Massacre Returns To Cash In For Golden Triangle Belt, Lawless Solves Enigma, Douglas Qualifies For Ferraro Tournament

September 23, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Lower Burrell and the Kinloch Volunteer Fire Department for the latest Sam’s Club of Tarentum-hosted Children’s Miracle Network fundraiser. All of the KSWA champions defended their titles for the Krazies and for the second year in a row, someone earned a slot in the upcoming Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament in November.

One of the championship matches featured a Battle Bowl cash-in and the others also featured top-notch competition.

Battle Royal To Earn A Spot In the Mario Ferrarro Sr. Memorial Tournament

The entire KSWA locker room empties for the Battle Royal. The bell rings and we are off to the races. Shawn Blanchard is the first Megastar eliminated. Bubba the Bulldog and David Lawless. Yinza, BROhemoth and T-Rantula are next. Lucio Deveer, Trick McSorley and Shane Starr are next to be eliminated. Lou Martin. Zak Hunter. Kris Kash. Anthony Alexander. Mike Malachi. That leaves Del Douglas, Mitch Napier, Tommy Faime, Justin Sane and McGraw. Justin Sane is next. Faime, McGraw, Napier and Douglas remain. Napier is kneed by Faime. McGraw, Faime and Del Douglas remain. Faime puts the boots to McGraw. Matt picks up Faime and dumps him over the top. McGraw and Douglas. The fans are firmly behind McGraw. McGraw body slams Douglas. McGraw goes to the apron and readies to go to the top for a controversial dive. Douglas meets him there and punches him off of the top for the incredible victory! Del Douglas will once again participate in the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament. 11:32.

Shawn Blanchard v. Yinza

Yinza fires up the crowd with his usual Yinza support. Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and this match is to begin. The Krazies at ringside are used to Blanchard allegedly hiding a foreign object on his person. Patrick looks all over for said object. Blanchard gets Yinza in a headlock. Blanchard grinds away. He runs the ropes and drops the Luchadore down with a shoulder block. Blanchard asserts that Yinza is cheating. They lock up in a test of strength. Blanchard gets the youngster down. Yinza fights back. Blanchard says that “Pittsburgh Sucks.” That’s enough for Yinza to power out and gain the advantage. Yinza gets Blanchard down on his knees. Yinza steps on Blanchard’s fingers. Shawn Patrick reminds Yinza that Blanchard “has to play piano in church tomorrow.” Blanchard bails to the outside and Patrick starts the count. Blanchard gets back in. Blanchard gets back in and grabs Yinza’s hand. Blanchard works on the Luchadore. Blanchard asks if he should break Yinza’s arm. The fans start chanting for Yinza. Yinza gains momentum and Blanchard’s arm. He drops Blanchard down and synchs in a twist of the arm. Yinza extends Blanchard’s arm and leg drops on it. Blanchard is down but still talking trash on Pittsburgh. Yinza is poked in the eye. Blanchard rams his head into the turnbuckle, but Yinza recovers. He pounds Blanchard’s head into the other turnbuckles. He gets all four and Blanchard is asleep on his feet. There’s a double sledge from the middle rope and Blanchard goes down. He gets into the ropes and attacked Yinza when he got close to the ropes. Blanchard continues the assault with a low blow. Patrick checks on Yinza but he isn’t ready to give up. Yinza is posted in a seated position. Blanchard wrenches Yinza’s mask, eyes and nose. Blanchard pulls Yinza down and stomps on his hands. Blanchard may be using an illegal object on Yinza. Yinza is whipped into the corner. Blanchard lays in some shoulders. He goes in again and Yinza jumps up and rolls him down in the center of the ring for a pin. The winner is Yinza! 10:17

Five Star Championship: T-Rantula v. Bubba the Bulldog (champion)

Bubba gets on the microphone and runs down the town. Jimmy James calls for the bell and starts a count out. Bubba continues to prolong the battle. Bubba gets into the ring and the fans in attendance cheer. Bubba continues to complain before the two long-time veterans lock up. T-Rantula tosses Bubba across the ring. Bubba runs off the ropes and into T for a shoulder block. That doesn’t seem to work, even after a number of attempts. Bubba is clotheslined out onto the pavement. Bubba tries to fix his own neck. T misses with a clothesline as Bubba ducks the attempt. Bubba jumps up and punches T down. T-Rantula is in the corner for a boot to the throat. Bubba celebrates his own work before choking T-Rantula in the corner. Bubba follows that up with a series of punches. Bubba puts an elbow into T. T reverses a whip into the corner but Bubba hits some offense and tries for the first pin attempt of the match. T kicks up at two. Bubba pokes T in the eyes. Bubba gets T-Rantula into the corner and then rakes his opponent’s eyes over the top rope. T rebounds and gets Bubba into the corner. There’s a big body slam. T-Rantula takes his turn digging at Bubba’s face and eyes. A clothesline drops him down in the center of the ring. T goes to the outside after Bubba falls there. T grabs nachos and hits referee Jimmy James with them. 7:43

VIPs v. BROhemoth and Mitch Napier

It’s Mitch Napier and Tommy Faime who start out. Napier has the early advantage with wrist lock, but Faime recovers and gets Napier down. Then Faime gets him in a corner. Napier reverses a whip and drives a shoulder into Faime’s gut. Napier tags in BROhemoth who whips Faime across the ring and then clotheslines him down. BRO suplexes Faime down. BRO wants to go for a Bowser Bomb early but Martin distracts him with a kick to the back. That’s enough for the collegiate-trained Faime to keep BRO down. Then there’s a clothesline and tag to the Face of Pittsburgh. BRO is whipped into the corner and clotheslined. There’s a one-count of the pin attempt. BRO is positioned in the middle rope for Martin’s dive onto his back. Martin stands on BROhemoth’s throat. Faime is tagged in. He clotheslines BRO down and delivers a couple of leg drops but doesn’t get a pin. Patrick is distracted by Napier who tries to climb in. Martin is tagged in and the chants for BROhemoth are deafening. BRO clotheslines Martin down and tags in Napier who drops a double sledge and gets only a two count. Napier spins Martin a dozen times and gets a two count. Napier picks him up and runs Martin into the corner for a series of shoulder blocks to the midsection. A flying leg scissors is next. Napier hits the head butt from the top rope. Napier tries to pick Martin up but he hits Napier low. Faime is tagged in. He continues to assail Napier and hits a huge hip toss for a two count. Martin sneaks in and puts the boots to Napier. The VIPs double suplex Napier. Martin kicks Napier. Martin measures for a kick to Napier’s head. Martin punches Napier and side slams him down. There’s only a two-count next. Martin picks up Napier and tags in Faime. Faime boots Napier and bodyslams him down. BRO races in and breaks up the pin attempt. Napier is pinned again but gets a shoulder up at two. There’s a rollup and between the two and they only end at two. Martin is tagged in and he hits Napier with a head butt. Both men miss offensive moves but collide with a double clothesline. They each get to their partner. BRO cleans VIP house. The crowd ramps up. BRO hits both VIPs with splashes in alternate ends of the ring. Both VIPs are down. BRO goes after Martin but Faime rolls up BRO for a near pin fall at two. Napier gets in and he and BROhemoth double suplex the VIPs. Faime is out of the ring. BRO hits the Bowser Bomb and F-5. He covers Martin and gets the pin. 10:48

KSWA World Heavyweight Championship: Lucio Deveer v. David Lawless (champion)

The bell rings and David Lawless tries to get the crowd in his corner by insulting them and Lucio Deveer. "The Enigma" tries to get the fans fired up but Lawless attacks from behind. He whips Deveer into the ropes and back elbows him to the mat. Lawless is in the corner and Deveer tosses him out. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. Lucio punches Lawless and snap mares him down. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. Deveer clotheslines Lawless down and gets a two-count on the pin attempt. Deveer climbs the top rope. Referee James admonishes him. Lawless dives onto the ropes and knocks Deveer crashing down. Deveer is posted in the middle rope and Lawless dives onto him. He admonishes the crowd and drops Deveer down. Lawless gets Deveer into a headlock. Lawless leap frogs Deveer and drop kicks him down. There’s a pin attempt at two. Lawless kicks Deveer in to the corner. The fans are loudly against Lawless. Deveer recovers and kicks Lawless down and gets a two-count. Both Megastars are slow to get up. A swinging neck breaker on Deveer is next. There’s a leg drop and two count. Deveer gets his shoulder up. Lawless gets Deveer into a headlock. Deveer tries to get the fans in his corner. They respond he breaks out of the headlock and drops Lawless down after running the ropes. Both wrestlers are down. Jimmy James starts to count both men down. They collide with fists in the center of the ring. Lucio slams Lawless down with a series of clotheslines and his own neckbreaker. Deveer drops Lawless down and gets a two and a half count. Lawless picks Deveer up and drops him with another neck breaker. There’s a leg drop from the top rope and gets a two and three quarters count. Deveer scoops Lawless up and Death Valley Drivers him down. Lawless gets a shoulder up at two and three quarters. Deveer asks the crowd for help and goes to the top rope again. Lawless rolls out of the way, pulls the ref in the way and pokes Deveer in the eyes. Deveer reels. Lawless hits the “Final Order” neck breaker and records the win. 10:12

KSWA tag team championship: Team 12 Gauge v. Kris Kash and Shane Starr

Team 12 Gauge attacks the champions and the bell rings. Kash and Starr recover and Kash gets Morris’ arm over the top rope. Starr is tagged in and he uses the wrist lock to level Morris. There’s a shoulder that keeps Morris down. Kash is tagged in and he drop kicks Morris in the mush. The tag champs whip Morris into the ropes and double clothesline him down. Starr is tagged in and he his Morris with a standing suplex. Starr body slams Morris and goes for a pin that ends at two. Starr whips Morris into the corner and tags in Kash. Kash chops Morris and gets more offense before Morris reverses a whip. Hunter kicks Kash in the back. Hunter is tagged in and he keeps raining blows on Kash as the referee is distracted by Starr in the corner. Team 12 Gauge continues to maintain offense on Kash. Kash is hung up in the ropes. Hunter gets Kash on the floor outside and plows the multi-time champion’s head into the apron. Morris and Hunter administer some double-team action on Kash and nearly get a pin fall. Kash is put in a sleeper hold. He battles out of it but Hunter delivers a huge clothesline. Morris covers Kash and gets a two-count. Morris goes to work on Kash’s shoulder. Morris slowly pounds away on Kash before tagging Hunter, who delivers a double sledge from the top rope. Kash Sunset Flips Hunter but The Scum Bag gets caught up in the bottom rope. Hunter picks up Kash and buckle bombs him into Starr on the apron. The impressive move drops Starr onto the floor. Team 12 Gauge whips Kash into the corner post, where he dives out onto the challengers Kash gets to Starr and tags in his partner. Starr comes in and delivers a double clothesline. Morris is on the floor. Kash is on the top. Starr positions Hunter. Kash dives onto Hunter with a leg drop and the Lost Boyz retain. 6:23.

Golden Triangle Championship: Big Mike Malachi v. Anthony Alexander

These two Megastars have battled before and they were prepared for this contest. All of a sudden, the music of the 7-foot tall Jack Massacre hits the scene. Massacre makes a surprise appearance and cashes in his Golden Triangle Championship opportunity from January’s Battle Bowl. This becomes a Triple Threat contest. Massacre attacks both Megastars from the outset. Massacre pulls Alexander’s leg and hangs him until The Prime-Time Player can get to the ropes. Malachi asks “what’s this about” and the two pull Alexander out into the center of the ring. Hard. Malachi drops a leg. Alexander tries to fight back but Massacre clobbers him with a short, strong right hand. Massacre whips Alexander into the corner and he falls to the center of the ring in a heap. Alexander tries to fight back against the 7-foot-tall Massacre. Massacre stands on Alexander’s back. Malachi picks up Alexander and suplexes him. Massacre suplexes Alexander and the Golden Triangle Champion is in the corner. Massacre picks him up. They deliver a double back elbow. Malachi puts a neck on Alexander’s throat. The former KSWA tag team champions who were prominently featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal in June, 2014, are working together successfully in what is essentially a handicap match. They suplex Alexander again. Alexander has not had much chance at offense. Malachi says this is “like old times.” Alexander is draped in the middle rope. Malachi drapes a leg over the champion and then when the referee eyes that infraction, Massacre does it. The fans are squarely behind Double-A. Massacre pushes Alexander in the corner while Malachi administers punishment on the outside. Malachi pulls Alexander into the ring post by the crotch. Massacre holds Alexander and Malachi delivers a big boot. Double A tries to fight back against both Megastars. Massacre makes that comeback short by delivering a clothesline. Malachi puts a shin on Alexander’s neck. The ref admonishes him. Malachi picks Alexander up and pokes him in the eye. Malachi tries to gut wrench Alexander but stumbles. He easily does it the second time. Both challengers are just toying with the champion now. Alexander is whipped into the ropes and he explodes out with a double clothesline on the challengers! All three men are down. Massacre is the first up. He picks up Alexander and choke slams him down. Malachi picks him up next. He hits the famed Malachi slam. The two argue. Alexander jumps up and hits the Prime-Time Cancellation on both men! Alexander covers Massacre and retains. 11:09. Massacre and Malachi leave together.

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