Two World Class Title Defenses For Lawless, Douglas Wins Gold, Wild Street Fight Highlight Incredible Lawrenceville Card

September 24, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The KSWA returned to Lawrenceville for the first RC Cantina and Hornitos Tequila-sponsored wrestling event.

Mexican War Streets Title Match: Douglas v. La Lucha

The King Del Douglas comes to the ring, and then KSWA favorite La Lucha. The bell rings and the two-long time KSWA veterans lock up. La Lucha is pushed into the corner and Douglas levels La Lucha with a right hand. He picks La Lucha up and buries some knees into his gut. There’s a one count on La Lucha. Douglas grabs him by the crotch, drops him with a chop and gets a one count. There’s a body slam and Del climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and lands a fist that’s “banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” He lands it but doesn’t follow up. Douglas congratulates himself, goes for La Lucha’s mask and drops him to the mat. La Lucha is on his knees and Douglas chokes him with wrist tape. La Lucha rebounds and drops Douglas. He hits a splash off of the middle ropes and gets a two count. La Lucha gets Douglas in the corner and hits Douglas. He may have poked him in the eye as a way of revenge. There’s a whip into the corner and a splash on Douglas. A boot puts him down. La Lucha splashes on Douglas from the middle ropes twice and then calls for one more. He climbs to the top rope and gets splashes again. There’s a two and a half count. Douglas is under the bottom rope. La Lucha boots him in the gut. La Lucha might have cheated in some way. Douglas gets to his feet. La Lucha hits a drop kick and makes the cover. He only gets two. La Lucha synchs in for a sidewalk slam. He gets two on the pin attempt. La Lucha may or may not be biting Douglas’ knee. La Lucha misses with a splash. Douglas hits the “Drop It Like Its Hot” and wins the Mexican War Streets Championship! 5:21

Tommy Faime v Joey Honitos

Honitos, who looked awfully familiar being 155-lbs and from Tijuana, Mexico, rolls into the ring and is checked out by referee Jimmy James. Faime gets a wrist lock on Honitos and flips him over. Joey reverses the move and hits a flying cross body block and nearly gets a pin fall. Faime exits the corner with a hip toss on Honitos. Then there’s a body slam. James counts to two as Joey kicks out of the move. Joey rolls him up and nearly gets a pin fall. Faime digs at Joey’s throat. Faime clotheslines Honitos down. Faime mocks the crowd and body slams Honitos for a two count. Faime yells at the ref. Joey is whipped into the corner and Faime hoists him up. There’s a big body slam and a leg drop. Faime pulls Joey up at a one count. Then he does it again. Sunset flip is next. Faime blocks it and flips down onto Faime. A neck breaker for the duke. 3:32

Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard v. Anthony Alexander (champion)

Bobby O is the Special Guest Referee and his hair was perfect. Bobby O calls for the bell and the match begins. Alexander tosses Blanchard into the corner and out of the ring. Blanchard claims that Alexander pulled his hair. He argues on the outside. Alexander has Blanchard in a headlock. Alexander says that he’s going to rip his head off. Alexander shoulder blocks Blanchard down, gets him in the corner and puts a boot to his throat. Alexander rains 10 punches down onto Blanchard’s head. Blanchard falls in the center of the ring. Bobby O counts to two. Blanchard is then run from post to post, his head bashed on the turnbuckles. Alexander follows with a clothesline. He misses with a splash as Blanchard smartly throws himself to the mat. That gives Blanchard a chance to catch his break and poke Alexander in the eye. Alexander meets Blanchard on the top rope and tosses him to the mat. Blanchard gets up and is hit with a flying clothesline. Two count. Blanchard may have poked Alexander in the eyes again. Alexander is on the mat and Blanchard digs at his eyes, ears and nose. Blanchard pulls him out into the center of the ring and kicks the GT champion below the belt. There’s a two count. Blanchard continues the assault on Alexander. Blanchard grasps onto Alexander’s trap muscles. Alexander, powered by the fans, gets up and boots Blanchard in the mush. Alexander hits the Prime-Time Cancellation and retains. 6:42

El Skeletorious v Big Country v Trick McSorley

All three wrestlers make their way to the ring. El Skeletorious swipes at McGraw’s boot from ringside like a cat. Once the action begins, McSorley goes after the mischievous El Skeletorious. McGraw also drops “Skelly.” There’s a Russian leg sweep is on Skelly. McGraw suplexes him next. A neck breaker is next from Trick on Skelly. A clothesline follows. Skelly hugs the ropes for a respite. McGraw takes the opportunity to go after Trick. There’s a huge splash on Trick by McGraw that moves the ring. Skelly rains blows on McGraw and goes after his knee. McSorley is in the ropes. Skelly kicks both of his opponents. There’s a pin attempt on McSorley by Skelly. Skelly sets his sites on McGraw by chopping him in the corner. McGraw is dropped by Skelly and McSorley re-enters the fray. He kicks Skelly in the corner. McSorley body slams Skelly and gets a two count. McSorley is back in and he goes after both opponents. McSorley is down and McGraw clotheslines Skelly. There’s a leg drop and Skelly gets behind McGraw. There’s a bulldog into the top rope. McSorley goes after Skelly. McGraw explodes on them with a spear and gets the win. 5:40

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Kash and Starr v. Team 12 Gauge

There’s an ambush by Team 12 Gauge on the KSWA tag champions as soon as they leave the tent. Kris Kash and Shane Starr rebound and fight into the crowd. Harley T. Morris shambles his way back to the ring and the fight continues behind the ring and into the parking lot. Kris Kash dives onto both opponents from eh top of the U-Haul truck. Once inside the ring, they call for the bell and Starr is all over Zak Hunter. Kash is tagged in and he comes down hard onto Hunter. There’s a flying leg scissors on Hunter and Starr tagged in again. Starr grabs Hunter’s arm and tags in Kash, who dives onto Hunter. Hunter is able to recover and clothesline Kash. Morris is tagged in. He beats on Kash and wrenches his neck. Morris pounds on Kash and drops him with a suplex. Hunter is tagged back in. Hunter gets Kash in the corner and chops him in the chest. Kash come out chopping. But Hunter is undeterred. He kicks Kash in the gut. Hunter punches Kash in the head and tags in Morris. Morris hits Kash with a knee and goes for a cover and gets two. Kash nearly gets to Starr but Morris blocks him. Team 12 Gauge beat on Kash and Hunter goes for the pin. Kash is whipped into the corner and he dives out onto both of his opponents. Kash gets to Starr. Starr explodes on both Starr gets Hunter into the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter and Kash wraps Morris up with the Figure Four. They both tap out. The winners are Kris Kash and Shane Starr. 6:00

Lou Martin v. Yinza

Yinza and Martin take turns turning their attention on the crowd. Martin takes that opportunity attack Martin from behind. Martin drops a leg on Yinza from the apron. Referee Bobby O admonishes Martin for his tactics against Yinza. Martin continues with a clothesline as Yinza is propped in a corner. Martin taunts the crowd. There’s a side suplex and pin attempt. Yinza gets a shoulder up at two. Martin continues to assail Yinza and bodyslams him. The fans chant “Garbage Pants.” Martin clotheslines Yinza down. Martin drops a leg on Yinza from the top rope. There’s a two count on Yinza. Yinza rebounds and whips Martin into a corner. There’s a monkey flip and bulldog. Yinza gets a one count. Yinza buries some shoulders into Martin. Martin is positioned in the middle rope for a double boot. Yinza body slams Martin and splashes him. He gets a two count. Yinza goes for a piledriver, but Martin hits him low. Martin argues that assertion. Martin hits Yinza for a Death Certificate. Yinza fights that off and hits the Yinza to Belly for the win. 6:01.

Jack Massacre (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Lucio Deveer

Mayor Mystery arrives on the scene and runs down the crowd. The two Megastars lock up and Massacre tosses Deveer across the ring. Deveer attempts to shoulder block Massacre but that doesn’t work. Deveer finally kicks Massacre in the knee to topple the giant. There’s a standing cannonball and a one count. Deveer hits Massacre with a series of reverse knife edge chops but that only leads to Massacre clotheslining The Enigma. Massacre assails Deveer and splashes him in the corner. There’s a two count on Deveer before he gets a shoulder up. Massacre picks up Deveer and floors him with a right hand. A suplex drops Deveer and a two count. Massacre drops Deveer again and misses with a leg drop. Both men are down. They get up at five and Deveer hits Massacre with right hands. A clothesline does nothing. A flying clothesline from the top rope finally falls the big man. Mayor Mystery tries to get the crowd behind Massacre. A Sidewalk Slam on Deveer ends in a two count. Deveer rallies with a couple of knees to Massacre’s chest and a two count on the big man. Deveer climbs to the top rope. Massacre meets him there and tosses him down. A power slam is next. 6:32.

Five Star Championship: Fatal Four Way with Mitch Napier v The Jester v Officer Dan Murphy v. Bubba the Bulldog (champion) with Mayor Mystery

The Jester grabs Bubba by the buttocks and that sends the Bulldog to the outside. Jester does it again on the outside and Bobby O calls for the bell. The Jester and Bubba are on the outside. Dan Murphy attacks Mitch Napier from behind. Bubba hits The Jester with a bottle of water. Napier is tossed on the outside. Now it’s Officer Dan and Bubba. Bubba wants to know if he should shake hands with Murphy. They do and Bubba still wallops him with a right hand. Now, all four Megastars are in the ring. The Jester and Bubba are knocked to the outside. It’s Napier and The Jester one on one. They lock up and before anything else can happen, Bubba and Murphy return. Bubba gets Murphy to ram Napier’s head into Jester’s chest. Soon, Napier and Jester are in opposite corners. Bubba suplexes The Jester and Napier fights off Murphy. Napier hits Murphy with European Upper cuts. The Jester may have hit Bubba low. Napier suplexes Murphy out. Bubba sunset flips Bubba but Bubba stops it. He pulls down The Jester’s trunks. Jester whips Napier into Bubba and that turns into a drop kick. They whip Murphy into Bubba and Jester gives Murphy and Bubba the Stink Face. Both Megastars are out of action for a few minutes. It’s Jester and Napier. Bubba and Murphy respond to kick Jester in the mush. Napier shoulder blocks all of the opponents. And Murphy misses with a splash. Bubba kicks Murphy and then Jester. There’s a boot to Jester. Murphy nearly rolls Bubba up for the win but that ends at two. It’s a big mayhem. Napier gets Jester up a Sioux Falls Sam but slides out of it. Jester kicks him in the head. Jester tries to pin Napier but Murphy breaks it up. The 300-pound Murphy climbs to the top rope and lands a flying clothesline on Jester. Napier breaks up that pin attempt. Napier gets Murphy in the corner. Napier measures Murphy and hits a Coast to Coast drop kick to Murphy. Napier crashes to the concrete. On the inside, Bubba and Mayor Mystery attack The Jester. Mystery hits Jester with the cane. Bubba drops Jester and gets the win. 9:42

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: BROhemoth v. Lawless

The bell rings for the Main Event and BRO calls the crowd. They respond. Lawless attempts to get the crowd to shout for him. They don’t. He insults them. They lock up and BRO tosses Lawless across the ring. Lawless slowly gets ready. They lock up again and BRO tosses him aside. Lawless grabs BRO from behind, and the big guy simply jams him into a corner. A shoulder block drops Lawless. Another does the same. Lawless bails to the outside. Lawless is dropped to the mat by BRO’s shoulder block. BRO tosses Lawless across the ring. And then a second time. BRO bodyslams Lawless down and drops a leg. Jimmy James gets into position and counts to two. BRO misses with a splash. Lawless jumps over the top rope and smacks BRO in the head. They trade offense and Lawless knees him in the chin. There’s a snap mare and neck breaker. The fans chant for BRO. The assault continues on BROhemoth. BRO rallies back and slaps Lawless down and into the crowd. BROhemoth chases Lawless around. BRO slams Lawless’ head into the apron. The champion slides back in. BROhemoth follows. Lawless lands a chin breaker. BRO is knocked down and Lawless asks where their hero is now. A leg drop follows and a two count on the challenger. Lawless gets BRO in a chin lock and BRO runs the ropes. Lawless hits him with a drop kick. Jimmy James counts to two. Lawless mocks the video game enthusiast BROhemoth and chokes him by using his knee on the back of BRO’s throat on the middle rope. BRO rallies and gets Lawless on the ropes. A suplex follows and a two count. Both men are down. BRO gets up and readies to charge Lawless. He misses a splash. Lawless hits him with two knees to the back and hits a neck breaker. Lawless drops a leg from the top rope and gets a two count. BRO says he isn’t “done yet.” Lawless gets up and says he is going to put BRO down. BRO reacts and suplexes Lawless. BRO hits the Bowser Bomb and only gets two. BRO says “Game Over.” He picks up Lawless, but he slides out of it. Lawless hits BRO with the Final Order and gets the win. 10:42

Post-Match: Lawless gets on the microphone and congratulates himself on the impressive win. He runs down the crowd and issues an Open Challenge. Suddenly, the Megastar he defeated for the belt, former KSWA Heavyweight Champion Mitch Napier responds! Jimmy James checks Napier and the match begins.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Lawless v. Napier

The bell rings and Lawless takes off. There’s an eight-count before Lawless comes back in. Napier immediately gets Lawless down and on the mat for a pin attempt. Lawless gets out of it and gets to his feet. Napier gets Lawless down and into an ankle lock. Lawless gets to the ropes. Lawless calls for a Test of Strength and gets the upper hand enough to body slam Napier. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. Lawless boots Napier and whips him across the ring. Mitch reverses it and suplexes Lawless. He gets a two count. Napier clotheslines Lawless down. Napier swings Lawless but the champion pokes him in the eye to stop. Napier hits a flying leg scissors. A flying body block is next. Two count on Lawless. Lawless pokes him in the eye and lands a flying back elbow. Two count. Lawless gets Napier in a sleeper hold. The fans chant for Napier. Mitch gets up and buries some elbows. There’s a back elbow on Napier and Lawless lands a leg drop. Two count. Lawless suplexes Napier and there’s a two count. Lawless goes to the corner and misses a flying leg drop. Napier is up and clotheslines Lawless down. Then there’s another and another. Mitch suplexes Lawless. Mitch goes to the top for the flying head butt. He lands it. Napier gets up and drops the strap on his singlet. He makes the cover but Lawless gets to the ropes. Napier hits a European Upper cut. And there’s a monkey flip out of the corner. Napier hits the ankle lock. Lawless is able to get to the ropes. Napier goes for the Sioux Falls Slam. Lawless fights it. Lawless goes low with a crotch shot. He hits Napier with the Final Order and gets the win. 10:01

KSWA Owner Bobby O comes to the ring and thanks everyone for coming. With that, Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin arrive on the scene. The VIPs come out and say that they aren’t leaving without gold. Bobby O says that “sounds like a challenge.” The KSWA tag team champions, Kris Kash and Shane Starr arrive on the scene. A Lawrenceville Street Fight is commissioned and “one last fight”—as a youngster at ringside requested.

Lawrenceville Street Fight: Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin v Kris Kash and Shane Starr (champions)

Lou Martin hits Shane Starr with a chair. There’s plenty of fighting in the crowd. Lots of chairs and garbage cans were tossed. At one point, Shawn Blanchard and Kris Kash battled all the way to Butler Street traffic. The fight continues for several minutes and everything around is used. Blanchard tosses Kash inside. Kash hits a cross body block on the VIPs after taking a heckuva beating. Kash hits the VIPs with a double noggin knocker. They are slammed into the U-Haul. Kash climbs to the top all over again and dives from the top. Starr gets a bunch of chairs. Kash sets this up on the inside of the ring. Martin sunset flips Starr onto the chairs. Blanchard hits Kash with a Spinebuster Suplex. He only gets two. Martin pulls Starr over the top rope the hard way. Martin uses a chair on Starr’s throat. A steel chair is positioned in the middle turnbuckle. Starr is tossed toward the corner. He blocks it. Martin rushes in. Starr moves. Martin hits a chair and Starr hits the Shining Wizard for the win. 9:43

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