Alexander Wraps Up Incredible Weekend, Kash & Starr Retain, Scarpone Rebounds At Successful Sheraden Debut

October 22, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) debuted in Sheraden for its 22nd event of the 2018 campaign with a bang. The standing-room-only crowd was hot from the very beginning of the packed matinee. They were ready to see all of the Megastars as they debuted in western neighborhood within the city for the very first time.

Del Douglas v. Yinza

The Sheraden crowd went wild for Yinza, just as they did with boos for Del Douglas a few moments earlier. The “Dairy Queen” chants immediately started. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell and the Krazies are ready. Yinza has a VFW T-shirt and he plays matador to a charging Del Douglas. The Pittsburgh Luchadore hooks Douglas in a headlock. Douglas whips him into the ropes and stops to stomp on Douglas’s booted feet. Douglas bails to the outside to get a change in momentum. Yinza whips him into the corner and nearly gets a pin-fall. Douglas hooks in a headlock but Yinza reverses it and nearly gets a pin-fall from a suplex. It’s all Yinza, who clotheslines a seated Douglas and nearly gets the win. Yinza posts Douglas’ head into the top turnbuckles and stops on the fourth for a series of punches to the head. He gets to 10, Douglas comes swinging out. Yinza pushes him down and gets a two-count. Douglas is up for a rake of the eyes. Douglas gets Yinza down and puts him in the bottom rope for a bit of punishment. Douglas chokes him down in full view of the referee. Douglas gets Yinza down and drops an elbow. He gets only two on the pin attempt. Then it’s the Royal Sharpshooter on Yinza. He won’t give up. Douglas has is hooked in, but Yinza is able to crawl to the bottom rope. He lets go of the submission move and poses to the crowd. Yinza is up. Douglas punches Yinza and whips him into the ropes. Yinza tries for a Sunset Flip; however, the veteran Douglas blocks it. Douglas puts a boot on Yinza’s throat. Douglas easily scoop slams the larger Yinza and then hits the fist that’s “Banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” He gets only two on the pin attempt. Yinza reverses a whip into the corner and body splashes Douglas. There’s a bulldog that whips out both competitors. They are then both up. Douglas is whipped into the corner. There’s a Yinza Monkey Flip out of the corner. Yinza is ready for Douglas to get up. There’s a Yinza to Belly for the win. 8:30

Joey Quervo v. Jack Massacre (w/Mayor Mystery)

Mayor Mystery gets to the ring and says that Joey Quervo “looks like someone from Sheraden put a mask on. The bell rings and Massacre holds Quervo’s head as the Drunken Luchadore swings wildly at the 7-footer. Massacre drapes him over the top rope and then body slams him down in the center of the ring. A tectonic plate may have shifted. A second bends the ring. There’s a clothesline off a whip to the ropes that would have taken any footwear off of the barefoot Quervo. A suplex leaves Quervo nearly motionless. Massacre catches a flying cross body block. Massacre ties him to the Tree of Woe and backs into him at high velocity. There’s a powerslam for the win. 2:38

Fatal Four-Way: Tanner Reynolds, Lucio Deveer, Sly Scarpone and The Jester

The Jester cartwheels to start the match. He calls for a Test of Strength between the four men. They all lock up. Jester is the first to get to a knee. Reynolds follows. They both get up. Now all four Megastars get to their knees. Jester laughs and gets up. Soon they step on each other’s boots and more traditional offense starts. Jester and Deveer are tossed to the outside. Scarpone and Reynolds get into a handshake Test of Strength. Reynolds has the first bit of offense; however, Scarpone rebounds. They run the ropes and Scarpone body presses Reynolds. Deveer races in and knocks Scarpone down. Scarpone is whipped into the corner but he levels Deveer with a kick. Deveer rebounds and side suplexes Scarpone down. Jester and Reynolds brawl. The Jester makes the save on the pin attempt of Scarpone. There’s a two count on Deveer via the Jester. Jester drops Deveer. Reynolds is tripped onto Deveer. Jester points it out as funny. He drops his buttocks on the twosome. The offense becomes fast and furious. Deveer dives onto all of his opponents on the outside. On the inside, Jester and Deveer battle. Deveer gets the Jester in a sleeper. Scarpone comes in and gets a sleeper on Deveer. Reynolds puts a sleeper on Scarpone. Not to be outdone, Referee Jimmy James puts one on Reynolds. After a while they all crumple. Jester is the first one up with shoulder blocks to each of his opponents. Reynolds and Deveer brawl. Deveer is whipped across the ring and splashed upon by Reynolds. Scarpone tries to get an opportunistic pin but that’s broken up. Scarpone tries to roll up Reynolds over and over again but the pin doesn’t come. Jester clotheslines Deveer from the top rope. Jester picks up Scarpone for a neck breaker. Reynolds grabs a hold of The Jester. Deveer kicks all of them down. Deveer hits Scarpone with a Death Valley Driver. Jester kicks Deveer with in the head and hits a Frog Splash. Reynolds breaks it up. There’s a back cracker on Jester. Scarpone hoists Reynolds up for the 5-Star and gets the win. 11:08

KSWA Tag Team Championship: VIPs—Faime and Blanchard—v. Kris Kash and Shane Starr

The VIPs are eager and ready for the champions, who are one of the biggest roles of their careers. The bell rings and Blanchard starts off against Starr. Blanchard may or may not have an illegal object on his personage. Krazy kids at ringside go ballistic; however, referee Jimmy James can’t find a thing on him. Starr pushes Blanchard in the corner and a familiar refrain follows. Blanchard tries to say that Starr pulled his hair to get an advantage. Blanchard gets Starr in the corner and punctuates it with a cheap shot. Blanchard posts Starr into Faime’s clutches. He goes to punch him but Starr moves and Faime gets a right hand to the jaw. Blanchard does it a second time; however, Kash gets involved and whips Blanchard toward Starr. He ducks and Blanchard knocks Faime from the apron. The two VIPs fall to the outside but then regroup. Faime is tagged in. Starr and Faime each search for an advantage. Faime pulls Starr down by the locks. That only angers Starr who clobbers both VIPs before tagging in Kash. They double clothesline Faime and Kash drop kicks “Mr. Tenacity” down. There’s a running clothesline in the corner for Kash and a tilt-a-whirl drop kick in the corner. Starr is back in. He whips Faime into the ropes and drops him for a pin attempt. Starr grabs Faime wrist and twists the appendage. Starr drops him with shoulder blocks and tags in Kash. There’s a double sledge on the outstretched arm of Faime. Kash misses with a clothesline but Faime delivers in a huge way. Blanchard is tagged in. Blanchard chops away at Kash and gouges his eyes. In the corner, Blanchard chops Kash a couple of times before Kash returns the fire. Blanchard follows through with a huge clothesline and keeps Kash down. Blanchard gouges and digs at Kash’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Blanchard calls for Faime’s boot and drives Kash’s head into it. Faime uses the bottom rope across Kash’s throat with the referee distracted. Faime body slams Kash hard in the center of the ring. There’s a two count on the pin attempt. Kash nearly rolls Faime up but only gets a two count. Kash is whipped in the corner and Starr knocked from the apron. Blanchard attacks Kash and the referee is distracted by Starr. The VIPs double team Kash and Faime snap mares Kash down. Blanchard is tagged in. Blanchard threatens to kick Kash below the belt and he does. There’s a spine buster suplex on Kash but he kicks up at one. Kash is whipped into the corner and he springs out onto Blanchard. Both Megastars are down. Blanchard gets to Faime, Kash to Starr. Starr locks in the Sharpshooter. After a few tense moments, Faime taps out. 12:54

Officer Dan Murphy v. BROhemoth

Joey, a 7-year-old birthday celebrant, rings the bell to start the action. Murphy dodges a couple of charges from BROhemoth and calls him “SLOWhemoth.” The two super heavyweights run the ropes and collide with shoulder blocks. Neither gives an inch. BRO bodyslams Murphy and sends the officer to the outside. BROhemoth clotheslines Murphy once he was back in. Murphy puts a knee in BROhemoth’s skull and rams him into the corner post. BRO and Murphy are both on the outside. Murphy rams BROhemoth’s arm into the ring post. Dan hustles back in to stop the count out. He races back out to slam BRO’s arm into the ring post a couple more times. Murphy keeps the offense going on BROhemoth before the Level 4 Gamer starts punching back. Murphy kicks him down to stop the gaining momentum. Murphy kicks BROhemoth in the shoulder and drops a leg on his out-stretched arm. Murphy connects with a huge right hand. Then another. Dan races across the apron and kicks BRO in the head. BRO starts to fight back with punches and kicks. Murphy posts him in the corner and whips him across the ring. There’s a running clothesline on BROhemoth. And then another. When he goes for a third, BRO gets out of the way. His German Suplex on the 302-pound officer bounces the ring. Referee Jimmy James counts both men down but BRO is the first up. He splashes Dan in the corner twice but Murphy moves for the third attempt. He tries to roll up BRO but that is broken up when James sees his boots on the middle rope. BRO breaks up offense, whips Murphy into the ropes and grabs him for a World’s Strongest Slam for the win. 7:32

Tag Team Match: Team 12 Gauge (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Matt McGraw and Mitch Napier

Zak Hunter and Mitch Napier start off. Napier starts off by getting behind Hunter and driving him to the mat. Napier grinds Hunter into a pin-fall attempt, but he kicks out at two. Napier, who had a grueling match with Dennis Gregory less than 24-hours prior, continues to keep Hunter reeling and close to the mat. Napier gets Hunter in an ankle lock but breaks it to rough up “The Scum Bag” a little more. There’s an Atomic Drop into the corner with McGraw. He picks up Hunter and Napier clotheslines him down. Hunter gets to his corner and Morris. McGraw meets him with a clothesline and a deadening body slam. There’s a two count before Morris gets a shoulder up. McGraw waits for Morris. He nearly body presses Morris but Hunter wisely races in for the save. It is a chop to the knee, but it does allow for a moment of relief. Hunter keeps McGraw down for some work on the leg. Morris drops a knee on McGraw and keeps the pressure on Big Country. McGraw will not give up on the submission move. Morris shoves Napier from the apron and that’s enough to distract the referee. Hunter is in and the two “make a wish” with McGraw’s legs. Hunter keeps McGraw down and Morris drops an elbow on his opponent. Morris keeps control of a leg until McGraw gets to the ropes for the break. Morris gets a front face lock on McGraw, who desperately needs to get to his feet. He drop-kicks McGraw down and makes the tag to Hunter. Hunter makes the cover on McGraw but he kicks up. Hunter keeps the pressure on the leg. There’s a kick to the thigh. McGraw is posted on the bottom rope for some choking. Mayor Mystery does his share of dirty deeds on McGraw as the referee looks in the opposite direction. Hunter distracts the ref and Mystery and Morris double team McGraw on the bottom rope. There’s more choking with wrist tape of a belt with the ref looking elsewhere. Morris kicks McGraw in the back. Morris taunts Napier who races in to face the referee. They continue to double team McGraw. Team 12 Gauge pick up Mc Graw and toss him into the ropes. He breaks a double clothesline and spears his opponents. Mayor Mystery is knocked from the apron and Napier tagged in. There’s a German Suplex on Hunter and a toss to the outside. Morris attacks Napier from behind. Napier reverses a whip attempt into the Sioux Falls Slam and the win. 10:57

Golden Triangle Championship: Lou Martin v. Anthony Alexander

The two long-time rivals take a while to get comfortable with one another. The bell rings and the “Scary Cat” chants directed quickly turn to “Garbage Pants.” The meet in the center of the ring and Martin instigates a Test of Strength. He switches hands and is met with a punch to the head. Alexander clotheslines Martin down and to the outside. The “Face of Pittsburgh” is livid. With his hair mussed, Martin evades Alexander until the current Champion goes outside to meet him. Alexander gets Martin in a headlock and a female patron socks him in the head. They circle the ring and Alexander uses whatever he can against Martin, mostly the ring. Martin is tossed back in and Alexander kicks him in the side of the skull. Martin attempts a “time out” but that doesn’t work. Alexander kicks him and body slams him down in the center of the VFW lodge. Alexander scoop slams Martin again. There’s a third body slam and kick. Alexander clotheslines Martin down and into Jimmy James’ embrace. Alexander picks him up and tosses him over his head, across the ring and onto the cement floor. Alexander follows to the outside again. Miraculously, Martin rebounds and drives Alexander into the apron. Martin picks up a steel chair and blasts Alexander across the back with it. The sound is thunderous. He next jams the chair into Alexander and keeps the pressure up. There’s a punch to the head and a ram into the apron. Martin keeps the offense up on the outside. Martin bites Alexander in the head. The count-out gets to seven. Alexander rolls back in. Martin drops a leg on Alexander. Martin puts a boot to the kidneys. Alexander is posted on the middle rope and Martin dives on him. Martin delivers a serious of vicious knees to Alexander’s back. Alexander gets to his feet in the corner. Martin whips him across the canvas. Martin has Alexander in a painful submission move. He drops the GT champion and delivers a couple more boots, this time using the ring as leverage to get higher with each drop. There’s a boot to Alexander’s neck as he is posted on the middle turnbuckle. Alexander is whipped into a corner and then another. This time, Alexander springs out and clotheslines Martin down. Alexander punches away until Martin gouges his eye. Seated on the top turnbuckle, Martin is met by Alexander. He punches Alexander off and drops a flying elbow. There’s a two-count. Martin punches away at Alexander and the big man reverses a whip. Alexander hits a version of a spinebuster suplex. Martin gets up and right into the Prime-Time Cancellation for the win and retention. 13:00

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