Battle Bowl Ends In Controversy, Beast Man & Rev Ron Hunt Debut, Gregory, Bubba, Alexander Retain

January 6, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The 11th installment of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance’s “Battle Bowl” was certainly one for the ages. The new KSWA Champion Dennis Gregory defended for the first time, Bubba the Bulldog issued an “Open Challenge” and Golden Triangle Champion Anthony Alexander defended against a game, fellow fan favorite. But all was really set aside for Battle Bowl Eleven, the competitive clock re-setter than gives Megastars chances at the most coveted titles in Pennsylvania’s professional wrestling landscape. And it was time for returns and debuts. Despite all of that, controversy erupted when it became apparent that there was no clear winner.

VIPs v. Yinza, Kris Kash and Shane Starr

Referee Shawn Patrick has his hands full with this first match of 2019. The fans are solidly behind Yinza and the KSWA tag team champions. The champions hand over their belts to Patrick and Blanchard is already arguing with fans at ringside. It’s Blanchard v. Yinza to start things off. Blanchard hip tosses the Pittsburgh Luchadore, but before anyone knows it, Yinza is back on the offense and arm-dragged Blanchard to the great support of the Krazies. Blanchard, the veteran, gets Yinza in the corner and buries a shoulder into his gut. Yinza sunset flipped Blanchard’s next advance and nearly got a pin fall. Shane Starr is tagged in and he locks up with Tommy Faime, who is tagged in. The crowd response to Starr is deafening as he gains the early upper hand on Mr. Tenacity. Tenacity is able to regain that offense and shoulder blocks Starr down. Starr knocks Faime down and goes for a wrist lock. Faime grabs Starr and tosses him out to the floor. Kash is tagged in, and so is “The Face of Pittsburgh.” Kash gets the early upper hand on Martin and Kash tosses him into the corner. There’s a clothesline and tilt a whirl drop kick. A drop kicks floors Martin and before the pin fall, the VIPs race in to make the save. Starr scoop slams Martin down. Starr picks Martin up and tags in Yinza. Yinza whips Martin into the corner for a splash. Yinza hits an impressive monkey flip and nearly gets a pin fall. Yinza posts Martin in the middle ropes and knees him in the gut. Two count follows. Yinza clotheslines a seated Martin and Kris Kash is tagged in for a series of boots. There’s a couple of reverse knife edge chops but that only angers Martin, who bulldogs Kash. The offense continues on Kash as Martin puts him throat-first on the middle rope. There’s a leg-first splash on Kash in the ropes. Blanchard is in and he pokes Kash in the eye. Then the VIPs get him in their corner. The screams from the fans block out everything else in the room. Blanchard slams Kash down for a two count. Then another but gets a 2 and ¾ count. Faime is in for a bodyslam. Starr is somehow tagged in and Faime goes right after him. Starr is in Faime’s sleeper. Faime clotheslines Starr. Then a spinning neckbreaker. Starr recovers enough for a double clothesline in the center of the ring. Both Megastars are down. Blanchard is tagged back in and so is Kash. Kash flips out onto Blanchard. Faime hits Kash. A Doomsday Device is Faime holding Kash and Blanchard doing the damage ends their opponents’ night. 13:05.

Dennis Gregory In The Ring

Along with Mayor Mystery, new KSWA Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory rips apart the KSWA Krazies and tells them how much they really want to be like him.

Golden Triangle Championship: Lucio Deveer v. Anthony Alexander (champion)

The two respectfully lock up and Lucio suplexes Alexander. There’s a two count on that. Double A clotheslines Lucio and gets a near pin fall. Double A gets up and punches Deveer down. Anthony gets Lucio into a version of camel clutch. Deveer gets out of it and puts AA in the corner. AA lifts a boot and knocks him down. A DDT follows. There’s a near three count on Deveer. It’s still all Double A in the early going. Alexander hits Deveer with a right and but Deveer rallies. A clothesline on the champion puts him down for a two count. Deveer keeps the offense going and hits an elbow for a two count. Deveer gets Alexander into a version of the sleeper. Alexander won’t give in. Alexander fights out of it and asks for the fans support. They give it to him and he uses elbow shots to get Deveer to release the hold. Anthony gets him down again for a two count. The fans boo that. They thought Alexander had won. Alexander gets whipped into the corner. Deveer catches Alexander and suplexes him down for a two-count. Deveer fights out of it. Deveer chops Alexander in the chest and whips him across the ring. A clothesline follows and Alexander is down again for a two count. Deveer puts boots to Alexander. He goes for a running cannon ball but Alexander misses. The fans are solidly behind Double A. Both Megastars are down. James starts the count on both Megastars. Deveer and Alexander get to their feet and start exchanging right hands. Alexander wins that out and clotheslines Deveer down. There’s a flying clothesline off the top for a two and a half count. Deveer gets to the ropes and pulls himself up. Deveer picks AA up for a Death Valley Driver, lands it, but only gets two. Alexander is slow getting up. Deveer punches away at Alexander. AA hits Deveer down for a two count. Alexander is up and then so is Deveer. He goes for a powerbomb but Alexander powers out of it. Out nowhere, Alexander hits the Prime-Time Cancellation and gets the win. 10:25. Post-match, Deveer extends his hand in friendship, Alexander accepts and they leave the ring with a little more respect for one another.

Jack Massacre (with Mayor Mystery) v. T-Rantula

Mayor Mystery comes to the ring with Jack Massacre and T-Rantula arrives on the scene without backup. The Krazies, as expected, are 100% behind the KSWA Hall of Famer. T stops by the bar before making it to the ring. He shares a drink with the patrons and circles the ring once again. Mayor Mystery wisely bails to the outside before T arrives. Two giants are ready to lock up. The two circle each other and go nose to nose. At one time they were friends, but now that Massacre has paired up with Mayor Mystery, that friendship as dissolved. Jack Massacre backs T in the corner and low-blows him to gain advantage. Massacre goes behind and then so does T. T-Rantula gets him in a headlock. The two 350-plus pounders collide with shoulder blocks. T kicks Massacre in the gut. T chops Massacre in the chest twice and that only angers the 7-footer. Massacre puts T in a headlock. Massacre hip tosses T down and chokes the legendary grappler. Massacre puts the boots to T in the ropes. Mayor Mystery arrives to put his cane around T’s throat. Massacre uses that advantage to chop T in the chest. Mystery once again uses his cane to his advantage. Massacre puts a boot to T and Mayor follows that up with a wooden cane around his neck. Massacre puts T’s throat across the middle rope and chokes him with it. It’s all Massacre. T is whipped across the ring and met with a flying knee. T battles out and the two trade blows in the center of the ring. This is the first time in which T has really had a challenge one-on-one with a wrestler who is bigger than he. Massacre ties T’s knee in the middle rope and Massacre puts a boot into T. Massacre breaks the inside work just enough. T clubbed Massacre to get him to momentarily stop the attack. Massacre gets T down and goes for a leg lock. T struggles to get to the ropes and he does. Massacre lets go of the hold and T climbs to his feet. Massacre once again uses the ropes to his advantage and contorts his leg in the wrappings. T pokes Massacre in the eye to get some distance. T battles out and clotheslines Massacre. Both men are down. Patrick counts to two before Massacre gets a shoulder up. T chokes away at Massacre. T grabs Massacre but the bushy beard. The two weary warriors circle each other. T gets an advantage in the match by putting a boot to Massacre. Out of nowhere, Big Mike Malachi comes out of nowhere and wallops T with a chair. The match is thrown out at 10:46. The beating continues until Big Country Matt McGraw races out to make the save.

Bubba the Bulldog Open Challenge:

Zak Hunter answers the open challenge. Referee Jimmy James holds up the 5-Star championship for the overflow masses to see. Bubba is not impressed with Hunter, who has had most of his start in the KSWA as a tag team wrestler and one-half of Team 12 Gauge. Once back in the ring, Bubba hip tosses Hunter. The two lock up again and Bubba tosses the smaller opponent down. Bubba then scoop slams the challenger down. Bubba then bullies Hunter to the cascading boos of the crowd. Hunter gets some offense in and hip tosses Bubba twice and evens things up with a scoop slam and near pin fall. Hunter once again gets the champion down for a pin attempt. Then Hunter gets him down again and Mayor Mystery pulls Bubba out and onto the floor. Zak chases Bubba on the outside and punches away near the ring skirt. Then there are chops that have Bubba reeling. Bubba is rolled back in and Zak has momentary momentum before Bubba takes control again. Mayor Mystery attacks Hunter with his cane from the outside. With the referee distracted, Bubba goes to work with a fist that knocks the challenger down. Once again with Bubba tying the authority’s attention, Mayor Mystery goes to work on the challenger. Bubba goes for the eyes and knocks Hunter to the mat. Bubba clotheslines Hunter down and taunts the crowd. Bubba rakes his boot laces over Hunter’s face. Bubba kicks Hunter down. Bubba continues to try and pin Hunter but fights off the pin attempts. Hunter is whipped across the ring and into the corner post. Hunter is put in the post and assailed. Bubba whips Hunter into the corner and bulldogs him out. A two count is made before Hunter gets a shoulder up. Bubba goes for a double leg drop from the top rope but misses when Hunter slides aside. Bubba is leveled with a clothesline. A back elbow drops the 5-Star Champion again. Hunter drops Bubba and goes for a sloppy pin. Bubba the veteran, gets a shoulder up. Hunter wants Bubba to get up. There’s a stunner on Bubba. At two and a half, Bubba gets a shoulder up. There’s a tussle with whips. Jimmy James gets knocked down. There’s a side slam on Bubba but Hunter but no referee. Mayor Mystery clobbers Hunter and Bubba sidewalk slams him down. Referee James is up and makes the count. 12:22 and Bubba the Bulldog retains the 5-Star Championship.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Lawless v. Gregory (w/Mayor Mystery)

Lawless, now the former champion, makes his way to the ring. Dennis Gregory, with Mayor Mystery in toe, circles the ring after his introduction. Cocky and full of machismo, Gregory springs into the ring. Neither competitor is a darling with the fans, so this should be an interesting showdown. Referee Patrick wants to start the contest. Patrick hands off the belt to Ambassador Bob Badfingers. The bell rings and the two like-sized opponents lunge at one-another. Gregory, however, bails to the outside for more jousting with the Krazies. Gregory grabs Lawless by the wrist. Lawless, however, rolls out of the move and grabs Gregory’s wrist. He is able to maneuver Gregory around the ring. Lawless lets go of his opponent once his is forced into the ropes. Gregory goes to Mayor Mystery for advice. The two lock up again and Gregory gets Lawless into a headlock. Lawless is whipped into the ropes and he recovers for his own offense against Gregory. Lawless rolls out of some Gregory offense and drops him down. Gregory falls to the outside. Lawless prepares to dive but Mystery grabs him by the ankle instead. Gregory and Lawless exchange offense until the champ bails out again. Gregory gets Lawless on the apron and drops him with a neck breaker on the wood. They both fall to the outside. Lawless crawls back in and Gregory knees him in the bread basket. Gregory chokes Lawless, but tells the ref that he was “trying to help him up.” Gregory drops Lawless down. Gregory suplexes Lawless in the center of the ring. Two count on the pin attempt. Lawless elbows his way out of a maneuver, but Gregory meets him with a spinebuster. Both men are slow getting up. Gregory misses with a dive and falls to the concrete below. Lawless tries to get himself up. Lawless chases Gregory on the outside. Mayor Mystery ties up Lawless enough on the outside for Gregory to drop a knee from the top rope. Gregory picks Lawless up and delivers a series of elbow to the chin. Gregory charges and Lawless hits him with an elbow. Lawless fights off Gregory and drops him from his shoulder onto a knee. Both men are down. Lawless clotheslines Gregory and then splashes him. A knee to the torso follows and Gregory is down. A leg drop is next. A two and a half count follows before Gregory gets a shoulder up. Gregory rebounds and hits Gregory with a number of moves before slamming him down. A two-count follows. Lawless rolls Gregory but the referee is distracted by Mystery. A one fall is officially recorded off of a five count. Lawless grabs Mystery. Gregory rolls Lawless up but gets a two count. Gregory jumps up onto Lawless and with his knees leading, drives Lawless face-first into the mat. The pin follows and Gregory retains. 12:49.

Battle Bowl Eleven

Shawn Blanchard is out first and then Lou Martin. The two-longest-tenured VIPs go after it. The 3rd person out is Mitch Napier. Between these three competitors, there are 10 KSWA Heavyweight Championship reigns. Blanchard attacks Napier. The fourth Megastar out is Kris Kash. Napier is knocked down and the VIPs go after Kash. The 5th Megastar on the scene is Tommy Faime. Each of these Megastars have been KSWA Champions. The VIPs go to gang up on Mitch Napier, with Kris Kash already cast aside. The entertaining Stan Squatch is out next to dance his way to the ring. Stan isn’t even in yet. Stan goes right after Lou Martin. Shawn Blanchard is eliminated. Harley T. Morris is out next. Faime is tied up with Stan Squatch. Morris and Napier battle it out as do others. Jay Flash is out next for the filling ring. Flash attacks anyone and everyone in the ring. T-Rantula is the 9th Megastar out. He and Stan Squatch face off. They trade chops and turn their attention to others. Faime is tossed out and then so is Squatch. The 10th Megastar out is Big Mike Malachi. Joey Quervo, the Drunken Luchadore, is out next. He is almost immediately sent over the top rope. Officer Dan Murphy is next out and he is full of citations for the Krazies. Inside the ring, T-Rantula hands out chops to everyone. Massacre is out next and he goes straight for T-Rantula. Malachi and Massacre attack T-Rantula as others embark on their own skirmishes. Sly Scarpone is out next as the ring is full of Megastars, with most of them beefy. The beefiest of them all, The Beast Man, is next. The Beast Man does an incredible job of fighting off all. The King Del Douglas is next. He receives a royal beating from T-Rantula and the Beast Man. Zak Hunter at number 17, is the halfway point of Battle Bowl II. Jay Flash is tossed out over the top rope. J-Ru is next to return to the KSWA and Battle Bowl. Before Starr gets attacked by Lou Martin before he gets in the ring. Zak Hunter and Harley T. Morris are eliminated and battle throughout Spirit Hall. Dan Murphy is eliminated next. “The Trademark” Trick McSorley arrives next. He is the 20th competitor. Double A Anthony Alexander is out next. He goes right after Lou Martin. Sly Scarpone is nearly tossed out. It’s a “chop fest” inside the ring as the Megastars are trying to find leverage until the very end. Trick McSorley is eliminated next. J-Ru is tossed out next. Sly Scarpone falls out next and is eliminated. The gang tries to toss Beast Man but that does not work. Malaki Gage, a rookie, is out next. He is prime beef for T-Rantula and Beast Man. Next out is Big Country Matt McGraw. T-Rantula is eliminated. The ring is still awfully full. There are still 12 Megastars in the ring. Massacre is eliminated. The Rev Ron Hunt makes his KSWA debut. Malaki Gage, Lucio Deveer and the Beast Man are all tossed out. BROhemoth is the 28th Megastar out. Big Mike Malachi and Big Country Matt McGraw were eliminated next. Next out is Ric Rumsky. Yinza is the 30th Megastar out. Yinza goes right after Bubba the Bulldog. Rev Ron Hunt is all over Shane Starr. The Jester is number 31. He races in and goes right after Lou Martin. Shane Starr battles Ric Rumsky. Ric Rumsky tries to toss Starr over the top rope. Mayor Mystery is out for competition next. He goes right after the Jester who immediately tosses him over the top rope and into the competitive abyss. Alexander and Shane Starr are next to be eliminated. Rev Ron Hunt and Ric Rumsky are the next to be eliminated. The final participant is David Lawless. Yinza knocks Martin off the top turnbuckle and lands a big elbow.

Napier snaps on an ankle lock on Bubba but that doesn’t mean anything here. Yinza is the next one out. Kash is out. We are down to the final four with Martin, Napier, Lawless and Bubba the Bulldog. Bubba goes after Lawless, Martin is eliminated next. Napier and Lawless. The Sioux Falls Slam is blocked. Lawless hits one on Napier. Napier then hits Lawless with the Sioux Falls Slam. The fans are on the edge of their seats. The action moves over the top rope and onto the apron. They battle there before hitting each other with moves and they fall to the floor simultaneously. Referee Shawn Patrick hoists Lawless’ hand in repeat victory, while Jimmy James holds up Napier’s hand. The two referees argue. KSWA Owner Bobby O arrives on the scene and after long moments of deliberation, the two finalists have to face off one-on-one next month at the KSWA’s 19th anniversary event on Saturday, February 16. So, in the end, Lou Martin, Bubba the Bulldog, Mitch Napier and David Lawless will have contract opportunities for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship, Golden Triangle, 5-Star and Brawl Under the Bridge V championships in 2019. 47:11.

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