Starr Hopes To Add Tournament Win To Resume, Lawless To Defend In Fatal Four Way, Tag Team Battles Rage Before FanFest

November 1, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

In the five years in which the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has hosted the Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament, Shane Starr has only participated in his hometown’s charitable tournament once and never got past the semi-finals. This year, the KSWA returns to the Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department this Saturday, November 3 and Starr will take part in the festivities.

This year’s tournament, and entire night, will be unique.

In the first round of the tournament, it’s Starr versus Dennis Gregory, as well as “The King” Del Douglas taking on fellow veteran Justin Sane. With the exception of last year, Douglas has taken part in every Ferraro Memorial Tournament, but never got past the first round. Sane has only ever been in one tournament (the first in 2013), and Gregory has never been involved.

In all actuality, it has not been explained how Gregory is able to be involved in the prestigious tournament. As the Krazies will remember, Gregory attacked KSWA Owner Bobby O in Mt. Pleasant after his match and loss against Mitch Napier. Gregory had been suspended for an indefinite amount of time, which really only included the KSWA’s debut in Sheraden.

This much is sure: there will be a new Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament winner in 2018.

After a record-setting season of inactivity, the KSWA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line in Sharpsburg on Saturday. The current champion, “The Gavel,” David Lawless, Esquire, has been absent from the KSWA since September 23, when he did successfully defend against BROhemoth and Mitch Napier in singles matches. The defenses have been the most remarkable of his reign so far. It’s been uncertain why Lawless has been absent; however, the KSWA Championship Committee has decided to make next match another classic.

Lawless will defend in a Fatal Four Way, which means “The Gavel” could lose the most coveted wrestling title in the Commonwealth without even being pinned. He is set to defend against the current 5-Star Champion Bubba the Bulldog, one-time former KSWA Heavyweight Champion Jay Flash, as well as the surging “Big Sly” Sly Scarpone.

Flash has only taken a part-time schedule with the KSWA in 2018, but his pedigree and standing as a former KSWA Champion has allowed him a position in the tournament. Bubba, who has already become one of the best 5-Star champions since the division’s creation, gets another opportunity at the biggest independent wrestling prize around. Plus, Scarpone nearly defeated The Bulldog in their showdown in Mt. Pleasant. All four Megastars are assuredly ready for this last title defense before FanFest. Any of these athletes would be thrilled to headline the Main Event of Independent Professional Wrestling’s biggest Holiday event early next month.

All three of the VIPs—Shawn Blanchard, Lou Martin and Tommy Faime—will take on Golden Triangle Champion Anthony Alexander, Yinza, and “Big Country” Matt McGraw in 6-Man tag team competition. The battles waged between all six Megastars have topped many of the cards of the KSWA’s 22 events this year. Even though all know each other well, each time these wrestlers get together, there will be something new for the Krazies.

A tag team contest BROhemoth and Mitch Napier v. Zak Hunter and Harley T. Morris is set to position competition for the KSWA tag team championships. Team 12 Gauge—Hunter and Morris—have had many opportunities at tag team immortality in the KSWA, but have not yet won. Napier and BROhemoth are a relatively new duo but have the skills and know-how to climb up the rankings in a hurry. Plus, Napier is arguably the KSWA’s most successful Heavyweight Champion, and BRO is one of its most well-respected modern-day challengers. Again, both teams might find themselves poised for an important FanFest match.

Trick McSorley and Joey Quervo team up against Jack Massacre and “Big” Mike Malachi. The reformed “Big and Bigger” or “Irish Massacre” hope to regain tag team gold and because of their frequent absences in recent months, the duo has to start from the ground up. Massacre—now under the influence and tutelage of the “Manager of Champions,” Mayor Mystery—has never been more effective. The 7-foot-tall Massacre has never shown the type of intensity in the ring that he does now, and with a fresh Malachi, the two could look to regain past tag team gold. Could The Lost Boyz of Kris Kash and Shane Starr find themselves up against the largest team in Independent Wrestling? Only time could tell. Or, might McSorley and Quervo use their adversity to team together and make the most unlikely of tag team challengers? Quervo, when he is “on” can be an asset to any team, and McSorley has all of the physical tools to follow in the path of Megastars like Mitch Napier to the top of the mountain.

It all goes down this Saturday night, as the KSWA returns to the Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department, Station 265, of the 6th annual Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament and fundraiser. The Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department is located at 611 Main Street, Sharpsburg, PA, 15215. Bell time is 7:00 p.m. All tickets are $10. Card is subject to change. Call 412-726-1762.

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