Crowd Of More Than 800 Swells Under The Bridge As Bubba Wins, Rock n' Roll Prevails, Adonis Scores & Deveer Climbs To History

July 22, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Extraordinary was a word used to describe the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance’s (KSWA) first ladder match. Above expectations described the attendance-busting crowd. And “Rock n’ Roll” still reverberated throughout the rafters of the Homestead Grays Bridge Saturday Night as well over 800 Krazies took in greater Pittsburgh’s biggest wrestling show of the summer.

PRE-SHOW: Trick McSorley v. Joey Quervo

Before the main show took place, there was a special “bonus” match for those who arrived early. Trick McSorley makes his way to the ring before the Drunken Luchadore, Joey Quervo staggers in. The referee is Jimmy James. Quervo staggers inside the ring but James is assured that he is okay for action. The bell rings and the action is underway. The two lock-up and Quervo goes behind with a wrist lock. The fans immediately chant for Trick. McSorley reverses the move and the Krazies chant for him some more. McSorley gets some offense in and drops the former tag team champion. Then there’s a big body slam and a cover attempt that ends at two. There’s a leg drop on the Luchadore and McSorley picks him up for a suplex. The fans continue to chant but the pinfall ends at two. Quervo stops a whip attempt and hits a DDT. Quervo goes up top and hits a flying blockbuster for the win. 2:31.

Five-Star Championship: Bubba the Bulldog w/Mayor Mystery v. The Jester

Bubba makes his way to the ring along with his manager Mayor Mystery. Mystery runs down the overflow crowd and the bell rings. The two lock-up and Bubba is forced into the corner. Bubba claims that The Jester pulled his bald plate. The claim comes again when The Jester pushes him into the corner. The referee, Shawn Patrick, is bullied by Bubba and the Hall of Famer, Class of 2018 knocks Bubba down. There’s a drop down, butt slap and “horsey ride” on top of Bubba by the Jester. Once free from that he bails to the outside. There, Bubba jaws with the fans at ringside then gets back inside the ring. The two run the ropes and stop when The Jester points to the Bridge. Jester shouts, “Bridge!” He takes that opportunity to punch Bubba straight in the jaw. He goes down splat. Mystery and Bubba talk on the outside and The Jester taunts him with a bottle of water. They run the ropes again. They stop and Bubba points out the bridge. He shouts, “Bridge!” The Jester socks him in the jaw again. There’s a leg drop and two-count on The Bulldog. The Jester suplexs Bubba down and there’s a two count. The Jester is in the ropes for a kick and some illegal activity from Mayor Mystery on the outside. Bubba continues to punch at The Jester but the Five-Star champion gets up. The Jester misses a drop kick and lands flat on the mat. Bubba takes control. Bubba drops The Jester with a Russian Leg Sweep. There’s a two count. Bubba drops a few elbows in Jester’s trapezius. Bubba pulls him down from behind via the hair pull. There’s a stomp. Bubba argues with the crowd. There’s a toss across the ring. There’s a whip into the ropes. There’s a bulldog by the Bulldog and a two-count. Jester crawls to the ropes. There’s a sunset flip that stops cold and a pulldown of The Jester trunks, exposing some expansive buttocks. The Jester gets to his feet, as does Bubba. Jester hits a series of clotheslines and punches. There’s a Bionic Elbow and pin attempt that ends at two. The Jester goes to the top for a frog splash. Mayor Mystery is on the apron. Mystery’s cane makes it way in the ring and onto Jester’s cranium. He falls to the mat. There’s a pin and the new 5-Star Champion is Bubba the Bulldog!! 9:39.

Faime and Douglas v. McGraw and Yinza

The King and Yinza start out with the Pittsburgh Luchadore dropping Douglas with a shoulder block. Yinza gets Douglas down for a two count. Douglas is soon powered down by McGraw with a Test of Strength. Douglas makes his way to the apron and tags in Faime. The two big Megastars lock up. Faime gets McGraw in a Master Lock. McGraw powers out of it. McGraw clotheslines McGraw down and the two Faime and Douglas double clothesline him down. Douglas lands the fist that’s banned in “49 out of the 50 states” and gets a near pinfall. Faime uses some dirty tactics on the outside and the referee is distracted. Faime clotheslines McGraw down. Yinza is provoked. Faime and Douglas land a double clothesline and Douglas gets a two count. Yinza stomps his foot on the outside. Douglas continues the assault. Faime is tagged back in. The overflow crowd chants for Yinza. McGraw side suplexes Faime down and slowly rolls to his corner, where Yinza awaits. The tag is made and the Faime makes it to Douglas. Yinza is in to clear house. Yinza buries a shoulder or two into Douglas. Yinza monkey flips Douglas out of the corner and climbs to the middle rope for an elbow and two-count. Faime is clotheslined by McGraw. Douglas is posted in a corner. McGraw Atomic Drops Douglas into a “Yinza to Belly” for the win. 9:05.

Promo: KSWA Owner Bobby O and Ambassador Bob Badfingers come to the ring and inform the crowd of upcoming events and goings on the KSWA.

Golden Triangle Championship: Big Mike Malachi v. Double-A Anthony Alexander

Referee Jimmy James checks on both men before starting the match. Malachi tosses Alexander into the corner and the two big veterans once again size each other up. Double A tosses Malachi into the corner and the two look for a psychological advantage. Malachi withstands a shoulder block and then another. AA flies off the ropes and onto Malachi to knock him down. Alexander puts the boots to Malachi and posts him in the corner. Alexander bulldogs Malachi down but the Irish Bear gets into the ropes to stop the pin attempt. Alexander climbs the corner post and lands a flying clothesline and gets a two count. Malachi is in the corner and Alexander goes for a spear. Malachi moves and Alexander falls to the mat. Malachi puts a boot into Alexander’s neck and Jimmy James counts to four, breaking the move. And then a second time. Malachi pulls him out into the center of the ring. There’s a leg drop and pin attempt that ends at two. Malachi puts the knee to Alexander and suplexes him down. He rolls him over for another and then a third. A two-count comes next as Alexander gets a shoulder up. Malachi stands on Alexander’s neck. The fans chant for Double-A. A gut wrench suplex comes next for a two-count. A side suplex is next. Two-count on Alexander. He continues to choke Alexander with his shin as Jimmy James argues rules. Malachi hits Alexander with a double sledge in the center of the ring. Malachi crows his success to the crowd and tries a sloppy cover on Alexander. Then there’s more choking as the referee admonishes the actions. Malachi stands up, challenging Alexander to get to his feet. Alexander gets to his knees and then to his feet. Malachi steps into a spinebuster. Out of nowhere he executes the Prime-Time Cancellation and gets the pin. 11:33!

VIPs v The Rock n Roll Express

Robert Gibson starts off with Shawn Blanchard. Blanchard forces Gibson into the corner and breaks the hold. They lock up again and Gibson forces Blanchard into the corner. Another clean break. They lock up again and Gibson is held by Martin. Blanchard goes to punch Gibson but he ducks and hits Martin instead. Martin is on the outside, where Blanchard tries to talk him back into the match. Blanchard shouts “Shame on you, Ricky Morton!” Blanchard attacks Morton, who steps into the ring. Blanchard tries to whip him into Martin but that doesn’t work. Blanchard clubs Martin off again. It takes a while for the two VIPs to get back into business. Morton is tagged in and he immediately taunts Martin, who is tagged in. Morton goes behind Martin and there’s mass confusion that leads to Martin clotheslining Blanchard to the outside. Blanchard drapes Morton’s arm into Martin, who raps it over the top rope. This happens again before Blanchard’s arm is switched. The Rock n’ Roll Express go to the outside and watch the switcharoo. Morton gets a hold on Martin and bites his fingers (maybe). Morton is double back elbowed down by the VIPs and he goes into the ropes. The Rock n’ Roll chant bounces off of the Homestead Grays Bridge. Martin uses the ropes on Morton’s throat. The crowd chants for Ricky. There’s a body slam and two-count on Morton. Martin is back in. There’s a “Garbage Pants” chant that helps to rejuvenate Martin. Morton is whipped in the corner and puts a boot to Martin. Morton gets to Gibson, who puts Blanchard (whose been tagged in) a Sleeper Hold. There’s plenty of give and go before Morton tries to flip Blanchard. Gibson clotheslines him down and gets the pin. 10:09.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Shane Starr v. Mitch Napier

This is an ultimate match of Fan Favorites. The bell rings and the two men lock-up. Starr starts to work on Napier’s shoulder. The two lock-up again and Napier gets Starr into a headlock. He drives him down and gets just one. Then a two count. The two Megastars are similar in size and strength. Napier head scissors Napier down. Then, there’s a snap mare and Napier goes to the top rope to land a big headbutt. There’s a two count. Referee Adam Jugan is ready for this fast-paced matchup. Starr is seated and Napier drop kicks him right into an ankle lock. He is able to get out of it and side suplexes Napier down. Starr hits a long standing suplex and drops Napier down for a two count. It was that close to happening. Starr drop kicks Napier down and pulls him back up. Napier is dropped for a Sharpshooter, but Napier breaks out of it. He drop kicks Starr to the outside. Napier suplexes Starr in from the apron. The pin attempt ends at two. Napier puts the boots to Starr and picks him up for a body slam. Napier starts to work on Starr’s leg. Starr tries to get to the ropes but that doesn’t immediately work. Napier puts a knee into Starr’s leg. Napier tries for the ankle lock but Starr gets to the ropes. Napier drives Starr’s head into the turnbuckle. Starr elbows Napier and the champ staggers. There’s a boot to Napier’s head and a two count. Napier rallies out and drives Starr into a corner. Napier misses a spear. The two Megastars try flying body blocks at the same time and collide. The fans love the action. Starr super kicks Napier down into a heap. The momentum is changing. Starr hits the Whisper in the Wind and gets a two and a half count. Starr can’t believe it as the ovation roars. Napier is posted in the corner. Starr follows. Its superplex time. Napier gets out of it and hangs Starr into the Tree of Woe. There are a couple of boots. Napier climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and jumps from Coast to Coast. Napier drop kicks Starr out of that position. Starr kicks out at two. Napier can’t believe it. Napier punches away at Starr. The two trade right hands. Napier suddenly grabs Starr, hoists him up and lands the Sioux Falls Slam at 9:31 to retain!

Jack Massacre and The Gavel, David Lawless v. T-Rantula and Sam Adonis

It’s bedlam as the crowd goes berserk for T-Rantula and Sam Adonis. The bell rings and its Adonis v. Lawless. Just like that, Lawless tags in Jack Massacre. Adonis responds by tagging in T, who goes face to face with Massacre. The two lock-up and T pushes Massacre into a corner and a clean break. They lock up again and this time, T is in the corner. Massacre rakes the eyes of the Mon Valley giant to great displeasure from the crowd. They lock up again and T is pushed back into a corner for a knee to the gut. And more of the same. Massacre clotheslines T-Rantula over the top rope and onto the brick road below. Adonis checks on his partner but soon goes back to his corner. Massacre misses with a clothesline in the corner. T picks up a chair and uses it on Massacre. The place explodes. Adonis is tagged in and he punches Massacre. Massacre falls into his corner and Lawless, who come in and tangles with Adonis. Lawless rolls out of a quick pin attempt. Adonis and Lawless trade offensive moves. Adonis shoulder blocks Lawless down and onto the floor. Lawless gets back in and goes for a Test of Strength. That ends with Lawless using a closed fist and splash on Adonis in the corner. Massacre is tagged in and he goes to work on Sam with punches, clotheslines, a whip and a splash. Massacre rocks the ring by tossing Adonis into the corner. There’s a hip toss onto Lawless and Massacre accidently splashes Lawless in the corner. Massacre is posted up and Adonis rains down punches. Massacre falls face down in the center of the ring. T nachos Lawless on the outside. Adonis goes to attack Mystery but Massacre breaks that up. Adonis whips Massacre into the corner and he spills to the outside. Mystery checks on his men. Lawless is brought in the hard way by Adonis. Lawless’ head is slammed on all four turnbuckles before he falls down. Adonis covers with one foot and Lawless kicks up. Lawless someone recovers and neck breakers Adonis down. Massacre is tagged in. He gets Adonis up and body slams him down. There’s a cover and two-count. Massacre tags in Lawless. They whip Adonis in the corner and Sam fights out. Lawless back elbows Adonis down and drops a leg. Two-count. Mystery chokes Adonis in the corner and Lawless tags in Massacre. Massacre pulls Adonis around and Lawless comes in to land a couple of fists on Adonis. Sam fights back but then is sent high into the Homestead air by a sunset flip. Adonis fights back with a series of punches to Lawless. Lawless clotheslines him down. Patrick goes for a pin but only gets two. Massacre is tagged back in and he goes right after Adonis with right hands. There’s a one-count on Adonis. Massacre tags in Lawless who goes to work with more right hands. A snap mare and more offense follows. There’s a sleeper hold on Adonis, but Sam won’t give up. Adonis fights the sleeper. Adonis fights out of it and runs a series of ropes before kicking Lawless right in the head. Down, Adonis looks for T-Rantula. Lawless is in one corner. The place erupts with Adonis gets to T who cleans house. T tosses Massacre over the top where Adonis jumps on him. Lawless is choke slammed. All are on the outside. T and Lawless fight. T hits him with a chair. Massacre fights off Adonis. Adonis fights back, tosses Mayor Mystery over the top rope and drops Lawless in the center of the ring. A pin is made and the winners are T-Rantula and Sam Adonis! 15:46.

Ladder Match: Hunter, Morris, Burke, Scarpone, Kash, Deveer, Sane and BROhemoth

All of the contestants go after BROhemoth, who tosses everyone aside. Some of the combatants toss BRO out. Sane dives onto the group outside. Kash darts through the middle rope and onto the group. Hunter and Morris don’t, as they try for the ladder. That’s when it starts to unravel for everyone involved. Some use the ladder and some are used against it. Hunter tosses Kash into the ladder and then pile drives him down into the mat. Scarpone picks up Burke and tosses him onto a ladder, which was perched on the top of the turnbuckle. Sane dives off of the top of the ladder and Scarpone hits him with knees. Scarpone posts Sane and leg scissors him down onto the ladder. BROhemoth catches Scarpone and drops him onto the ladder. Kash is back in on Morris as the others deal with BROhemoth. Sane is back in and he goes after Morris. Burke climbs the ladder and is met by Hunter. Hunter puts the ladder around his neck and whirly birds it to knock everyone down. Burke hits Lucio with it. Burke and Kash meet. Morris and Deveer bring in ladders. All four Megastars are on the top of the ladder. Kash is knocked off, as is Burke. Hunter slams Deveer down. Team 12 Gauge celebrates before BRO double clotheslines them. Chairs are tossed and bodies flown. Morris climbs a ladder and lands an elbow on Burke. Morris and Hunter use the chair on Deveer. Kash is in for chops all around. Team 12 Gauge flip Kash onto the ladder. Scarpone fights off a move but is whipped off of the ladder by Hunter. Deveer suplexes Morris into the ladder and he choke slams Deveer onto it. Sane is tossed out by Hunter. Morris uses a ladder on BROhemoth and Deveer. Deveer is tossed to the outside. Morris hits BRO with a chair. BROhemoth quickly takes charge after some others are taken out. Then its more Team 12 Gauge. The ladder is extended in the center of the ring and Hunter climbs. Morris pulls him down and tries again. They go back and forth for a few attempts. The hug it out and then proceed to climb opposite sides of the ladder until BROhemoth pushes the whole things down. Scarpone body slams BROhemoth. BRO tosses him over but Scarpone “skins the cat.” BROhemoth kicks him down. BRO looks to advance in the match but Burke is there. Burke lays in some offense until BRO picks him off the ladder and tosses him to the guys outside. Kash is back in for a DDT and Hunter soon follows to drop him. Hunter is on the receiving end of a cross body block from Burke. Morris kicks Burke in the head. Scarpone drops Morris. Scarpone is dropped by Deveer. Sane drops Deveer and goes for another ladder. Deveer suplexes Sane. Deveer climbs the ladder and meets Sane. The two trade blows. Deveer grabs Sane drives him through the ladder in a loud crash and climbs back up to grab the belt. 20:16

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