A True And Thoughtful Independent, Sam Adonis Is One Of Wrestling's Most Important Stars

November 18, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Sam Adonis is training, and “rabbit food” is his meal of choice during a recent lunch meeting in suburban Pittsburgh. When he switches gears for a rare diversion, it’s for a double chicken with marinara sauce on toasted wheat bread. No one sees the sandwich disappear from the table mere moments later.

Sam Adonis is happy. He enjoys being back in Pittsburgh and he reflects on his past decade in the squared circle with reverence, understanding and respect. Never one to stay put for long, he’s eager and very excited about what might come next.

Adonis gained national headlines in late 2017 for his portrayal of a “Pro-Trump” wrestler in Mexico during his successful run in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), the industry’s longest-running federation. While he hasn’t been contacted by the White House in regards to the depiction, Sam believes that the Commander in Chief—a WWE Hall of Famer and admitted television news junkie—certainly knows of the character.

In June, Adonis returned home to Pittsburgh’s Mon Valley area to reside and wrestle whenever and wherever he could. Tagging with T-Rantula, Adonis participated as a fan-favorite in the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance’s “Brawl Under the Bridge IV” in Homestead this past July. The enthusiastic crowd of more than 800 screamed and shouted with approval as Adonis and T-Rantula defeated the seven-foot-tall Jack Massacre and “The Gavel” David Lawless, Esquire. “That was cool,” he said with gusto. “T-Rantula is as close to me as an uncle. We’ve been up and down the roads together. He shares what it’s like to be responsible in this business and put the work in.”

He’s traveled all over the globe this year, including a trip to England, where he combined the “English style” into the “Mexican style” he had already learned south of the border. “I really learned the craft,” he adds.

Adonis also helmed a Lucha Libra wrestling event in Pittsburgh’s Beechview neighborhood during September. The show, held in conjunction with a grocery store catering to the area’s burgeoning Mexican community, was an enormous success. More than 400 fans attended “Lucha Fiesta” that featured Caristico, Ultimo Dragon and others. It ended up being a joyful, carnival-type atmosphere with food, drink, kid-friendly bouncy house and other attractions. But while the show was fruitful, he has no intention of being a full-time promoter. He’s having too much fun wrestling.

This year, Adonis also made his way to an extended tour in “All Japan Pro Wrestling” the internationally-respected promotion founded in 1972 by Giant Baba. “When I first went there in 2017, I felt like I had to impress,” he said. “This time, I felt like I belonged.” He said that he really felt “validated in the industry.”

But as the year starts to wind down, Adonis isn’t resting on his laurels. “I’m getting bookings all over on Fridays and Saturdays,” he says. “Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles. They’re paying me to fly all over and I love it.”

With a truly humble approach, Adonis says that he’s serving as a sort of “Ambassador” even if it’s as a villain. “I want people to appreciate professional wrestling.”

Next up, Adonis is set to take on Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle Champion, “Double A” Anthony Alexander at KSWA’s FanFest/Toy Drive 2018 on December 1. It’s Adonis’ debut at Spirit Hall in the Lawrenceville neighborhood. “It’s really great that this is in the city,” he said. Now in its 14th year, KSWA FanFest has become the largest and most eagerly-anticipated event of its kind on the east coast. “I’ve known Anthony for about a decade,” Adonis continues. “We are about the same size (both are around 6’4” and 250 pounds). He is a bigger guy. This will be like a heavyweight boxing match.”

The show also includes National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis in his first defense in Pittsburgh. Adonis unsuccessfully challenged Aldis for the “Ten Pounds of Gold” in Chicago last May. This time, Aldis is set to take on long-time veteran Shawn Blanchard.

Adonis would proudly serve as the next KSWA Golden Triangle Champion, but even if isn’t victorious, he’s ready for his next professional chapter. “I’m in a positive position,” he said. “The best is yet to come.”

And he may even take a moment to enjoy and carbs that he’s been craving before his next match.

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