Flawless Opportunity: David Lawless Is Now The Most Important Wrestling Champion in The Commonwealth

August 12, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) World Heavyweight Championship has become the most sought-after and important singles title in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Since the KSWA’s inception in 2000, only 13 men have earned the belt. Make that 14 as “The Gavel,” David Lawless, Esquire, expertly used his Battle Bowl opportunity to cash in at the most opportune time of his career.

In addition to that, Kris Kash and Shane Starr defeated Dennis Gregory and Bubba the Bulldog to become arguably the most successful tag teams in KSWA history. Meanwhile, Anthony Alexander was able to fend off a feisty Jay Flash, all in front of more than 300 Krazies!

Del Douglas v. La Lucha

The wild group of Krazies are all over Douglas right off the bat, as he continually hides in the ropes and avoids locking up with the 17-time Mexican Champion, La Lucha. The evenly-matched Megastars are familiar with one another for sure. Douglas takes control of La Lucha and drives him into the ropes and onto the mat. He pins the former KSWA Champion and only gets one before the shoulder is up. Douglas grabs him at the crotch, chops him down and gets a one-count. Douglas scoops La Lucha up and ties him to the Tree of Woe for a Drop Kick. La Lucha hasn’t got much offense at all. A big body slam is next. Douglas drops the fist that’s “Banned in 49 out of the 50 states” and gets a two count. Douglas shouts “It’s Over.” La Lucha responds with a drop of the head to the mat. There was only a two count. A side suplex is next for a two count. La Lucha puts the boots to Douglas and measures for his next move. La Lucha buries a knee into Douglas’ back and scoop slams him. La Lucha goes up for the big elbow but only gets two. There’s another side slam and La Lucha climbs the corner for his famous splashes. There’s the call for one more as he goes to the top and misses. Douglas capitalizes, uses his boots on the bottom rope for leverage and gets the duke. 5:32.

Team 12 Gauge v. Big Country Matt McGraw and T-Rantula

McGraw has had his issues with Team 12 Gauge and he enlisted the biggest, baddest partner he could find in the KSWA locker room. The action starts immediately as T-Rantula and Big Country dispatch of Team 12 Gauge in unbelievable fashion. Soon the team is on the outside being comforted by David Marbell. T and Matt eagerly await, their opponents are decidedly not. The boo birds are already on Team 12 Gauge, encouraging them to “get back in the ring.” Harley rushes in and is immediately met by T, who puts him in their corner. The two bigger Megastars trade chops on Morris before Big Country comes in for a series of body slams. The fans want “one more” slam but that doesn’t immediately happen. It then does for a scary height. Country posts Morris in their corner, double chops him and tags in the big Hall of Famer. He drops Morris and goes right after Hunter. T makes the ring bounce with that body slam. T and Big Country double clothesline Morris, but he is soon able to get McGraw down by going after his legs. Hunter sees an opportunity as McGraw’s head gets too close to his corner. He drops McGraw’s neck over the top rope and is tagged in. They double team McGraw and taunt T-Rantula. Harley gets McGraw in a front face lock and posts him in their corner. Hunter is tagged back in and he hip tosses the 283-pound McGraw and settles him in for grinding offensive moves. With referee Shawn Patrick distracted, Morris drop kicks McGraw in the mush and gets a two-count. There’s a standing cannon ball on McGraw that draws groans from the expansive crowd. McGraw is able to get to T and he takes on both opponents, swatting them away with massive punches. T Rantula suplexes Morris with much fan approval. On the outside, T goes after Hunter. He is interrupted by Marbell, who eventually goes to Nacho City. Inside, McGraw hoists Morris onto his shoulders and down for a pin and impressive win. 6:43.

David Lawless v. Justin Sane

Lawless goes right after Sane’s wrist for an arm bar. He reverses it, but Lawless does the same. Sane gets a momentary advantage from behind. Sane hip tosses Lawless a number of times in the center of the ring. Sane goes “old school” and walks along the top rope, lands a fist and nearly gets a pinfall. Sane’s offense is solidly stopped with Lawless tosses Justin from the corner post. There’s a two count on Sane by Lawless and he keeps up with the offense. Another two count. Lawless gets Justin in a headlock but then lev him with a clothesline. A pin attempt ends at two. A suplex follows. Two count and Justin kicks up. Sane puts the elbows to Lawless but The Gavel hits him with a back elbow. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. Lawless seats Sane and pulls his arms back. Justin is rallied by the fans. He kicks Lawless and continues that offense with another kick that leaves both participants down in the center of the ring. Sane is the first to get up and he clotheslines Lawless a couple of times and then a third. There’s a cross body block that Lawless catches. He pokes Justin in the eyes and drops him onto his knee. There’s a two count. Lawless goes to the top for a superplex. He is tossed off. Justin prepares for a dive but Lawless hits the top rope and drops Sane onto the corner, crotch first. There’s the finishing move for the finish. 7:02.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Kris Kash and Shane Starr v. Dennis Gregory and Bubba the Bulldog

Kash and Starr start off against the tag team champions. Kash tosses Bubba to the outside. Starr is in as the action continues. He clotheslines Bubba the Bulldog down. Starr keeps the offense on Bubba and then tags in Kash who does more of the same. Starr is tagged back in and the challengers double clothesline Bubba down. Starr gets Bubba up for a standing suplex that lasts nearly a half minute. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. Starr picks him up goes to work on the left arm of the reigning and brand new 5-Star champion. Kash is back in and he gets in some offense before Starr is tagged back in. Starr posts Bubba in the corner but the veteran pushes him off. Bubba gets to Gregory who comes in like a house a fire. He goes to work on Starr and screams at Kash. He gets very heated and continues the offense. Starr reverses a clothesline and slaps on a Sleeper hold. Gregory is able to break the hold but Starr hooks it in again. Kash races in and Gregory catches him. He dispatches of both athletes. Starr is able to get behind Gregory and he once again slaps on the sleeper. Bubba attacks from behind and tosses Kash to the outside. Bubba continues the assault on Starr and referee Patrick admonishes the action. Kash climbs back to the apron. Bubba gets Starr down and he tries to climb to his corner. Kash calls for his partner, who rallies back. Gregory is in and wraps up Starr’s legs in a submission move. Starr gets to the ropes. Gregory dumps a bottle of water on Starr. Gregory misses with a punch, but he connects with another. The two trade blows. Gregory dispatches of Starr on the outside. Gregory slams Starr on the apron. The crowd explodes with boos and related chants. Gregory rolls Starr back in. There’s a two count. Kash encourages his partners. Team Don’t Care whip each other into Starr who is posted in the corner. After more offense, Starr is able to escape and get to Kash. He races in but Gregory tosses him over the top rope and onto the floor below. Gregory hoists him back in. Starr is knocked from the apron by Bubba. Bubba drops Kash in the center of the ring. Bubba drop kicks Kash in the center of the ring. Gregory mixes it up with fans on the outside. Team Don’t Care pick up Kash and hold him for Bubba’s clothesline. Starr is on the outside. Kash is stood up for Gregory’s super kick. Bubba kicks Starr on the outside again. Bubba drops Kash and there’s a two-and-three-quarters count. Bubba goes to clothesline. Kash ducks, Gregory gets it and Kash rolls up Bubba for the victory. 14:08

Golden Triangle Championship: Jay Flash v. Anthony Alexander

Jay Flash is on the outside, jawing with fans as Double-A Anthony Alexander awaits in the ring. The bell rings and the action is on. Flash retreats to the corner, saying that Alexander is “a little too excited.” Double A acknowledges the crowd and then the two former KSWA Heavyweight Champions lock up. Alexander gets Flash in a headlock and then races off the ropes and hits him with a back elbow. The two combatants continue to knock each other about and Flash bails to the outside. Referee Jimmy James counts to four before Flash goes after fans in the crowd. Once back inside, Double-A puts the boot to his neck and then hits a bulldog. He counts to two before Flash’s shoulder goes up. Flash is posted in the corner and Flash muscles Alexander out for a power slam. There’s a two count before Alexander gets his shoulder up. Flash puts in some fists before trying to whip Alexander into the ropes. That tactic fails and Alexander wallops Flash down. He misses with a second and Flash drops him down hard with a spinebuster. Flash locks in a submission move but the Golden Triangle Champion doesn’t give in. Flash drives his knee into Alexander’s neck and he goes down. Flash dives off the ropes and lands feet first on the big guy. Flash kicks him as Alexander is prone on the apron. Flash pulls Alexander to the center of the ring and latches on a submission move where Alexander’s arm is pulled behind him. Flash criticizes the Golden Triangle Champion and then kicks the leg. Flash hooks in a similar move, this one designed more as a sleeper. Alexander stands up but Flash forces him to a corner. Flash boots Alexander but he follows with a power slam and pinfall attempt that ends at two. Both Megastars are weary. Flash is the first one up. He bounces off the ropes and kicks Alexander in the mush. A two count is registered. Flash isn’t happy with that. He argues with referee James and tries to do the same thing again. Flash slaps on a version of the Cobra Clutch and the big man gets to his feet. There are some elbows but Flash is able to capitalize and keep Alexander down. Alexander nearly hits the Prime-Time Cancellation but Flash fights it off and drops the champ with a boot to the jaw. Flash misses with a power bomb. Out of nowhere, Double-A hits the Prime-Time Cancellation and gets the win. 9:42.

Lucio Deveer v. Flyin’ Ryan Burke

The new Brawl Under the Bridge Champion, Deveer, faces one of his many foes from that match one-on-one. Referee Adam Jugan calls for the bell and the two face off. Burke keeps the offense going on Deveer. Deveer rebounds and drops Burke with a back elbow. The fans cheer for Deveer, who reverse knife edge chops Burke. Then he follows that with a chop and a double sledge. There’s a two count. Deveer front suplexes him down for a two-count. Burke is whipped into the corner and then monkey flipped high into the Lawrenceville sky. Burke falls to the outside. Deveer goes after him and is met with a forearm. Burke drops him down and cannon balls onto him from the apron. Two count. Burke chops Deveer high. Then there’s a big chop. Then another. There’s a snap mare that follows. Then a pin attempt that ends in two. Burke tries to rally the crowd and hits Deveer with more moves. Deveer rallies and gets Burke down for a pin attempt that ends at two. Deveer tosses Burke into the corner and tosses him across the ring. Burke gets up into a corner and Deveer splashes him there. He tries again but Burke gets out of the way. Burke goes to the top rope but Deveer meets him and tosses him across the ring. Burke climbs to the corner. There’s a running clothesline, but Burke comes out with clotheslines a flying. Burke climbs to the top but Deveer is ready. He clobbers Burke down. Lucio goes to the top. There’s a kick to the head. There’s a big chop and Burke goes for the super plex. Burke leg scissors Deveer down and gets a two-and-three quarter count. Deveer scoops him up and lands a move that nearly ends the match in his favor. Two count. Lucio picks up Burke and tosses him across the ring. Burke follows with a kick to the head. There’s a flying cross body block and another near pin fall on Deveer. Deveer is posted in the corner and he reverses the offense to whip Burke into the corner. There’s a power bomb and The Enigma goes to the top rope for a cannon ball. He covers Burke and gets the win 11:30. Post-Match: the two meet in the center of the ring and shake hands. Burke gets out of the way and allows Deveer to celebrate.

Lawrenceville Street Fight: VIPs v. Yinza, BROhemoth and Mitch Napier

The VIPs, dressed in church clothes, enter the ring first. The team of BROhemoth, Yinza and Mitch Napier arrive with garbage cans, canes and all kinds of weapons of mass destruction. The VIPs, on the outside, catch the 6’5” Yinza who dives over the top rope and onto the trio. The fans chant Garbage Pants at Martin. He is on the inside taking offense from BROhemoth and Napier. Martin moves out of the way of BROhemoth’s dive. Martin and BRO are in the ring while the other combatants are elsewhere on the floor. Martin is clotheslined down by BRO. The fans chant “Here we go Steelers” as Yinza fights near the bar. BRO tosses Faime while Napier works on Martin. BRO tosses Martin across the ring. Napier administers punches to Faime and BRO works on Martin. Yinza and Blanchard battle in the throng of people. Blanchard pokes BRO in the eye and that staggers the big guy. Yinza is in the ring, where Martin and Faime double clothesline him down. Martin is pinned for a two count. BRO has a kendo stick and he uses it liberally on Faime and Martin. Blanchard body slams Mitch in the crowd. Martin gets the Kendo stick off of BRO and goes to work with him with it. Yinza has a golf club and he hits Martin with it. Blanchard hits Yinza with a garbage can. Faime, who has battled Napier all summer, gets his hands on the champ and chokes him. All legal in a street fight. Napier is in the ring and the VIPs attack BRO on the outside. Yinza hits Martin with what appears to be an oil painting. Napier brings Martin in the hard way. Faime and BRO battle near the bar. Blanchard hits Napier with a plunger. Yinza drives Martin into a corner post. BRO gets a metal garbage can, lids and other stuff. BRO tosses Yinza onto a garbage can that’s lodged on Martin. BROhemoth clobbers Blanchard with some Tupperware. Faime hits Yinza with a pan and then that same plunger from before. BROhemoth chokes Blanchard with an inanimate carbon rod. BRO smashes Martin into the apron. BRO says “I’ll be back” and he leaves. Yinza drops a leg on Faime. BROhemoth returns with two steel chairs. BRO hits Faime with a pizza pan. Martin hits BRO with another cooking tin. Napier hits Martin with the lid of a garbage can. Martin is in the ropes and Napier has the ankle lock synched in. Faime, who was being beat on by BROhemoth in a corner, tosses out the 320-pounder. Napier puts shoulders into Faime. Martin returns to hit Napier with a steel plate. Martin curb stomps BROhemoth in the center of the ring. Faime has a garbage can over Napier. Yinza hits Blanchard on the outside with a chair. Faime hits the garbage can lid on the garbage can that is surrounding Napier. He moves onto BROhemoth. Martin is clobbering Yinza with a chair on the outside. BRO goes after Martin. Faime is in the ring with Napier. They trade shots with a walking cane. Napier hits Faime with the Sioux Falls Slam and gets the win. 16:34. Post-match: Faime attacks Napier and body slams him in the center of the ring. David Lawless emerges from the locker room with Battle Bowl contract in hand. A table is tossed in the ring. Napier is broken into the table by Blanchard’s power bomb. David Lawless cashes in his contract and pins Napier by resting one boot on his chest. The winner and new KSWA Heavyweight Champion…David Lawless, Esquire!

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