Battle In The Borough Brings Out Verona's Mayor, Gregory Lays Out Bobby O, BRO And Martin Battle All Over Cribbs Field And Into Ambulance

August 26, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) made its debut in Verona and brought it to the new and veteran Krazies alike with professional wrestling the way they like. The event benefiting the Lower Valley Athletic Foundation and Verona Parks and Recreation Board was even an opportunity to have Verona Mayor David Ricupero get involved in the conclusion of a contest. But in the Main Event, it was hometown’s BROhemoth who took on “The New Face of Verona,” Lou Martin in a historic ambulance match. The night was interesting from beginning to end.

Joey Quervo and Cleveland Bruiser v Yinza and Trick McSorley

Joey Quervo has enlisted the help of The Cleveland Bruiser to take on Yinza and Trick McSorley. Referee Jimmy James tries hard to get things started. It does with Quervo and McSorley. The veteran Quervo has an arm bar on McSorley before it is reversed. The tag is made to Yinza, who comes down on Quervo with a sledge. They go to the corner, where Quervo is whipped out and Yinza hits a splash. A two-count follows when The Cleveland Bruiser hustled in to break up the pin attempt. The tag is made to McSorley who clotheslines Quervo down to the mat. McSorley body slams the Drunken Luchadore and nearly gets a pin fall. Bruiser rushes in again and James chases the masked rival out. Bruiser is tagged in and he continues to work on Trick with a boot and punch. Then a series of punches and a whip into the ropes and clothesline. Yinza is taunted in by Bruiser. He continues the assault on McSorley. Bruiser gets McSorley into a corner for offense. James fights with Yinza to get back into his corner. Quervo is tagged in for a suplex and following pin fall that ends at two. Quervo whips McSorley into the ropes and hits a clothesline. Yinza tries to get the crowd involved. Quervo hit McSorley with a leg drop and a two-count followed. McSorley is able to get Quervo into his corner and Yinza is tagged in. He goes to work on both Quervo and the Bruiser. Yinza Monkey Flips him and gets a two count. Bruiser is in and he goes to work on Yinza. Yinza is choked in the corner ropes. The ref admonishes Bruiser for a series of foul offense maneuvers. Quervo and Bruiser double clothesline Yinza down. Yinza recovers and hits a Yinza-to-Belly for the win. 7:06.

KSWA Five Star Championship: The Jester v. Bubba the Bulldog (champion)

Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and The Jester does a cartwheel to disarm bar Bubba and Mayor Mystery. Bubba and Mayor Mystery threaten to leave but Referee Patrick says he will count them out. The Jester slaps Bubba in the rear end once the Champion makes it back to the ring. The Jester grabs Bubba from behind and grabs him the rear end once again. The two lock up and Bubba fights The Jester down. The Jester recovers and forces Bubba to the ropes and onto the grass field. The Jester encourages the fans to chant “Chicken.” They do and Bubba confabs with Mayor Mystery. Bubba grabs The Jester from behind and does something “inappropriate” to Bubba. Bubba is down and The Jester rides him like a pony before the champion bails to the grass again. Once back inside they collide again. Bubba knocks The Jester down but the former 5-Star champion recovers and knocks Bubba to the outside. The Jester chases Bubba on the outside. The veteran Bubba gets back in first and boots The Jester in the face. With the referee distracted, Mayor Mystery chokes The Jester with the bottom rope. Bubba pulls The Jester down to the mat hard by grabbing his hair. This time, Mystery chokes The Jester again with the bottom rope and punctuates with a jab in the throat with his cane. Bubba seats Jester and goes to work on him. Jester tries to battle back, but the 5-Star Champion pokes him in the eye. Mayor Mystery pokes him again in the throat with the cane. The Jester is down and Bubba goes to ride him and slaps him in the buttocks. Bubba goes for a Sunset Flip but The Jester drops down hard on his chest with a buttocks drop. More offense between the two and The Jester body slams Bubba down. The Jester goes for the Frog Splash. Mayor Mystery goes to the apron, hits him with a fist full of powder. The Jester goes down. Bubba Slam. The three-count for the win and retention. 8:45

Triple Threat Match: Zak Hunter v. Justin Sane v. Matt McGraw

The referee calls for the bell and “The Scum Bag” Hunter wants to work together with Sane. They both go after Big Country, who tosses both opponents across the ring. The reconvene and that doesn’t work as McGraw simply tosses them aside a second time. Hunter, smartly, bails to the outside. McGraw clotheslines Sane down and Hunter switches place. McGraw whips Hunter into the corner and McGraw follows with a splash. They both go after McGraw again. This time they work well enough to double suplex him. Then a series of pin attempts occur as both Sane and Hunter can’t pin him long enough for a win. Hunter wants a time out but that doesn’t fly. McGraw is tosses over the top rope and Hunter goes to work on Sane. Sane fights back and the two go at it. Hunter clotheslines Sane down and goes for a pin attempt; however, McGraw pulls him outside. Sane is back in and McGraw hits an Atomic Drop and clothesline. McGraw side slams Sane and Hunter rushes in. McGraw clubs him down with a couple of clotheslines. McGraw charges Hunter and he steps aside. Sane hits a leg and goes to the top for a Frog Splash. He jumps but Hunter gets his knees up. He follows with a pile driver for the win. 5:38

KSWA Tag Team Championships: VIPs Blanchard and Faime v. Kash and Starr (champions)

The referee calls for the bell and Shawn Blanchard immediately says that “I don’t have anything.” Shawn Patrick says that Blanchard doesn’t have anything. Patrick checks him again. They say he has the object in his knee pads. Patrick checks time and time again. Blanchard and Kash lock up and Blanchard tosses him down. Blanchard taunts the crowd. He says that he is “their hero.” They lock up again and Blanchard gets him by the arm. Blanchard forces Kash down to one knee. He grinds away until Kash reverses the move. Kash goes to the corner and jumps off, tossing Blanchard across the ring. Blanchard gets to his corner and tags in Shane Starr. Kash tags him in and the two lock up. Faime gets out of the hold and goes to the security of his corner. He taunts the crowd. Starr gets the crowd into it and they lock up again. Starr keeps Faime down. However, he is able to get out of it and drop Starr to the mat by pulling his hair. Starr drop kicks Faime and tags in Kash who brings the double sledge down on the Faime. Kash drop kicks him and tags in Starr. They toss him into the ropes drop him with a double clothesline. There’s a double elbow drop. Starr body slams Faime and drops a leg. Kash is tagged back in. He hits Faime with a clothesline. Faime recovers and slams him down with a clothesline. Blanchard is tagged back in. Blanchard distracts the referee and kicks Kash in the abdomen or lower. Kash is seated and Blanchard digs at his mouth, nose and ears. Blanchard says “there are too many rules in Verona.” Blanchard picks him up and chops him down. Faime is tagged back in. Kash is tossed in the ropes and is hit with a belly to belly suplex. Faime body slams Kash down. Faime drops Starr from the apron. The VIPs double team Kash. Kash is down for a pin fall but he kicks out at two. Blanchard forces Kash down. Kash gets to Starr, who rushes in. The ref doesn’t see it and forces Starr to the corner. Faime tosses Kash high into the Verona sky with a monkey flip. Faime drops a kick and goes for a lazy count. He kicks up at two. Blanchard is tagged back in. Blanchard cinches in a Sleeper Hold. Starr chants for Kash on the outside. Patrick goes for one hand drop and then a second. On the third, Kash keeps him fist up. Kash battles out and gives a chin breaker to Blanchard. He gets Starr. Soon, but Tag Team Champions are in. They both get their opponents in to moves. Kash gets Blanchard in the Figure Four leg log. Starr locks Faime into the Sharpsburg Shooter. Both VIPs submit to the respective holds. 12:20

Officer Dan Murphy v. T-Rantula

Officer Dan takes the microphone runs down Verona and its people. He calls for a ban on all nachos at KSWA events. He says that he will wait for the KSWA Championship Committee’s answer. The bell rings and the two behemoths lock up. T gets Murphy in the corner and chokes the Police Officer. They lock up again and T steals Officer Dan’s police whistle. He threatens to throw it down his pants but T tosses it back. Murphy forces T in the corner and chokes him. T fights back and gets Murphy in the corner for a couple of overhand chops. Murphy, showing resilience, fights back with a poke to the eye among other things. T fights back and clotheslines Murphy down time and again. Murphy bails to the outside. T follows him with a series of big clubs to the back. T threatens to go for nachos; however, Murphy fights back. He slams T’s head into the corner post. Murphy rolls in to stop the count and then does it again. T is tossed into the ring post again. T gets to the nachos and blasts Murphy with them and tosses the Officer back in. Murphy fights back. Murphy clotheslines him down. Murphy climbs to the top. T gets to his feet. Murphy misses the sledge from the top. T choke slams him down in the center of the ring for the win. 6:35. Post-Match: KSWA Owner Bobby denies Murphy’s request for no more nachos.

Golden Triangle Championship: Del Douglas v. Anthony Alexander (champion)

Del Douglas taunts Anthony Alexander as he approaches the ring and then just as quickly bails to the outside when the Golden Triangle Champion makes it to the squared circle. The fans chant “Dairy Queen” toward the King. He is angry from the get-go with Alexander. Douglas challenges AA to a “pose down” and loses pretty quickly. Alexander drops him to the mat and kicks The King in the arm. Douglas cowers, but that doesn’t stop Alexander from bringing the offense. The King is forced in the corner and administered with some punches to the gut. Douglas challenges that offense and Alexander tells him that it was “just a boot.” Alexander drops hm with a back elbow. Alexander scoops Douglas up and tosses him across the ring. The fans want “one more.” Alexander picks him up again and Douglas is tossed across the ring and out onto the floor. Douglas gets back in and settles on the apron. Douglas takes the opportunity to drop Alexander’s neck over the top rope. Douglas follows by whipping Alexander into a corner and into a version of the rear chin lock. He uses wrist tape to choke Alexander. Douglas gets Alexander in the ropes and chokes him on the middle rope. It’s all Douglas as he continues to assail Alexander. He drops the fist “that’s banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” Alexander kicks out of the pin attempt. Alexander reverses a whip and clotheslines Douglas down. Alexander calls for the fans. They respond. Alexander scoops him up and drops him with a body slam. Alexander hits a clothesline from the middle rope. Two count as Douglas gets a shoulder up. Douglas chokes Alexander in the corner. Douglas suplexes Alexander. Douglas crows to the crowd. Alexander fights out of another suplex attempt. Alexander hits Douglas with a Prime-Time Cancellation out of nowhere and gets the win. 9:03

Mayor’s Match: Dennis Gregory (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Mitch Napier (w/Verona Mayor Dave Ricupero)

The bell is sounded and the two veterans circle the ring. The two are very apt at technical wrestling and Napier gets an arm bar on Gregory. Gregory hustles to the ropes and breaks the hold. They go at it again with Gregory getting Mitch in a front face lock. He gets Napier down. Napier goes for the ankle lock and Gregory then Gregory reverses it. The two continue to grapple. Gregory gets Napier down and then Napier nearly pins Gregory. Gregory hits Napier in the eye. Gregory pounds away at Napier’s shoulder as he holds onto an arm bar. Gregory holds onto the ropes and gains that momentum to get Napier down. Napier punches and chops Gregory. Gregory is able to get advantage and jams Napier into the corner. On the outside, the two battle. Gregory wraps Napier’s arm around a ring post. He jams Napier into the apron and then tosses him inside. Gregory has Napier down. He goes for a submission move. Napier will not submit and Gregory keeps on the pressure. Gregory picks Napier up and the two trade punches and slaps. Napier hits Gregory with a forearm. Gregory responds with a forearm that levels Napier. Mitch kicks up at one. Gregory can’t believe it. Napier hits a series of hip tosses. He follows that with a whip, splash and flying leg scissors. Napier climbs to the top rope for a flying body block. Gregory rolls into the corner and uses the ropes for leverage and a pin. Verona Mayor Ricupero rushes to the ringside table and says that Gregory wasn’t going to win by devious means. He calls for the match to restart and it does. Napier immediately rolls up Gregory but Dennis gets a shoulder up. Napier grabs a hold of his opponent, hoists him onto his shoulders and delivers the Sioux Falls Slam. The cover is made and Napier gets the win. 8:08. Post-Match: Gregory goes ballistic on Bobby O and lays him out. Gregory then stands above the boss and reads him the riot act. The other referees have to take him back to the locker room.

Ambulance Match: Lou Martin v. BROhemoth

Lou Martin wears a “Real Face of Verona” T-shirt to the ring. The crowd goes insane for hometown hero BROhemoth. The bell rings and Lou Martin says that Verona is a “bunch of punks.” Martin grabs a hold of referee Shawn Patrick and hides behind him until he sees an opening. He drops BROhemoth into the middle rope for some offense and a leg-first dive. Martin misses with a clothesline and BRO shoulder blocks “The Real Face of Verona” onto the grass. BRO tosses him back in. BRO suplexes Martin down. BRO tosses Lou across the ring and onto the apron. BROhemoth pulls him in. BRO short-arm clotheslines him down. BRO races off the ropes and dives with a reverse cannon ball onto Martin. BRO nearly goes for a pin but then realizes that is not how this match will end. BRO bodyslams Martin and then lands a leg drop. Martin is tosses through the middle ropes and onto the ground. BRO slams Martin’s head into the apron. Martin is posted and ducks a punch. Martin grabs a steel chair from Bob Badfingers and hits BRO with it. Martin grabs wrist tape and chokes BRO with it. In this match, this maneuver is allowed. They make their way toward the ambulance. Martin hits BRO with fans folding chairs. Martin nearly tosses BRO into the ambulance but he fights back. BRO hits Martin with a trash can on the outside. The two brawled up to the fence beyond the ambulance and nearly threw each other in moments after leaving he ring. They traded heavy hands and other offense for several minutes. BROhemoth suplexes Martin and at one point nailed him with an impressive superkick. Photos were being taken with flashes all throughout the Verona evening. Both men attempted to toss each other into the ring, but in the end, BROhemoth tossed Martin into the ambulance and shut the door for the hard-fought victory. 17:33

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