Gregory Wins KSWA Championship, Aldis Retains, Alexander Gets By Adonis, Bubba Outlasts BRO, Team 12 Gauge No More

December 2, 2018
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Although Nick Aldis was able to retain the vaunted “Ten Pounds of Gold” over challenger Shawn Blanchard, the Krazies once again proved that beyond the shadow of a doubt, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) is the most valuable independent wrestling championship in the Commonwealth, and beyond. For eight consecutive years, KSWA FanFest/Toy Drive has sold out to capacity and for most of those years, the action has been held in a converted Moose Lodge has for one is the most important professional wrestling venue in the industry.

Prior to the night’s festivities, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and Allegheny County Councilman John DeFazio had provided proclamations recognizing the NWA’s 70th anniversary, as well as “NWA Day” in the city of Pittsburgh. To help celebrate the occasion, NWA Champion Nick Aldis was joined in the ring by men who actually wrestled for the “Ten Pounds” of gold…Dominic DeNucci and Sam Adonis. Also, referee Shawn Patrick, who officiated a handful of NWA Title Matches over the years, celebrated as well.

Tommy Faime and Trick McSorley

Introductions were made and both men took turns with offense for several moments in the early going. Faime picks up McSorley and sends him down and out onto the pavement. Faime digs at McSorley on the apron. Faime tosses Trick back in and catches a few extra breaths. McSorley leap frog. Faime goes down and misses. Trick hits a clothesline and then another. McSorley suplexes Faime across the ring and then hip tosses him. Then he does it again. Two count on Faime. McSorley tries to suplex but it didn’t work. Faime belly to belly for the win. 6:46

10-Man Tag Team Match

The Jester arrives in King Del Douglas’ cape and crown. He gives it to T-Rantula. Douglas shouts, “You ain’t nothing.” The bell rings and everyone scrambles. Big Country goes after Massacre. He misses with a splash and Massacre slides to the outside. Shawn Patrick gets things under control and Big Country is about to go against Malachi. The two lock up and they are at a momentary stalemate. Malachi sucker punches McGraw and suplexes him down in the center of the ring. Malachi stands on McGraw’s throat. The Krazies chant “Mr. Peanut” towards Mayor Mystery. Massacre stands on McGraw’s throat. Douglas is in and he and McGraw collide with a clothesline that sends both men down. The Jester is tagged in. The Krazies chant “Dairy Queen.” The Jester has Douglas down on all fours for the Horsey ride. Sly Scarpone is tagged in, as is Jay Flash. The two muscular Megastars go at it for a moment or two before T is tagged in. He chops Flash numerous times. Flash falls to the outside. T buries a shoulder into Lucio Deveer and then whips him across the ring. The Jester is tagged in and he continues the offense. Sane is tagged in and he goes “Old School” before hitting Deveer with a punch. Jester is back in. Deveer clotheslines The Jester. Douglas shouts, “It’s Over!” T-Rantula can’t get in to save Jester. Douglas is tagged in and they keep the offense on Jester. Douglas chops him down and goes for a pin but only gets one. Flash is tagged in and he kicks The Jester in the head twice. A standing cannonball on The Jester. A pin attempt and Jester kicks out. Lucio Deveer is tagged in. Deveer back elbows The Jester and gets a one count. Deveer tags in Massacre and Douglas shouts, “It’s Over!” Massacre clotheslines Jester down. Massacre chops Jester. Malachi is tagged in and he keeps the heavy hands on Jester. Flash is tagged in and dives over the top rope and onto The Jester. Malachi is in the Jester’s corner for a frenzy of punches and slaps. Massacre charges over to that side and pulls Sane down for a beat down. No one cares and they let that happen. Jester falls on Flash. T Rantula lights up Douglas with chops and sends him out to the floor. T is on the warpath. T finds some Nachos. He clobbers Douglas. T hits him with a big boot. Sane is tagged in and he lands a leg drop on Douglas. Sane goes to the top and flies for a frog splash. Flash smashes Sane down. A fall away cannon ball on Flash. Jester runs and does the same. Deveer kicks Jester and sets him up for a Death Valley Driver. Sly slams Deveer. T-Rantula DDT’s Massacre for the win. 15:25.

Five Star Championship: BROhemoth v. Bubba the Bulldog (champion) with Mayor Mystery

Decked in a garish Christmas blazer, Bubba the Bulldog makes his way to the ring. Bubba checks the rings and BRO acknowledges all of the KSWA Krazies who chant for him. Bubba claims that BROhemoth is “pulling my” hair back into the corner. The Krazies sing Bubba’s theme song but say he “sucks.” BRO is all over Bubba with a suplex. There’s another suplex that sends Bubba across the ring. There’s a leg drop on Bubba and Bubba is beside himself. There’s a big suplex and cover. He gets two. BRO gets up and suplexes Bubba again in the center of the ring. Bubba screams in pain. BRO calls for a “Bowser Bomb” and lands it. Patrick gets down for a pin attempt but there isn’t one. He hits another Bowser Bomb and Bubba bounces around like a fish out of water. BRO goes for a pin but only gets two. BROhemoth goes to the middle rope. He dives toward Bubba but misses. Bubba gets up and lies in a kick and then one to the head. It’s enough for him to catch his breath. Bubba kicks BROhemoth in the head and ties him up in the ropes. Mayor Mystery chokes away in the corner. Bubba gets a chain from Mayor Mystery. He punches BRO and drops him down. BRO gets up and they trade punches. Bubba drops BRO with a clothesline. Bubba smashes BRO’s head into the corner. BRO rebounds and whips Bubba into the corner. He whips him into another corner but he bails to the outside before the splash. BRO follows out and double noggin knocks the two. BRO posts Bubba on the post and runs around the ring. He splashes himself into the post when Bubba jukes. BRO is back in and Bubba is ready for him to get to his feet. BRO side slams Bubba and both Megastars are down. BRO picks him up and drops him in the center of the ring. Bubba gets his foot on the ropes, perhaps with help from Mayor Mystery. Bubba grabs the 5-Star Championship and plasters BRO with it. Shawn Patrick sees it and calls for the disqualification. BRO wins but the belt does not change hands. 10:28.

Steel City Strap Match: Yinza v. Lou Martin

Yinza is ready to go but Lou Martin is a little more hesitant. The bell rings and the two circle each other. Yinza immediately went for the Yinza to belly but Martin dodged it. Martin bailed to the outside but got back in. Yinza misses with a clothesline and Martin bails once again to the floor. Yinza pulls the strap and gets Martin back in the ring. Yinza drops an elbow. There’s a monkey flip by Yinza onto Martin from the corner and into the center of the ring. Yinza gets Martin in the corner and drops two knees on his midsection. Yinza clotheslines Martin. The Krazies chant for Yinza. Martin wallops Yinza with the strap the slap reverberates throughout Spirit Hall. Martin and Yinza go to the floor. Martin uses the strap to pull Yinza into the corner post. They battle their way back into the massive crowd. Martin dives off of the bar and onto Yinza. The battle rages among the throng. Yinza gets the better of Martin and tosses him into the ring. Martin, however, is ready. He clotheslines Yinza down. A “Garbage Pants” chant rings out. Martin clotheslines Yinza down. Martin steps on his face. There’s a chop to the stomach and then the back. Martin bodyslams Yinza. There are more boots. Martin drops a leg from the middle rope but only gets two. Martin hits Yinza hard with the strap in the back. Yinza gets up and shouts that “we are the face of Pittsburgh” and the two go to blows. Yinza gets Martin down and chops away. Out of nowhere, Yinza pulls Martin in and lands the Yinza to Belly for the win. 8:52

NWA Heavyweight Championship: Nick Aldis (champion) v. Shawn Blanchard (w/J.J. Dillon)

Shawn Blanchard versus Nick Aldis. James J. Dillon comes to the ring and is in Blanchard’s corner. The two measure each other and then they tie up. Blanchard pushes Aldis, who slaps Blanchard across the ring. Aldis gets on top of the ropes and poses at one point. Aldis gets a wrist lock on Blanchard and twists the arm. Blanchard goes into the corner. Aldis gets Blanchard in a headlock and drops him down. Aldis goes for a back slide and nearly gets Blanchard. Blanchard climbs into the ropes. That breaks the hold. Aldis chops Blanchard twice and whips him into the ropes. Blanchard ducks Aldis’ move. Dillon shouts “very smart” from the outside. Blanchard gets Aldis with an elbow to the back of the neck. Blanchard whips Aldis over the top rope but he “skins the cat” to get back in. Aldis clotheslines Blanchard to the outside. Aldis catches up with Dillon on the outside. Blanchard takes that opportunity to clobber the NWA Champion. Blanchard sneaks into the ring and then out to stop the referee’s count. Blanchard gets Aldis down for a two-count. Blanchard digs at Aldis’ eyes and nose. Aldis gets back to his feet and peppers Blanchard with punches. Aldis whips Blanchard into the corner. There are chants for “Blanchard” in the crowd. Aldis is in the ropes and Blanchard shouts “Who’s the Man?” Blanchard continues to dig at Aldis. Blanchard sends Aldis back outside. That’s where JJ Dillon hits Aldis with a punch to the head. Blanchard whips Aldis into the corner and misses with a double knee. Aldis connects and the two punch away. Blanchard digs at Aldis’ eyes. Blanchard suplexes Aldis with great force. Two count. Blanchard shouts “I got him!” Aldis, who is prone and in a seated position, raises his hand. Blanchard has him in a sleeper. Slowly, Aldis is going to sleep. Aldis battles out. Aldis punches Blanchard in the gut. Aldis hits Blanchard with a series of clotheslines. Blanchard tries to stop Aldis’ offense but the NWA Champion clotheslines him anyway. Aldis clotheslines and bodyslams Blanchard in the center of the ring. Aldis gets Blanchard in the Figure Four leg log as Dillon looks on. Blanchard turns the move onto Aldis, but the Champion quickly regains momentum. Patrick counts Blanchard’s shoulder down once. Blanchard gets to the ropes. That breaks the hold. Aldis goes for it again but Blanchard kicks him away. Dillon tosses the NWA Championship to Blanchard. Patrick fights it away from him. Blanchard hits Aldis low. That gets him some time. Aldis gets the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf on Blanchard for the submission and win. 13:24

Golden Triangle Championship: Sam Adonis v. Anthony Alexander (champion)

For the very first time, Sam Adonis, the President Trump-loving wrestler, appears in Pittsburgh. The match starts with Adonis attacking Alexander before the bell rings. The fans react surprisingly well to Adonis as he puts the fists and boots to Alexander. The Prime-Time Player is whipped into the corner and he launches out with great force. Then he whips Alexander into the other side. Adonis quickly roosts on the top rope. He is met with Alexander’s clothesline from the top. Alexander smashes Adonis’ head into a couple of the ring posts. Adonis falls down and Alexander goes for the pin. He only gets two and Adonis scampers outside. Alexander follows Adonis to the outside. Alexander smashes Adonis’ head into the table a few times and Adonis goes back in. Adonis punches Alexander and then boots him in the mush. Adonis goes for the cover and gets two. Adonis slaps on the sleeper and then elbows Alexander in the head. The Sleeper is re-applied and Anthony goes down. Alexander battles out and buries an elbow into Adonis. There’s a back elbow that drops the Golden Triangle Champion. Referee James counts to two. Adonis continues to keep Alexander grounded. Adonis puts his boots on the ropes. AA rolls him up in a school boy and nearly gets the pin fall. Adonis double sledges Alexander down. A resounding “USA, USA” chant goes out throughout the hall as he drops a leg on Alexander. Alexander fights back with a series of punches. Adonis is whipped in the corner and he hits Alexander with a boot. Adonis bodyslams Alexander like few have done before. Adonis climbs to the middle rope and misses with a Swon Ton. Both Megastars are down. The fans are chanting for Double A, who battles back. AA boots Adonis and clotheslines him. There’s a big boot and a terrific power slam. Alexander is ready for the PTC but Adonis blocks it. Adonis drops Alexander and nearly gets a three count. Alexander is down again. Two count. Adonis goes to the middle rope. He drops a double sledge on Alexander. Alexander hits the PTC but only gets two as Adonis gets a shoulder up. Alexander goes for a big move, Adonis pulls the top rope down and Alexander spills to the hard-concrete floor. Alexander punches an picks Adonis up for a body slam. Adonis slams him into the corner post. Adonis tries to whip Alexander into a row of chairs, but Alexander reverses it and tosses Adonis three deep into the crowd. Adonis is counted out as Alexander made his way back to the ring. 14:07

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Team 12 Gauge v. Kris Kash and Shane Starr (champions)

Zak Hunter and Harley T. Morris arrive to the ring with a quite confidence. These teams have battled all over Pittsburgh and Western PA in recent months for the richest tag team prize in the Commonwealth. Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and all four men battle it out. Kash and Starr dump their opponents over the top rope and onto the floor below. Kash tosses Morris into the ring and Starr hits an impressive, standing suplex on the challenger. The Lost Boyz have Morris in their corner. They drop him and hit a double elbow. Starr hoists Morris up and hits him on the way down with a knee. Morris is able to recover and drop some offense on Starr. He keeps Starr down and goes for a pin that ends at two. Morris meets a Shane Starr right hand. Morris drops Starr and expertly tags in Hunter as he finishes a move. Hunter rolling-dives in Starr, who is posted in the corner. Hunter suplexes Starr and goes for a pin. He gets two. Starr is able to rally and tag in Kash, who flies around the ring, blasting his opponents. Kash clotheslines Hunter in the corner and follow that up with a Whisper in the Wind dive out of the corner onto the challengers. Morris rallies and blasts Kash with a clothesline. Hunter is tagged in and he pulls Kash up. Hunter lands a power bomb on Kash and there’s a two count. The Krazies want Starr tagged back in. Morris off the top rope lands a double sledge. Morris ties him up and pounds him in the chest. Kash gets up and chops Morris in the chest with great aplomb. Morris blocks the third chest and then they double team Kash. Hunter choke slams Kash and gets a near pin fall. Kash rebounds and DDT’s Hunter in the center of the ring. Morris races around and tries to attack Starr. Hunter picks up Kash and spears him into a brawling Morris and Starr on the apron. Kash flying leg scissors Hunter and then dives on the challengers on the outside of the ring. Morris gets back in and gets Kash down. Morris picks Kash up on his shoulders. Kash gets out of the move as Hunter climbs to the turnbuckle. Kash meets him there and Frankensteiners him down. Starr gets to the apron and gets the tag. Starr clotheslines both and then does it again. Morris kicks Starr down. Kash kicks Morris. Hunter kicks Kash. Hunter and Morris get ready to kick Starr. He moves. Morris kicks Hunter down. Starr hits Morris with the Shooting Starr and gets the win. 14:07

Post Match: Hunter and Morris get up and after a while of shoving, they decide to hug it out. However, once Morris’ back is turned, Hunter walks away. Morris turns around to a super kick to the mush by “The Scum Bag.” It looks as if Team 12 Gauge is no more.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Dennis Gregory (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Mitch Napier v. David Lawless (champion)

The bell rings and both men go after Mitch Napier, who flying clotheslines both. He drop kicks Lawless and shoulder blocks Gregory. Gregory falls to the outside. Napier bodyslams Lawless. Napier leg scissors Lawless down. Lawless battles back and hits an inverted atomic drop on Napier. Gregory pulls Lawless out and its now Gregory and Napier in the center of the ring. Napier hoists Gregory up and slams him down into a knee. Lawless pulls Napier out and sets his sites on Gregory. Lawless gets two and three fourths count on Gregory. Lawless drops him again and nearly gets a pin fall. Gregory tosses Lawless out but he lands on his feet and he climbs onto the apron. Gregory drops Lawless on the apron. A “Mr. Monopoly” chant rings out. Gregory pounds away on Lawless and Napier dives onto both of them. Napier tosses Lawless back in. He goes to work on him and Gregory is back in. Napier clotheslines Lawless and goes after Gregory with chops. Napier drops Lawless on his knee. Napier punches away at Lawless. Lawless and Gregory are ties up in the ropes. Napier dives over the top rope and forces them both down. Napier once again tosses Lawless back in the ring. Napier gets a two count on Lawless. The “Mr. Peanut” chants go out again. Napier nearly gets Lawless n a Sioux Falls Slam. Lawless slips out of it and nearly does the same but with a knee to Napier. Lawless gets a two count. Napier gets an ankle lock on Lawless, Gregory races in and puts Napier in a sleeper. They get out of it. Napier is on the top. Lawless meets him there, and then Gregory. Napier pushes them both off. Napier dives onto Gregory but he catches Napier and tosses him onto Lawless. He tries to pin both but they kick out. Lawless hits Gregory with the Final Order. Two count. Napier hits Lawless with the Sioux Falls Slam. Two. Gregory tosses Napier into the ropes. Two count. The three meet again in the corner as the offense continues. Lawless kicks Napier outside. A neck breaker drops Gregory. Napier drops Lawless and goes to the top. Lawless lands a PTC on Napier from the corner. Two and three quarters count. Mayor Mystery is in the ring with a chair. Mystery stops it. Mystery hits Gregory with the chain by mistake. Lawless DDT’s Napier. Gregory tosses Lawless out. Gregory cover Napier and gets the win. 13:51

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