Lawless Holds Off Jester, Napier To Face Bubba, BROhemoth and Gregory Score Wins In Historic Millvale Appearance

September 15, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The first day of Millvale Days 2018 was an exciting event for many reasons. In 2018, Millvale Borough turns 150, Millvale Days�which gets stronger and stronger every year�is 25 and the KSWA has been a featured attraction every year since 2005. The Millvale Days crowd continues to get larger every year, and they are exceptionally familiar with the Megastars.

VIPs (Blanchard, Faime and Martin) v. Tag Team Champions Kash and Starr with Yinza

Kris Kash and Shawn Blanchard start off. Blanchard grabs Kash�s wrist, arm bars him and work on the shoulder. Kash is able to reverse it and pump handles the former 6-time KSWA Champion. Kash climbs the ropes and arm dragged him across the ring. Starr is tagged in, as is Tommy Faime. Faime is hip tossed into the corner and Faime argues. Martin is then tagged in. Yinza is tagged in and he scoop slams Martin twice. Yinza puts the boots and then knees into Marin. There�s a whip into the corner and a splash. There�s a flying lariat while Martin is seated and a two-count. Starr is tagged in. He and Yinza double shoulder block Martin down. Kash is in and he drop kicks Martin. There�s a two-count. Martin is whipped into the corner again. Kash clotheslines him and drop kicks him. Starr is tagged in and he goes for a standing suplex on Martin; however, Blanchard rushes in and chops him in the knee. It wasn�t enough to do a lot of damage. Kash is in and then so is Faime. He bodyslams Kash and then gets a two count. Blanchard is tagged in and he puts some boots on Kash. Blanchard may be choking Kash. Martin is in and he puts Kash on the middle rope. Martin dives onto him while Blanchard is on the outside. Faime uses some power moves to throw Kash around. Blanchard digs away at Kash�s face. Blanchard slams Kash down with a spinebuster. Two-count. Blanchard whips Kash into the corner. He flips out of the corner onto Blanchard. Yinza is tagged in and he goes after all of the VIPs. Soon, all six men are in the ring. Faime goes out. Kash dives onto Faime and Blanchard. Yinza wants to go out next but he is caught in Martin�s Death Certificate for the face plant and win. 10:42.

Triple Threat Match: Lucio Deveer v. Sly Scarpone v. Mitch Napier (winner gets a shot at Bubba the Bulldog�s 5-Star Championship on Saturday afternoon)

The bell rings and the three men seem to measure each other out. Napier drop kicks Sly down and Lucio takes that opportunity go after Napier and Scarpone. Scarpone suplexes Lucio down and out of the ring. Napier gets Sly into a front face lock. Scarpone picks up Napier and goes for a monkey press, but tosses Napier onto Deveer instead. Deveer and Napier double clothesline Scarpone and go after each other. Scarpone knocks Napier down and goes to work on Deveer. They trade blows and kicks. Deveer gets Scarpone down but Napier goes right after Deveer. There�s an atomic drop and drop kick on Deveer. Scarpone slides in for the pin attempt but only gets two. Napier rolls Scarpone down and gets a two count. There�s two-counts a plenty on all of the evenly-matched athletes. Scarpone puts the boots on Deveer. Napier whips Deveer into a corner and lands a splash. Scarpone sneaks in. Napier drops Scarpone down and gets a near pin fall. The action is fast and furious as all three Megastars fight. Napier focuses on Deveer in the corner. Napier whips Deveer into another corner. Scarpone tosses Napier down off of Deveer. Deveer front face plants Scarpone down in the center of the ring. Napier is back in and Deveer climbs the top turnbuckle. Napier superplexes Deveer as Scarpone muscles Napier out of the corner into a big, loud heap. All three Megastars are down. Scarpone slams Napier down, gets a two-count as Deveer puts a boot to Sly. A Death Valley Driver follows on Scarpone. Napier breaks up the count. A flying leg scissors puts Deveer down. Scarpone waits on the apron and clotheslines Napier down. Deveer is in the corner. Napier muscles Scarpone down. Scarpone is hung up on the ropes. Napier hits Deveer with the Sioux Falls Slam for the win. 8:41.

Golden Triangle Championship: Del Douglas v. Anthony Alexander

In a rare display of public speaking �The King� Del Douglas insults the residents of his hometown, and the hosts of this annual event, Millvale. The bell rings and fans chant, �Dairy Queen�. Alexander wheels Douglas around and meets him with a fist and back elbow drop. Alexander scoops up Douglas and tosses him across the ring. Douglas screams in agony. Alexander asks the fans if he should toss the King again. Instead, he puts boots to this highness. Alexander scoops Douglas up once again and tosses him over his head and across the ring. Alexander whips Douglas into the corner and clotheslines him there. Alexander posts Douglas in the corner and rains blows down onto his royal head. Douglas stumbles out of the corner and Alexander meets him with another right hand. Douglas drops Alexander with a clothesline and gets a one-count. Douglas posts Alexander in the ropes and uses the middle cable to choke the Golden Triangle Champion. Alexander violently whips Alexander into the corner and the big man falls to his knees. Douglas chokes Alexander with wrist tape. Alexander is in the corner, where Douglas puts knees and fists to the champion�s cranium. There�s a rake of the eyes. The King crows to the crowd and distracts the referee to administer more punishment to Alexander. The choking of Alexander continues. Alexander is whipped into the corner where he puts a boot up into the mug of the rushing Douglas. Douglas receives a clothesline from Alexander on the second turnbuckle. Both Megastars are spent. There�s a whip into the ropes and a boot to Douglas. Alexander readies for the Prime-Time Cancellation and he lands it. The winner and still Golden Triangle Champion is Anthony Alexander. 6:52.

Dennis Gregory v. Justin Sane

Mayor Mystery comes to the ring and asserts that Millvale is a terrible town. The referee for this match is David Fedor, returning after a long absence behind the scenes. The two combatants shake hands and Gregory tells Sane that he will need all of the luck he can muster. Gregory muscles Sane down from the lock up and then when Justin returns, the former tag team champion pushes Sane into the corner and paint brushes him. The two lock up again and then Gregory sweeps behind. He tosses Sane down and puts a boot to him. Gregory hits a European forearm. It�s all Gregory as he pushes Sane into a corner and puts a boot to his chin. Mayor Mystery takes advantage of a distraction and pokes Justin with the cane. Sane is able to fight out of that goes for offense on Gregory. The veteran dashes to the outside. There is slows things down. Once back in the ring, Justin grabs Gregory�s arm. That advantage doesn�t last long as Gregory tosses Justin to the outside. Gregory tosses Justin into the ax throwing vendor. Gregory confidently takes that opportunity to pose and shout at the crowd. He berates Sane and hits him for a forearm. Gregory goes to toss Sane over the top rope but the veteran pulls Gregory�s arm with him. That injury of the arm with exactly what Sane is looking for. Sane goes old-school on Gregory, but he catches Sane off the top rope and body slams him down. Gregory puts a knee on Sane�s throat. The referee chases Gregory off. Dennis tries to get feeling back into his left arm. Gregory lays a right into Sane�s jaw that could be heard from 30 yards away. Gregory gets Sane into a submission move, a version of a rear sleeper. He nearly gets a submission but Sane is able to temporarily fight back. Gregory picks Sane up and hoists him to the corner with one hand. Gregory takes a drink of bottled water in the middle of the ring and slaps Sane. He wastes enough time that Sane recovers enough to hit a leg drop. That only angers Gregory. Sane goes for a Frog Splash. Gregory gets his knees up and into Sane�s midsection. Gregory whips him into the ropes and slams Sane down for the win. 10:15

Tag Team Match: Team 12 Gauge with David Marbell v. Big Country Matt McGraw and T-Rantula

What�s interesting in this contest that McGraw comes to the ring clearly influenced by T-Rantula. He wears a black leather vest and is devoid of his trademark 10-gallon hat. The special referee for the match is KSWA Ambassador Bob Badfingers. Badfingers calls for the bell and Team 12 Gauge is solidly on the outside, refusing to come in the ring. The Sinner�s Saint, David Marbell, leads their lack of charge. Zak Hunter readies to get in the ring. McGraw is 283 pounds and T-Rantula is nearly 7-feet tall and 360 pounds. T and McGraw end up pulling their opponents in the hard way, over the top rope. They just as quickly knock their opponents out of the ring. Team 12 Gauge are slow to get in to the ring for any appreciable offense at the 3:15 mark of the contest. Hunter and T go for a Test of Strength, but T is nearly a foot taller than Hunter. T-Rantula pushes him down and into his corner. Next up is Morris, who tries the same thing. Instead, T chops him directly in the chest. Morris is then victimized with two more overhand chops that are heard near Rt. 28. McGraw is tagged in. He thunders over and splashes through his opponents. T body slams Morris down. McGraw suplexes Morris hard but remarkably only gets a one-count. McGraw tags T-Rantula and chops Morris with a stiff right hand. T hits Morris with a big boot. Hunter tries to save his partner but is blocked by the referee. McGraw is tagged in and they keep the offense on Morris. Hunter races in and McGraw appears to go for a double choke slam. Team 12 Gauge rebounds enough to swat his arms away and go on the offense. Hunter has McGraw down for forearms. McGraw is in the ropes for some offense as both members of Team 12 Gauge go to work on Big Country. They keep the offense on McGraw as T is limited to cheering from the apron. Hunter keeps up with the forearms. He taunts T-Rantula into the ring. Morris is tagged in for a running, rolling elbow. McGraw is still down as Morris taunts the Hall of Famer, T-Rantula. Hunter has McGraw in a sleeper. Badfingers attempts to see if McGraw can go by dropping his free hand. On the third attempt, McGraw battles out enough to tag in T-Rantula. He clotheslines both opponents and tag in McGraw. They each hit Morris with a boot. McGraw attempt to press Morris but Harley gets him in the eye. Morris goes for a splash, but McGraw meets him with a spear for the pin and win. McGraw probably has his best showing so far as a Megastar in this match. 12:26

Big Mike Malachi v. BROhemoth

Malachi takes his time getting into the ring as the fans are solidly and loudly behind BROhemoth. The two 300-pounders lock up. The long-time veteran Malachi goes for BRO�s eyes. That slows down the Megapixel Megastar. Malachi follows that with a clothesline. BRO gets up and lays in some big right hands on Malachi. The two collide in the center of the ring, belly-to-belly and the pop rankled some windows on Sedgwick and Grant. Malachi puts a boot to BROhemoth�s back. He turns that into a headlock. Malachi rakes BROhemoth�s eyes over the top rope. Malachi forces BRO into a corner for a big overhand chop. Then another. Malachi complains that his hand is hurt. A whip is returned but Malachi ducks the splash. Malachi hits BROhemoth with a belly-to-belly suplex. BRO is up at two. Malachi has BRO in the ropes. He uses the ropes for offense. He chokes BRO with the ropes. Referee Jimmy James admonishes the long-time Megastar. BROhemoth is still weakened in the corner. Malachi suplexes him down. There�s a two-count on BROhemoth. Malachi kicks BRO in the gut. Malachi gut wrench suplexes BROhemoth down. Two count. Malachi is in total control at this point. Malachi puts the boot to BRO and weakens the appendage. BRO is very slow getting up. Malachi hits him with a brisk punch to the head. BROhemoth, out of nowhere, fights back. The fans explode. He slams Malachi down but doesn�t immediately recover. He lands his Bowser Bomb but again doesn�t follow through. That�s enough for Malachi to kick out of the pin attempt. He lands another Bowser Bomb but Malachi rolls to the corner. That move took a lot out of BROhemoth. BRO readies for Malachi to get up. There�s a splash and a spear to Malachi. BROhemoth shouts that it�s �Game Over.� He scoops Malachi up and slams him down for the win. 10:21.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: The Jester v. David Lawless (champion)

The Jester slaps Lawless in the buttocks before the bell rings. That temporarily distracts the champion. The Jester does a cartwheel, which is his usual shenanigans. Once the bell rings, The Jester rides Lawless like a pony and hip tosses him around the ring. Jester nearly gets a pin fall right off the bat, but Lawless is too experienced for that. Lawless charges The Jester in the corner and the challenger tosses him over the top rope. Once on the apron, Lawless dodges a kick and blasts The Jester down. He keeps up the offense with a leg drop and pin attempt. The Jester gets a shoulder up at two. Lawless gets The Jester in the ropes and slaps him on the buttocks, returning some early-match nonsense. Lawless drops The Jester down and the challenger kicks up from a pin attempt. The fans chant loudly for The Jester. He battles with offense and runs the ropes. Lawless hits a Flawless drop kick that stops that momentum. There�s a two-count. There�s an elbow drop on Jester and pin attempt that ends at two. The fans cheer louder. He nearly rolls Lawless up. Nearly. The Jester is on all fours at Lawless preens for the crowd. Jester stops offense and hits a suplex on the champion. The fans chant for The Jester again. Two count on Lawless. There�s a reveal on The Jester�s buttocks and a butt plant in the center of the ring. The Jeter rallies with clotheslines and a body slam. A standing cannonball nearly scores a three count. Nearly. The Jester hits Lawless with kicks. Lawless hits The Jester with a neck breaker but only gets two. He hits another neck breaker. Lawless drops a leg from the corner. Two count. The Jester is really charged by the fans and ready for this historic battle. Jester fights back with some offense and an elbow on Lawless. A kick nearly scores a victory. Early. The Jester climbs for the Frog Splash. He is distracted by Lawless. The referee is nearly bashed. Lawless hits The Jester with a low blow. The Final Order is next. Lawless retains. 9:22.

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