Lawless Passes The Starr, "The King" Upsets BRO With Some Help, Over Half-A-Ton Of Megastars Tear Up MJ's In The Main Event

August 19, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Megastars of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to MJ’s Steel City Saloon for the third time, with this one being among the hottest days of mid-August. Earlier in the week, weather prognosticators were calling for a wash-out, but Mother Nature has often shown to be a Krazy. The sun shone, and once bell-time began, a cool breeze made August 18 one of the best nights of the year.

A lot of things happened to the Megastars and the schedule continues to be the most impressive in the Commonwealth.

VIPs v. Yinza, Mitch Napier and Anthony Alexander

All three VIPs—Tommy Faime, Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin—make their way to the ring, and then Yinza, Mitch Napier and Anthony Alexander follow. Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and the action is delayed as the VIPs argue with fans at ringside. It’s Shawn Blanchard and Yinza starting things off. The two lock up and go for a Test of Strength. Blanchard gets Yinza down but the Pittsburgh Luchadore gets some advantage. Blanchard goes low and gets an advantage on the upstart. Yinza battles back and Lou Martin goes for a shot to the gut for a third time. Yinza kicks him and he hits Blanchard, who falls on Martin. Blanchard goes to the sand outside the ring. Blanchard tags in Faime. Yinza tries to get the crowd riled up. The two lock up and Yinza gets Faime into the corner. Yinza, the gentleman, breaks the hold. Faime gets Yinza in the corner and goes low but he Pittsburgh Luchadore rebounds to drop kick Faime down and into a corner. Faime is whipped into a corner and Yinza hits the bodysplash. That offense doesn’t last long and Faime gets Yinza down. He tags in Martin next. Yinza battles back to cross body block Martin and he gets to Alexander. Alexander goes to work on his long-time foe, Martin. He scoops him up and tosses him across the ring. Patrick check on Martin, who is crawling up the ropes. Alexander brings him in the hard way. Alexander follows with a body slam and a clothesline. Alexander goes to work on Martin’s arm and tags in Napier. The former KSWA Heavyweight Champion goes to work on Martin and hits a suplex. Napier hoists him up and posts him in a corner. Napier hits a cross body block on Martin and tags in Yinza. Yinza drops a leg on Martin and Martin rebounds. He tags in Blanchard, who is legal for the first tie. He puts a boot to Yinza’s lower region and tags in Faime. Faime tries to cover Yinza but that doesn’t work. Alexander is taunted in and Patrick tends to him as the VIPs work over Yinza. Martin rides Yinza who is in the middle rope. Martin tags in Blanchard after more offense. Blanchard works on Yinza’s trapezius muscles but he is able to battle out of it. Blanchard puts the boots to Yinza and tags Martin back in. The two VIPs back elbow Yinza down. Martin puts the Sleeper Hold on Yinza. Patrick tries to see if Yinza is done but the Luchadore isn’t finished yet. The fans cheer for the underdog and Martin whips him into a corner for double clothesline. Both Megastars are down. Patrick calls off the count as Martin gets to Blanchard and Yinza to Alexander. Soon, all six men are battling in the ring. Napier on Blanchard, Yinza on Faime and Alexander on Martin. Alexander hits the Prime-Time Cancellation on Blanchard and successfully gets the pinfall. 13:21.

Joey Quervo v. Trick McSorley

Joey Quervo makes his way to the ring and the youngster Trick McSorley, who has improved much in recent outings, confidently makes his to the ring. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell and the match starts with a tie up. McSorley gets Quervo into the ropes and there is a clean break. The two lock up again. McSorley whips Quervo into the ropes and drops him with a back elbow. There’s a suplex and pin attempt that ends at two. McSorley body slams Quervo next and gets a two count. McSorley puts a boot to Quervo and drops him with a neck breaker. Two count. Quervo comes alive and hits McSorley with a cross body block and two count. Quervo puts a few well-placed fists to McSorley’s head and keeps him grounded with a version of a Sleeper Hold. McSorley gets to one knee, but Quervo drops him down. Quervo suplexes McSorley and gets a one count. There’s a front face lock and plant. Quervo goes to the top and misses a splash. McSorley hits a single leg suplex and gets the pin. 4:06.

Jay Flash v. Lucio Deveer

As the set on the western suburbs of Pittsburgh, Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell. The two veterans circle the ring and Flash checks his boot. The lock up and Deveer pushes Flash into a corner. Deveer tried to break clean but Flash poked him in the eye. That didn’t deter the Enigma, who immediately dropped and then chopped Flash. A monkey flip finds Flash on the mat and then there was a suplex. A pin attempt ends at two. Deveer punches away at Flash and drops him with a back elbow. Flash is in the corner again and Deveer clobbers him with a clothesline and then a second as Flash wandered into the center of the ring. Deveer goes for a splash but misses. Flash recovers and knocks his opponent down. There’s a double boot from the ropes and Flash follows that up by choking The Engima. Flash gets Lucio into the middle rope, where a choke takes place. Deveer fights back with punches to Flash’s gut. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. Flash is back up and puts a boot to Deveer. Flash keeps Deveer down for a series of knees and boots. The two face each other mano-a-mano with punches. Deveer clotheslines Flash down and goes for a pinfall but only gets two. Flash recovers and hits Deveer with a Spinebuster. Two count. Flash measures his next move and Deveer scoops him up and drops him down. It seemed like a three count but it was only two. Flash punches away at Deveer, whips him across the ring and hits a series of splashes. Deveer, impervious to pain, hits Flash with a massive clothesline. Flash drops him with a kick. Flash drives his head into a corner post. Deveer is posted onto the top turnbuckle. Flash punches away and prepares to ascend. He gets to the top for a superplex. Deveer fights back and hits two head butts, the last drops Flash. Deveer follows with a Swonton Bomb and gets the win. 9:31.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship Lawless v. Starr

Lawless gets Starr in a headlock and drops him with a shoulder drop. The two veterans circle the ring and lock up again. Lawless gets Starr in a headlock and drops him again. Starr is reeling and Lawless preens to the throngs. Again, Lawless gets him in headlock but Starr misses a clothesline and drops the new champ to the mat. Lawless bails when Starr tries to drop him with a clothesline. Lawless goes to the outside and the fans give him the verbal business. Lawless gets back in to the ring and challenges Starr to a Test of Strength. That doesn’t end well for Lawless, who ends up being the victim of a standing suplex. Lawless snaps Starr’s neck over the top rope and then lands on him from the apron. There’s a two count. Starr is driven into the corner and dropped. There’s a pin that ends at two. Lawless gets Starr into a headlock. Starr battles out but Lawless pulls Starr down by the hair. There’s a suplex and pin attempt that ends at two. Starr battles out and his hit in the face, flush with a back elbow. A standing leg drop is followed by a two-count. Two count. Lawless takes a breather to admonish the crowd and then goes right back to work on Starr with a Sleeper. Starr gets up and breaks the hold. Starr and Lawless run the ropes before Lawless hits Starr with a kick to the head. Starr hits Lawless with a sidewalk slam and gets a two count. Lawless, incredible kicks out. Lawless is posted on the top turnbuckle. Starr follows. Lawless drops him with a forearm and then delivers a kick. Lawless hits a devastating “Final Order” and gets the win to retain. 9:11.

Sly Scarpone v. Dennis Gregory

This match is between two tough-as-nails competitors. Scarpone wants to lock up but Gregory wants to slow things down. The two wrestlers are well balanced, and of similar builds. Gregory has vast more experience but Scarpone is probably the most eager wrestler to impress Bobby O and the KSWA Championship Committee. Gregory gets Scarpone’s arm and starts to drive fists into his rib section. Scarpone body slams him and does it again. Gregory attempt to stay away from Scarpone and runs the ropes but that only ends up in another bodyslam. Scarpone does it again and Gregory goes for a Lou Thesz Press, but that only ends in yet another body slam. Scarpone is whipped into the corner and Gregory wraps his neck over the top rope. Gregory goes to the top turnbuckle but is tossed down by Scarpone. Gregory bails to the outside. This give both Megastar an opportunity to catch their breath. The two muscular Megastars slam into each other and neither gives an inch. It takes Gregory’s experience to get Scarpone down. Gregory gets Scarpone into a submission move. He eventually breaks it and Gregory makes him pay with a series of power moves. Scarpone is slow in getting up. Gregory hits a European Upper Cut and gets him down for a pin attempt. That ends at two. Gregory chokes Scarpone and then the two get to their feet and hit each other with heavy punches. Scarpone hits Gregory with a German Suplex and tosses him outside. Gregory is able to recover. He picks up Scarpone and slams him into a ring post. Gregory removes a pad from a corner post. Scarpone hits Gregory with a DDT. Gregory and Scarpone miss moves to drive each other into the exposed ring post. Gregory eventually is driven into it and a pin attempt stops when Gregory physically stops Patrick’s hand on the third attempt. The two battle. Gregory hits Scarpone with a powerbomb and gets the win with his feet on the ropes. KSWA Owner Bobby O sees the infraction and calls for a restart the match. Scarpone takes advantage and rolls Gregory up with a School Boy maneuver and gets the win. Overall time: 11:31

Del Douglas v. BROhemoth

Before the match even gets started, Douglas hits BROhemoth hard and low. That slows down the big man, but only momentarily. He starts pounding away at Douglas. That levels his Royal Highness. Douglas is leveled with a clothesline and BRO actually takes his time with the King. There’s a big splash from the 320-pounder. Douglas is down on his back; however, he refuses to submit. There’s a spear from BROhemoth that keeps Douglas reeling. Douglas, flat on his back, still screams, “I got this!” Douglas stands and starts throwing blind right hands. BROhemoth kicks him down. Douglas is tossed to the outside. The fans, interestingly, are chanting for “The King.” BRO kicks Douglas in the mush. Then, Shawn Blanchard and Tommy Faime walk with purpose from the locker room and make their way to ringside. They climb to the apron. This distracts the referee enough. A masked man with a “Game Over” T shirt races to the ring, and clobbers BROhemoth with an illegal object. He pulls Douglas onto BRO and The King gets the win. 5:51.

Eight Man Tag Team Match: Harley T. Morris, Zak Hunter, “Big” Mike Malachi, Officer Dan Murphy v. Justin Sane, The Jester, T-Rantula and “Big Country” Matt McGraw

T-Rantula, McGraw, Sane and Jester all come to the ring with beers and enjoy their entrance with the big crowd. The bell rings and Team Gauge and their teammates haven’t even returned to the ring after T and his throng made it in. Shawn Patrick is dwarfed by the teams, who weigh in more than half a ton. Big Mike Malachi and “Big Country” Matt McGraw start things off. The two giant competitors go nose to nose. McGraw forces Malachi into a corner and the hold is broken. Malachi chops McGraw and suplexes the big man to the center of the ring. Malachi suplexes McGraw again. There’s a leg drop on Big Country. Justin Sane dives in to break up the hold. Soon, The Jester and Officer Dan Murphy are also in the ring. a who come racing in. The last was Harley T. Morris, who gets a powerslam. Soon, the ring empties as the brawl enters the entire audience area. T-Rantula dumps a garbage can over Morris. McGraw follows that up with a chair shot to the can. Hunter hits The Jester with a chair shot. Morris also hits The Jester with repeated chair shots. The action is hot and heavy throughout the area. T-Rantula take Murphy to Nacho City. Team 12 Gauge throws a ton of chairs onto The Jester. T-Rantula tosses Murphy into a row of chairs. The action is too difficult to follow as 8-Megastars just beat the crap out of each other. McGraw picks up Sane and tosses him on all of his opponents. T-Rantula and McGraw double choke slam Morris but decide to not go for the pin. Sane and The Jester each hit Morris with dueling Frog Splashes and get the win. 12:16. Post-Match: It took several moments for Harley T. Morris to regain his composure after being planted with the double choke slam. He was helped to the back where he regained his wits. While he was banged up, Morris was admittedly feeling better about 30 minutes after the match.

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