Millvale Goes Big Country, Bubba Survives Napier And The VFD Lumberjacks, All Champions Retain During Day Two

September 16, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The second day of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) at Millvale Days saw all of the organizations’ championship defended. It also Mitch Napier delivered to the ring by the entire Millvale Volunteer Fire Department, “The Gavel” gets an Enigmatic challenge, and Battle Royal sees a lot of heavy-hitting action.

KSWA Tag Team Championship Match: The VIPs v. Kris Kash and Shane Starr

Shawn Blanchard gets Shane Starr in a headlock. Shane Starr gets an upper hand with an armbar that sends Blanchard into the corner. He eventually gets to Faime and makes the tag. Starr body slams Faime. Kash is tagged in and he drops a double sledge onto Faime’s arm. Kash tags in Starr and the tag team champions double clothesline Faime down. Starr muscles Faime up for a suplex. Faime, the veteran, is able to recover for a clothesline on Kash. Blanchard is tagged in. Kash recoers and clotheslines Blanchard. Blanchard pulls the Spear out of his bag of assault weapons. Kash tries to fight out of some grinding facial maneuvers, but Blanchard answers with a side suplex. Faime is tagged in and he taunts Starr. Faime knocks him from the apron and onto the pavement. Kash fights back against Blanchard and makes the tag; however, referee Patrick doesn’t see it. Faime holds Kash down and hits a slam. Faime gets Kash in a Bear Hug. Kash won’t submit. Faime slams Kash down in the center of the ring and tags in Blanchard. Blanchard taunts the crowd. Blanchard misses a back elbow and the two collide in the center of the ring with double clotheslines. Kash gets to Starr as the crowd goes crazy. Blanchard gets to Faime. Starr gets Faime in the Sharpshooter and Kash hits Blanchard with a Figure Four leg log. They both tap out. 9:42.

Dennis Gregory v. The Jester

Bubba the Bulldog comes to the ring with Gregory. Gregory calls Millvale a “landfill.” Special Guest Referee Bobby O calls for the bell, and The Jester gets on Gregory’s nerves. Dennis does get an advantage but The Jester is able to get out of it. He forces Gregory into the ropes and The Jester slaps him in the butt. That envokes the crowd to chant “butt slap.” The Jester gets behind Gregory and sways his hips. Gregory doesn’t appreciate that. The Jester gets some offense and drops Gregory down for a pinfall attempt that ends at two. Gregory rebounds and hits Jester with a chin breaker. Gregory goes to the outside and puts the ring steps on their side. The Jester gets out of some offense and gets Gregory into a corner. There’s a whip into the corner. Gregory responds with a neck breaker. He goes for a lazy pin by putting his shin over Gregory’s throat. Gregory keeps Jester down and then picks him up for the Jester and keeps him down. There’s another pin attempt. Gregory posts The Jester in the corner. Gregory continues with a series of boots to the chest. Bobby O admonishes Gregory for continuing the assault. Gregory nails The Jester with a knee. Gregory picks The Jester up but he fights back. The Jester does a sunset flip. Gregory catches The Jester and tries to pull his trunks down but he is blocked. The Jester drops a butt on Gregory. There’s a standing cannon ball and pin attempt. Gregory gets his shoulder up at two. Gregory gets The Jester down. The Jester pulls his own trunks down. He goes for the butt in the corner. Gregory hits him low. Gregory picks up The Jester and tosses him into the ropes and gets the pin. 9:54.

Golden Triangle Championship: Zak Hunter v. Anthony Alexander (champion)

Hunter attacks Alexander before the bell. Alexander recovers and fights back against “The Scum Bag.” Double A gets Hunter in the corner and whips him to another. There’s a clothesline and Hunter is reeling. Hunter recovers and uses the ropes to gain advantage over Alexander. Hunter gets Alexander down for a pin attempt. That ends at two. Hunter whips Alexander into the corner and is able to get some momentum. He has Alexander down for a sleeper hold. The fans chant for Alexander and that emboldens the Golden Triangle Champ. However, not enough, as Hunter suplexes him down and nearly gets a pinfall. Hunter punches Alexander in the head. Hunter pulls Double-A into the center of the ring for a pin attempt. He gets a two count. Double A fights back. He floors Hunter and hits him with a clothesline. And then another. Alexander hits the Prime-Time Cancellation out of nowhere to get the win. 6:45

Lou Martin v. Yinza

Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and the two combatants ready for competition. Martin gets the early advantage on Yinza, getting him in the corner for a series of punches. Martin continues the offense and chokes Yinza. Martin bails to the outside at one point as Yinza catches his breath. Yinza rebounds and hits Martin with a Monkey Flip out of the corner. Then there’s a bulldog. Yinza gets Martin in the corner for a clothesline. Yinza gets a near pin fall on Martin but the veteran comes back his own offense. Martin violently drops Yinza on the back of his neck. Yinza comes back and gets Martin down. Yinza gains momentum and hits Martin with the Yinza to Belly for the win. 5:51

Five Star Championship: Bubba the Bulldog (champion) v. Mitch Napier

Bubba The Bulldog hits the ring with his friend and “Team Don’t Care” tag team partner. Mayor Mystery is nowhere to be found Saturday afternoon. To answer that support, a fire truck roars to the ring, with lights flashing and horns blaring. The entire Millvale Volunteer Fire Department comes to the ring with Mitch Napier. Motorists on nearby Rt. 28 undoubtedly could hear the fans explosion of approval. Bubba complains that he didn’t sign up for a Lumberjack Match. KSWA Owner Bobby O, who serves as the Special Guest Referee in this match, says that he sees no reason why this can’t change. He announces that the defense is now a Lumberjack Match. Both veterans battle from the onset of the match. Napier at one point gets Bubba out of the ring. Referee Bobby O pushes Bubba the Bulldog. Bubba kicks Napier in the face and flips him over with a flying leg scissors. Bubba tosses Napier to the outside where the Millvale VFD patiently helps him back in. Bubba chokes Napier and gets him in a corner. That’s where Dennis Gregory ignores the Lumberjacks and chokes him from the outside. Bubba puts his boot on Napier’s neck while on the apron. Bubba pushes Napier and tosses him into another corner. Bubba hits the Bulldog. The VFD gets the crowd to chant for Napier. Napier kicks up at two. Napier fights back with punches and a drop kick. Napier hoists Bubba for a side suplex and then another. The fans go nuts. Napier goes up for a headbutt from the top turnbuckle. Gregory scampers to the apron and distracts Napier. Bubba hits Napier with the sidewalk slam and gets the win. 7:31

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Lucio Deveer v. David Lawless

The referee calls for the bell and Deveer drop kicks Lawless and gets the early advantage. Deveer gets Lawless to the outside and hits a suicide dive on the KSWA Champion. Deveer hits Lawless with forearms and tosses him back in. Lucio drops a leg on Lawless and follows that up with chops. There’s a twisting back elbow on Lawless and a standing cannonball. Two count follows. Deveer hits a clothesline and gets a near pin fall on Lawless. There’s a big chop on Lawless but The Gavel twists him around. Lawless drops Deveer down from the middle rope and taunts the crowd. Deveer kicks up at two. Lawless continues to keep the assault on Deveer and he hits a drop kick that keeps The Enigma down. There’s a leg drop. Lawless keeps the momentum going with kicks and a boot to the neck. Lawless calls the fans at ringside “losers.” He gets a neck hold on Deveer who breaks out of it. Lawless blocks a kick attempt but Deveer hits him with another foot. Deveer fights back with punches and a clothesline. Deveer rallies and hits a neck breaker. Lawless gets up Deveer gets boots into Lawless’ midsection. Two count. Deveer picks Lawless up and Lawless hits a neck breaker. Deveer kicks up at two. Deveer hits Lawless with a boot and scoops him up for a slam. Two count. Deveer picks him for a Death Valley Driver but Lawless blocks it. Deveer hits one again but Lawless kicks up at two and three quarters. Deveer dives off the top turnbuckle but misses as Lawless gets out of the way. Lawless kicks Deveer low after there’s a near collision with the referee. Lawless hits the Final Order and scores the win. 11:22.

The Millvale Battle Royal

The bell rings and everyone is involved in the Battle Royal. There are punches and chops everywhere. There’s no room for technicalities in this contest. T Rantula and others chop The King Del Douglas. Tommy Faime and Shane Starr are the first to be eliminated. Justin Sane is next. Yinza nearly goes over. Lou Martin is tossed out next. Harley T. Morris is next to go. The Jester, Yinza, T Rantula are next. Del Douglas is out. The Final Four are Zak Hunter, Sly Scarpone, Matt McGraw and BROhemoth. McGraw and BROhemoth go bull-on-bull. BRO knocks McGraw down with a shoulder block. McGraw counters with a splash in the corner. Scarpone hits Hunter. BRO kicks McGraw. Hunter and BRO kick Scarpone over the top and onto the concrete. It’s every man for himself as BRO and Hunter go at it. Hunter lowers the top rope on a charging BRO and he is deposited on the Millvale pavement. Hunter and McGraw are alone. They trade punches. McGraw clobbers Hunter with a clothesline. There’s a scoop slam on Hunter. McGraw misses a clothesline. Hunter is tossed over the top and onto the floor. McGraw is your winner. 11:11

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