Alexander, Kash & Starr Sweep The Weekend; Massacre Impresses, Gregory Bests Jester, BRO Leads Team To Victory

September 30, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The KSWA returned to The River Church for Fam Con, 2018 under the sunny, Autumn days of Franklin Park. All of the VIPs were ready to take championship gold on this the KSWA’s 251st event, and less than 24 hours after scrapping at Spirit Hall.

BROhemoth, Mitch Napier, Matt McGraw & Justin Sane v. Dan Murphy, Del Douglas, Zak Hunter & Harley T. Morris

The team of BROhemoth, Mitch Napier, Matt McGraw and Justin Sane is set to take on Officer Dan Murphy, The King Del Douglas, as well as Team 12 Gauge. Napier gets Douglas by the wrist before Justin Sane is tagged in. Sane climbs the top rope and goes Old School to wrench Douglas’ shoulder. BROhemoth is tagged in. He immediately body slams Douglas. McGraw is tagged in next. They double team Douglas with a clothesline. McGraw gets Douglas in the corner and chops him. Then there’s a suplex. Douglas is tossed in the corner and Napier is tagged in. Douglas is able to get to Morris. Napier shrugs hi off and the two chain-wrestle, with Napier getting an advantage before Morris German Suplexes the former champion. Hunter is tagged in and he Superman punches his opponents. Murphy is tagged in and he gets Napier in the corner for some offense. There’s a shoulder and a side slam. BRO breaks up the pin attempt. Napier is forced in the corner with all of his opponents. Murphy side slams Napier in the center of the ring. Morris is tagged and he splashes Napier. Hunter is tagged in. He drops a leg and goes for a pin. Hunter suplexes Napier down. He gets a shoulder up. Murphy shouts at his opponents. Bobby O is distracted and all of the opponents attack Napier on the apron. Murphy smashes a knee into Napier, who is posted in the ropes. There’s a body slam and pin attempt. Sane breaks it up. Douglas attacks Napier from the outside. Murphy gets Napier down for a pin but that ends at two. Morris is tagged in and he continues to attack Napier with a clothesline. Morris keeps a brisk attack on Napier. Hunter and his team smash Napier down. That provokes all to enter the ring for a battle. Hunter spears McGraw, who immediately pops to his feet. McGraw spears him. Murphy spears McGraw. BRO side slams Murphy. Murphy swings and misses with a night stick. BRO hits Murphy with the World’s Strongest Slam for the win. 8:40

Dennis Gregory v. The Jester

The bell rings and The Jester frolics for the crowd, which angers Gregory. The two lock up in the center of the ring. Jester gets behind Gregory and slaps his buttocks. Gregory is not happy. They each search for an advantage and Jester gets behind Gregory and slaps him in the butt cheeks. Gregory attacks The Jester but the Jester hip tosses Gregory a number of times. Gregory is on all fours and The Jester rides him like a pony. The Jester gains an advantage and drops Gregory with a clothesline. Jester is on the apron and Gregory meets him there. Gregory attacks and gets The Jester on the mat for what appears to be a blatant choke. Gregory attacks Jester in the ropes and shoots him off to the center of the ring. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. Then another. Gregory is on top of Jester with a submission move. Gregory pulls Jester down from behind. Then there’s a submission move that ends at two. Gregory has Jester in the corner for a boot to the throat. Jester is whipped into the corner. Gregory rakes The Jester’s back. The drills Jester and keeps him on the move. There’s a clothesline and lazy pin attempt with a boot on the throat. That ends in two. Gregory drop kicks a seated Jester. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. Jester rallies for some fists. Jester hits a sunset flip and lands on Gregory’s chest. Jester rallies and clotheslines Gregory. There’s a running cannonball and two count on Gregory. Jester goes to the top rope and misses with a frog splash. Gregory had rolled out of the way. Jester splashes Gregory in the corner. Gregory gets Jester down and with the assistance of his boots in the rope, records a win. 8:48

KSWA Tag Team Championship: VIPs v. Kash and Starr with Pastor Mark Helsel

The River’s Pastor Mark Helsel led the tag team championship to the ring. Kash and Blanchard start off with Kash and a wrist lock. He tosses Blanchard across the ring. Blanchard charges that Kash pulled Blanchard’s closely-cropped head of hair. Blanchard gets the upper hand and rakes Kash’s arm over the top rope and into Martin’s clutches. He does it a second time in the corner. Kash reverses the move and puts Blanchard in Martin’s clutches on the apron. Martin realizes the infraction. Martin kisses Blanchard’s boo boo and enters the contest with Shane Starr. Martin gets Starr into Blanchard’s clutches. Martin clobbers Blanchard by mistake. The VIPs are reeling. Martin and Starr once again face off in the center of the ring. The action is fast and furious as Blanchard is once again knocked off the apron by Starr. Starr splashes Martin and gets him down for a pin attempt that ends at two. Starr tags Kash. Kash dives from the top turnbuckle and onto Martin. Martin recovers after more offense and lands a big clothesline. Blanchard is tagged in and he drops Kash to his seat. Blanchard digs at Kash’s nose and ears. Blanchard calls for Martin’s knee. He smashes Kash into Martin’s knee. There’s a double clothesline that causes Bobby O to go after Starr. The VIPs double team Kash and Martin hits a leg drop for a two count. Starr urges the fans to chant for Kash. Martin drops Kash with a clothesline. Blanchard is tagged back in and he goes after Blanchard. Bobby O intercepts and Blanchard continues with the assault. Kash gets to Starr but Bobby O doesn’t see it. Blanchard and Martin continue to double team Kash. Martin clotheslines Kash and races back to the apron. Kash is picked up and Blanchard smashes Kash’s head into the turnbuckle. Blanchard gets in Bobby O’s face and pushes the ref. Kash is whipped into the corner and he flips out onto Blanchard. Kash gets the Starr, Martin to Blanchard. They are slammed together and Shane hits Martin with the Side Slam for the win. 10:19. Post-Match. Pastor Helsel celebrates with Kash and Starr The VIPs attack Kash and Starr from behind and turn their attention on the Pastor. Helsel double clotheslines the VIPs, which sends the fans into a tizzy.

Joey Quervo v. Jack Massacre

Quervo was a last-minute replacement for Sly Scarpone, who had travel problems. Quervo tries to uses his entire body against Massacre but that ends up with a body slam. Massacre steps on his back and clotheslines Quervo down. There’s a head butt on Quervo. Massacre uses the bottom rope to choke Quervo. He whips Quervo into the corner and clobbers him down. There’s a pin attempt that ends when Massacre picks him up and then down for a body slam. There’s a two count before Jack picks up his shoulder. Massacre hoists Quervo up for a Standing Suplex and then crashes down. Massacre power slams Quervo for the win. 3:18

KSWA Golden Triangle Championship: Tommy Faime v. Anthony Alexander

The two veteran KSWA Megastars lock up. Faime is forced into the corner. It’s a clean break. Faime forces Alexander in and chops Alexander instead of breaking clear. Alexander breaks out and clotheslines his opponent. Bobby O counts to two as Alexander dropped Faime. Alexander whips Faime into a corner but misses with a shoulder in the corner. Faime takes advantage of the miscue. Faime uses the bottom rope on Alexander. Bobby O admonishes Faime for using the ropes to his advantage. Alexander is down for a two count. Double A gets a shoulder up and won’t submit. Alexander is jammed in the corner. Faime clotheslines the Golden Triangle Champion and goes for an arm bar. Faime uses he middle rope for leverage. Faime lets go of the hold. Alexander won’t give up despite several technical and submission moves. Faime gets behind Alexander for a version of the Cobra Clutch. Alexander manages to get out of it. Out of nowhere he hits the Prime-Time Cancellation and gets the win. 4:48

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