Del Douglas Defies The Odds To Win Tournament, Lawless Holds Off Another Charge, Gregory Drama Continues In Sharpsburg

November 4, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

In the five previous years of the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament, “King” Del Douglas has participated in all but one. This year he returned with a vengeance.

The event also showcased another tough challenge for the returning KSWA Heavyweight Champion and continued some feuds as FanFest nears.

Semi-Finals: Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament—Del Douglas v. Justin Sane

“This is my year, I’m winning this!” shouts Del Douglas as the bell rings. The Krazies chant “Burger King” and then “Dairy Queen” at Douglas. The two lock up and Sane goes for the arm. He works the wrist and arm before going to the apron. Sane wrecks it over the top rope by diving to the bottom. He gets back in, grabs the arm again and goes “old school” to the top rope. He goes “Old School” and drops a fist onto the arm. Douglas goes low with a swinging arm to the privates. He gets Sane down for a two-count. Douglas posts Sane into the corner and drop kicks him there. Referee Jimmy James checks on Sane. Douglas picks Sane up and body slams him down in the middle of the ring. “The fist that’s banned in 49 out of the 50 states” is next. He connects but only gets a two count. The Royal Sharpshooter is next. Sane will not give in. He goes to three of the four sides of the ring before Sane gets to the bottom rope to force the break. There’s a leg drop on Sane. Sane gets to the rope again. Douglas grabs Sane by the crotch and chops him down. He only gets a two count. Sane blocks a whip and drops a leg on Douglas. He sets Del up for the Frog Splash. Del gets the knees up. Sane is down. Douglas grabs Sane, “Drops him like it’s hot” and gets the win! 5:43

Semi-Finals: Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament—Dennis Gregory v. Shane Starr

Gregory makes his way to the ring without erstwhile manager, Mayor Mystery. Shane Starr appears with an explosion of support from his home town fans. Referee Shawn Patrick checks both Megastars and Gregory insults Sharpsburg and the fans. The bell rings and both evenly-matched athletes circle the ring. Gregory, the long-time veteran, goes for Starr, but the tag team champion forces his opponent into the ring. They lock up and Gregory goes for the go-behind. Starr reverses it. Gregory goes for Starr’s feet and ties him up into the ropes. Gregory complains when Starr gets offense, but then goes after his opponent. Gregory gets Starr into the corner and lays in a right hand. A whip is reversed, but Gregory kicks Starr squarely in the chin. The Krazies scream in disapproval. He goes for another, Starr hits a clothesline instead. He gets Gregory into the corner for a series of punches to the head. Gregory wobbles and is floored with a hip toss. There’s a standing suplex on Gregory and a huge thud in the center of the ring. A pin attempt ends at two. Gregory avoids a Starr move and drops him down in the center of the ring. Then there’s a chinbuster. A back cracker is next. Gregory shouts at the fans at ringside who are 100% behind Starr. Starr is in the middle rope and then he is pounded with sledge-like blows. The fans chat for Starr, who gets up with some fists before he is brought down from behind. Gregory gets Starr in a sleeper-like hold but Starr breaks out of it. There’s a body slam on Gregory and a drop kick follows. Starr buries a couple of shoulders into Gregory. Starr goes for a spear but misses and crumbles out onto the floor. Gregory slams Starr’s arm into the ring post and climbs back into the ring. The count out begins. Starr gets to nine before diving back in. Gregory goes to work on the arm that was just rammed into the ring post. There are a series of punches to the arm and a slide head-first into another ring post. Gregory picks up a chair and slams Starr in the arm with it. The bell is called for and Starr is called the winner. 8:43.

Jack Massacre and Mike Malachi v. Trick McSorley and Joey Quervo

Referee Jimmy James checks on all of the competitors. Joey Quervo is ready to start it off against Big Mike Malachi. Malachi meets Quervo with a right hand to the skull. He picks him up and slaps him directly in the mask. Malachi body slams Quervo in the center of the ring. Massacre is tagged in next. He body slams Quervo so hard that the ring bounces. He scoops Quervo up again and tags in Malachi. There’s a leg drop on Joey and two-count. Malachi digs his knee in Quervo’s back but the Drunken Luchadore won’t give up. Malachi steps on his head. Quervo won’t give up. He is tossed into the corner and McSorley is tagged in. Malachi chops him right in the chest. Massacre chokes McSorley as Malachi has the referee distracted. Soon, Massacre is tagged in and he slams McSorley down. Massacre chops McSorley once in one corner, and then twice in another. Three more in another and then four more big chops in the first corner all over again. Malachi is tagged in and he body slams McSorley. There’s a boot to Trick’s head and more boot grinding to his left cheek. Referee James admonishes Malachi for the infraction and Malachi side suplexes the youngster down. He is tossed into the corner that’s where Quervo is tagged in. Quervo tries to body slam Massacre, but of course that goes nowhere. He tries again and Massacre just smirks. He catches a flying body press and drops the Drunken One down. Malachi is tagged back in. There’s double choke slam on Quervo. Malachi makes the pin on Quervo and gets the win. 7:27

KSWA Owner Bobby O and Acting Kommissioner/KSWA Ambassador Bob Badfingers come to the ring and tell the Krazies that some FanFest announcements will be made early next week.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Fatal Four Way—Jay Flash v. Sly Scrapone v. Bubba the Bulldog v. David Lawless

The bell rings and Scarpone is tossed over the top rope. He holds on and “Skins the Cat” back in. Sly Scarpone is in full charge with big forearms to everyone. He slams Lawless out of the ring and then Flash. Bubba the Bulldog, however, goes right after the muscle man from Indian Lake. Bubba digs at Sly’s eyes. Bubba riles up the crowd and Sly climbs to his feet. Bubba goes for a kick. It’s blocked by Sly kicks him down. Flash knocks Bubba outside and goes after Sly inside. He fire-arm carries him down and cannon balls on Sly. Scarpone kicks out. Lawless gets back onto the apron but Flash knocks him down. Flash body slams Scarpone and double stomps Scarpone. Lawless is back in and he slams Flash down and gets a two count right away. Lawless forearms Bubba and then Scarpone off of the aprons. Flash drops Lawless down and prepares for a super kick. He lands it and dumps Flash over the top rope and onto the cement. There’s a neck breaker on Scarpone by Lawless but only a two count. Lawless is in control as he posts Scarpone and knocks both Bubba and Flash off of the apron. The offense continues on Scarpone. A whip into the corner. A splash is met with a forearm. Lawless hits a Frankensteiner on Scarpone and gets a two count. Bubba grabs Scarpone’s leg off of a whip into the ropes. Flash is waiting for Lawless with a clothesline. Bubba and Flash face off. They trade punches. A Flash right hand puts Bubba down to one knee. Bubba fires back. The two trade more right hands. A double clothesline. Then a double clothesline on Lawless and Scarpone. Patrick starts the count on all four men. They all get up. Scarpone clotheslines all three. Scarpone then body slams two of the three. Flash breaks up that parade and hits an inverted atomic drop. Lawless forearms Bubba and hits a neckbreaker on him. Bubba is down. Lawless prepares for something off the top. Scarpone meets him there and hits a Frankensteiner. Scarpone catches Flash and F-5’s him. Bubba goes for a move and hits Scarpone and Flash with stunners. Lawless rushes in and hits the Final Order swinging neck breaker on Bubba and gets the win. 10:48.

6-Man Tag Team: The VIPs v. Yinza, Matt McGraw and Anthony Alexander

The action goes crazy as the VIPs taunt Yinza, Big Country and Double A. The team races in and dispatches of Tommy Faime, Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin. There’s a “Garbage Pants” chant throughout the Fire Hall. The bell rings several minutes after all six men make their way to the ring. Alexander tosses Blanchard across the ring. Blanchard claims that Alexander pulled his closely-cropped locks. Alexander readies for Blanchard. Yinza stomps his feet and the tension rises. Alexander gets Blanchard in a headlock. Blanchard tries to break out of it but that doesn’t work. Alexander shoulder blocks him down. Blanchard gets a reassuring hug from Martin on the apron. Blanchard wants to face Alexander with a Test of Strength. Blanchard kicks him in the gut to get him down to a knee. Alexander powers out and gets Blanchard down for a stomp on the hands. Blanchard hustles to his corner. Alexander paces. Martin is tagged in. Martin poses for the crowd and they go insane. Martin won’t choose a hand for the Test of Strength. Alexander punches him down and then clotheslines him through the mat. There are two body slams that have the “Face of Pittsburgh” begging off further advances. Alexander throws Martin across the ring and out to the floor. The VIPs toss him back in and Alexander hits a boot. Yinza is tagged in and whips Martin into the ropes and shoulder blocks him down. Big Country is tagged in next. There’s a big boot to Martin’s forehead. Country whips him across the ring and for a series of splashes. A big body slam is next. Yinza is tagged in and Martin goes for the eye. He tags in Faime. Faime side suplexes Yinza down and tags in Blanchard. The former 6-time KSWA Heavyweight Champion digs at Yinza’s face as he is posted in the ropes. Blanchard keeps the offense up on Yinza and drops him down. Blanchard calls for Martin’s boot and gets it. Martin is in for a series of boots and again Yinza is posted in the ropes. Referee Bobby O is distracted as Faime uses the ropes against Yinza’s throat. Martin kicks him in the head. Bobby O had restored order in the other corner. Blanchard is tagged back in and the two VIPs deliver a back elbow to Yinza. Faime is tagged in next and he keeps Yinza grounded. Martin is in next and he side suplexes Yinza down. Martin goes to the top rope but Yinza head scissors Martin down. Soon all six men are in the ring. The VIPs are tossed together in the center of the ring. Alexander readies for Faime a Prime-Time Cancellation. He hits it and gets the win. 10:49

Team 12 Gauge v. BROhemoth and Mitch Napier

The Krazies shout unflattering words toward Harley T. Morris. He and Hunter take umbrage. The bell rings and its Hunter for BROhemoth. Hunter tricks BROhemoth with a series of friendly gestures but ends up punching the BROnomaly in the grill. That doesn’t fit well and he clotheslines Hunter down, gets Morris into the ring and clobbers him two. Zak is tossed into Morris and he falls face-first into “The Scum Bag’s crotch. Napier is tagged in and he swings Morris around the canvas, before tossing him into a corner. Napier follows with a series of punches. Hunter clobbers Napier off of Morris’s shoulders with a Doomsday device. The pin attempt is short-lived. Morris continues to work on Napier’s neck, which landed awkwardly on the canvas. Hunter and Morris continue to assail Napier. Hunter punches him down and into a seated position on the canvas. Hunter kicks Napier in the head and goes for a pin. That ends with BROhemoth breaks it up. Team 12 Gauge double-team Napier. Morris snap mares and drop kicks Napier. Hunter is tagged in and he drops an elbow on Napier, but only gets two. Hunter gets Napier into a sleeper hold. Napier battles out. Hunter catches Napier and side slams him down. Hunter goes for the pin but again it’s broken up by BROhemoth. The duo of Zak and Harley drop a series of elbows on Napier. The Krazies again chant bad intentions on Morris. Morris hits two German Suplexes on Napier and tosses him into his corner. Hunter is tagged back in. He drops Napier and gets a two count. The duo repeatedly hit Napier with shoulder blocks in the corner. Jimmy James is distracted by Morris as Hunter attacks Napier on the ropes. BRO charges in, furious that James has allowed the illegal tactics for so long. Napier fights up to his feet and buries a number of elbows into Harley. Morris hits a German Suplex on Napier and sets up for a super kick. Napier catches him for a serious Angle Slam but is unable to follow up. Napier gets to BROhemoth and Morris gets to Hunter. BRO goes after both and actually gets BROhemoth down. The team pulls him out and go for a pin. That ends at two. The go for a double suplex, but instead, the big man gets them over for the suplex. The fans chant for BRO. He gets to Napier and tags him in. Morris is swept up into the Sioux Falls Slam and the duo get the win. 10:58.

The Finals of the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament: Del Douglas v. Shane Starr

Starr, makes his way to the ring and is met by KSWA Owner Bobby O, Ambassador Bob Badfingers and both referees. They let him go. Starr, patched up following the disqualification win over Dennis Gregory, is set to go. The bell rings and Starr calls for a “Burger King” chant. It is deafening. The two are ready to go. Starr hip tosses Douglas down twice and then a snap mare. There’s a leg drop that rattles Starr to the core. Douglas, seizing an opportunity, wrings Starr’s injured left arm. Starr boots him and then drop kicks a seated King. Shawn Patrick goes for a pin-fall but only gets two. Douglas again targets the injured wing. Starr is down. Douglas kicks him about the shoulder. Starr nearly rolls him up as Douglas is taunting the crowd. Douglas chops Starr down and punches him in the gut. Starr gets him down and goes for the Sharpshooter. Douglas fights out of it. Douglas kicks at the shoulder again. Douglas punches him in the head and kicks him in the shoulder. Douglas digs away at the shoulder until Starr kicks him in the head. He does it a second time when Douglas goes for the injured area. Starr chops Douglas into a corner. Douglas fights out and kicks Starr down. There’s another boot. Douglas bodyslams Starr and he falls to the outside. Douglas follows and slams Starr’s arm on the apron. Starr gets back to the apron and fights off Douglas. The King shakes off the cobb webs. Starr gets back into the ring and Douglas meets him with a punch. That angers Starr, who whips Douglas into a corner. There’s a drop kick on Douglas and both men are down. Douglas gets a shoulder up. Douglas charges Starr and reverses a whip into a punch to the shoulder. Douglas boots away. Douglas uses the ropes to strangle Starr. Douglas continues to kick away. Douglas wraps Starr’s arm around a middle rope and puts his boot to the area. Douglas taunts Starr and Starr gets the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter; however, he is too close to the ropes. Douglas gets there and breaks the hold. Douglas gets Starr into the corner and whips him to another. There’s a splash and Starr falls to his knees. Douglas goes for the fist that’s “Banned in 49 out of the 50 states,” but Starr catches him and pushes The King into a corner. Starr rains a few punches before Douglas pushes him off. He hits the fist again and gets a two count. Shawn Patrick counts to two and Douglas is on his feet. Douglas tries to “Drop It Like It’s Hot” but Starr blocks in and drops The King with a series of clotheslines. Douglas blocks the moves and grabs the shoulder again. Douglas continues to work the shoulder and gets the submission win at 11:40

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