Gregory Continues Rampage Against Bobby O, Bubba Survives Scarpone, Massacre Intensifies In Mt. Pleasant

October 21, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Since Dennis Gregory joined the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) he has been impressive. He near dethroned then-KSWA Champion Mitch Napier in a hard-fought contest. He and Bubba the Bulldog formed “Team Don’t Care” and won the KSWA tag team championship. Since that time, he has been keeping a firm grip on championship opportunities. Few Megastars are as competitive and intense as the veteran multi-time Western PA champion. And he is only becoming more forceful as the calendar progresses and FanFest looms. And the KSWA's debut in Mt. Pleasant at the Hot Shots Sports Arena is the next stop on his rampage.

Officer Dan Murphy v. Tanner Reynolds v. BROhemoth

A Triple Threat Match started the proceedings. All three wrestlers make their way to the ring. BRO and Murphy tie up to see who is more powerful. At first, it appears that Murphy is the stronger of the two. He forces BRO into the corner. All the while Tanner Reynolds is on the outside. The two 300-plus pounders battle it out before Murphy is sent to the outside. Reynolds rushes in and tries to gain an advantage over BROhemoth, but he is tossed to the outside as well. Soon, Murphy and Reynolds are on different sides of the apron and connive a plan to go after BROhemoth alone. The are able to get the big man into the corner. Reynolds lays a couple of right hands into BRO’s head. The two continue their assault on BROhemoth. The two take turns dropping double ax handle sledges on BROhemoth, but he eventually battles back. BRO is seated in a submission move. Reynolds lays on the mat, away from all the action. Murphy puts the boots to BRO and then Reynolds gets him in a sleeper hold. BROhemoth slams him into a corner. He kicks Reynolds and then Murphy. BROhemoth splashes both competitors and suplexes Reynolds. Murphy retaliates and gets BRO down and follows with an elbow. Reynolds then goes after Murphy for the first time. The two fight each other with near pin falls. They argue and that allows BROhemoth to catch his breath. He slams Murphy and then misses a splash on Reynolds. There’s a near pin fall on BROhemoth by Murphy. Murphy and Reynolds try to get back on the same side by joining forces against BROhemoth. Reynolds hits Murphy out of the ring. Reynolds and BROhemoth brawl. Reynolds goes to the top and is caught trying a flying cross body block. BROhemoth drops him with the World’s Strongest Gamer’s Slam and gets the win. 9:30

Handicap Match: Joey Quervo & Trick McSorley v. Jack Massacre

The bell rings and Quervo is dumped to the outside. Massacre gets McSorley into the corner and overhand chops McSorley so hard that you could hear it in the rafters. He tosses McSorley around and hits him with two more chops. McSorley is body slammed so hard that the ring bounces off of the ground. Massacre asks if “that’s all they got” in competition. Referee Jimmy James answers, “I guess.” Massacre gets him in a version of the Boston Crab. Quervo races in at that point and is met with a head butt and one-handed body slam. The ring cracks with the collision. McSorley is whipped in the corner. Quervo dives in and is caught. He is thrown into McSorley. He slams McSorley out of the ring. Quervo is picked up for a standing suplex. It’s all Massacre at this juncture. Massacre clotheslines McSorley down. There’s a knee to Quervo’s back as his arms are pulled back. Massacre continues with the offense. Massacre picks up both Megastars. Double choke slam. Double pin. 4:28.

The VIPs—Tommy Faime and Lou Martin—vs. Kris Kash and Yinza (w/Tyler Davis)

In this tag team contest, Yinza and Faime tie up and Yinza gets the larger and more experienced former KSWA Champion into the corner. It’s all Yinza in the early going and Yinza hits Faime with a back elbow but just gets a one-count. Yinza continues with the offense and hip tosses Faime down. Yinza hits the rolling Thunder on Faime but only gets one. Kash is tagged in and he jumps from the top rope onto the outstretched arm of Faime. There’s a double elbow on Faime. Martin is tagged in at the 3:00 minute mark of the match and he goes right after Kash. Martin keeps the action on Kash. Kash is whipped into the corner and hit with a boot to the face. Referee Bobby O is distracted and the offense continues on Kash. Faime is tagged back in and he drops Kash down. Faime drops Yinza from the apron and the VIPs continue their underhanded attack on Kash. Faime, with one hand, suplexes Kash down. There’s a two count. Faime hip tosses Kash down and gets another two count. Martin is tagged back in. Martin grabs Kash and side slams him down for a two count. Martin picks up Kash and forces him into a corner. Kash is whipped into a corner post, he rolls out of it and right onto Martin. Both men are down. Martin gets to Faime, Yinza to Faime. Faime is posted in a corner with a series of boots and a version of the stink face. Next is a La Lucha dive onto Faime. The count is broken up because Faime’s hand was on the bottom rope. Martin and Kash battle on the outside. Yinza and Faime fight on the inside. Yinza misses a drop kick. Faime gets him in a sleeper. He is able to get out of it. The battle wages on. Yinza hits Faime with the Yinza to Belly for the win. 9:34

KSWA 5-Star Championship: Sly Scarpone v. Bubba the Bulldog (w/Dennis Gregory)

Melanie Taylor from 100.7 FM is the Special Guest Time Keeper for the match. Bubba the Bulldog comes to the ring and charges up the crowd. The match begins. Sly Scarpone tosses the Bulldog across the ring and Bubba immediately claims that we hurt. Scarpone gets Bubba in an arm bar and then Bubba gets his shot. Scarpone goes low and drives Bubba down. It’s all Scarpone, who slams Bubba down. He rolls to the outside and Scarpone is ready for his return. Gregory checks on Bubba and then Scarpone double noggin knocks them on the apron. Scarpone hits Bubba with a standing suplex and gets a two-count from referee Jimmy James. Bubba is forced into the corner and Scarpone levels with a couple of punches. Bubba, out of nowhere, kicks Scarpone in the head and down to the mat. Bubba goes after Scarpone’s eyes. Scarpone is hit in the face by Gregory on the outside. Bubba picks up Scarpone and whips him into the ropes. There’s a flying back elbow that drops Scarpone. Gregory applauds all of it. Bubba gets Scarpone in a submission move, then whips him across the ring. There’s another toss into the corner. Gregory is on the apron, and fixes a turnbuckle. Scarpone is hit with the running Bulldog. Scarpone is rolled over. Two count. Scarpone tries for an advantage but Bubba reverses it and whips him into the corner. Bubba is whipped into the corner, however, Sly cannot follow up. Both Megastars have low gas tanks. Sly hits Bubba with a couple of punches and then a connects with a body slam. Gregory breaks up a pin attempt. Scarpone gets Bubba up for the 5-Star. There’s a two count. Both men are spent. Scarpone is up and blocks a punch attempt. Scarpone has nothing left on his punches. There’s a side slam into a sleeper. The referee raises Bubba’s hand. Bubba’s hand drops two times and then Dennis Gregory distracts the official. The third time, Bubba’s hand drops; however, the ref doesn’t see it. Once the referee gets rid of Gregory, Scarpone tried to say he won. James didn’t see the third drop. By this time, Bubba was re-energized. He walks right into the Bubba the Bulldog Rock Bottom for the win. 11:15.

Mitch Napier v. Dennis Gregory (w/Bubba the Bulldog)

The match begins with Gregory and Napier chain wrestling. The two continue with grueling mat action for several minutes. Napier gets Gregory into the ropes and breaks the hold. The two lock up again and Bubba even gets involved on the apron. Napier gets Gregory in the corner and whips him into another. Gregory stops the offense and drops Napier down in the center of the ring. Gregory gets Napier into a sleeper hold but Napier won’t give up. Gregory rains blows onto Napier’s back. Gregory keeps the submission moves on Napier; however, he can’t clinch the hands to maximize the move. Napier knees Gregory in the head and gains at least temporary momentum. Napier nearly rolls Gregory up. Napier goes for a slam; however, Gregory gets out of it and jams his knee into Gregory’s back. There’s a choke hold on Napier. Gregory hits Mitch with a knee. Then there’s a knee to the eye. Gregory continues to hit Napier with knees. He goes for a pin and Napier gets a shoulder up. Gregory goes for a suplex, but Napier breaks it. Napier tries to suplex Gregory but Dennis breaks it up. Gregory posts Napier in the corner. He lands a trio of punches; however, Napier blocks one and the two trade blows. Gregory posts Napier for a superplex. Napier fights him off. Napier goes for a double sledge off the top rope but Gregory super kicks him. Napier gets a shoulder up at two. Napier explodes with action and dead-lifts Gregory all over the mat. Napier goes to the top rope and lands a head butt from the top rope. Bubba gets into the ring and Bobby O catches him. Bobby tosses Bubba out. Gregory 12:09. Bobby restarts the match. Dennis Gregory doesn’t want to come back in. He races in at Bobby O’s 7 count. He gets back in and attacks Napier from behind. Gregory whips Mitch into the corner. Napier fights out and whips Gregory into the corner. Gregory dives out of the corner and Napier catches him. He gets Gregory in a Sioux Falls Slam and gets the win. 2:02.

Post-Match: Gregory punches Bobby O out and alleges that the owner of the KSWA has it out for him. Trick McSorley and Joey Quervo race out to try and help Bobby. They are unceremoniously swatted away by Gregory. It isn’t until Napier returns to the ring that Gregory takes his leave for the evening. Bobby O is helped back to the locker room.

Six Man Tag Team Action: Team 12 Gauge and Del Douglas v. The Jester, Matt McGraw and Justin Sane

The bell rings and all six men go at it. Team 12 Gauge are knocked out of the ring. The Jester grabs The King by his wrist and may or may not have taken a bite out of the King’s forearm. The Jester is tagged in and he does the same. Big Country is tagged in and he whips The King around and chops him in the chest. Justin Sane is in next and he suplexes Douglas. The Jester is tagged in and the two “make a wish” with Douglas’ legs. McGraw comes in next and he bodyslams Douglas into the corner with Team 12 Gauge. Zak Hunter is tagged in and so is The Jester. This showdown features two of the KSWA’s younger and more successful competitors. The Jester rides Hunter, slaps him in the shorts and other offense, but maybe not in that succession. The two collide with shoulder blocks in the center of the ring. Hunter whips The Jester in the ropes and Harley kicks him in the back. That’s enough to slow down the Jester. Douglas chokes The Jester with the ring ropes from the apron. Morris continues offense and then tags in Hunter. Hunter stomps The Jester in the corner, all with Del Douglas’ trademark, shouting instruction. The tag is made to The King. Douglas grabs The Jester by the crotch and chops him down. A two-count follows. Douglas puts a boot to Jester’s throat. Hunter is tagged in and he goes for a pin but stops at two. The Jester grabs Harley by the nipples. That slows Morris down for a second, but only angers him for a series of heavy blows. He grabs The Jester by the ample nipples and nipple tosses him across the ring. Douglas is tagged in and lands the fist that’s “banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” Morris is tagged in and he kicks Jester in the face. There’s a two count. Morris insults The Jester, but he counters with a kick to the face. That drops Morris. Jester is able to get to his corner. Big Country goes after The King. Douglas is sent to the outside. Morris takes over on Big Country. He comes out hard. He clotheslines Morris down. The powerslams The King. He blocks a double clothesline attempt from Team 12 Gauge. He spears them both. Sane and Jester hit matching splashes on Team 12 Gauge and get the win. 10:13

Golden Triangle Championship: Blanchard v. Alexander

These two long-time foes ready for a classic encounter. Shawn Blanchard may or may not have an illegal object in his possession as the match gets underway. Kids at ringside are going insane, claiming that Blanchard is doing something illegal. The match gets underway with a lock up and Blanchard is tossed across the ring. Blanchard claims that his hair was pulled. Blanchard has always kept his hair cut close to the skull. Alexander gets Blanchard is a head lock. Alexander shoulder blocks Blanchard and he retreats to the outside. Blanchard waits to a six-count before returning to the squared circle. Blanchard apes the trademark dance and pose of Buff Bagwell, a wrestler that Alexander has always admired. They go for a Test of Strength but Alexander gets the better of it. He stomps on Blanchard’s hands. Alexander clotheslines Blanchard from corner to corner. There’s a back elbow that drops Blanchard in the center of the ring. Blanchard is in the ropes. Alexander pulls him out. Alexander posts him in the corner for a big right hand. Alexander climbs the ropes and rains 10 punches down on Blanchard’s head. Blanchard comes out swinging at air and falls down. Alexander goes for a pin but only gets two. Blanchard rakes Alexander’s eyes and gets him in the corner. It’s all Blanchard now as he punches away at Alexander, who is in the ropes. Blanchard may have used an illegal object in his hand as he dug at Alexander’s eyes. Blanchard continues to pound away at Alexander. Next is a head to the turnbuckle. Blanchard goes for a splash, but Alexander boots him in the face. A power slam is next. Blanchard is slow to get up. Alexander bounces in anticipation. The Prime-Time Cancellation floors the challenger and the victorious pin. 10:00.

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