Main Event Melee Includes More Than A Ton Of Megastars, VIPs Retain Over Kash & Star, AA Avoids Murphy's Citation

March 3, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has long been a place for opportunity in professional wrestling. Veteran and young wrestlers alone can find a way to make an impression with the KSWA Championship Committee. And whether it’s at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, Spirit Hall, or on the road to stops like Saturday’s in Brackenridge, the Megastars get their opportunity.

Rev Ron Hunt & Del Douglas v. Justin Sane & The Jester

The Jester and Justin Sane enter the ring after a very unfriendly entrance by “The King” Del Douglas and “The Rev” Ron Hunt. Justin Sane and The Rev start off the contest. The SRO crowd is screaming at the top of their collective lungs when Justin and Ron lock up. At first, Sane has the advantage, and then Hunt. Sane, the veteran, grabs Ron’s arm and “goes Old School” to get Hunt down. The tag is made the Jester, who slaps Hunt in the tush and lets him go. Hunt slides outside, but tags Douglas on his way out. The Jester drops Douglas and “rides him” like a horsey. Sane is tagged back in and the long time Megastar grinds Douglas down. Then, Douglas may have hit Sane low. The King and Hunt double team Sane after a shadow tag. Referee Jimmy James allows for the tag and Hunt has Sane down in a submission hold. He smacks Justin down and tags Douglas.

Douglas gets a two count on Sane and then body slams Sane. Douglas hits Sane with the fist that’s “banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” There’s a two count. Douglas tosses Sane into Hunt’s corner for some offense and a straight fist to the noggin. Douglas gets Sane in the Royal Sharpshooter. Sane makes his way to the ropes and the hold is broken. Hunt is back in and he picks Sane up. He delivers a thunderous suplex for a two count. Another shadow tag is made and Douglas cover Sane for a two count. Sane is tied to the Tree of Woe and Douglas delivers a drop kick. Two count on Sane. Hunt is legally tagged in and he picks up Sane. There’s a snap mare over and some razzle dazzle before a Sleeper Holder is theatrically applied. Sane is thrown into Douglas’ corner and Del is tagged in. He hammers Sane down. The two run the ropes and collide with a double clothesline. The fans are cheering for Justin, who is finally able to get to The Jester. The fiery Jester is in and gets both of his opponents off kilter. Sane has Douglas in the corner, Jester has Hunt. They hammer 10 punches to their heads. They do it again. They toss Douglas and Hunt together. Hunt sunset flips over Hunt. Jester falls on him. Jester prepares to kick Hunt. Instead, Douglas charges in and meets boot. Hunt recovers and delivers a low blow to The Jester. He hits him down and gets the three count. 9:49.

Lou Martin v. Yinza

Lou Martin comes out to a familiar, incredibly unfriendly response. Yinza comes out to screams of affirmation. Martin wants Referee Jimmy James to check Yinza twice. Martin tries to get a positive reaction. He doesn’t get it. Yinza does. Martin goes again and boos are louder. Yinza gets another loud reaction. The bell rings and the two check each other out. They have battled numerous times over the past year; however, the feud is not over. Martin “chickens out” by hiding in the ring ropes. The crowd chants “Chicken” and he is infuriated. He punches Yinza in the back of the head any chance he gets. Martin continues to keep Yinza down. Martin continues to assail the Luchadore with punches to the head. He gets Yinza in the ropes and chokes the masked hero with the middle cable. Martin continues to ride Yinza in the ropes. He dives on his opponent and keeps him grasping for air. There’s a boot to the head and the masked cranium is slammed into the turnbuckle. Martin tosses Yinza in the corner and punches him over and over. Then there’s a boot to the throat. Yinza reverses a splash and dives on his opponent. A monkey flip is next. A sliding clothesline on Martin results in a one-count attempt. Yinza scoop slams Martin and drops an elbow. There’s a two-count. Yinza picks Martin up and posts him in the corner for a double stomp. Yinza makes a pin attempt and gets a two count. Martin recovers and side slams Yinza. Two count. Martin sits Yinza up and pulls his arms back in a submission move. He will not submit. Yinza muscles out of the move, but Martin just drops him again. Two count. Martin climbs to the second rope. Leg drop. Two count. Martin signals that he will climb up again. Yinza gets to the ropes and jars him from the perch. Stuck there, Yinza bounces the rope up and down. Yinza drop kicks Martin to the floor. There’s a bull dog on Martin in the center of the ring. Yinza climbs the corner post, but still lands the big elbow. Martin is up and there’s the Yinza to Belly for the win! 8:34

Triple Threat Match: Trick McSorley v. Lucio Deveer v. Mitch Napier

The bell rings and Napier immediately goes on the offense, dropping McSorley and Deveer. Lucio gets a boot up and levels Napier. He hits the former KSWA Champ with a couple of chops and Napier responds. Soon Deveer and Napier whip Trick into the rope and he hip tosses both veterans over. Deveer responds and gets some offense on McSorley. Napier double cross bodies both men and is in control. Napier disposes of Deveer and swings McSorley. Deveer recovers and hits Napier with a Face Buster for two. Deveer lands a back elbow on Napier and McSorley is there for offense on the Enigma. He gets Deveer down for a two count. McSorley gets Deveer up and drops him down.

Napier recovers and drop kicks McSorley. Napier hits Deveer with a European Upper Cut and an impressive side suplex. McSorley is down and Napier hits a flying head butt. There’s a two count on McSorley. Deveer is back. He suplexes Napier down and kicks him in the chest. There’s a cannonball and two count on Napier. Trick sneaks in and gets a two count on Napier. Deveer punches away at McSorley. Deveer suplexed Napier on McSorley in the corner. Deveer picks up Napier and delivers a chop. He posts Napier on the top rope. McSorley rushes in and grabs Deveer, who is preparing to superplex Napier. The superplex makes the ring bounce. There’s a neck breaker on Napier by McSorley. There’s a one-count as Deveer breaks it up. Deveer gets McSorley up and hits him with a Death Valley Driver. Napier rushes in, grabs Deveer and hits the Sioux Falls Slam for the win 8:46.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Kris Kash and Shane Starr v. Shawn Blanchard and Tommy Faime

Lou Martin received his Managerial License the afternoon of the event, so he was allowed to stay at ringside for this title defense. There’s a lot of confusion going as the VIPs have the fans in a frenzy. The match starts and Shawn Blanchard launches Kris Kash across the ring. The two lock up again and Blanchard has Kash in a wrist lock. Kash recovers and goes after Blanchard with arm wringers made famous by Lord Zoltan. Kash climbs the corner post and dives out and into an impressive hip toss. Starr is tagged in and gets Faime in a Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. Blanchard rushes in and breaks it up. Starr tags Kash and he drop kicks Faime down. Blanchard gets involved and breaks up the pin attempt. Faime is tossed in the corner and Kash drop kicks him. The Lost Boyz make another tag and drop Faime with a double clothesline. Starr drives a shoulder into Faime’s shoulder. He drops Faime down and gets a two count. Starr tags Kash and he goes to work on Faime. Kash misses with a clothesline. Faime turns Kash inside out with a clothesline of his own. Blanchard hits Kash with three chops. Kash hits Blanchard with three chops. Blanchard hits Kash with a Spinebuster. Blanchard digs at Kash’s face while referee Bobby O makes the count. Blanchard puts his shin on Kash’s throat and Bobby O hustles for that break. Faime is in and he drops a leg on Kash. Two count. Faime whips Kash over with a huge hip toss. Faime hits another and gets only a one count on the pin attempt. Faime elbows Starr off the apron. Faime uses the ropes on Kash in the VIP corner. Martin lays in right hand on Kash. Bobby O is distracted. Faime bodyslams Kash and gets a two count. Blanchard is in and he kicks Kash below the belt as the referee is distracted by Martin on the outside. Kash is tossed outside where Martin waits for some right-hand injustice. Faime tosses Kash back in as this match has gone wild. Slingshot suplex on Kash by Blanchard and Kris kicks out. Starr leads a loud cheer for his tag team partner. Kash is whipped in the corner. Blanchard pounds his head into the turnbuckle. Kash flips out of the next whip onto Blanchard. Both Megastars are down. Kash makes it to Starr and Blanchard to Faime. Starr is on fire. He drop kicks the VIPs. Kash dives over the top rope onto Blanchard. Starr hits Faime with the Shining Wizard. Blanchard and Kash battle on the outside. A chair is tossed into the ring. Faime hits Starr with it and then hits a piledriver on the chair. Bobby O makes the pin and VIPs retain. 15:17

Golden Triangle Championship: Officer Dan Murphy v. Anthony Alexander (champion)

The bell rings and referee Jimmy James officiates between two huge KSWA Megastars. The two men lock up and Murphy pushes Alexander into a corner. Murphy shouts that the championship is “Going Back to the Department.” Alexander pushes Murphy into the same corner and flexes is ripped biceps to the enthusiastic crowd. Murphy whips Alexander into the ropes and drops the Champion with a clothesline. Murphy takes control. He shouts at the referee, elbows Alexander and is then elbowed and clotheslined down by the Golden Triangle Champion. Both men are on the outside. Alexander punches Murphy and rams his head into the apron. Murphy is rolled in. Double A follows with a couple of boots to the head. Alexander has Murphy in the corner for a choke with the boot. Murphy chops Alexander and then whips him into the corner. Alexander collapses in the center of the ring. He kicks up at two. Murphy puts the boots to Alexander in the corner and drops an elbow. He pulls AA out and synchs in a submission move on the leg. Murphy hammers away at the appendage. Murphy is on the outside and rams Alexander’s leg into the apron and across the corner post. Anthony gets a boot free and kicks Murphy. Both men slowly get to their feet. Alexander whips Murphy into the corner and climbs on top for 10 punches to the head. Alexander boots Murphy and climbs to the second turnbuckle. There’s a flying clothesline that gets only a two count on Murphy. Murphy goes for the eyes to rock Alexander. In the corner, Alexander is chopped and kicked. A suplex and pin attempt nearly ends Anthony’s 2nd GT championship reign. Murphy says “It’s Over.” He picks Anthony up and attempts a suplex. Out of nowhere, Alexander breaks the hold and lands the Prime-Time Cancellation for the victory. 9:27

Grudge Match: Zak Hunter v. Harley T. Morris

A “Harley Sucks” chant reverberates throughout the hall before the bell rings before these two former best friends and tag team partners lock up. Morris hip tosses Hunter a couple of times and gloats over the development. Hunter gets behind Morris and wrestles him to the mat and breaks the hold. They lock up again and brawl. There’s a toe hold that floor Morris and Hunter hip tosses him into a corner. Morris says “okay” and rests in the corner as Hunter stays across the ring. The “Harley Sucks” chant begins again and Morris peppers Hunter with a straight fist to the chin. Hunter recovers with chops, a snap mare, more chops and a kick that leaves the former 5-Star Champion in the corner. Hunter tries for a pin but only gets two. Morris gets an upper hand and floors Hunter. He goes to work on Hunter’s knee. On the outside, Morris raps Hunter’s knee across the apron. Once back inside the ring, he continues to put offense on the knee. Morris is clobbered by Hunter with a slap to the face and is dropped for a pin attempt that ends at two. Morris grabs Hunter’s knee and puts continued pressure on it. Hunter won’t submit. Hunter tries to get to the ropes. Morris continues to kick. Hunter is able to hit Morris with a power bomb off the ropes and now both men are spent. James counts to five before they both get up. Hunter delivers some clotheslines. Hunter hits a clothesline. Hunter’s knee gives out as he tries an offensive move on Hunter. Hunter hits a spinning side suplex and gets the win. 8:55.

Main Event: 8-Man Tag Team Match “Distinguished Gentlemen” v. Scarpone, BROhemoth, Big Country and T-Rantula

Well over a ton of masculinity is on display as the Foursome of “Distinguished Gentlemen”—Mike Malachi, Jack Massacre, 5-Star Champion Bubba the Bulldog and KSWA Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory—take on BROhemoth, Sly Scarpone, Big Country Matt McGraw and T-Rantula. Malachi is in first against BROhemoth. The two 300-pounders face off with a flurry of punches. McGraw is tagged in and he whips BROhemoth into Malachi, who was already whipped into the corner. McGraw gets Malachi in the corner and overhand chops him in the chest. Scarpone is tagged in. Malachi drops him and Bubba is tagged in. Scarpone is forced into the corner and soon all of the Megastars are in the in ring. That doesn’t last long before Scarpone bodyslams Bubba.

Bubba is whipped in the corner by a freshly-tagged-in T-Rantula. Scarpone and company puts all of the hands-on Bubba in their corner before T Rantula drops him again. Bubba tosses Scarpone over the top rope but he “skins the cat” back in. Gregory attacks him from behind. Gregory and Bubba double team Scarpone and keep him down. Gregory taunts the other team and BROhemoth races after Gregory. Gregory hits BROhemoth in the head with the KSWA Championship Committee landline telephone. Malachi and Massacre are in and they double elbow Scarpone. Malachi, the legal man, side suplexes Scarpone. McGraw tries to come in but is stopped by Bobby O. Scarpone is brutalized on the other side of the ring. Bobby O catches Massacre uses the rope on Scarpone’s leg. Gregory is tagged back in. Gregory rolls up Scarpone but Sly slides out. Gregory pulls Scarpone into his corner. Bubba is tagged back in and they “make a wish” with Scarpone’s legs. Sly breaks out of a front face lock and makes the tag to McGraw. He’s in and delivering punches to Bubba. There’s a whip and hip toss. Massacre comes in over the top rope. Gregory ascends to the top turnbuckle. Gregory hits McGraw and whips him across the ring. There’s a back elbow on McGraw. McGraw powers out of a move to hoist Gregory onto his shoulders. T-Rantula is tagged in and he goes after Gregory. Malachi follows. Soon BROhemoth is in. Gregory falls to the outside. Seven of the men battle it out in the ring. It’s pure chaos. KSWA Owner Bobby O announces that the match has become an “Anything Goes” contest. There’s a wrench that goes flying in the ring. There’s a chair. And another that crash into the corner post. T-Rantula hits Sly Scarpone with nachos by accident. Gregory tries to roll up BROhemoth but only gets two. Gregory goes for a submission move on BROhemoth but that doesn’t work. T-Rantula kicks Gregory right in the jewels but anything goes. BRO tries to pin the KSWA Champion but that is broken up. Bubba slams Big Country. Sly gets Bubba up. Massacre slams Scarpone. BROhemoth slams Massacre. T choke slams Gregory. Massacre drops T-Rantula. McGraw spears Malachi and gets the win. 15:53.

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