Sly Bests Bubba Then Bubba Bests Sly, VIPs Up-End Lost Boyz, AA Outlasts Hunt, Napier Back To The Mountaintop

February 17, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

An outstanding crowd witnessed as the Sly Scarpone successfully answered the 5-Star Championship Challenge, the VIPs regained gold and how Mitch Napier once again earned his way to the top of the Pittsburgh professional wrestling mountaintop.

6:45 Bonus Match: Del Douglas v. Joey Quervo

This was a “bonus” match for the fans who were in their seats before the 7 p.m. bell time. Joey Quervo was so loaded that he looked like he couldn’t compete in this contest. The fans shouted, “Burger King” at Douglas. The two lock up and Quervo takes an immediate advantage with a wrist lock. He gets Douglas down to one knee. Douglas gets to the ropes and referee Jimmy James makes Quervo break the hold. Douglas recovers and body slams Quervo in the center of the ring. Douglas kicks Quervo and then grabs him by the groin. A chop drops Quervo and there’s a two-count. The “Dairy Queen” chant breaks out next. Douglas suplexes Quervo and gets only two. Douglas is in command as he puts the boots to Quervo. There’s a knee to the gut and then another. Quervo is dropped down. Douglas bodyslams Quervo and drops the fist that’s “banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” Two count on Quervo. Douglas misses with a clothesline. Both Megastars collide in the center of the ring with clotheslines. Both men are down. James counts to six before the both get up. Quervo drops Douglas face first in the center of the ring. Quervo misses with a splash. Douglas drops Quervo “like it’s hot” and gets the win. 4:26.

Fatal Four Way For Joe Abby Memorial Tournament

Lou Martin, Dan Murphy, and Lucio Deveer can’t be ready for the Stone Age Savage, the Beastman! The capacity crowd erupts when he makes his way from the locker room. The buzz is insane as the 400-pounder settles into the ropes. The bell rings and all four men are not excited about starting this out. Murphy gives citations to each of his opponents. Beastman eats his. The three opponents attack Beastman, who simply throws them all across the ring. Each then eats a bionic elbow from the big man. Beastman grabs Deveer by the mohawk and jabs it in Murphy’s backside. He side-suplexes Martin and Murphy dumps the big man to the outside. Deveer gets Murphy in the corner for a chop and then another. Deveer charges Martin and chops him. Deveer DDT’s Murphy but only gets a one-count before Martin breaks it up. Beastman is tossed in and Martin buries a boot into his chest. Murphy gets Deveer down for a two-count. Beastman attacks Murphy and tosses him over the top rope and onto the concrete below. Beastman and Deveer go at it and then Martin and Beastman. Beastman dumps Martin to the outside. Murphy and Deveer are already out there, fighting away. Beastman tries to splash Martin but the VIP catches him. He DDT’s the Beastman down. Deveer drops a leg on Murphy on the apron. Beastman grabs Martin and chokeslams him down. Beastman enjoys the chants from the crowd. Deveer is pulled in the hard way. Beastman head butts Deveer while Murphy tries to catch Beastman’s attention with his soup bone. Deveer is tied into the ropes and Beastman splashes him. Murphy taunts Beastman with the bone. Beastman pulls Murphy in the hard way and German suplexes the 302-pounder across the ring and out onto the floor. Martin stuns Beastman and goes after Deveer. Murphy is pulled back in by Martin. He splashes Beastman and Deveer in the ropes. He does the same to Murphy. Martin is all boast now. Murphy boots Martin in the mush. He splashes Deveer and sizes up Martin for a splash. Next up is Beastman who eats a splash. Deveer clotheslines Murphy. Deveer clotheslines Martin hard and then he is speared by Beastman. Beastman splashed Martin and Martin and then rolling splashed Murphy in the corner. He got everyone together for a pin attempt but the opponents kicked up. Each man hits opponents with their signature finishing move. Murphy pulls Beastman out when he tried to pin Deveer. Martin snuck in and made the pin for the win. 12:10.

Grudge Match: Zak Hunter v. Harley T. Morris

The two begin punching one another as soon as the bell rings. Hunter gets the early advantage and whips Morris into the ropes for a back elbow and body slam. Morris gets to the ropes. Hunter punches away on Morris. Hunter knees Morris in the head. Then he follows with another. Hunter DDT’s Morris down and just gets two. Morris gets some advantage and starts punching Hunter down. Hunter is on his knees and Morris readies for more offense. There’s a double knee into Hunter’s prone face. There’s a two count on Hunter. Morris gets up and Hunter gets to his feet. Hunter is dropped down again. Morris hits Hunter with an impressive drop kick. Morris drops a leg on Hunter. The fans are behind Hunter. Morris gets Hunter up and over for a German Suplex and then another. Morris digs his foot into Hunter’s hand. Morris gets Hunter in the corner for a series of boots. Hunter is slow getting up. Morris gets Hunter in a corner for a drop kick. Hunter is pulled into the center of the ring. There’s an elbow and two count. Morris posts Hunter in the corner and goes to work on his former tag team partner. Morris goes for superplex, but Hunter blocks it. Morris is dropped to the center of the ring and Hunter hits an elbow. He can’t follow through; however, and the two are at a standstill. The two punch at each other and Hunter gets Morris down. He hits a clothesline and then a back elbow. Hunter smashes Morris’ head into the top turnbuckle. Hunter hits Morris’ head into the turnbuckle more than 20 times and the referee allows it to happen. Hunter hits Morris with a stunner but only gets a two-count. Hunter is up and waiting for Morris. Morris kicks Hunter low after the referee is distracted. He follows through with a knee to the head and Hunter is down for the three-count. 10:03

KSWA Tag Team Championship: VIPs v. Kash and Starr

The bell rings and Kris Kash stands across the ring from Shawn Blanchard. The scene has been the same dozens of times over the past 14 years, but never more significant than today. As expect, Blanchard overpowers Kash in the early going and gets his opponent down to one knee. Well scouted, Kash gets momentum and sends Blanchard into a corner where he tags Faime. Kash then tags in Starr. Faime gets behind Starr and then Starr reverses the move. The two veterans trade chops and Starr gets Faime down. Kash is tagged in and he drop kicks Faime down and goes for a pin but Blanchard breaks it up. Starr is tagged in and they double team Faime. There’s a double clothesline and Faime is down on the mat. Starr chases Blanchard out of the ring and goes after Faime with a wrist lock and shoulder blocks. There’s a pin on Faime that lasts “one and a half.” Kash is in next and he puts the boots to Faime. Faime reverses a whip attempt and folds Kash in half with a clothesline. Blanchard puts a boot to Kash and starts to grind at his face. Blanchard keeps the pressure up but Kash is able to power out. There’s a spinebuster to Kash and taunts Starr. Patrick makes Starr get back to the corner. Faime is tagged back in and he belly-to-belly’s Kash down hard in the center of the ring. He hits another. Faime goes for the pin but Kash kicks up at one. Faime pushes Starr from the apron and Starr races back in. The referee stops him and the VIPs double team Kash. Blanchard chops Kash in the corner with thunderous sounds. Faime drags Kash from behind, crotch-first, into the ring post. Kash kicks up at two-and-three-quarters. Kash fights back and chops Blanchard. The Enforcer fights it off and drops Kash down and applies the Figure Four in the center of the ring. Starr leads a thunderous ovation for Kash. He responds and turns the Figure Four over onto Blanchard. Blanchard gets the ropes, forcing the break. Kash is tossed into a corner, he flips out onto Blanchard. Both men are down. Kash gets to Starr, Blanchard to Faime. Starr is a house a fire, double clotheslining both VIPs. The crowd erupts in support. The VIPs are in opposing corners. They both hit Kash and Starr low. Faime hoists Starr up for Hart Attack finishing move. Faime pins Starr and the VIPs are the new KSWA Tag Team Champions. 11:06.

BROhemoth v. Dennis Gregory (w/Mayor Mystery)

Gregory makes his way to the ring accompanied by Mayor Mystery and “Boogie Shoes” by KC and the Sunshine Band. Mayor Mystery grabs the house microphone and runs down the Krazies. The bell rings as BROhemoth attacks Gregory. BRO has the early offense but then Gregory reverse those fortunes. That is, however, momentary as BROhemoth uses his size to his advantage. Gregory is sent outside the ring but he gets back in and gets a sleeper hold and then a headlock on BROhemoth. BRO is down in the ropes and Mayor Mystery attacks with his cane. Gregory uses the middle rope to choke BROhemoth in the corner. The referee is distracted once again and BRO is bashed by Mayor Mystery. Gregory climbs the top rope and uses wrist tape to choke BROhemoth. BRO tries to shake the cobwebs out of his head as the Krazies chant against Jimmy James. Gregory mounts BROhemoth and tries for the sleeper hold. BRO backs him into a corner but that doesn’t stop the momentum for long. However, a side suplex out of nowhere does. Gregory, the resilient veteran, rebounds and uses leg scissors on the big guy. They are both up and BROhemoth levels Gregory with a punch to the head. A bodyslam on Gregory follows. BRO calls for the Bowser Bomb and lands it. Gregory is thrown into the ropes and hit with a World’s Strongest Slam. Mystery ascends to the apron. That’s enough for Gregory to get to the ropes. Gregory grabs BRO in a head lock; however, the challenger simply picks him up and forces him into a corner. Gregory holds on with a Sleeper. Gregory gets BROhemoth down to one knee with the sleeper. BRO will not submit and the crowd explodes. BRO bounces Gregory into a corner. Big Splash. There’s a two-count. Gregory gets BROhemoth in the “Hell’s Gate” submission move. BRO is able to get to his knees and drop Gregory down. Gregory will not let go. The battle between the two continues. Gregory gets into the ropes and dangles onto the apron, all the while holding onto the challenger’s arm. He breaks the hold at four. Gregory is back in and BROhemoth is down like we’ve never seen him before. BROhemoth is on the apron and when Gregory approaches, he buries a shoulder into the champion. Gregory tries to pull BROhemoth out onto the floor but the challenger breaks the hold. Gregory is rolled back in and BROhemoth follows. BRO drops a standing elbow on the champion. There’s a two-and-a-half count before Gregory gets his shoulder up. Gregory is posted on the top turnbuckle. BRO goes for a superplex. Mayor Mystery grabs BROhemoth’s leg and distracts the referee. Gregory mounts BRO and rides BRO down from the shoulders, face-first into the mat for his new “Wannabee” finishing move. Gregory retains. 14:22

Five Star Open Challenge: Bubba (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Open Challenge

Bubba the Bulldog grabs the microphone and calls himself the “Dark Side Demon.” Trick McSorley accepts the Open Challenge. Bubba the Bulldog questions if anyone knows who McSorley is. McSorley won’t back down as the two go nose-to-nose. McSorley goes after Bubba and the bell rings. McSorley hip tosses and then suplexes the Five-Star Champion. McSorley goes for the fan’s approval and Bubba hits him very low and very hard. Trick is tied into the ropes and chopped. He drops McSorley and shouts that he is “The Best in the World.” He gouges McSorley in the eyes. Bubba picks him up and forces him into one corner and whips him into another. McSorley is down and Bubba gloats. Bubba drops McSorley with a Rock Bottom for the win. 1:55. Mayor Mystery grabs the microphone and demands another challenger. Soon, Sly Scarpone answers the calls to a loud ovation from the Krazies. Bubba the Bulldog doesn’t seem too confident now. Once the bell rings, Bubba gets in Sly’s face and goes for a right hand. Scarpone blocks it and gets offense of his own. Sly scoop slams Bubba and gets a two count. Bubba reverses some offense and then so does Scarpone. There’s a move from Scarpone that plants Bubba in the center of the ring. The pin is made and the winner and new Five-Star Champion is Sly Scarpone! 1:29. Post-Match, Sly celebrates. He is then brutally attacked by a returning to the ring Bubba the Bulldog. Bubba cashes in his Battle Bowl 5-Star Championship opportunity, has the match restarted and pins Sly for the win.

Golden Triangle Championship: “The Rev” Ron Hunt v. “Double A” Anthony Alexander

The “Rev” bounces up and down outside the ring as the reigning Golden Triangle Champion, Anthony Alexander, makes his way to the ring. Referee Jimmy James holds up the Golden Triangle Championship. The two opponents circle the ring before locking up. Hunt gets Alexander in a headlock. Hunt drops Alexander with a shoulder block. Hunt slaps Alexander in the face and then Alexander responds with one of his own. Alexander body slams the challenger, who bails to the outside. The Rev wants to leave but Alexander meets him with a right hand. Then there’s another. Alexander slams Hunt’s head into the apron. Alexander keeps the offense up and hits Hunt with a big forearm. Alexander whips Hunt into a corner and meets him with a clothesline. Alexander puts a boot into Hunt’s throat. Hunt is whipped across the ropes but he gets out of the offense and Alexander falls into the corner. Hunt kicks him down and gets a two-count. Hunt kicks the Golden Triangle Champion in the head. Hunt grinds a foot into Alexander’s chest. Hunt hurts his own hand laying in a punch to Alexander’s mush. Alexander is in the ropes. Hunt keeps the offense going and says that the “championship is coming home with me.” Hunt has Alexander in a sleeper. Alexander gets to his feet and buries an elbow or two into the Rev’s midsection. Alexander is whipped into the corner and Hunt delivers a drop kick and gets a two-count. Hunt gets Alexander into another Sleeper hold. Alexander fights out with elbows to the midsection. Hunt hits a neck breaker on Alexander and gets a near pin fall. Hunt pulls Alexander up and drops him with a right hand. Hunt hoists himself up into the corner for a double sledge off and onto Alexander. Hunt climbs a corner post and drops another forearm on Double-A. Hunt goes for another but Alexander meets him with a boot and DDT. Both Megastars are down. Alexander is the first up. Hunt meet him in the center of the ring. Double-A hits a bulldog and gets a two-count on Hunt. The two struggle to gain an advantage but Alexander drops Hunt and then suplexes him across the ring. Two count. Hunt hits a version of the stunner then leap frogs Alexander for a two count. Alexander then hits a Prime-Time Cancellation out of nowhere for the win. 12:00.

Tag Team Grudge Match: Malachi and Massacre v. T-Rantula and McGraw

More than 1,300 pounds make up these two teams of behemoths. The bell rings and T-Rantula lines up with Big Mike Malachi. Malachi races around the ring, away from the Hall of Famer. Big Country is then tagged in. Country and Malachi are the smallest competitors in this contest. McGraw is tied up in the opposition’s corner and the referee is distracted. McGraw is tossed in a corner, where Massacre splashes into him. With the referee distracted again, Malachi and Massacre pound away on Big Country. A suplex drops Big Country in the center of the ring. Malachi tags in Massacre, who steps on McGraw’s back. Massacre overhand chops McGraw in the chest. Mayor Mystery uses his cane to choke McGraw. Interim Kommissioner Bob Badfingers takes the cane off of the manager. Patrick spends the next several minutes admonishing T-Rantula as Malachi and crew mercilessly attack Big Country. McGraw gets to the ropes and momentarily breaks up the assault. Big Country kicks up from a pin attempt by Malachi. Massacre tags in Malachi. Malachi pulls McGraw out and slams his leg on the apron. Patrick is knocked down and all four Megastars are on the outside. There’s pandemonium on the outside. Mayor Mystery grabs a chair from the back. Mystery tosses the chair to Malachi. Malachi tosses it to McGraw and flops himself on the mat. Patrick sees McGraw with the chair and disqualifies T-Rantula and McGraw. 12:11

Number One Contender Match: David Lawless v. Mitch Napier

The Krazies appreciate both of the past KSWA Champions who are competing to become the Number Contender for the most coveted single’s title in the Commonwealth. The two mat technicians are evenly matched. The two battle out and get near pin falls on each other. The action is fast and furious. Lawless gets Napier in a school boy maneuver for two. Napier leg scissors Lawless to the outside. He follows with a dive over the top rope. The two get back inside the ring and go at it with great gusto. Napier is tossed to the outside. Lawless goes to kick Napier and Mitch grabs his leg and slams him down onto the apron. Mitch hits a flying headbutt and gets a near pin fall on Lawless. Napier German Suplexes Lawless. He gets a two count. The Krazies are beside themselves. Napier posts Lawless and drives a number of shoulders into Lawless’ midsection. The Gavel recovers and gets Napier down for a two-count. There’s another pin attempt and two-count. Lawless drop kicks Napier with great severity and gets a two-count. The Krazies are shouting throughout the match. Napier chants ring out and the most Lawless chants ever are recorded. Napier tosses Lawless down and Lawless catches a flying body block. There’s a two-count. Napier rebounds and clotheslines Lawless down. There’s a side-suplex and a two-count. Both men are spent. Napier slaps on an ankle lock. Lawless breaks it. Lawless drops Napier with a big right hand. A running forearm and clothesline are next. A standing leg drop. Napier kicks out at two. There’s a mosh between the three, including referee Jimmy James. Lawless drops Napier and gets a near three count. The two fight each other’s moves and Lawless wrangles into an ankle lock of his own. Napier finally gets to the ropes and forces a break. The Krazies have been shouting “Mitch Doesn’t Quit” all match long. Some others chanted for “Lawless.” Napier drops Lawless on the apron and the fans are in awe. Jimmy James counts both men out. Bobby O starts the match. Lawless hits Napier with his neck breaker and gets a two count. Napier hits Lawless with a Sioux Falls Slam and he kicks out. Lawless hits Napier with a Sioux Falls Slam and gets a two count. Napier hits Lawless with a Sioux Falls Slam from the top rope and only gets two. Both Megastars are beyond spent. They fall to the outside and are counted out. KSWA Owner Bobby O arrives and says that someone is going to sign a contract. He orders the match restarted. Both men hit their opponents with their best and most devastating moves. In the end, Napier gets Lawless in an ankle lock and The Gavel submits to the pressure of the ankle lock. 16:19 and 5:55. Post-match, the warriors shake hands and embrace in a shared moment. Mitch Napier is now the new #1 contender for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship.

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