! 11:32. Soon, there is controversy as referee Shawn Patrick is informed that it might have been Mayor Mystery who was pinned and not Bubba the Bulldog. Confusion reigned as Patrick looked for clarification from KSWA Owner Bobby O, who served as Kash and Starr’s manager. In addition, O was involved in the scrum. Patrick looked to Acting Kommissioner Tim Steiner, who had no clear opinion. It was determined that Mystery was pinned, and the decision reversed. The Krazies, who had been on their feet and screaming, were completely incensed.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Mitch Napier v. Tommy Faime

The two collide and Napier first tries to get Faime down and then Faime gets Napier down. Napier gets Faime into an ankle lock and Faime gets into the ropes to break it up. Faime tries to pull Napier around and gets caught by the referee because he was trying to do it by the hair. Napier catches Faime in the corner and hits him with European upper cuts. There’s a flying head scissors that gets Faime down. Mitch drops an elbow on Faime and gets a two count. Napier tries to wrap Faime up but Mr. Tenacity won’t submit. The two are great ground grapplers. Napier hits the larger Faime with a belly to belly suplex but only gets two. There’s a gut wrench suplex that Napier holds for a while before flipping him over. Napier hits the flying head butt from the top rope and Faime makes it to the ropes. Napier pulls him out and hits him before tossing to the corner. Faime avoids a spear and starts offense with a body slam. Two-count on Napier by Faime. Napier is tossed across the ring but pulled down by the hair. There’s a monkey flip that leads to a pin attempt. It ends at two. Faime tosses Napier to the outside and the floor below. Faime slams Napier into the ring post outside and then rolls the champion in the ring. Faime slaps on a sleeper hold on Napier. Faime hits the back of Napier’s knee to drop him to the mat. Faime, himself an accomplished amateur wrestler, ties Napier up in a submission hold. Napier battles out and side slams the one-time, former champion. Faime hits Napier with a snap mare and into a submission hold. Faime rolls Napier up and nearly gets a pin. The two combatants have found themselves in several hard-hitting contests. Napier is the first one up from the latest collision. Napier drops Faime and climbs to the top rope. There’s a big elbow from the top but only gets a one-count. There’s a body slam next on the challenger. A standing drop kick sends Faime into the corner. Faime is on the receiving end of punches. Faime is down. Lou Martin and Shawn Blanchard arrive at ringside. Napier hits Faime with a flying clothesline. Napier gets Faime into a step-over toe hold. Faime gets to the ropes and sends Napier to the outside. There the VIPs attack. Faime has the referee distracted. Blanchard hits Napier with a series of chops. Faime is ready to attack Napier on the apron. This time, Martin slams Napier’s head on the apron. The VIPs attack Napier on the outside, with impunity. Faime goes outside and gets Napier’s leg entangled in the ropes. Faime picks up Napier and hits a power bomb. There’s only a two count as Napier gets a shoulder up. Faime hits Napier with a pile driver, which he learned from Blanchard. Again, Napier gets a shoulder up. Faime misses a splash. Napier nearly rolls him up. Blanchard may have hits Napier with a wrench while at ringside. Napier slaps on an ankle lock on Faime and Faime is forced to submit. The VIPs jump in and attack Napier before Yinza and BROhemoth race to the ring to even the score. 11:34.

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