Card Subject To Change: Lawless To Now Defend Against Starr, Napier To Get Hands On VIPs, McGraw Battles In 8-Man Tag

August 14, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

There’s no rest for the weary Megastar. One week after shocking the Pittsburgh independent wrestling community, brand new Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Heavyweight Champion “The Gavel,” David Lawless is set to defend against one-half of the KSWA tag team champions, Shane Starr, at MJ’s Steel City Saloon.

[Lawless was originally scheduled to face Napier; however, through litigious means, the match was altered.]

With much help from the VIPs, Lawless was able to pin Mitch Napier, who was crumpled between two sides of a broken table following a brutal street fight. The standing-room-only crowd of more than 300 gasped, some cheered, most booed and others were simply stunned by the development. So, after 617 days holding the most prestigious professional wrestling title in the Commonwealth, Mitch Napier is a former champion.

Lawless says he’s ready for the “Flawless Era” to begin in the KSWA. We will see Saturday if that era lasts more than a week. He takes on Starr, who along with Kris Kash, won the KSWA tag team championship on Saturday night. The Lost Boyz have won the tag team championship three times. Starr was once the KSWA Champion and held the Golden Triangle Championship at the same time. He wouldn’t mind, and has the talent, to be the top champion in the Commonwealth one more time.

The VIPs, fresh off of the Street Fight that saw Tommy Faime fall victim to the Sioux Falls Slam, reunite once again to face Napier, Golden Triangle Champion Anthony Alexander, and Yinza. This should be a pretty wild match between these 6 combatants.

Eight-Man Mania: While on the subject of Team 12 Gauge, the team of Zak Hunter and Harley T. Morris will tag with “Big” Mike Malachi and a returning Officer Dan Murphy to take on Justin Sane, The Jester, “Big Country” Matt McGraw and T-Rantula. Every time T-Rantula comes to MJ’s, someone is going to get chopped and perhaps taste a boat of nachos. This is Murphy’s first match back in several weeks. It’s interesting to note that Murphy was no where to be seen when Lawless put himself on the pro wrestling map in Pittsburgh by becoming its most prized champion.

There will be a rematch between Lucio Deveer and “Flyin’” Ryan Burke. Beginning at Brawl Under the Bridge, Deveer has turned a corner of near invulnerability. He had a good match against Burke, who is more of a high-flyer, but Deveer is at times impervious to pain. If anyone is able to figure out “The Enigma,” it could be Burke. The acrobatic Burke, who has always taken on physically bigger opponents, usually figures out a way to even the odds. This should be a great match for the Krazies to watch.

In a showdown of great athletes, now former KSWA tag team champion Dennis Gregory is set to once again face off against Sly Scarpone. Scarpone, who had a good showing in the Brawl Under the Bridge ladder match, returns to the KSWA. These two men battled on June 23 at Spirit, but it was Gregory who got the duke. Might Scarpone tie the tally to force a best-of-three or will he just fall to the way side against one of Western PA’s most revered veterans?

In a match worth the price of admission, BROhemoth will face off against “The King” Del Douglas in one-on-one competition. Douglas is always up for major opposition; however, BROhemoth will be one of the largest opponents “The King” has ever faced. It was recently announced that BROhemoth cannot touch Lou Martin following last Saturday’s Street Fight—until August 25 in Verona. That will be an Ambulance Match. Might BROhemoth take it out on one of Lou Martin’s best buddies in The King? Will the former tag and Golden Triangle Champion find a way to defeat BRO? There’s only one way to find out.

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