They May Not "Care," But Bubba The Bulldog And Dennis Gregory Have Never Been Better As Marquee Matches Loom

October 25, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

One thing has been certain: ever since Bubba the Bulldog and Dennis Gregory joined the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA), the duo has been having the time of their lives inside the squared circle.

This may have not been more evident than when the duo commandeered the KSWA’s debut at Hot Shots Sports Arena in Mt. Pleasant.

With heavy influence from Dennis Gregory, Bubba the Bulldog survived the challenge of an eager and athletic Sly Scarpone. Scarpone, the Indian Lake, Pennsylvania powerhouse, had been priming himself for an opportunity at the 5-Star Championship. He posed one of Bubba’s most daunting challenges to date, and perhaps that’s why Gregory was never far from his “Team Don’t Care” co-hort.

Toward the end of the match, Scarpone was able to get Bubba in a version of a Sleeper Hold that had The Bulldog on his stomach, wrenched back into submission. The referee dropped Bubba’s hand not once, but twice before Gregory, sensing the title slipping away, jumped to the apron. That distracted the referee and Bubba’s hand being dropped for a third time. Scarpone, feeling that he was victorious, got up to celebrate. However, the referee just got rid of Gregory and turned around. Knowing that he didn’t recognize the submission, called off the win as premature. By this time, the veteran Bubba was able to get up and ready for a Rock Bottom. As soon as Scarpone turned around, he fell victim to the powerful move. Bubba retained and celebrated with Gregory.

Not to be outdone, Gregory was to face Mitch Napier and for good measure, Bubba came out with him. Gregory and Napier put on a wrestling clinic for the fans. The two athletes are technical marvels inside the squared circle and are incredibly powerful. Gregory is also able to feed off of Bubba when the two long-time friends are together for mischief. At a key point in the matchup, Bubba got into the ring and special guest referee Bobby O caught the infraction. Bubba was tossed from ringside. Gregory ended up losing the contest; however, afterwards he once again attacked KSWA Owner Bobby O. Gregory continued the offense even as Trick McSorley and Joey Quervo tried to make a save. Bobby O was injured, had to spend time in a medical facility and missed the next day’s event.

And all of that occurred even though their manager, Mayor Mystery, was away in Parts, Unknown.

Gregory and Bubba’s continuous ascent has been nothing short of remarkable. Since Gregory debuted at the Battle Bowl in 2017, he has impressed. In his first outing, the veteran was able to defeat MV Young, then a Pittsburgh-based brawler known for his strong-style abilities. Gregory was able to match up move-for-move with the younger scrapper. Gregory wasn’t able to get by then-KSWA Champion Mitch Napier; nor past then-tag team champions T-Rantula and The Jester with Jay Flash as his partner.

Jack Massacre fell to Gregory in a couple of one-on-one matches, but it wasn’t until Bubba debuted in the KSWA that both Megastars were able to hit on full-cylinders. On September 9, 2017, the team debuted and bested Massacre and Lucio Deveer. Gregory then moved onto fellow Western PA veteran T-Rantula for a couple of matches. Although he may be outsized, Gregory uses his entire body as a weapon and oftentimes catches even the biggest Megastars off their game.

By the end of 2017, the team was challenging for KSWA tag team gold. By early January, 2018, the newly-branded “Team Don’t Care,” led by Mayor Mystery, won the KSWA tag team straps from T-Rantula and The Jester. For some, the KSWA turned upside down with that win.

Like Gregory, Bubba had an opportunity for the KSWA’s top prize not long after joining Pittsburgh’s professional wrestling organization. And like Gregory, Bubba was unable to rest the Commonwealth’s most prestigious championship from Napier.

“Team Don’t Care” had their most impressive win of their championship reign on May 5 at Spirit Hall, where they defeated Kris Kash and Shane Starr, as well as T-Rantula and The Jester, and Mike Malachi and Jack Massacre in a Four Way Elimination Tag Team Match. All of the teams have boasted KSWA tag team championship runs. Bubba and Gregory continued to defeated Kash and Starr, and The Bulldog even captured the 5-Star Championship at Brawl Under the Bridge this past July.

In August, Bubba and Gregory lost the straps to Kash and Starr, but remained undaunted. Bubba the Bulldog successfully defended the 5-Star Championship at Millvale Days against Napier even though Mitch had the promotional benefit of being escorted to the ring in a blaring fire truck. Gregory weaved his way through the Millvale VFD firefighters to assist his partner. And not to be outdone, Gregory powered his way past the Jester earlier the same afternoon.

Gregory has not slowed down one iota. He has battled veteran tail-kickers Shane Starr, Sly Scarpone, Justin Sane and Mitch Napier. Although he lost to Napier on August 25 at Cribbs Field in Verona, Gregory began his tear against KSWA Owner/Special Guest Referee Bobby O when he clobbered the boss post-decision. (Gregory had previously pummeled referee Shawn Patrick in Springdale earlier this year and was temporarily suspended for his actions.)

On September 22, Bubba survived the challenge of another veteran, T-Rantula, although the decision was by disqualification. At Round Corner Cantina the very next day, Bubba held onto the belt during a Fatal Four Way that also featured Officer Dan Murphy, The Jester and Napier. That weekend alone proved that Bubba has never been better.

On September 29, Gregory muscled his way past Justin Sane and Lucio Deveer in a hard-hitting triple threat match. The very next afternoon, he bested The Jester in yet another outdoor event this summer that featured temperatures above normal.

Since then, Bubba has defended the 5-Star title successfully against much-improved challengers like Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore.

And all of that led to the dominance the Krazies witnessed in Mt. Pleasant recently. The two showed those in attendance that they are itching for FanFest season. Gregory has a slot in the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament in Sharpsburg at the VFD on November 3. The KSWA Championship Committee has also taken great notes on Bubba and have included him in a Fatal Four-Way for the KSWA Championship. He, Sly Scarpone, and Jay Flash are set to take on KSWA Champion “The Gavel” David Lawless as part of the fundraiser. Gregory and Shane Starr, Del Douglas and Justin Sane make up the tournament field the same evening.

The night could be very large for “Team Don’t Care” and that’s even before the card is set for FanFest on December 1.

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