An Interview With The Champ: Lawless Looks At What Made Him PA's Most Important Champion, Where His Reign Might Go

September 3, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

“The Gavel” lays down the law, and believes that the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Heavyweight Championship is right where it belongs.

David Lawless, Esquire, upset Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania’s professional wrestling scene on August 11, when he took advantage of some “setting of the table” by Shawn Blanchard and the VIPs to defeat Mitch Napier for the most prestigious wrestling title in the Commonwealth. (Napier had defeated more opponents more times than anyone in KSWA history when he was defeated 617 days after winning gold at FanFest.)

“It feels like the belt is right where it should be, around the waist of the greatest lawyer and professional wrestler in America,” Lawless noted in a recent email. “See, lawyers are the cornerstone of America. Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets accomplished in this country without the work of a lawyer. Accordingly, my victory over Mitch Napier just further cemented the fact that lawyers are greater than everyone...period!”

Lawless’ first appearance in a KSWA ring came when he randomly and out-of-the-blue challenged Napier on June 17, 2017 at Spirit Hall. The KSWA Championship Committee opened up the roster in unprecedented ways around that time and Lawless benefitted from the chance.

“If there is one attribute that ‘The Gavel’ holds which is far superior to Mitch Napier, and anyone in the KSWA locker room, is my intelligence. Since my opening statement in KSWA last summer when I was one second away from becoming heavyweight champ, I saw opportunity,” Lawless added. “Lawyers know how to spot opportunity and use it to their advantage. Since that time, I began my year-long plan to become KSWA Heavyweight Champion.”

Lawless lost his second contest in the KSWA when he was defeated by The Jester during Millvale Days on September 16.

Lawless was away from the KSWA for a number of events after that. However, he choice his time wisely and tuned up for an impressive and unexpected run. He won Battle Bowl, and with it a contract (which he framed) to challenge for the Heavyweight Championship anytime in 2018.

“It started with my win at Battle Bowl and culminated in my victory in August when all the pieces were in place,” a jubilant Lawless continued. “Battle Bowl is the largest mountain to climb in KSWA. I climbed it easily and outworked and outthought my opponents to victory. If there was ever any doubt about what ‘The Gavel’ was capable of, consider that evidence of the ‘Flawlessness of Lawless.’”

And he continued, “At that point, the closing argument was already written and The Gavel David Lawless, Esq. was able to obtain the title in short order.”

Despite Lawless’ confidence, winning Battle Bowl was an accomplishment. It’s a win that every Megastar clamors for as it re-sets the competitive clock for the entire year. Lawless was able to get by fellow newcomer Sly Scarpone in February of this past year. It was also in February that the KSWA was introduced to Lawless’ frequent tag team partner, Officer Dan Murphy. The two—collectively known as Lawless and Order—features a formidable duo of technical prowess (The Gavel) and brawn (The Officer). Murphy, like Lawless, received a chance to unseat Napier but came up empty. This match also marked the moment in which BROhemoth switched from Napier’s most dogged enemy to close friend when he bailed The Champion out of a beat down.

On March 24, Lawless and Order defeated Napier and BROhemoth in tag team competition; however, Lawless did not find easy opportunity to defeat the Champ from Sioux Falls.

In May, BROhemoth defeated Lawless and Order in a Handicap Match in a card that also saw Napier somehow get by “Flyin’” Ryan Burke, Lucio Deveer, Zak Hunter and Sly Scarpone in a wild contest.

June 23 saw the team of Lawless and Murphy defeat Shane Starr and Kris Kash, who would later in the year capture the KSWA tag team championship.

Lawless would be on the losing end of a tag team once again during the historic “Brawl Under the Bridge IV” where he and Jack Massacre took on Sam Adonis and T-Rantula. The match was one of the most entertaining of an incredible night of action in Homestead.

Despite being on the losing end of the contest Lawless kept his competitive cool. On August 11 he took on a game Justin Sane. Lawless offered respect for the veteran but defeated him with a version of a Swinging Neckbreaker that he calls The Final Order. Then he waited.

Napier, BROhemoth and Yinza battled the VIPs in a Lawrenceville Street Fight. Napier delivered Tommy Faime with a Sioux Falls Slam and garnered the victory for his team. The VIPs didn’t allow that to be the end of things, so they attacked and put Napier through a table. Lawless sauntered to the ring, cashed in his contract and got the easy one, two, and three for the victory that brought to a stunning conclusion, the KSWA’s most celebratory championship run. Napier might have been the longest-running professional wrestling champion of that time…anywhere.

A week later, Lawless defeated one-time former champion Shane Starr in his only title defense. Napier’s rematch remains clearly in Lawless’ near-future. “Mitch is one of the toughest competitors ‘The Gavel’ has ever faced,” adds Lawless. “His athleticism and quickness are second only to ‘The Gavel.’ I have a tremendous amount of respect for his ability, but one of Mitch's greatest character traits was his biggest downfall: pride. In the end, Mitch's pride to stand up for what's right cost him the KSWA Heavyweight Title.”

As for the rematch: “Mark my words...there is nothing more dangerous than a lawyer with a second chance. Now that I have had an opportunity to study Mitch and his tendencies, I will know what Mitch is going to do in a match better than he ever will. I would welcome the opportunity to show Mitch, and all the Krazies, just how surgical the beating of Mitch Napier will be when I beat him...again.”

When Lawless defeated Napier for the KSWA Championship, Spirit Hall in Lawrenceville was packed. Some fans cheered Lawless, more than double that booed, while others reacted with ominous, stone-cold silence. “Those Morons should feel lucky that their presence is graced with ‘The Gavel.’ I truly hope they tell their tattoo artists, Lyft clients, and parole officers that they have a chance to see the greatest attorney and professional wrestler compete.”

And if Lawless is to maintain his reign into a crazy end of 2018 and beyond? “The Gavel David Lawless, Esq. recognizes the amount of talent in the KSWA locker room and respects every competitor that steps through the ropes,” he says. “In spite of this,’ The Gavel’ is open to accepting challenges from anyone on the roster. Just keep in mind that the outcome is already determined, and everyone will continue to see just why LAWLESS. IS. FLAWLESS. You're Welcome Moron!”

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